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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 14368

Chapter 14368 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tansey, A.W., 1967:
British import controls and world trade in butter

Anon., 1969:
British instruments directory 1969

Pinder, J., 1971:
British interests in an enlarged European Community

Neville Rolfe, E., 1968:
British membership of EEC: the main problems for British farmers

Bublot, G., 1968:
British membership of the Common Market, agricultural problems

Schm-., 1969:
British mink breeding

Wood, D.R.; Watson, W.A.; Hunter, D., 1965:
British Overseas Aid In Veterinary Science

Anonymous, 1970:
British pharmaceutical conference, 107th meeting

Forsyth, A.A., 1968:
British poisonous plants

Udo, R.K., 1967:
British policy and the development of export crops in Nigeria

Anonymous, 1969:
British rights for 'sawplanes'

Anonymous, 1968:
British sheep

Sturrock, F.G., 1970:
British sugar supplies: a rejoinder

Tasker, A., 1969:
British sugar supplies: an alternative view

Mette, H.J.; Matyas, C., 1967:
Brittle heart in Triplochiton scleroxylon

Skolmen, R.G.; Gerhards, C.C., 1964:
Brittleheart in Eucalyptus robusta grown in Hawaii

Macglllivray, A.W.; Graham, W.S., 1969:
Brix determination

Andersen, R.N.; Behrens, R., 1970:
Bro-moxynil for control of common cocklebur in soybeans

J.C.Devergne R.Cousin, 1966:
Broad Bean mosaic and seed patterning symptoms

Kvicala, B.A., 1965:
Broad Bean mosaic caused by Pea mosaic virus

Inouye, T.; Asatani, M., 1968:
Broad bean necrosis virus

Anonymous, 1967:
Broad beans

Hansen, M.S.; Andersen, P.E., 1972:
Broad beans as a feed for dairy cows

D.Vaus, N., 1969:
Broad beans for spring

Buishand, T.J., 1972:
Broad beans for the fresh market

Paponov, A.N.; E.A., 1964:
Broad beans, Vicia faba L., under the conditions of Moscow province

Freeman, R.S., 1964:
Broad fish tapeworm and trichineUa in wild red foxes in Finland

Dietrichson, J., 1967:
Broad sense heritability estimates of growth rhythm and height growth of Norway Spruce (Picea abies (L.) Karst) seedlings of southern Norwegian origin

Anonymous, 1970:
Broad-base maize synthetic for development of inbred lines

Gibbs, A.J.; Giussani Belli, G.; Smith, H.G., 1968:
Broad-bean stain and true broad-bean mosaic viruses

Detroux, L.; Martens, M., 1967:
Broad-leaved weed control properties of di-allate

Anonymous, 1968:
Broad-leaved weed infestations in cereals

Pittillo, R.F.; Hunt, D.E., 1967:
Broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity of a new triazenoimidazole

Anonymous, 1965:
Broadbalk Wilderness

Jensen, N.F., 1966:
Broadbase hybrid wheats

Gautier, J.L.; Jacquemet, H.; Vachette, C., 1967:
Broadcast application of lenacil incorporated before sowing sugar-beet crops in France in 1965 and 1966

Johnston, W.F., 1971:
Broadcast burning slash favors Black Spruce reproduction on organic soil in Minnestoa

Briggs, R.E.; Patterson, L.L., 1968:
Broadcast planted cotton-1967

Richardson, J., 1970:
Broadcast seeding Black Spruce on a burned cutover

Hall, D.O., 1967:
Broadcast seeding Ponderosa Pine on the Challenge Experimental Forest

Scott, J.D., 1966:
Broadcast seeding by air

Walker, M.E.; Brooks, O.L.; Moss, R.B.; E.A., 1968:
Broadcast versus drill application of fertilizer for cotton in the Coastal plain of Georgia

Trevett, M.F., 1970:
Broadcast vs. drill applications of nitrogen solutions in lowbush blue-berries

Trevett, M.F., 1969:
Broadcast vs. drill applications of nitrogen solutions in lowbush blueberries

Anonymous, 1971:
Broadcast-seeded flooded rice. Land preparation

Douglass, J., 1971:
Broadcasting to farmers

Smith, H.H., 1971:
Broadening the base of genetic variability in plants

Anonymous, 1971:
Broadening the special committee of the National Agricultural Extension Committee

