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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14359

Chapter 14359 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Acord, C.R., 1970:
Beef production on irrigated alfalfa pastures

Mclean, A., 1972:
Beef production on lodgepole pine-pinegrass range in the Cariboo region of British Columbia

Turnbull, N.D., 1969:
Beef production on part-time ranches on the interior plateau of British Columbia, 1966

Montemurro, O.; Cianci, D.; Zezza, L., 1969:
Beef production trials with concentrated rations. 2. Gains, conversion rates and slaughtering yield in brown Alpine calves

Hollard, M.G., 1968:
Beef production with Friesian and Friesian-cross cattle

Turek, F., 1969:
Beef production with a multi-purpose breeding aim in cattle

Kidner, E.M., 1966:
Beef production. 1. Nutriment requirements for normal and for rapid growth with fattening in relation to pasture composition

Kidner, E.M., 1966:
Beef production. 2. Production from unrestricted access to pasture and from restricted access but with supplementary feeding

Bray, J.O., 1966:
Beef productivity increases in the southeastern United States since 1920

Wolf, G., 1971:
Beef quality of Hungarian Pied cattle

Daly, J.J., 1971:
Beef raising in N-west Qld

Sharrah, N.; Kunze, M.S.; Pangborn, R.M., 1965:
Beef tenderness: sensory and mechanical evaluation of animals of different breeds

Hill, B.E., 1968:
Beef, bred-heifers and the balance of payments

Boichard, J., 1970:
Beef, its production and problems in France. Part I

Leithead, H.L., 1966:
Beef-cattle grazing management

Hiepe, T.; Zimmermann, H., 1968:
Beeinflussung der Wollqualitat beim Merinofleischschaf durch experimentelle Invasionen mit einigen Magen-Darm-Nematoden insbesondere Trichostrongyliden

Hllkenbaumer, F., 1964:
Beeintrachtigt gehackseltes Schnittholz die Entvvicklung von Apfelbaumen? (Do shredded prunings affect apple tree growth?

Wellenstein , G., 1969:
Beekeeping in the forest

Anonymous, 1967:
Beerwah regional research station tree breeding: Caribbean Pine

Anonymous, 1968:
Beerwah regional research station: Tree breeding: F1 hybrids of Slash and Caribbean Pines

Showler, K., 1968:
Bees and fireblight

Wix, P., 1968:
Bees and agriculture

Helms, C.W., 1970:
Bees and blueberries

Zavrashvill, P.M., 1964:
Bees and the citrus crop

Horovitz, A.; Thorp, R.W., 1970:
Bees as tools in studies of reproductive biology of plants

Tomkinson, G., 1968:
Bees boost a bean break

Dadd, R.H., 1966:
Beeswax in the nutrition of the wax moth, Galleria mellonella (L.)

Rjatsep, E., 1967:
Beet and fish waste for pregnant sows

Strooker, E., 1964:
Beet cultivation without manual labour

Anonymous, 1965:
Beet eelworm

Nemeth, D., 1967:
Beet growing with the transplanting technique

Anonymous, 1969:
Beet leaf miner

Duffas, J.E., 1965:
Beet pseudo-yellows virus, transmitted by the greenhouse whiteiy (Trialeurodes vaporariorum)

Taranenko, G.; Cikov, A.; Suprunov, O.; Sostak, N., 1969:
Beet pulp and yeasts for fattening

Bhattacharya, A.N.; Sleiman, F.T., 1971:
Beet pulp as a grain replacement for dairy cows and sheep

Edgerly, C.G.M., 1964:
Beet pulp satisfactory feed for dairy cows

Andersen, P.E.; Sorensen, M., 1964:
Beet top silage compared with concentrate

Van Steyvoort, L., 1966:
Beet yellows virus. Results of trials of systemic insecticides done in Belgium in 1965

Van Steyvoort, L., 1966:
Beet yellows. Results of tests with systemic insecticides carried out in Belgium in 1965

Schwerdtfeger, F., 1968:
Beetle attack and blue discoloration on summer-felled, unbarked pine wood

Schwerdtfeger, F., 1968:
Beetle attack and bluestain on summer-felled, unbarked Scots Pine wood

Cook, I.M., 1966:
Beetle borer outbreak in Mackay

Koizumi, C., 1969:
Beetle infestations associated with the selective cutting in the Spruce/Fir forests

Fincher, G.T.; Stewart, T.B.; Davis, R., 1969:
Beetle intermediate hosts for swine spirurids in southern Georgia

Hinds, T.E.; Hawksworth, F.G.; Davidson, R.W., 1965:
Beetle-killed Engelmann Spruce. Its deterioration in Colorado

Mourad, A.R., 1967:
Beetles as intermediate hosts of cestodes of the family Hymenolepididae

Sharma, P.L.; Agoarwala, S.C.; Attri, B.S., 1971:
Beetles eating pome and stone fruits in Himachal Pradesh and their control

Mukhamedov, K.K., 1965:
Beetles injurious to lucerne in Turkmenia

Judd, W.W., 1970:
Beetles, Neodryocoetes hubbardi Blackman (Scolytidae), infesting seeds strung as necklaces imported from Jamaica

Anon., 1967:
Beetroot for summer cropping. Which varieties and when should they be sown?

