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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14299

Chapter 14299 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ouattara, S., 2005:
WTO and the real interest of OECD member countries - the viewpoint of a developing country

Tangermann, S., 2005:
WTO negotiations: which are the interests pursued by the OECD countries?

Ferrari, T.J., 1960:
Waarnemingen over de invloed van stikstofbemesting op schade door het havercystenaaltje

Hartmans, J., 1960:
Waarnemingen over koper-verlies bij weidend jongvee in Friesland. Some observations on the copper status of grazing young cattle in Friesland

Hoveyn, G.A., 1960:
Waarnemingen. Observations

Halama, A.K., 1958:
Wachstum und Entwicklung von mit Piperazinchlorhydrat entwunnten Absetzferkeln

Stelter, H.; Meinl, G., 1962:
Wachstum und Entwicklung zweier Kartof-felsorten in Gefassen mit nematodenberseuchtem Boden

Oostenbrink, M., 1959:
Wachstumssteigerung durch Bodenbehandlung mit Nematiziden

Anon., 1962:
Wadding wrapping bananas for bigger income

Yoon, C.H., 1959:
Waddler, a new mutation, and its interaction with quivering

Hetzel, Wolfgang, 1961:
Wadi el-Natrum - example of a development project in Egypt

Anonymous, 1956:
Waferboard uses cross grain chips

Running, M.; Dobie, J.B., 1962:
Wafered versus baled alfalfa hay for milk production

Ziesing, H., 1961:
Wage systems and their use in forestry.

Hanumantha Rao, C.H., 1963:
Wage-profit relations in agriculture: a study in Andhra Pradesh

Planitzer, H., 1959:
Wages according to performance in socialist agriculture

Zimmermann, G., 1960:
Wages and salaries in Russian forestry.

Kacuro, I.M.; A.A.R.kov., 1961:
Wages for management staff on collective farms

Mrazek, F., 1960:
Wages for the job-a new wages system for plant raising.

Delorme, Pierre., 1963:
Wages in agriculture in April 1963

Anonymous, 1959:
Wages in agriculture, 1948-1957

Anonymous, 1956:
Wages in forest economy.

Bergmann, Th., 1960:
Wages of agricultural labourers in Western Europe

Bergmann, Th., 1961:
Wages of hired workers in West European agriculture

Abramson, J.H., 1961:
Wages, diet and nutritional state. A nutritional study of two groups of better-paid factory workers in Durban

Hargreaves, R.P., 1962:
Waimate - pioneer New Zealand farm

Ghare, M.M.; Balkavade, K.K., 1957:
Waingan paddy ; promising hot weather crop

Harada, Yoshlmichi, 1962:
Wakana disease and hookworm allergy

Millar, F.K.; White, J.; Brooks, R.H.; Mider, G.B., 1957:
Walker carcinosarcoma 256 tissue as a dietary constituent. 1. Stimulation of appetite and growth in the tumorbearing rat

White, J.; Toal, J.N.; Millar, F.K.; Cool, H.T.; Mider, G.B., 1957:
Walker carcinosarcoma 256 tissue as a dietary constituent. 2. Effect upon growth and nitrogen excretion in the normal rat

White, J.; Toal, J.N.; Millar, F.K.; Brooks, R.H., 1960 :
Walker carcinosarcoma 256 tissue as a dietary constituent. 3. Sodium as a factor in stimulation of water and food intake and growth in tumor-bearing rats

Jeck, T.; Cruse, H., 2007:
Walking in Aretaon asperrimus

Hale, J.; Harrop, P.; Jenkinson, S.; Townsend, A., 2006:
Walking with dogs: new approaches to better management

Chapman, L.S., 1960:
Wallaby deterrents

Sharma, C.L.; Sharma, M.; Pao, T.; Lego, K., 2007:
Wallichia disticha T. Anders. - a multipurpose palm of Arunachal Pradesh

Garavel, L., 1959:
Walnut Growing

Berry, F.H., 1958:
Walnut anthiacnose-its cause and control

Trifonov, D., 1962:
Walnut anthracnose Gnomonia leptostyla (Fr.) Cs et De Not. II. The susceptibility of certain valuable walnut varieties and forms to the causal agent of the disease.

