Section 15
Chapter 14,306

2 only The nutritive value of Panicum maximum (Guinea grass) . 1. Yields and chemical composition related to season and herbage growth stage. 2. Digestibility by cattle and water buffaloes, related to season and herbage growth stage

Johnson, W.L.; Hardison, W.A.; Castillo, L.S.; Ordoveza, A.L.

J. agric. Sci, Camb 69(2): 155-60 and 161-70. Bibl. 12 and 21


Accession: 014305895

The investigations described were carried out at Los Banos, Laguna, Philippines, where the wet season lasts from June to Dec. and the remaining months are dry. Herbage yields of Guinea grass increased at an increasing rate with advancing maturity and, for a given age of herbage, were depressed by about 40% in the dry season compared to the wet.

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