Heydecker, W.; Chetram, R.S., 1969:
Beetroot germination: a jigsaw puzzle of hazards

Tatham, P.B., 1969 :
Beetroot herbicides. 1968 Progress report

Chrimes, J.R., 1971:
Beetroot losses can be almost eliminated

Gaskill, J.O., 1969:
Beets resistant to Rhizoctonia important goal of seed breeders

Tunnessen, W.W.; Smith, C.; Oski, F.A., 1969:
Beeturia. A sign of iron deficiency

Mikkelsen, K., 1971:
Before a new cereal season

Butterwick, M., 1964:
Before and after December 23, 1963

Thomas, A.I.; John, J.M., 1966:
Before cardamom goes to the market

Vecera, B., 1972:
Before the Eighth Congress of Agricultural Cooperatives

Kleven, O.-L., 1969:
Before the breeding season-some genetics

Slais, J., 1965:
Befunde von fruhen Entwicklungsstadien des Cysticerkus in der Leber des Menschen

Rademacher, B., 1964:
Beginning of competition between cereals and weeds

Anonymous, 1967:
Beginnings of agricultural development in Ethiopia

Saaltink, G.J.; Kamerman, W., 1971:
Begoma bertinii, a new best of Erwinia chrysan-thena

Saaltink, G.J.; Kamerman, W., 1971:
Begonia bertinii, a new host of Envinia chrysanthemi

Von Hentig, W.-U.; Przyrembel, G., 1969:
Begonia cv. 'Cleopatra'. 2. Treatment with growth retardants

Brooks, Audrey, V., 1970:
Begonia mildew

Loeser, H.; Essig, W., 1968:
Begonia variety trials, 1966

Van Raalte, D., 1969:
Begonia. IV. Growing Elatior and Riegers begonias.) VakbladBloemist

Stober, M.; Ende, H., 1964:
Behand-lungsversuche mit MaretmR beam Magendarm-wurmbefall des Rindes

Geeraerts, J., 1964:
Behandeling met methyridine van capillariosis bij kippen in praktijkomstandigheden

Geeraerts, J., 1964:
Behandeling van capillariosis bij duiven en kippen met Mintic

Gebauer, O., 1964:
Behandlung des Lanzettegelbefalls der Rinder mit Hetolin

Enigk, K., 1965 :
Behandlung und Vor-beuge des Parasitenbefalles der Pferde

Enigk, K., 1969:
Behandlung und Vorbeuge der Helminthosen von Hund und Katze

Enigk, K., 1969:
Behandlung und Vorbeuge des Helminthenbefalles beim Haus-geflugel

Behrens, H.; Matschullat, G., 1970:
Behandlungsversuche an Schafen mit dem Bandwurmmittel TerenolR

Kearney, P.C.; Harris, C.I.; Kaufman, D.D.; E.A., 1965:
Behavior and fate of chlorinated aliphatic acids in soils

Bajer, A., 1968:
Behavior and fine structure of spindle fibers during mitosis in endosperm

Legner, E.F., 1967:
Behavior changes the reproduction of Spalangia cameroni, S. endius, Muscidifurax raptor, and Nasonia vitripennis (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) at increasing fly host densities

Linley, J.R.; Evans, D.G., 1971:
Behavior of Aedes taeniorhynchus larvae and pupae in a temperature gradient

Noble. L.W.; Graham, H.M., 1966:
Behavior of Campoletis perdistincius (Viereck) as a parasite of the tobacco budworm

Gary, L.A.; Sherritt, G.W.; Hale, E.B., 1970:
Behavior of Charolais cattle on pasture

Sasser, J.N., 1966:
Behavior of Meloidogyne spp. from various geographical locations on ten host differentials

Turner, P.D., 1965:
Behavior of Phytophthora palmivora in soil

Gahan, J.B.; Wilson, H.G.; Weidhaas, D.E., 1969:
Behavior of Psorophora spp. and Anopheles quadrimaculatus inside and around untreated farm buildings in a rice growing area

Frick, K.E., 1970:
Behavior of adult Hylemya seneciella, an Anthomyiid (Diptera) used for the biological control of tansy ragwort

Krueger, G.P., 1965:
Behavior of an epoxy-polysulfide adhesive in wood joints exposed to moisture content changes

Ushimi, C.; Tanaka, S.; Nakajima. H.; Yoshino, T.; Yamamoto, H., 1969:
Behavior of antibody-producing cells and their related cens in equine infectious anaemia

Linderman, R.G.; Toussoun, T.A., 1967:
Behavior of chlamydospores and endoconidia of Thielaviopsis basicola in non-sterilized soil

Bowman, M.C.; Schechter, M.S.; Carter, R.L., 1965:
Behavior of chlorinated insecticides in a broad spectrum of soil types

Dame, D.A.; Azevedo, J.F.D.S.ith, H.C.; Ferreira, A.E., 1970:
Behavior of colonized and native male Glossina morsitans orientalis Vanderplank in the laboratory

Harris, C.R., 1972:
Behavior of dieldrin in soil: laboratory studies on the factors influencing biological activity

Harris, C.R.; Sans, W.W., 1972:
Behavior of dieldrin in soil: microplot field studies on the influence of soil type on biological activity and absorption by carrots

Alexander, Alex, G., 1965:
Behavior of enzymes governing starch- and sucrose-forming pathways in two sugarcane varieties supplied with variable nitrate and phosphate in sand culture

el-Zein, A.; Myers, W.L.; Segre, D., 1968:
Behavior of equine infectious anemia virus in cell culture and development of a diagnostic test for the disease

Traub, E.; Kanhai, G.K.; Kesting, F., 1968:
Behavior of foot-and-mouth disease virus on serial passage in different kinds of cells. A contribution to experimental epidemiology at cell level

Harris, C.R.; Sans, W.W., 1972:
Behavior of heptachlor epoxide in soil

Franciosi, G.F., 1967:
Behavior of incised Beech crossties installed in track

Bartlett, A.C.; Hooker, P.A.; Hardee, D.D., 1968:
Behavior of irradiated boll weevils. I. Feeding, attraction, mating, and mortality

Sellars, R.L.; Eakle, D.E.; Sanders, G.A., 1966:
Behavior of lactic cultures at low temperatures

Karmańska, K.; Kozar, Z.; Seniuta, R.; Czajkowska, J., 1971:
Behavior of mast cells in experimental trichinellosis in mice

Dropkin, V.H., 1965:
Behavior of nematodes in relation to that of other invertebrates

Mccue, J.F.; Thorson, R.E., 1964 :
Behavior Of Parasitic Stages Of Helminths In A Thermal Gradient

Chin, H.P.; Blankenhorn, D.H., 1969:
Behavior of plasma alpha2 lipoproteins and triglycerides during carbohydrate induction and glucose tolerance testing