Berry, F.H., 1957:
Walnut anthracnose-Its cause and control

Mlchelbacher, A.E.; Oatman, E., 1956:
Walnut aphid studies in 1955

Mckay, J.W., 1956:
Walnut blossoming studies in 1956

Serr, E.F.; Forde, H.I., 1956:
Walnut breeding

Rudic, M., 1962:
Walnut breeding in Vojvodina

Anon., 1956:
Walnut cultivation in Poland

Grente, J., 1963:
Walnut decline

Vernik, R.S.; Kamalov, S., 1960:
Walnut forests of the Kainarsai area of the Bostandyk region.

Meza, N., 1963:
Walnut grafting with a detached shoot.)

Forte, V., 1961:
Walnut growing in Campania

Neave, E.L., 1961:
Walnut growing in the Bickley Valley

Sobek, J., 1958:
Walnut growing regions

O'rourke, F.L.S.; Dedolph, R.R.; Larzelere, H.E., 1963:
Walnut kernel characteristics as inferential indices in variety discrimination

Serr, E.F., 1960:
Walnut orchards on volcanic soils deficient in phosphorus

Barnes, M.M., 1958:
Walnut pest moves north

Michelbacher, A.E.; Wasbauer, M., 1959:
Walnut serpentine leaf miner, Nepticula juglandifoliella Clem., a pest of English walnut

Blaja, D.; Pandele, I., 1960:
Walnuts grown in the fruit-growing district of Bistritza

L.Roux, M.S., 1962:
Waltham Cross prefers a wide trellis

Beaver, P.C., 1957:
Wandering nematodes as a cause of disability and disease

Ives, W.G.H., 1956:
Wandering of Larch sawfly larvae before spinning cocoons

Edamatsu, N.; Hirai, S., 1958:
Wane and knot in square

Edamatsu, N.; Hirai, S., 1957:
Wane in squares cut from small logs of Cryptomeria.

Wood, G.M., 1963:
Want a weed-free lawn? Here's how without herbicides

Sprockhoff, O., 1959:
Want of appetite in the child

Urquhart, G.M.; Hay, D., 1960:
Warble larvae in Grant's gazelle

Wallraff, E.B., 1963:
Warburg studies on coccidioidin

Nordnes, T.; Emanuelsen, H.K.; Werenskiold, B.Q., 1957:
Ware potatoes in the light of Norwegian analyses. 1. Nutrient content with special reference to vitamin C

Bowden, R.S.T.; Baxter, M.K.; Hodgman, S.F.J.; Wilkinson, E., 1960:
Warfarin poisoning at Derby greyhound stadium

Cretzeanu, C.; Pastea, Z., 1959:
Warfarin poisoning in weaned piglets

Sugiyama, T.; Takaki, T.; Sakanaka, K.; Sadamaru, H.; Mori, K.; Kato, Y.; Taguchi, T.; Saito, T., 2007:
Warfarin-induced impairment of cortical bone material quality and compensatory adaptation of cortical bone structure to mechanical stimuli

Emeis, C.C., 1963:
Warm or cold treatment of pure yeast cultures

Horton, D.E., 1960:
Warm storage of tulip-bulbs reduces loss

Lundstein, A.S.; Knoblauch, F., 1958:
Warm water treatment of shallot sets

Hulshoff, A.J.A., 1962:
Warm water treatment to control smut in wheat and barley.

Karulin, B.E.; Pchelkina, A.A., 1958:
Warm-blooded animal carriers of Rickettsia burneti.

Suzuki, T., 1963:
Warm-temperate forests of eastern Asia

Schmidt, R.G.; Holley, W.D., 1957:
Warmer nights bring better colour

Leyvraz, H.; Simon, J.-L., 1961:
Warming the soil of a vine nursery

Kalandra, A.; Urosevic, B.; Srot, M., 1960:
Warning of a calamitous dieback of Pines, accompanied by cenangiosis

Brun, J., 1962:
Warning of cercospora attacks. (Preliminary study).

Thiel, A., 1960:
Warning services against weather hazards and attacks of diseases and pests on vines

Rafaile, K.; Savin, G.; Dushkin, I.; David, Z.; Galushinskii, A.; Zinka, N.; Marin, A., 1961:
Warning stations in the control of downy mildew

Jourdheuil, P.; Journet, P., 1961:
Warning systems for the control of pests of rape

Jaivenois, A.; Beck, J. _, 1956:
Warning tests in plant protection

Anonymous, 1957:
Warning! Avoid damage to sensitive crops

Anonymous, 1956:
Warping of decorative boards.

