Wilt of Lucerne caused by species of Verticillium. III. Viability of V. albo-atrum carried with Lucerne seed; effects of seed dressings and fumigants

Isaac, I.; Heale, J.B.

Ann. appl. Biol 49(4): 675-691


DOI: 10.1111/j.1744-7348.1961.tb03664.x
Accession: 014301539

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In studies at Univ, Coll. Swansea resting mycelium of V. alboatrum remained viable at room temp. for 13 months, but not for over 2 yr., though conidia on lucerne seed kept at room temp. failed to germinate after 7 months. Orthocide was toxic to conidia on the testa and to the fungus in plant material carried with seed. Treated seed inoculated with Rhizobium meliloti grew into healthy seedlings with normal root nodules, even though orthocide was toxic to the bacterium in culture.