Rozen, P.; Shafrir, E., 1968:
Behavior of serum free fatty acids and glucose during lactose tolerance tests

Longworth, J., 1967:
Behavior of shear plate connections in sloping grain surfaces

Szabuniewicz, M.; Clark, D.R., 1965:
Behavior of the electrocardiogram during experimental dehydration and rehydration in the goat

Ourecky, D.K.; Slate, G.L., 1967:
Behavior of the everbearing characteristics in strawberries

Esmaili, M.; Wilde, G., 1972:
Behavior of the parasite Aphelinus asychis in relation to the greenbug and certain hosts

Price, P.W., 1972:
Behavior of the parasitoid Pleolophus basizonus (Hymenoptera : Ichneumonidae) in response to changes in host and parasitoid density

Nickle, W.R., 1971:
Behavior of the shothole borer, Scolytus rugulosus, altered by the nematode parasite Neoparasitylenchus rugulosi

Kindler, S.D.; Staples, R., 1969:
Behavior of the spotted alfalfa aphid on resistant and susceptible alfalfas

Hassan. T.K.; Knowles, C.O., 1969 :
Behavior of three 14C-labded benzilate acaricides when applied topically to soybean leaves

Legner, E.F.; Bay, E.C.; Medved, R.A., 1966:
Behavior of three native pupal parasites of Hippelates collusor in controlled systems

Mistric Jr.; W.J.; Smith, F.D., 1969:
Behavior of tobacco budworm larvae on flue-cured tobacco and possibilities of improving the effectiveness of insecticidal treatments applied mechanically for control

Ewbank, Roger, 1967:
Behavior of twin cattle

Roberge, M.R., 1970:
Behavior of urease added to unsterilized, steam-sterilized and gamma radiation-sterilized spruce humus

Roberge, M.R., 1970:
Behavior of urease added to unsterilized, steam-sterilized, and gamma radiation-sterilized black spruce humus

Sneva, F.A., 1970:
Behavior of yearling cattle on eastern Oregon range

Masuda, T.; Fukuda, H., 1970:
Behavior on and in rice plants of diazinon applied onto the surface of paddy soil

Southwick, J.W.; Davis, D.W., 1968:
Behavior patterns of the adult alfalfa weevil in Cache County, Utah

Hale, L.D., 1970:
Behavior, distribution, and population dynamics of cottony-cushion scale, Icerya purchasi, in Desmodium fields in Hawaii

Barnes, R.H.; Moore, A.U.; Pond, W.G., 1970 :
Behavioral abnormalities in young adult pigs caused by malnutrition in early life

Mogenson, G.J.; Mok, A.; Grace, J.E.; Stevenson, J.A., 1971:
Behavioral and alimentary response of the rat to acute and chronic changes in environmental temperature

Sluss, R., 1968:
Behavioral and anatomical responses of the convergent lady beetle to parasitism by Perilitus coccinellae (Schrank) (Hymenoptera: Braconidae)

Scott, J.W.; Pfaff, D.W., 1970:
Behavioral and electrophysiological responses of female mice to male urine odors

Carney, W.P., 1969:
Behavioral and morphological changes in carpenter ants harboring dicrocoeliid metacercariae

Schuh, G.E.; Tyrchniewicz, E.W., 1966:
Behavioral equations and equilibrium in the agricultural labor market

Caldwell, D.F.; Oberleas, D.; Clancy, J.J.; Prasad, A.S., 1970:
Behavioral impairment in adult rats following acute zinc deficiency

Mulkern, G.B., 1969:
Behavioral influences on food selection in grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acrididae)

Woodard, A.E.; Wilson, W.O., 1970:
Behavioral patterns associated with oviposition in Japanese quail and chickens

Hamilton, L.W.; Flaherty, C.F., 1971:
Behavioral patterns associated with water intake in normal and septal rats

Brady, U.E.; Finley, L.H., 1969 :
Behavioral response of Bidrin-treated male Indian-meal moths to the female sex pheromone

Meyer, H.J.; Norris, D.M., 1967:
Behavioral responses by Scolytus multistriatus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) to host- (Ulmus) and beetle-associated chemotactic stimula

Meyer, H.J.; Norris, D.M., 1967:
Behavioral responses by Scolytus multistriatus (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) to host- (Ulmus) and beetle-associated chemotactic stimuli

Nelmes, A.J., 1970:
Behavioral Responses of Heterodera rostochiensis Larvae to Aldicarb and its Sulfoxide and Sulfone

Chernin, E., 1970:
Behavioral responses of miracidia of Schistosoma mansoni and other trematodes to substances emitted by snails

Weseloh, R.M., 1971:
Behavioral responses of the gypsy moth egg parasitoid Ooencyrtus kuwanai

Weseloh, R.M., 1971:
Behavioral responses of the gypsy moth egg parasitoid Ooencyrtus kuwanai to abiotic environmental factors

Baker, J.E.; Norris, D.M., 1968:
Behavioral responses of the smaller European elm bark beetle, Scolytus multistriatus, to extracts of non-host tree tissues

Kring, J.B., 1969:
Behavioral responses of winged bean aphids to colored fluorescent lamps

Hulet, C.V., 1966:
Behavioral, social and psychological factors affecting mating time and breeding efficiency in sheep

Anonymous, 1968:
Behaviour and characteristics of the principal varieties recently bred by the Institute for Research in Cotton and Exotic Textiles in French-speaking tropical Africa

Czako, J.; Barczy, G.; Balika, S., 1966:
Behaviour and daily rhythm in calves

Camargo, A.P.D.C.rdoso, R.M.G.; Schmidt, N.C., 1967:
Behaviour and ecology of 'leaf blight' of Rubber in the climatic conditions of the Sao Paulo plateau

Harris, C.I.; Kaufman, D.D.; Sheets, T.J.; E.A., 1969:
Behaviour and fate of s-triazines In soils

Bianchi, A.; Parlavecchio, M.R.; Restaino, F., 1970:
Behaviour and linkage relationship of gametophyte factors in chromosome 9 of maize