Sokolov, B.N., 1956:
Warping of plywood panels.

Rawlings, S.W., 1963:
Warszewiczia coccinea David Auyong

Kameraz, A.Ja., 1957:
Wart resistance of interspecific potato hybrids.

Jezioranska, A., 1956:
Wartosc diagnostyczna antygenow trichinellowych przy wlosnicy

Machnicka-Roguska, B., 1961:
Warunki hodowli tasiemcow z rzedu Pseudo-phyllidea in vitro

Grubov, V.I., 1957:
Was C. Fraas a forerunner of creative Darwinism ?

Hauser, Albert, 1961:
Was Kleinjogg a model farmer?

Paquin, L.J., 2007:
Was WHO SARS-related travel advisory for Toronto ethical?

Greenwald, I., 1957:
Was goitre present in New Zealand before the coming of Europeans?

Herber, R., 1958:
Was hat uns die Buchenmast 1956 gelehrt?

Odening, K., 1961:
Was ist Cercaria echinatoides Filippi=C. echinifera La Valette?

Andrassy, I., 1959:
Was ist Dadays Nematoden-Art Pseudochromadora quadripapillaiai

Kilias, G., 1959:
Was ist bei der Aufforstung von Odland mit Kiefer zu beachten?

Pollard, L.H., 1958:
Wasatch Bush-a new green-seeded lima bean

Jakobasvili, V.K., 1962:
Wase type mandarins.

Riel, R.R.; White, A.H.; Mcgugan, W.A., 1956:
Washed and nonwashed butter. 2.Chemical factors

White, A.H.; Beattie, D.M.; Riel, R.R., 1956:
Washed and nonwashed butter. I. Flavor quality and curd content

White, A.H.; Smith, K.N., 1956:
Washed and nonwashed butter. III. Microbiological aspects

Ciferri, O., 1956:
Washing 2,4-D-contaminated containers and pumps

Besednov, N.A., 1957:
Washing and drainage of heavy soloneis-like solonchak soils.

Hankins, R.B., 1957:
Washing and sanitizing tankers automatically

Mcglasson, W.B., 1958:
Washing and waxing oranges

Van, D.Plasse, J.B., 1961:
Washing apples

Ystgaard, O.M.; Haarberg, K.; Gundersen, K., 1956:
Washing compounds for cleansing of milk bottles

Ystgaard, O.M.; Strand, A.H., 1957:
Washing compounds for mechanical cleaning of milk cans.

Duvekot, W.S., 1963:
Washing of fruit.

Smith, W.Hugh, 1958:
Washing of maincrop carrots

Potapov, A.I., 1956:
Washing vegetable seeds as a means of increasing their germination.

Locke, S.B., 1957:

Locke, S.B., 1960:

Hoyman, W.G., 1963:

Anonymous, 1961:
Washington State weed control recommendations- central and eastern Washington

Anonymous, 1962:
Washington's Research Progress in Agriculture and Home Economics

Benson, N.R., 1963:
Washington's nutritional problems of tree fruits

Oberle, G.D.; Moore, R.C.; Hardigree, J.B., 1959:
Washington, a peach with outstanding frost-escaping ability

Gyorfi, J., 1956:
Wasps parasitizing the larvae of Melolontha and other lamellicorns.

O'connor, L.K.; Stewart, A., 1958:
Wastage and culling in Private Milk Records Herds, 1956-57

Stewart, A.; O'connor, L.K., 1957:
Wastage and culling in Private Milk Records herds, 1955-6

O'connor, L.K.; Hodges, J., 1963:
Wastage and culling in dairy herds

Nai, D.D., 1957:
Wastage and culling in dairy herds in the Lombardy plains.

Withers, F.W., 1958:
Wastage and incidence of disease in dairy herds

Fathers, G., 1962:
Wastage in beef bulls

Watson, B.H., 1957:
Wastage in reproduction in Merino sheep. An outline of recent work with particular reference to Southern Australia

Anderson, J., 1957:
Wastage in the herd

Anonymous, 1961:
Wastage of apples in relation to the type of wood used in the construction of storage boxes

Colhoun, J.; Mcelroy, G.; Ward, P.J., 1961:
Wastage of apples in relation to the wood used for storage boxes

Ogawa, M.; Maia, E.L.; Fernandes, A.C.; Nunes, M.L.; Oliveira, M.E.B. de; Freitas, S.T., 2007:
Waste from the processing of farmed shrimp: a source of carotenoid pigments

Havelka, B., 1957:
Waste gas liquor as an equivalent substitute of ammonium sulphate in the fertilizing of spring barley.