Kerbes, E.L., 1968:
Broadleaf Maple in British Columbia

Flanagan, T.R.; Maccollom, G.B., 1965:
Broadleaf weed control in established trefoil

Fields, R.W., 1968:
Broadleaf weed control in grain sorghum with Banvel (dicamba)

Gossett, B.J.; Reinhardt, L.R.; Howard, F.J., 1966:
Broadleaf weed control in soybeans with 2,4-DB, Fenoran and Fenoran with a surfactant

Blngham, S.W.; Schmidt, R.E., 1965 :
Broadleaf weed control in turf

Duich, J.M.; Waddington, D.V.; Fleming, B.R., 1966:
Broadleaf weed control in turf

Trevett, M.F.; Murphy, H.J.; Gardner, W., 1965:
Broadleaf weed control in white potatoes with pre-planting and pre-emergence treatments

Norman, R.F., 1968:
Broadleaf weed problems in cereals

Fertig, S.N., 1968:
Broadleaf weed problems of the Northeast Weed Control Conference

Petrov, V.V., 1965:
Broadleaved forests and the soil conditions in which they grow in some districts of the Moscow region

Holubcik, M., 1969:
Broadleaved trees and shrubs in the Forest Research Institute Arboretum, Kysihybel, near Banska Stiavnica

Tompkins, Daniel, 1966:
Broccoli maturity and production as influenced by seed size

Tereshkovich, G., 1966:
Broccoli performance trials in the Georgia Piedmont

Bradley, G.A.; Smittle, D.; Vose, H.H., 1965:
Broccoli production practices

Fischer, B.; Hoyle, B.; May, D., 1971:
Broccoli weed control studies

Bailey, R.M.; Murphy, E.F., 1966:
Brock--a new apple variety

Anonymous, 1966:
Brock. Mutation plant breeding and radiation genetics

Gallego Berenguer, J.; Selva Vallespinosa, J.M.; Esteban Fernandez, J.D., 1965:
Brodenia jonchi n.sp. (Trematoda; Dicrocoeliidae), parasito pancreatico de Gorilla gorilla de la Guinea espanola

Anonymous, 1970:
Brogdale lists best blackcurrants

Sigeti, Ya., 1971:
Broiler breeding at the Hungarian Research Institute for the Breeding of Small Animals

Rafibekov, T.M., 1968:
Broiler breeding in Azerbaijan S.S.R

Galmez, J.; Santisteban, E.; Haardt, E.; Crempien, C.; Villalta, L., 1971:
Broiler chicken litter in feeds for fattening lambs

Siegel, H.S.; Drury, L.N., 1970:
Broiler growth in diurnally cycling temperature environments

Muftic, R.I.; Dzinic, M.; Bugarski, D., 1969:
Broiler litter as basic component of rations in the fattening and prefattening of young Black Pied cattle. 4

Muftic, R.; Dzinic, M.; Bugarski, D., 1970:
Broiler litter as basic ingredient of rations for fattening young cattle. 5

Kuzmicky, D.D.; Kohler, G.O.; Livingston, A.L.; Knowles, R.E.; Nelson, J.W., 1969:
Broiler pigmentation potency of neoxanthin and violaxanthin relative to lutein

Marais, C.L., 1967:
Broiler potential of fowl, duck, turkey and guinea-fowl

Grunberg, R.; Speianu, I.; Edu, T., 1968:
Broiler production based on New Hampshire hens

Calotoiu, E.; Marandici, A., 1966:
Broiler production by commercial crossing of Cornish cocks with Plymouth Bock hens

Noles, R.K.; Dendy, M.Y., 1968:
Broiler production in Georgia: grower's costs and returns

Van Den Broek A.P., 1970:
Broiler production in Tamale, Ghana

Powers, R.B.; Noles, R.K.; Fortson, J.C., 1967:
Broiler production: a study of the growing operation

Saakjan, S.G., 1964:
Broilers in Armenia

Welch, S.W.; Metcalfe, P.F.; Wesley, R., 1971:
Broilers in cages

Calotoiu, E.; Marandici, A., 1966:
Broilers obtained by practical crossing of Cornish and Barred Plymouth poultry

Zanelli, C., 1967:
Broilers on vegetable litter

Witt, H.G., 1971:
Broilers, dairy cattle, fed beef cattle, layers and swine: differences between actual production and production within an optimum economical utilization of feed in 11 regions of the U.S. in 1965

Terrell, R.N.; Suess, G.G.; Cassens, R.G.; Bray, R.W., 1968:
Broiling, sex and interrelationships with carcass and growth characteristics and their effect on the neutral and phospholipid fatty acids of the bovine longissimus dorsi

Ohler, J.G., 1969:
Broken leaf, a new Coconut disease in the Caribbean area

Ohler, J.G., 1968:
Broken leaf, a new Coconut disease in the Caribbean area?

