Section 15
Chapter 14,294

Variation in inherent wood characteristics in Slash Pine

Miller, S.R.

Proc 5th Sth. Conf. For. Tree Impr., Raleigh 97-106


Accession: 014293592

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Describes investigations on 96 phenotypically similar trees (d.b.h. from 7 to 11 in.) on 4 sites near Savanna, Ga., differing chiefly in drainage. Neither site, d.b.h. or season of cutting was significantly correlated with sp. gr. (here defined as oven-dry weight/green volume), or m.c. (weight of water/oven-dry weight). M.c. was negatively and sp. gr. positively, related to late-wood %. Sp. gr. was negatively correlated with m.c. and height from the ground.

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