Pavelescu, I.M.; E.A., 1963:
Waste involved in making pulpwood of Beech and soft-wooded species.

Saadatpour, M.; Afshar, A., 2007:
Waste load allocation modeling with fuzzy goals; simulation-optimization approach

Macgillivray, J.H.; Sims, W.L., 1961:
Waste of lima beans from vining operations

Mcfarlane, H.M., 1963:
Waste treatment and stream improvement: a review of the literature published during 1962

Porges, N., 1956:
Waste treatment by optimal aeration-theory and practice in dairy waste disposal

Anonymous, 1958:
Waste-water disposal in woodlands

Hartmann, F.K., 1959:
Waste-water infiltration in the forest area of the Northwestern Senne.

Vernon, J.D.R., 1961:
Watch for this cyclamen mite on strawberries

O'neil, J.M., 1962:
Watch for this weed-African daisy

Claessens, B., 2007:
Watch out for crown fires. The forest fire season has started again

Enyi, B.A.C., 1962:
Water & nitrogen uptake in upland & swamp rice

Henderson, J.M., 1956:
Water Management Planning for Malaria Prevention in the Damodar Valley, India

Bhadri, B.B.S.; Desai, B.L., 1962:
Water Plants

Ksenz, N.V.; Kuvshinova, E.K.; Sidortsov, I.G.; Tlyachev, A A., 2006:
Water absorption and surface electric potential of grain seeds

Hanmamedov, K.M.; Mamedov, B.K.; Rylova, L.I., 1957:
Water absorption and swelling pattern of wild Pistacia vera wood.

Mega, K., 1957:
Water absorption and transpiration of cut flowers. II

Miller, M.R., 1956:
Water absorption by cacao leaves. Preliminary note

Iskenderov, I.Sh., 1962:
Water absorption by gray meadow soils of the plain of the Sal'yany & Mugansk region saturated with Ca & Na.

Vaadia, Y.; Waisel, Y., 1963:
Water absorption by the aerial organs of plants

Benson, J.A.; Lee, P.R.; Scholer, J.F.; Kim, K.S.; Bollman, J.L., 1956:
Water absorption from the intestine via portal and lymphatic pathways

Ehrler, William, L., 1963:
Water absorption of alfalfa as affected by low root temperature and other factors of a controlled environment

Ventura, M.M., 1956:
Water absorption, hygroscopic equilibria and respiratory activity in seeds of Moco cotton (G. hirsutum var. Marie Galante)

Keane, K.W.; Smutko, C.J.; Krieger, C.H.; Denton, A.E., 1963:
Water addition to purified liets. 2. Effects of water and carbohydrate on protein efficiency ratio in rats

Kreutzwiser, R.D.; Loe, R.C. de; Durley, J.; Priddle, C., 2004:
Water allocation and the permit to take water program in Ontario: challenges and opportunities

Montazar, A.; Fooladi, M.M., 2007:
Water allocation to citrus trees based on age and stem collar circumference for trickle irrigation systems

Hockensmith, R.D., 1960:
Water and agriculture. (American Association for the Advancement of Science.Washington; Publ. No. 62)

Pereira, L.S., 2005 :
Water and agriculture: facing water scarcity and environmental challenges

Mirone, L., 1959:
Water and alcohol consumption by mice

Pereira, H.C.; E.A., 1959:
Water and crop growth. The water use of trees and crops and the effects of land-use on streamflow and local government. Catchment area research

Macfarlane, W.V.; E.A., 1961:
Water and electrolyte changes in tropical Merino sheep exposed to dehydration during summer

Passmore, R.; Strong, J.A.; Ritchie, F.J., 1959:
Water and electrolyte exchanges of obese patients on a reducing regimen

Andersson, B.; Larsson, S., 1956:
Water and food intake and the inhibitory effect of amphetamine on drinking and eating before and after prefrontal lobotomy in dogs

Sayeed, Quraishl, M., 1963:
Water and food relationship of the eggs and first instar nymph of Eurygaster integriceps with the aid of P32

Kemper, William, D., 1960:
Water and ion movement in thin films as influenced by the electrostatic charge and diffuse layer of cations associated with clay mineral surfaces

Gross, W.J.; Holland, P.V., 1960:
Water and ionic regulation in a terrestrial hermit crab

Goodall, D.W., 1962:
Water and irrigation

Zabek, S., 1956:
Water and its quality as factors affecting the reclamation of alluvial sandy soils in the light of lysimeter experiments with grasses.