Rademacher, R.; Jiruska, F., 1967:
Brom-thymol-peroxide test for mastitis

Schmidt-Hebbel, H.; Pennacchiotti, I.; Masson, L.; Vinagre, J.; Mella, M.A., 1965:
Broma-tological study of meat soup cubes

Rogers, A.G., 1967:
Bromacil effective for control of willow and cottonwood in drainage ditches

Axelrod, Y.; Israely, I., 1968:
Bromacil for weed control in citrus groves

Pancholy, S.K.; Lynd, J.Q., 1969:
Bromacil interactions in plant bioassay, fungi cultures, and nitrification

Anonymous, 1969:
Bromacil success against blackthorn

Cohen, G.; Nir, A., 1965:
Bromacil trials for control of perennial grasses

Richardson, F.E., 1965:
Bromacil: a herbicide suitable for sisal nurseries

Van Run, P.J., 1967:
Bromacil: an effective non-selective herbicide for controlling nutsedge in the Ord River Valley, W.A. J

Febrel, J.; Carballido, A., 1965:
Bromatological study of canary seed

Valdehita, M.T.; Carballido, A.; Gamboa, M.S., 1971:
Bromatological study of prepared baby foods

Carballido, A.; Padron, C., 1968:
Bromatological study of prepared soups

Carballido, A.; Galvez Pazos, L.M., 1968:
Bromatological study of processed cheeses

Mashtakov, F.M., 1967:
Brome grass from East Kazakhstan

Mashtakov, F., 1968:
Brome grass, cv. Vostochno-Kazakhstanskii

Milicic, D.; Proll, E.; Richter, J.; Juretic, N., 1966:
Brome mosaic virus in Yugoslavia

Laughlin, Winston M., 1964:
Bromegrass response to fall and spring applications of three rates of phosphorus and potassium in Alaska

Doberenz, A.R.; Kurnick, A.A.; Hulett, B.J.; Reid, B.L., 1965:
Bromide and fluoride toxicities in the chick

Hayward, J.T.; Billingsley, C.H., 1970:
Bromide content of hay bales fumigated with methyl bromide

Kretzschmann, F.; Engst, R., 1969:
Bromide determination in biological material of animal origin

Getzendaner, M.E.; Doty, A.E.; Mclaughlin, E.L.; Lindgren, D.L., 1968:
Bromide residues from methyl bromide fumigation of food commodities

Getzendaner, M.E., 1966:
Bromide residues from methyl bromide fumigations of cocoa beans, and processed fractions from fumigated beans

Getzendaner, M.E.; Richardson, H.H., 1966:
Bromide residues from methyl bromide fumigations of fruits and vegetables subjected to quarantine schedules

Cassady, G., 1970:
Bromide space studies in infants of low birth weight

Evans, W.F.; Koerwer, J.F., 1969:
Brominal for seedling turfgrass

Nair, N.G.; Milham, P.J., 1970:
Brominated chemicals in mushroom cultivation

Murko, D., 1969:
Bromination of wood as a means of fireproofing

Alumot, E.; Calderon, M.; Bondl, A., 1965:
Bromine residues in fresh and dried fruits fumigated with ethylene dibromide

Alumot, E.; Calderon, M.; Genige, C., 1965:
Bromine residues in oil seeds and oil meals after fumigation with ethylene dibromide

Green, D.H.; Ebner, L.; Marks, T.G., 1969:
Bromofenoxim, a new herbicide for the control of broad-leaved weeds in cereals

Asher, W.C., 1969:
Bromolysergic acid diethytamidc in physiological studies of Lepidopterous larvae

Harrison, I.R., 1965:
Bromophos (S 1942) for the control of sheep blowfiy (Lucilia sericata) in England

Bransby-Williams, W.R., 1967:
Bromophos and bromophos ethyl as larvicides against Culex pipiens fatigans in clear and polluted water

Eichler, D., 1972:
Bromophos and bromophos-ethyl residues

Sander, H., 1969:
Bromophos for controlling the poultry mite, Dermanyssus gallinae