Coic, Y.; Lesaint, C.; Provot, M., 1964:
Behaviour and mineral composition at harvest of the organs of 2 durum wheats and 1 common wheat. Influence of late N nutrition and of drought

Coic, Y.; Lesaint, C.; Provot, M., 1964:
Behaviour and mineral composition at harvest of the organs of two hard wheats and one soft wheat. Effect of late nitrogen supply and drought

Downes, M.J.; Loughnane, J.B., 1967:
Behaviour and persistence of Rhizoctonia solani in Irish soils

Gray, R.A.; Weierich, A.J., 1968:
Behaviour and persistence of thiocarbamate herbicides in soils under different environmental conditions

Liang, H.S., 1966:
Behaviour and population fluctuation of Stilpnotia ochropoda Eversmann in relation to meteorological factors

Nelson, J.L., E.Al., 1969:
Behaviour and reactions of copper sulphate in an irrigation canal

Finlayson, L.H., 1967:
Behaviour and regulation of puparium formation in the larva of the tsetse fly Glossina morsitans orientalis Vanderplank in relation to humidity, light and mechanical stimuli

Beljaev, D.K.; Trut, L.N., 1964:
Behaviour and reproduction in animals. II. Changes in correlations due to selection for domestication

Beljaev, D.K.; Trut, L.N., 1967:
Behaviour and reproduction in animals. III. The importance of selection for behaviour on the reaction of animals to some seasonal environmental factors

Braude, G.L.; Trut, L.N., 1970:
Behaviour and reproduction in animals. IV. Effect of selection for behaviour on some morphological characters of the reproductive organs and endocrine system in foxes

Trut, L.N.; Braude, G.L.; Bel-Jaev, D.K., 1970:
Behaviour and reproductive function of domestic animals. V. Seasonal dynamics of sexual activity in $ silver-black foxes selected for tameness

Saccardo, F., 1971:
Behaviour and transmissibility of radiation-induced ring chromosomes

Puteyevsky, E.; Zohary, D., 1970:
Behaviour and transmission of supernumerary chromosomes in diploid Dactylis glomerata

Popescu, H.; Popescu, D., 1969:
Behaviour in cold frames of some tomato varieties and hybrids

Heitzman, R.J.; Corp, C.R., 1968:
Behaviour in emergence and open-field tests of normal and scrapie mice

Freise, O., 1967:
Behaviour in fire of wooden rafter ceilings, wooden walls and wooden doors

Aleksakhin, R.M.; Gol'tsev, V.F.; Karpachevskii, L.O., 1971:
Behaviour in soils and distribution in woody vegetation of alkali and alkaline-earth elements

Hassenberg, L., 1971:
Behaviour in solipeds

Constantinescu, N.; Negrila, A.; Lupescu, F.; Rijiu, C.; Tertecel, M., 1965:
Behaviour in the initial years after planting of the principal apple varieties grown in an improved dwarf pyramid form

Arbez, M., 1969:
Behaviour in the nursery of some French provenances of Silver Fir. Critical examination of a traditional belief: Silver Fir from the Aude

Liacu, A., 1965:
Behaviour in the nursery of some apple varieties of the Reinette group

Schenk, P.M., 1969:
Behaviour in the pig

Badialli, L.; Fioroni, A.; Asdrubali, G., 1970:
Behaviour in the rabbit of a naturally attenuated strain of rabies virus

D.A.evedo, J.L.; Neder, R.N.lly Menezes, T.J.B., 1965:
Behaviour in vitro of a phytopathogenic bacterium towards various antibiotics

Gurgel Filho, O.A., 1964:
Behaviour of

Avendano, T.; R.; Guinez, S.; A., 1966:
Behaviour of 10 lucerne varieties under a high nematode population

Suss, A.; Schurman, G.; Pfann, G., 1966:
Behaviour of 14C-IabeIIed diesel oil in different soils

Chkanikov, D.I., E.Al., 1971:
Behaviour of 2,4-D in plants of different 2,4-D sensitivity

Mazzani, B.; Allievi, G., 1968:
Behaviour of 5 annual oil crops in Maracay in 1963-6

Moran, F.L.E., 1965:
Behaviour of 5 control varieties of sesame in 6 localities, during 3 years

Rodriguez, C.; S.; Carrion, M.P., 1966:
Behaviour of 76 varieties and hybrids of fodder and grain sorghums

Rodriguez, C.; S.; Carrion, M.P., 1966:
Behaviour of 76 varieties and hybrids of forage and grain sorghums

Panchenko, I.Y.; Sirotkin, A.N., 1970:
Behaviour of 90Sr and 45Ca in cows fed rations with different contents of stable Ca. (In 'Radioactive isotopes in the environment and the organism')

Fingerhut, M.; Lang, K., 1966:
Behaviour of 90Sr in chronic feeding trials. 2

Agarwal, R.A.; Bhatia, N.L., 1965:
Behaviour of Aceria sp. (Eriophyidae) towards different varieties of sugarcane

Piglionica, V., 1965:
Behaviour of Almond cultivars and other Prunus species towards toxic secretions of F. amygdaii

Raghunath, T., 1968:
Behaviour of Alternaria poonensis inciting blight of Coriander in artificial culture

Melo, J.D.S.; Carvalho, P.P., 1969:
Behaviour of American Upland cotton cultivars in Mozambique. Preliminary note

Nuti, M., 1969:
Behaviour of Azotabacter chroococcum (Beij.) towards some antibiotics. I. Sensitivity of the microorganism and cytomorpho-logical effects

Jackson, R.M.; Brown, M.E., 1966:
Behaviour of Azotobacter chroococcum introduced into the plant rhizosphere

Takahashi, E., E.Al., 1969:
Behaviour of B995 (N-dimethylamino succinamic acid) in plant and soil with special reference to its dwarfing effect

Tewari, M.C.; Rao, P.S., 1965:
Behaviour of Bamboo in powder form, when treated with wood-preserving chemicals