Binhammer, H.E., 1959:
Water and lipide shifts in pregnancy

Hegyeli, A.; Szent Gyorgyi, A., 1961:
Water and myotonia in goats

Macaione, S.; Cusimano, F., 1962:
Water and nitrogen content of some tissues of rachitic rats.

Enyi, B.A.C., 1962:
Water and nitrogen uptake in upland and swamp rice

Rajapakshe, I.H.; Najim, M.M.M., 2007:
Water and nutrient balance in a paddy field irrigated by wastewater during off (Yala) season in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka

Villela, G.G., 1957:
Water and salt balance and dehydration

Golding-Wood, P.H., 1960:
Water and salt balance in Meniere's disease

Frontali, G., 1956:
Water and salt balance in alimentary intoxication

Macfarlane, W.V., 1957:
Water and salt turnover in cane-cutters working on the coastal sub-tropics of Australia

Chiba, T., 1956:
Water and soil temperature in a field.

Miller, R., 1956:
Water and soil temperatures on stocks

Sarlin, P., 1963:
Water and soil: water in the forest, in savanna, and in plantations.

Engelhard, W.E.; Lommasson, R.C., 1960:
Water and solute content of tree trunks

Pancenko, N.P., 1963:
Water and temperature relations for winter and spring wheat plants in the southern Volga territory in relation to their heat resistance.

Matthews, C.D., 1960:
Water and the Tasmanian apple grower

Burr, C., 1958:
Water and weeds, topics at California Institute

Rees, A.R.; Chapas, L.C., 1963:
Water availability and consumptive use in oil palm nurseries

Garcia-Petillo, M.; Castel, J.R., 2007:
Water balance and crop coefficient estimation of a citrus orchard in Uruguay

Franquin, P.; Martin, G., 1962:
Water balance and soil conservation in the Niari, Republic of Congo.

Santana, J.A. da S.; Santana Junior, J.A. da S.; Souto, J.S.; Macedo, A.B., 2004:
Water balance and thornthwaite climatic classification of the Serido Ecological Station, Serra Negra do Norte-RN

Drescher, A.N.; Barnett, H.L.; Troupkou, V., 1962:
Water balance in infants during water deprivation. The effects of the protein content of the diet on renal water requirements

Benko, B., 1963:
Water balance in some apple varieties

Schmidt-Nielsen, K.; Newsome, A.E., 1962:
Water balance in the mulgara (Dasycercus cristicauda) a carnivorous desert marsupial

Schmidt, N.Elsen, B.; Schmidt, N.Elsen, K.; Houpt, T.R.; Jarnum, S.A., 1956:
Water balance of the camel

Turmel, J.-M., 1961:
Water balance of the halophytes. 1. Water contents.

Potter, N.; Zhang, L., 2007:
Water balance variability at the interstorm timescale

Rasmussen, P., 1957:
Water balance, meteorological and physical soil measurements in an orchard with different methods of cultivation.

Bakshi, B.K.; Boyce, U.S., 1959:
Water blister in Teak

Till, M.R., 1960:
Water budgeting for horticultural crops

Chen Yuan; M.Q.nYan; Wang YuTao; Kang FengFeng; Tian Ping; L.J.nFeng, 2007:
Water chemical properties of Miyun Reservoir, Beijing and the main rivers flowing into the reservoir

Merovich, G.T.; Stiles, J.M.; Petty, J.Todd.; Ziemkiewicz, P.F.; Fulton, J.B., 2007:
Water chemistry-based classification of streams and implications for restoring mined Appalachian watersheds

Kefeli, Valentine, I., 2007:
Water cleaning and wetland construction

Vasil'eva, N.G.; Burkina, Z.S., 1960:
Water conditions in cell components.

Nj os, A., 1962:
Water conductivity in unsaturated soil.

