Wilt of lucerne caused by species of Vertidllium. 3. Viability of V. albo-atrum carried with lucerne seed; effects of seed dressings and fumigants

Isaac, I.; Heale, J.B.

Ann. appl Biol 49(4): 675-91


Accession: 014301546

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Lucerne seed dressed with orthocide (75% captan) and inoculated with Rhizobium meliloti developed into healthy seedlings with normal root nodules, although the fungicide is toxic to R. meliloti in culture. Dressing seeds with orthocide, agrosan-GN (an organomercurial) and fernasan (thiram) after inoculation gave slightly higher lucerne yields than did dressing before inoculation, but not sufficiently to warrant a change in the normal commercial procedure.