Immel, R.; Geisthardt, G., 1964:
Bromophos, a new insecticide with low toxicity

Fiedler, O.G.H.; Van Vuuren, P.J.J., 1966:
Bromophosethyl, a new compound for the control of ticks on livestock

Rademacher, R.; Jiruska, F., 1967:
Bromothymol-peroxide test (BTP) for mastitis

Folland, B.C.; Terry, H.J.; Wilson, C.W., 1966:
Bromoxynil and ioxynil esters as selective herbicides in cereals in the United Kingdom

Sallee W.R.; Whitendale L., 1970:
Bromoxynil for broadleaf weed control in seedling alfalfa

Peters, R.A., 1966:
Bromoxynil for weed control in alfalfa

Wiese, A.F.; Chenault, E.W., 1969:
Bromoxynil for weed control in sorghum

Mitich, L., 1968:
Bromoxynil rids wheat and barley of wild buckwheat

Friesen, H.A., 1966:
Bromoxynil, chlorflurazole and morfamquat on four varieties of barley

Peters, E.J., 1968:
Bromoxynil, chloroxynil and phenoxy compounds for control of weeds in legume seedlings

Miles, K.B.; Blease, J.W., 1969:
Bromoxynil/ MCPA for weed control in linseed

Hunt, S.E.; Mccosker, P.J., 1968:
Bromsulphthalein fractional clearance in beef cattle suffering from yellow-wood (Terminalia oblongata) poisoning

Hunt, S.E.; McCosker, P.J., 1967 :
Bromsulphthalein fractional clearance in normal beef cattle

Clarkson, M.J.; Richards, T.G., 1967:
Bromsulphthalein liver clearance in the bird II. Transfer rates in normal turkeys

Dudka, V.I., 1968:
Bromua in ermis as a component of lucerne in grass mixtures

Sholz, H., 1972:
Bromus brachystachys Hornung and Br. pseudobrachystachys H. Sholz spec. nov

Seymour, F.C., 1966:
Bromus mollis and allies in New England

Fragner, P.; Vitovec, J.; Vladik, P.; Tesarik, L., 1970:
Broncbopuhnonary aspergillosis in lamb

Quitzow, H., 1970:
Bronchi of the lungs of the fowl

Sedlmeier, H.; Schiefer, B., 1968:
Bronchi, lungs and pleura

Schiefer, B., 1968:
Bronchial asthma in dogs

Dieudonne, P., 1969:
Bronchial carcinoid tumour masked by aspergillosis

Zapata-Ortiz, V.; Castro de la Mata, R.; Fernández, E.; Geu, A.; Batalla, L., 1967:
Bronchial circulation in high altitudes

Ghamande, A.R.; Landis, F.B.; Snider, G.L., 1971:
Bronchial geotrichosis with fungemia complicating bronchogenic carcinoma

Simao, C.; Moraes, C.R.D., 1971:
Bronchial involvement in S. American blastomycosis. Bronchographic study

Booth, B.H.; Talbot, C.H.; Patterson, R., 1971:
Bronchial secretions in dogs with IgE mediated respiratory responses

Sawasaki, H.; Horie, K.; Yamada, M.; Tajima, G.; Katsura, S.; Naito, Y.; Watabe, S.; Murabayashi, A.; Kukidome, S.; Jo, K., 1969:
Bronchial stump aspergillosis. Experimental and clinical study

Nanda, B.S.; Malik, M.R., 1968:
Bronchial tree in buffalo

Rosen, P.; Adelson, H.T.; Burleigh, E., 1969:
Bronchiectasis complicated by the presence of Monosporium apiospermum and Aspergillus fumigatus

Spencer, M.C., 1964:
Bronchitis and nematode infestation

Parker, W.H., 1967:
Bronchitis in calves

Negroni, R., 1970:
Broncho pulmonary mycoses in the Argentine Republic

Wilkens, H.J.; Back, N., 1971:
Bronchoconstriction and apnea in canine anaphylaxis: possible role of histamine and plasma kinins

Subramaniam, T.; D'souza, B.A.; Victor, D.A., 1967:
Broncho-pneumonia in baby pigs due to Metastrongylus apri

Sandhu, D.K.; Sharma, V.N.; Sandhu, R.S.; Damodaran, V.N.; Randhawa, H.S., 1966:
Broncho-pulmonary aspergilloma