Hagedorn, D.J., 1957:
Water congestion in canning peas

Pereira, H.C.; E.A., 1958:
Water conservation by fallowing in semi-arid tropical East Africa

Harrold, L.L.; Marston, R.B.; Schwab, G.O., 1963:
Water conservation research in Ohio

Sitaraman, S., 1956:
Water conservation survey in South Bihar and Chota Nagpur, Bihar State

Neuwirth, G.; Polster, H., 1960:
Water consumption and matter production in Black Poplars and Aspen under drought conditions.

Louw, G.N.; Bonsma, J.C., 1962:
Water consumption and the prediction of liveweight gains

Backes, M.; Blanke, M.M., 2007:
Water consumption and xylem flux of apple trees

Aas, T.G., 1961:
Water consumption by Spruce plants for different nutrient concentrations in the soil solution.

Michurin, B.N.; Stepanova, V.M., 1962:
Water consumption by early cabbage and means of controlling it.

Jackson, E.A., 1960:
Water consumption by lucerne in central Australia

Tret'yakov, N.N.; Sinitsyna, A.P., 1962:
Water consumption by maize on derno-podzolic soils.

Goodson, F.E.; Hermann, P.G.; Morgan, G.A., 1962:
Water consumption of the rat as a function of drive level

Hartmann, H.D., 1961:
Water consumption of tomatoes growing under glass and in the open.

Panabokke, G.R., 1959:
Water consumption pattern of crops in the dry zone environment

Astoin, M.; Velley, G.C., 1957:
Water content and power of imbibition of tissues during development

Prokof'ev, A.A.; Holodova, V.P., 1959:
Water content and ripening of seeds.

Greacen, E.L., 1960:
Water content and soil strength

Kuipers, H., 1961:
Water content at pF 2 as a characteristic in soil-cultivation research in the Netherlands

Ogata, G.; Richards, L.A., 1957:
Water content changes following irrigation of bare-field soil that is protected from evaporation

Richards, L.A., 1956:
Water content changes following the wetting of bare soil in the field

Stewart, G.L.R., 1963:
Water content measurement by neutron attenuation & application to unsaturated flow of water in soil

Ferguson, H.; Gardner, W.H., 1962:
Water content measurement in soil columns by gamma ray absorption

Linzon, S.N., 1958:
Water content variation in the heartwood of White Pine and its relation to incipient decay

Wlerszyllowski, J.; Rusek, Z.; Ugolik, M., 1960:
Water content, intensity of respiration and inhibition of growth of flower buds of Morello cherries in relation to their period of dormancy

Moes, A., 1961:
Water content, wave-length and sensitivity to X-rays in barley

Klein, F.; H.L.idel, 1960:
Water cooperatives and the water associations law

Ceponis, M.J.; Friedman, B.A., 1960:
Water core in Lady variety apples during storage

Gorini, F.L., 1959:
Water core in apples

Fu, G.B.; Chen, S.L., 2006:
Water crisis in the Yellow River: facts, reasons, impacts, and countermeasures

Kidson, E.B., 1957:
Water culture experiments on nutritional problems of the tomato

Heyland, K.-U., 1963:
Water culture experiments with potatoes, using periodic, graduated doses of NPK.

Sastry, A.S.; Bhat, N.R., 1958:
Water culture improves grades of top leaves in flue-cured tobacco. Popular summary

Sastry, A.S.; Rao, B.V.K., 1960:
Water culture improves grades of top leaves in flue-cured tobacco. Studies on a commercial scale

Hayward, F.W., 1963:
Water damage in the hydrocooling of citrus fruits

Hunziker, R.R., 1959:
Water damage to citrus in the Indian River Area in 1959

Grondahl, J., 1960:
Water deficiency as a cause of disease in cows.

Alvim, P.D.T., 1961:
Water deficiency as a prerequisite of flowering in the coffee plant.

Vallotton, A.D.; Sterling, T.M., 2007:
Water deficit effects on Astragalus mollissimus and Oxytropis sericea swainsonine content, physiology, and growth

Van Bavel, C.H.M., 1959:
Water deficits and irrigation requirements in southern United States

Rodriguez, R. del G.; Pruski, F.F.; Novaes, L.F. de; Ramos, M.M.; Silva, D.D. da; Teixeira, A. de F., 2007:
Water demand by irrigation in Paracatu Basin

Mellanby, Kenneth, 1958:
Water drinking by the larva of the European corn borer

Mcdonald, L.J.; Emerson, W.J., 1958:
Water dropping from seaplanes on the Superior National Forest

Lohle, K., 1957:
Water drunk by laying hens

Weigl, J.; Ziegler, H., 1960:
Water economy and nutrient translocation in M. lacrymans

Braun, H.J., 1962:
Water economy and water supply of the scion in tree grafts.