Joubert, L.M.; Valette, L.R., 1967:
Behaviour of Brucella abortus in phagocytes. Immuno-phagocytic test for activity of brucella vaccines and their stimulants

Bauditz, W., 1964:
Behaviour of Ca, Mg and P in human plasma during intravenous loading with Ca

Louria, D.B.; Brayton, R.G., 1964:
Behaviour of Candida cells within leukocytes

Chebotina, M.Y.; Titlyanova, A.A., 1965:
Behaviour of Co in soils

Bastos Cruz, B.P.; Silveira, A.P.D.A.rahao, J.; Silveira, S.G.P.D., 1970:
Behaviour of Cotton varieties towards Glomerella gossypii and R. solani, causal agents of wilt of seedlings

Jailloux, F.; Jacqua, G., 1970:
Behaviour of D. in relation to parasitic diseases in the French West Indies

Kram, O.N., 1967:
Behaviour of Eucalyptus tereticornis in the dry zone of the Province of Santiago del Estero, Argentina

Karpenko, V.I., 1970:
Behaviour of F1hybrids from a cross between Transcaucasian spelt (T. spelta L.) and tetraploid and hexaploid wheats

Griffin, G.J.; Pass, T., 1969:
Behaviour of Fusarium roseum 'Sambucinum' under carbon starvation conditions in relation to survival in soil

Popescu, V., 1966:
Behaviour of Gibberella zeae, the causal agent of some F. diseases and mycotoxicoses, at different pH of the culture media

Jacono, G.; Gitudice, N.D.l Ghionni, A.; Colucci, M.; Palomba, D., 1971:
Behaviour of HGH in obese adolescents after prolonged fasting and lowenergy diet

Giudice, N.D.l Ghionni, A.; Colucci, M.; Palomba, D.; Jacono, G., 1971:
Behaviour of HGH in primary obesity and variations after fasting

Ghionni, A.; Colucci, M.; Giudice, N.D.l Palomba, D.; Jacono, G., 1971:
Behaviour of HGH in primary obesity and variations after low-energy diet

Jaeger, O.; Barth, R., 1967:
Behaviour of Hempt rabies vaccine in the Habel test

Mussa, G.C.; Pavesio, D., 1964:
Behaviour of L-leucine aminopeptidase in serum in the dystrophic infant

Collura, A.M., E.Al., 1969:
Behaviour of Mentha arvensis vor. piperescens in Castelar, Buenos Aires province, and the diffusion of clone 701

Legge, J.B.B.; Palmer, J., 1968:
Behaviour of Myzus persicae (Sulz.) on tobacco. III. Choice by alatae of sites for feeding and larviposition on leaves and artificial substrates of differing nutrient status

Legge, J.B.B., 1966:
Behaviour of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) on tobacco. I. The effects of time of planting and the pattern of growth of the plants OH infestation in the field

Brown, M.E.; Hornby, D., 1971:
Behaviour of Ophiobolus graminis on slides buried in soil in the presence or absence of Wheat seedlings

Schwarz, H.; Dedek, W., 1967:
Behaviour of P-32 labelled organophosphorus insecticides after intracisternal application in cattle. Absorption of biologically active substances from the bovine udder. I. Trichlorphon

Torres, M.; R.; Giacometti, D.C., 1966:
Behaviour of P. edulis var. flavicarpa Deneger under the conditions of the Cauca valley

Izard Camille Lacharpagne, Jacqueline Schiltz, P., 1964 :
Behaviour of P. tabacina in tissue cultures and role of the leaf epidermis

Horowitz, M., 1966:
Behaviour of PEBC and its use for weed control in beet

Schiefer, B.; Gedek, B., 1968:
Behaviour of Prototheca species in mammalian tissue

Park, H.S.; Marth, E.H.; Olson, N.F., 1969:
Behaviour of Salmonella typhimurium in low-acid Cheddar cheese

Takács, J., 1968:
Behaviour of Salmonellae causing specific animal paratyphoid in lysine-decarboxylase test

Ribas, W.C., 1967:
Behaviour of Seibel vines in the Sao Roque region of Sao Paulo state

Baumgartner, H.; Kastli, P.; Hofer, P., 1968:
Behaviour of Staphylococcus aureus in milk and in the manufacture of Emmental cheese

I.Matic, 1967:
Behaviour of Sugar Beet vars. KWS Cerco-poly and Hilleshog Poly st. in Osijek in 1965 under varying degrees of infection by C. beticola

D Ey], S.K.; S Harma], P.C., 1970:
Behaviour of TV.18 and four other clones in Cachar and the Dooars

Juarez, E., 1970:
Behaviour of Triatoma infestans under different laboratory conditions

Kociecka, W., 1971:
Behaviour of Trichinella spiralis larvae with animals treated by thiabendazok and hydrocortisone

Viswanathan, T.S., 1964:
Behaviour of Ustilago scitaminea Syd. obtained from diverse localities in India

Gubanov, G.Y.; Gubanova, N.G., 1967:
Behaviour of V. dahliae to pectinic substances and cellulose as carbon sources

Persecx, Elena Bobes, I., 1966:
Behaviour of V. faba vars. in attacks by the principal diseases

Huang, C.-S.; Chuang, N.-T., 1967:
Behaviour of X-ray induced semi-sterile rice plants in the bulked population for several generations

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Behaviour of Xyleborus saxeseni (Col. Scolyt.) towards Liquidambar orientalis, a typical species of Asia Minor (Turkey)

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Behaviour of a herd of cows with 24 hour access to self feed silage

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Behaviour of acid mucopolysaccharides in diabetes

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Behaviour of adsorbed herbicides in the soil and their availability for the plant

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Behaviour of adults of Thaumetopoea pityocampa. Dispersal in nature, ecological importance

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Behaviour of almond varieties and of other Primus species towards the toxic secretions of F. amygdali Del

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Behaviour of amiben and dinoben derivatives in Arkansas soils

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Behaviour of amino acids and amides during estimation of ammonia in foods

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Behaviour of ammonium fertilizer in soil

