Wilt of Lucerne caused by species of Verticillium. IV. Pathogenicity of V. albo-atrum and V. dahliae to Lucerne and other crops; spread and survival of V. albo-atrum in soil and in weeds; effect upon Lucerne production

Heale, J.B Isaac, I.

Ann. appl. Biol 52(3): 439-451


Accession: 014301540

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In further studies at Swansea all isolates of V. alboatrum from lucerne were highly pathogenic to the host, but V. dahliae was only slightly pathogenic. No symptoms were caused when lucerne was inoculated with isolates of both pathogens from other hosts, but isolates from lucerne could infect broad bean, strawberry, Hedysarum coronarium, and pea, and in addition, V. alboatrum was pathogenic to potato, runner beans, and several common weeds.