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Onchocerca-Simulium complexes. V. The intake and subsequent fate of microfilariae of a Guatemalan strain of Onchocerca volvulus in forest and Sudan-savanna forms of West African Simulium damnosum

Duke, B.O.L.; Moore, P.J.; De Leon, J.R.

Ann. trop. Med. Parasit 61(3): 332-337


Accession: 014304780

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A chimpanzee in Cameroon was infected with the Guatemalan strain of Onchocerca volvulus by inoculation with infective larvae from Simulium ochraceum transported by air across the Atlantic after feeding on infected Guatemalan volunteers. The intake and development in West African 5. damnosum (forest and Sudan-savanna forms) of the microfilariae which appeared in the chimpanzee were studied and compared with those from another chimpanzee carrying the West African forest strain of O. volvulus.

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