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Behaviour of apple varieties in Georgia

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Behaviour of apricot phenolase in relation to pH, time and temperature

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Behaviour of aseptically packaged Uperised milk stored at different temperatures

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Behaviour of attenuated foot-and-mouth disease virus strains in unweaned mice

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Behaviour of balanced lethal genes occurring in progeny of X-rayed rice

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Behaviour of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) in Santagueda (Caldas)

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Behaviour of beta -glucuronidase activity in serum and excretion of glucuronic acid after a test dose of salicylamide

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Behaviour of blood glucose in calves

Mulling, M., 1966:
Behaviour of blood glucose values in calves

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Behaviour of blood sugar in trained athletes and untrained persons after glucose or work load or both

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Behaviour of certain E. species with respect to antibiotics

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Behaviour of certain Wheat and Barley varieties to loose smut

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Behaviour of cholesterol in some organs and tissues of the rat

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Behaviour Of Chromosomal Spindle Fibres In Living Cells

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Behaviour of chromosomes in meiosis of a hexaploid cotton amphidiploid (Gossypium L

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Behaviour of chylomicrons in fasting serum of obese patients

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Behaviour of circular saw blades during cutting. I. Effect of cutting conditions on vibration behaviour and loading of circular saw blades

Pahlitzsch, G.; Friebe, E., 1971:
Behaviour of circular sawblades during cutting. II. Effect of the cutting conditions on the quality of sawn wood surfaces

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Behaviour of commercial systemic fungicides in conventional (non-systemic) tests

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Behaviour of cotton varieties of Sao Paulo under different levels of N, P and K fertilizers on red latosol

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Behaviour of cows during feeding and rumination

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Behaviour of cows under loose-housing conditions and during milking in a herringbone parlour. I. Order of entering parlour

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Behaviour of dairy cows in tie-up cowsheds and loose houses

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Behaviour of dicentric chromosomes in peas

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Behaviour of different Sitka Spruce provenances in France

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Behaviour of different Sugar Beet vars. towards the causal agent of downy mildew (Peronospora farinosa)

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Behavior of different bovine chlamydial agents in newborn calves

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Behaviour of different foods in the standard shear compression cell of the Shear Press and the effect of sample weight on peak area and maximum force

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Behaviour of different phosphatic fertilizers on moong (Phaseolus aureus) and their residual effect on barley (Hordeum vulgare)

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Behaviour of different strains of avian respiratory viruses in cultures of chick embryo fibroblasts

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Behaviour of double interline maize hybrids from direct and reciprocal crosses

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Behaviour of dry Criollo and Brown Swiss cows on pasture

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Behaviour of early and late perennial ryegrass (Lolium perenne) in pure culture and in mixture with white clover, with different frequencies of cutting and of grazing

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Behaviour of endogenous lipoprotein lipase activity in plasma during an intravenous fat infusion in normal persons and patients with hypertriglyceridaemia

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Behaviour of enzymes (GOT, GPT, aldolase, LDH, LAP, SDH, total acid phosphatase, alkaline phosphatase) in the serum of pigs with African swine fever

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Behaviour of ewes during parturition

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Behaviour of fats during frying and controlled heating

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Behaviour of fattening pigs given dry meals from self feeders

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Behaviour of fertilizer elements in deep-plowed soil. 1. Changes and movement of fertilizer elements and water balance with various plowing

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Behaviour of fertilizer phosphates

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Behaviour of fixed rabies virus in the brain of experimental animals

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Behaviour of foot and mouth disease virus in cell cultures: susceptibility of line 1B-RS-2 of pig kidney cells

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Behaviour of forage species on the Atlantic coast and the south of Santa Cruz province

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Behaviour of four populations of maize developed by mass selection in Nicaragua

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Behaviour of free amino acids in plasma after treatment with anabolically and catabolically active steroids

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Behaviour of free fatty acids in the plasma of obese children and adolescents given glucose by mouth

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Behaviour of full-grown larvae and adults of the cutworm, Agrotis ypsilon Rott., in Egypt (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae)

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Behaviour of fungal spores in confined and irradiated environments

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Behaviour of germ cells and sexual differentiation in late embryonic and early postnatal mouse chimeras

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Behaviour of globule leucocytes in intestinal parasitism of chickens

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Behaviour of glucose in the blood of pigs after administration of E. coli toxin

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Behaviour of glucose in venous blood during continuous recording. 1. Reductometric and enzymic analysis with the Auto-Analyzer

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Behaviour of glucose in venous blood during continuous recording. 2. Significance of the initial peak after glucose was given by vein

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Behaviour of grape vine varieties towards spring frosts

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Behaviour of groundwater near the surface

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Behaviour of growth hormone and plasma NEFA during tolerance tests in primary obesity

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Behaviour of hailstorm of Puccinia graminis var. tritici in some resistant Wheats

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Behaviour of hairs of subjects treated with griseofulvin towards dermatophytic infection in vitro

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Behaviour of haustoria of Puccinia graminis var. tritici in some resistant wheats

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Behaviour of herbicides in soil. 1. The effect of soil type on the activity of herbicides

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Behaviour of humic acid from recent lake sediments towards aqueous sodium hydroxide solution during extraction

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Behaviour of humic acid phosphorus towards acid hydrolysis

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Behaviour of hyphae of S. macrospora in tissues of affected Rice Effect of temperature on the zoosporangium formation, its germination in S. macrospora and the infection of host plants

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Behaviour of improved maize varieties in the Atlantic coast

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Behaviour of inbred maize lines obtained by the use of growth substances

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Behaviour of inorganic nitrogen in mineral arable soil. 2. Behaviour of fertilizer nitrogen in the soil

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Behaviour of inter-generic hybrids, Phasianus colchicus x Gallus Gallus f. domestica, in comparison with that of the species from which they were derived

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Behaviour of iron and manganese chelates in calcareous soils and their effectiveness for plants

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Behaviour of labelled trichlorphon after pour-on application for the control of ox warbles

