Section 15
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Biochemical and nutritional studies of edible fats and oils in relation to protein utilisation. 9. Influence of feeding different fats and oils in raw and cooked condition with casein, skim milk powder, fish flour and whole wheat flour on PER and CER values and liver fat and nitrogen distribution

De, H.N.; Islam, A.; Khan, S.A.; Mullick, N.I.

Sci. Res., Pakistan. 6: 181


Accession: 014359701

For part 8 see Abst. 2686, Vol. 39. 9. The effect of 8% raw or heated fat on rat growth and on protein efficiency (PER) and calorie efficiency (CER) ratios of 4 protein sources was studied in 4-week experiments with weanling rats. At the end of each experiment the rats were killed and their livers were weighed and analysed for fat and N.

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