Section 15
Chapter 14,325

A study of the inbred maize lines of the heterotic hybrid Slava

Molcan, I.M.; Ivanova, T.V.

Dokl. sel'skohoz. Akad. Timir-jazev. (Rep. Timirjazev agric. Acad.), 147: 187-92


Accession: 014324403

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Examination of the pedigree of a number of hybrids showed that some inbreds were most frequently seed parents and others pollen parents. VIR44, the seed parent of Slava, had higher contents of indoleacetic acid in the ovary and pollen and lower contents of peroxidase than VIR38, the pollen parent; it also had a lower dry-matter content and higher proportions of root to shoot and of ears to other organs; its ovaries were larger and its grain was more resistant to high temperatures.

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