Abomasal Secretion and Emptying in Suckled Calves

Ash, R.W.

Journal of Physiology 172: 425-438


ISSN/ISBN: 0022-3751
PMID: 14199374
DOI: 10.1113/jphysiol.1964.sp007430
Accession: 014328220

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The secretory responses of the abomasal mucosa to sucking were studied in 3 calves prepared with innervated abomasal pouches and cannulated abomasal fistulae. Measurements of the flow of milk from the abomasum were made on 3 other calves fitted with duodenal re-entrant cannulae. Variability between calves was observed in their secretory responses and in the patterns and cumulative rates of flow from the abomasum. Acid secretion by the pouches was relatively high about 18 hr after the previous meal although the pH of the abomasal contents was below 2. The secretion of proteolytic activity was high before the 1st feed of the day, increased further on sucking and drinking and then rapidly fell to below the pre-feeding level. Further periods of sucking temporarily increased proteolytic secretion. Pouch secretion promoted the clotting of 40 times its own volume of whole milk within 3-120 sec under in vitro conditions. The clotting activity was greatest in the pre-sucking and sucking periods. The over-all rate of secretion and the outputs of acid and proteolytic activity increased when the daily volume of milk ingested was increased. The changes in output lagged behind the changes in diet. The secretory responses of the pouches and the patterns and rates of flow from the abomasum were not influenced consistently or appreciably by the butter-fat content of the milk. The over-all rate of flow from the abomasum was related chiefly to the volume of milk ingested.