Dutt, A.K.; Krishnan, M.; Lim, E.J., 1969:
Broncho-pulmonary cryptococcosis

Cambar, P.J.; Aviado, D.M., 1970:
Bronchopulmonary effects of paraquat and expectorants

Romero Rodriguez, J., 1970:
Broncho-pulmonary metastrongylosis of Spanish livestock

Adamesteanu, C.; Rusu, M.; Baba, I., 1967:
Bronchopneumonia in calves and vitamin A deficiency

Irani, F.A.; Dolovich, J.; Newhouse, M.T., 1971:
Bronchopulmonary and pleural aspergillosis

Hennebert, A., 1969:
Bronchopulmonary aspergillomas. Comparison of clinical, radiological and immunological data

Molina, C.; Cheminat, J.C.; Brun, J.; Condat, P., 1970:
Bronchopulmonary aspergillosis or Hinson's disease

Chakravarty, S.C., 1967:
Bronchopulmonary candidiasis: clinical aspect

Ross, J.D.; Reid, K.D.; Speirs, C.F., 1966 :
Bronchopulmonary geotrichosis with severe asthma

Dolan, C.T.; Weed, L.A.; Dines, D.E., 1970:
Bronchopulmonary helminthosporiosis

Finley, T.N.; Swenson, E.W.; Curran, W.S.; Huber, G.L.; Ladman, A.J., 1967:
Bronchopulmonary lavage in normal subjects and patients with obstructive lung disease

Turiaf, J.; Battesti, J.P.; Minor, N., 1970:
Bronchopulmonary manifestations of aspergillosis in the asthmatic patient

Londero, A.T., 1968:
Bronchopulmonary mycoses in Brazil. Critical review

Pollak, L.; Angulo Ortega, A., 1967:
Bronchopulmonary mycoses in Venezuela

Testi, F.; Horning, B.; Pilleri, G., 1971:
Bronchopulmonary verminosis due to nematodes in a Phoca vitulina

O'Brien, J.A., 1970:
Bronchoscopy in the dog and cat

Myhrman, D.; Sondell, J., 1972:
Bronemo branch trimmer

Bhalla, S.C.; Craig, G.B., 1967:
Bronze, a female-sterile mutant of Aedes aegypti

Sahu, B.N., 1968:
Bronzing disease of rice in Orissa as influenced by soil types and manuring and its control

Reddy, C.R.; Reddy, M.R.; Suvarnakumari, G.; Sita Devi, C., 1969:
Brood capsules from hydatid cysts of animals in South India

Purrington, F.F.; Uleman, J.S., 1972:
Brood size of the parasitic wasp Hyssopus thymus (Hymenoptera : Eulophidae): functional correlation with the mass of a cryptic host

Aho, W.A.; Wilson, W.O.; Siopes, T.D., 1969:
Brooding temperatures for Coturnix

Anonymous, 1967:
Brook Lodge Workshop on spontaneous diabetes in laboratory animals, Augusta, Mich., October 1966

Anonymous, 1965:
Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 1961-62, 1962-63, 1963-64

Matlock, R.S.; Oswalt, R.M., 1964:
Brooks guar

Anonymous, 1964:
Brooks guar is ready for southwest farmers

Finzi, A.; Cenni, B.; Iannella, G.G.; Fedeli Avanzi, C., 1970:
Broom corn (Sorghum vugare var.technicum) to replace maize in feed mixtures for broilers

Anonymous, 1964:
Broom rape

Riva, E., 1966:

Chalukov, K.; Shabanov, D., 1970:
Broom-rape control and the possibilities provided by an introduced insect

Kabulov, D.; Mukumov, H., 1967:
Broom-rape resistance of cucurbits in Uzbekistan

Weibel, D.E., 1970:

Anonymous, 1966:
Broomrape not perennial in the Cootamundra District

Kabulov, D., 1969:
Broomrape on musk melons

Thurman, C.W., 1969:
Broomsedge (Andropogon virginicus L.) as influenced by differential preparations, defoliation and fertilization practices

Schreck, C.E.; James, J., 1968:
Broth cultures of bacteria that attract female mosquitoes

Salcedo, J.; Jr., 1965:
Brotherhood through science and mutual co-operation

White, L.P., 1970:
Brousse tigree patterns in southern Niger

Sykes, W.R., 1969:
Broussonetia papyrifera. An unusual case of sex reversion

Sykes, W.R., 1969:
Broussonetia papyrifera. An unusual case of sex revision

Lucifero, M., 1964:
Brown Alpine breed in Sardinia and its major statistical data