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Behaviour of lactic dehydrogenase (LDH) and of its iso-enzymes in fowls that are healthy carriers of avian leucosis and in organs with leucotic lesions

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Behaviour of large and small plaque variants of Sindbis and western equine encephalitis viruses in Aedes aegypti

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Behaviour of late-maturing cauliflower varieties when sown at different times under the conditions of the southern Dagestan plain

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Behaviour of lettuce varieties in the Campinas region

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Behaviour of lettuce varieties in the Campinas region - part II

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Behaviour of lignin in the digestive tract of the rabbit

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Behaviour of long chain frac-tosan in the basal top of timothy as influenced by N, P, and K, and defoliation

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Behaviour of lucerne at different water levels. 2. Effect of increasing rates of water on some morphological characteristics and on the survival of the plants under cultivation. (Pot trials)

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Behaviour of lucerne genotypes grown as isolated plants and as a dense stand

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Behaviour of macronucleolar and polynucleolar lymphocytes in bovine leucosis

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Behaviour of metabolites of fat in serum of obese and non-obese persons given carbohydrate by mouth and after brief fasting

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Behaviour of metabolites of fat in serum of obese and non-obese persons in conditions of basal metabolism

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Behaviour of microfilariae of Dirofilaria immitis obtained from American dogs and transfused into Italian dogs

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Behaviour of mineral components of acid sulphate soils during the oxidation of oxidizable sulphur. Characteristics and improvement of acid sulphate soils. 4

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Behaviour of mineral organic fertilizers in carbonate soils of Azerbaldzhan

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Behaviour of minerals in the digestive tract of sheep given supplements of NaCl or KCl

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Behaviour of national (IAC) varieties of potato in the state of Sao Paulo. 1. Comparison of 8 varieties in the districts of Socorro, Tatui and Porangaba

Machado, A.D.A.; Boock, O.J., 1968:
Behaviour of native potato varieties in Sao Paulo State. Comparison of eight varieties in Socorro, Tatui and Porangaba

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Behaviour of new Dutch potato varieties

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Behaviour of new Willow clones in the Parana Delta

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Behaviour of new peach varieties in low winter temperatures at Geoagiu

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Behaviour of new strawberry varieties and hybrids in Monte Alegre do Sul in 1966

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Behaviour of new sweet pepper varieties in the Campinas area

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Behaviour of new tulip varieties when forced and grown in the open

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Behaviour of nitrogen in mineral arable soil. 3. The effect of fertilizers, soil pH and soil moisture on gaseous nitrogen losses

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Behaviour of nitrogen in mineral arable soil. 4. Effect of soil conditions on gaseous nitrogen losses, especially nitrogen and nitrous oxide from applied nitrate

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Behaviour of nitrogen in mineral arable soil. 5. General state of gaseous nitrogen losses and some methods of gas sampling in the field

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Behaviour of nucleic acids in mildew-infected Wheat

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Behaviour of nucleolar organizers in root-tip cells of Allium cepa

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Behaviour of oestrogens in the blood and milk during pregnancy in Friesians

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Behaviour of old and new washing agents in wooden washing machines

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Behaviour of oligosaccharides in the grape-vine

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Behaviour of organophosphorus parasiticides labelled with radiophosphorus and infused into the cow's udder. II. Trichlorphon, butonate, DDVP and dimethoate

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Behaviour of ortho-, pyro- and meta-phosphate anions in presence of soils and soil colloids

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Behaviour of ortho-di-hydroxyphenols in Tomato cultivars resistant and susceptible to F. o. f.sp. lycopersici, after transplantation and infection

D.Leo, P., 1964:
Behaviour of orthodihydroxy-phenols in tomato varieties resistant and susceptible to F. oxysporum var. lycopersici (Sacc.) Snyder et Hansen, following transplanting and inoculation

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Behaviour of paddy and rice prices-a case study

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Behaviour of perennial grasses and their control. (Abstract)

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Behaviour of phosphamidon within the young almond fruit, and action of translocated phosphamidon and monocrotophos on the egg and the young larva of the almond wasp, Eurytoma amygdali

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Behaviour of phosphate, phosphite and hypophosphite anions in presence of soils and soil colloids

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Behaviour of photosynthates in plants in relation to nutrient uptake. 3. Effect of light and dark treatments on the metabolism of organic acids in rice leaves and roots

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Behaviour of photosynthates in plants in relation to nutrient uptake. 4. Effect of light and dark treatments on the organic acid metabolism of rice roots

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Behaviour of photosynthates in plants in relation to the nutrient uptake (Part 1). Effects of light and dark treatments on the distribution and translocation of 14C labelled photosynthates in red bean seedlings. Dynamic studies on the nutrient uptake by crop plants (Part 46)

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Behaviour of photosynthetic products associated with growth and grain production in the rice plant

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Behaviour of piglets in the suckling period. 1. When piglets take teats

Milosavljevic, S., 1968:
Behaviour of piglets in the suckling period. 2. Distribution and weight of piglets according to pair of teats, and behaviour of piglets that died within the suckling period

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Behaviour of pigs fed free choice

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Behaviour of pigs in relation to performance with different numbers of pigs in a sty

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Behaviour of pituitary growth hormone in primary obesity

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Behaviour of plant cells from various sources within the same organism

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Behaviour of plasma I after a load of iodinated triglyceride

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Behaviour of plasma sugars after oral administration of lactose

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Behaviour of polyphenol oxidase in the hypersensitivity reaction in N. Xanthi N.C. infected with Tobacco mosaic virus

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Behaviour of polyphosphates in processed cheese

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Behaviour of polyunsaturated fatty acids in experimental tumours in rats. Preliminary note

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Behaviour of potassium azide in the soil

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Behaviour of potatoes grown after different preceding crops in the forest steppe zone of Transylvania

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Behaviour of premature infants on different types of diet

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Behaviour of propazin in soil

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Behaviour of pyrazon in soil

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Behaviour of racehorses during the events of the IIIrd Pre-Olympic Week, Mexico, altitude 2,300 metres