Tuszko, A., 1960:
Water economy in Poland. The economics of water supply and control, Part II

Numata, M.; Mitsudera, M., 1961:
Water economy in a Bamboo

Hesse, W., 1956:
Water economy of crop plants.

Ferri, M.G.; Lamberti, A., 1960:
Water economy of plants in an enclosed area in Goiana (Pernambuco). (Bot. No. 17)

Buchanan, D.L.; Markiw, R.T., 1960:
Water elution chromatography of amino acids on ion exchange materials

Widdowson, E.M., 1957:
Water equilibrium in health

Dobrzanski, B.; Borowiec, J., 1960:
Water erosion of cretaceous rendzina areas, as observed on soils on the erosion-control plots at Nowosiolki.

A.A.ar, F.; Abdulrazzak, M.J.; A.W.shah, R., 2006:
Water ethics perspectives in the Arab Region

Aslyng, H.C.; Hansen, L., 1960:
Water evaporation and wind speed at the Danish State Experiment Stations

Shukla, R.N.; E.A., 1962:
Water evaporation retardation by surface films

Grande, F.; Taylor, H.L.; Anderson, J.T.; Buskirk, E.; Keys, A., 1958:
Water exchange in men on a restricted water intake and a low calorie carbohydrate diet accompanied by physical work

Engelhardt, W.V., 1963:
Water exchange in the rumen wall.

Livens, J.; Vanstallen, R., 1957:
Water extracts of decomposing litters: their reaction and base content.

Selye, H.; Prioreschi, P.; Jean, P., 1959:
Water fixation as the ultimate cause of tissue growth

Carminati, A.; Kaestner, A.; Ippisch, O.; Koliji, A.; Lehmann, P.; Hassanein, R.; Vontobel, P.; Lehmann, E.; Laloui, L.; Vulliet, L.; Fluhler, H., 2007:
Water flow between soil aggregates

Swartzendruber, Dale, 1960:
Water flow through a soil profile as affected by the least permeable layer

Gruchy, J.H.B De, 1959:
Water fluctuations as a factor in the life of six of the higher plants of Central Oklahoma

Galiani, S.; Gertler, P.; Schargrodsky, E., 2005:
Water for life: the impact of the privatization of water services on child mortality

Anonymous, 1958:
Water from the mountains

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Ways of utilizing supplementary pollination with foreign pollen in sunflower breeding.

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Ways to better milk hygiene.

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Ways to improve the quality of liquid milk with special reference to thermal treatment.

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Ways to produce milk on a profitable basis.

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Ways to reduce plum packing costs

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Ways towards a synthesis in genetics

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Ways towards the better fertilization of red clover

Anonymous, 1959:
Ways with water weeds

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Wbol growth in ewes under conditions of the central non-black earth zone.

Jones, G.A., 1961:
We can increase sap yields

Byl'ev, S.P., 1962:
We control diseases of Sugar Beet.

Pastyrik, V., 1963:
We establish specialized model hops cultivating enterprises

Mcmechan, A.D.; Marshall, J., 1958:
We find bulk harvesting pays off

Anonymous, 1956:
We have been asked.

Schreiner, E.J., 1957:
We need better white pines for the Northeast

Musijko, A.S., 1961:
We shall create more good hybrids.

Brevedan, G., 1963:
We shall have hybrid wheat too, making use of the phenomenon of cytoplasmic male sterility

Naidenov, V., 1962:
We spray the vineyards by aircraft

Veneni, M., 1959:
We will cultivate a new variety of broom corn

Kondrat'ev, V.N., 1959:
We will produce more potatoes for Leningraders.

Anonymous, 1960:
We're advancing on yellow dwarf

Anonymous, 1960:
We've pretested fescue palatability

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We.druja.ee larwy pasozytow jako przyczyna niespecyficznych stanow chorobowych u ludzi

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Weak points in the molecular chain of the cellulose of natural fibres.

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Weakening of undesirable shrubs and woody species by means of growth-regulating substances.

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Weakening the cold resistance in the coleoptile stage of wheat by vernalization

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Weakness in young chicks on a diet supplemented with aluminum hydroxide gel

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