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Behaviour of radioactive fission products in some soils of the serozem zone of Uzbekistan

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Behaviour of radioactive isotopes in the soil

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Behaviour of radioactively labelled trichlorphon applied to the back of cattle for warble-fly control

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Behaviour of renal clearances during the vasomotor effects of nicotinic acid

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Behaviour of round peeler cores of Cumala

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Behaviour of salty soils under irrigation In Puglia

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Behaviour of selections of Japanese mint in Gastelar, Buenos Aires province, and the distribution of selection 701

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Behaviour of serum Ca and P in infants fed on a new type of whole milk

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Behaviour of serum amino acids during parenteral feeding with Alvesin solutions of different composition

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Behaviour of serum lipid fractions and fatty acids in childhood: studies by gas chromatography

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Behaviour of serum protein in the socalled progeria-like syndrome and in chronic intermittent hypercalcaemia in rats

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Behaviour of serum proteins and lipoproteins during toxicological testing of fat emulsions in dwarf pigs

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Behaviour of sixteen grain sorghum hybrids (S. vulgare Pers.) in the Las Majaguas irrigation system

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Behaviour of sodium and potassium in the maternal and foetal serum, in the placenta and foetal fluids, in cattle

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Behaviour of soil organic nitrogen

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Behaviour of soil protozoa

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Behaviour of soils in terms of two kinds of effective stress

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Behaviour of soluble nucleic-acid constituents in non-hardened seedlings of wheat varieties of different winterhardiness

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Behaviour of some Maize varieties towards bacterial leaf blight (P. alboprecipitans)

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Behaviour of some Rose vars. to S. pannosa var. rosae

Gambogi Verona., 1969:
Behaviour of some S. spp. with respect to calcium cyanamide

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Behaviour of some Strawberry varieties towards attacks of the principal diseases

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Behaviour of some amino acids in gamma-irradiated soils

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Behaviour of some apricot varieties with regard to Monilia

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Behaviour of some foreign and Rumanian self-pollinated Maize lines towards artificial infection by Trichometasphaeria turcica

Sandru, I.; Suba, T., 1967:
Behaviour of some foreign and Rumanian self-pollinated maize lines towards artificial infection by H. turcicum

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Behaviour of some indicators of natural and acquired immunity in the rat on a diet rich in liver. 3. Behaviour of total bactericidal activity of the blood, bactericidal activity of alpha -lysins and resistance to experimental infection

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Behaviour of some maize (Z. mays) varieties in response to bacterial spot (Ps. alboprecipitans Rosen)

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Behaviour of some maize hybrids in Moldavia

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Behaviour of some of the commercial varieties of fruits and vegetable in storage, canning and processing

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Behaviour of some pear varieties grafted on quince grown on the espalier system

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Behaviour of some plum varieties recently introduced in the Bucharest area, compared with established varieties

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Behaviour of some polyploid sugar-beet cv. on a brown chernozem soil at Secueni-Roman

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Behaviour of some potato varieties grown for different periods of time under conditions of reduced ecological favourability at Iasi

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Behaviour of some tomato varieties grown in polyethylene greenhouses

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Behaviour of some values for gaseous metabolism as affected by time of day and food intakes

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Behaviour of some varieties of seedless grapes in the southern part of the country

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Behaviour of some varieties of soya bean under the conditions of our country

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Behaviour of some vine varieties for table grapes under the conditions of the Aiud-Ciumbrud vineyards

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Behaviour of some winter wheat varieties and grain maize double hybrids on different soils under irrigation conditions. (Annals, Series B, 1965.)

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Behaviour of sorbed herbicides in soil, and their availability to plants

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Behaviour of sour milk of different fat content during centrifugation

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Behaviour of the Na space and the exchangeable Na pool after treatment with an anabolising steroid at different ages: experimental studies

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Behaviour of the intestinal flora of broiler chicks after supplementation of their feed with Nitrovin

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Behaviour of thiamine in the intestinal wall of the rat during absorption in vivo

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Behaviour of timber-frame units in respect of the deformation of the connectors

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Behaviour of tomato varieties on the southern coast of the Gulf of Mexico

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Behaviour of yeast-like fungi of the genus C. in normal and immune macrophage cells in vitro

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Belgian agriculture in 1965

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Belgian agriculture in 1966

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Belgian agriculture in 1969

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Belgian agriculture in the EEC

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Belgian co-operative dairies

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Bell 204B external helitank evaluation

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Bellary leaf oil-oil from the leaves of Litsea zeylanica Nees

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Belle et Bonne-an interesting medium-early strawberry variety

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Belonolaimus lineatus n.sp. (Nematoda: Tylenchidae)

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Belorussian sovkhozy in the budget of local authorities

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Belt-sanding of Beech, Oak, Teak and Palisander

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Bench grafting in mango

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Bench grafting of apples in the winter

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Bench grafting of camellias and rhododendrons

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Beneficial effect of starvation before slaughter on the incidence of clostridia in the organs of healthy cows

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Beneficial effects of fish protein concentrate on the survival time of thyrotoxic rats

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Beneficial effects of milk yeast in the diet of adolescents in the tropics

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Beneficial growth regulating properties of 2-( beta -chloro- beta -cyanoethyl)-6-chloro-toluene

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Benefin: pre-emergence weed control in lucerne

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Benefit cost evaluation of technological change in agriculture

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Benefit/cost analysis of various degrees of crop protection

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Benefits and costs of investment for improving the structure of land in the north east fenland

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Benefits and costs of the Mansholt Plan

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Benefits from thinning Black Willow

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Benefits of rural industrialisation

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Benelux vegetable trials in 1965

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Bengal farmers can grow groundnut in irrigated summer fallow

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Bengal system of hydroponics

Anonymous, 1964:
Benguet Pine extractives

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Benign enzootic paresis (Talfan disease) in pigs

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Benign foot-rot--a specific interdigital dermatitis of sheep associated with infection by less proteolytic strains of Fusiformis nodosus

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Benign Hypochromic Anaemia In The Adult Male

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Bentonite aids virus transmission

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