Kromin, V.S., 1964:
Brown Leghorns

Lamouroux, M.; Aubert, G., 1967:
Brown Mediterranean soils on calcareous substratum in the Lebanon

Anonymous, 1971:
Brown Mountain cattle in Spain

Chapman, H.D.; Clyburn, T.M.; Mccormick, W.C., 1971:
Brown Swiss crosses compared with beef crosses for beef production

Aherne, W.; Hull, D., 1966:
Brown adipose tissue and heat production in the newborn infant

Chalyshev, V.I., 1971:
Brown and red variegated fossil soils of the semi-arid climate of the Ufim epoch of the Permian period

Teryaev, S.A., 1971:
Brown and yellow leaf spots of Lucerne under conditions of the central zone of the Stavropol' region

Ramakrishnan, T.S.; Pillay, P.N.R., 1964:
Brown bast

Anon., 1965:
Brown bast of rubber and its control

Hocking, D., 1966:
Brown blight (Colletotrichum coffeanum Noack.) of Arabica Coffee in East Africa

Rieuf, P., 1968 :
Brown blotch disease of Date Palm

Rieuf, P., 1968:
Brown blotch of date palm

Bauman, M.B.; DiMase, J.D.; Oski, F.; Senior, J.R., 1968:
Brown bowel and skeletal myopathy associated with vitamin E depletion in pancreatic insufficiency

Pavicevic, N.; Tancic, N., 1970:
Brown forest soils and composition of their humus in the Lim watershed

Jovan, S., 1964:
Brown forest soils in the Resen-Krushevo-Kicbevo triangle

Nemechek, Ya., 1964:
Brown forest soils of Czechoslovakia

Firsova, V.P.; Rzannikova, G.K., 1968:
Brown forest soils on granites in the Central Urals

Kagiwata, T., 1967:
Brown heart rot of the Cucumber caused by Myco-sphaerella melonis (Pass.) Chiu et Walker, and its control

Deighton, F.C., 1971:
Brown leaf mould of Canavalia caused by Stenella canavaliae (H. &P. Syd.) comb, nov

Alfieri, S.A.J.; Seymour, C.P.; Sobers, E.K., 1970:
Brown leaf necrosis of Mahonia bealei caused by Cylindrocladium ellipticum species nova

Marlatt, Robert B., 1966:
Brown leaf spot of Dieffenbachia

Tominaga, T., 1965:
Brown leaf spot of Rhapis flabelliformis L'Her. caused by Cercospora rhapisicola sp.nov

Morrison, E.G., 1970:
Brown loam area research results

Valeton, I., 1969:
Brown loam-vertisol-catena of the Wochecha region, west of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Anonymous, 1965:
Brown marrow-fat peas and maple peas, 1965

Stoller, B.B., 1968:
Brown mould, Plicaria fulva, a disease fungus growing in mushroom beds

Thompson, L., 1966:
Brown mud-A substitute for limestone

Anonymous, 1967:
Brown olive scale (Saissetia oleae)

Benada, J., 1969:
Brown patches on leaves of Barley in the relationship to powdery mildew

Andersen, R.A.; Vaughn, T.H.; Lowe, R.H., 1970:
Brown pigment in tobacco leaf during air-curing

Merat, P., 1968:
Brown pigmentation in cockerels and weight increase

Ter Meulen, U.; Molnar, S.; Lenkeit, W., 1969:
Brown pigmentation of the kidney fat in new-born calves

Ceretto, F.; Penna, R.; Astaldi, G., 1964:
Brown pigmentation of the lymph nodes in normal slaughter cattle

Kaburaki, Y., E.Al., 1964:
Brown pigments of tobacco leaves

Ball, D.F., 1966:
Brown podzolic soils and their status in Britain

Opris, M.; Stoica, E., 1971:
Brown podzols and humus iron podzols in the Maramures Mountains

Novak, J.B., 1965:
Brown ring spot, a new virus disease of apples in Czechoslovakia

Anon., 1967:
Brown root disease

Ramakrishnan, T.S.; Radhakrishnan Pillay, P.N., 1964:
Brown root disease in nurseries

Taylor, J.B.; Cole, J.S.; Newhook, F.J.; Canter-Visscher, W., 1971:
Brown root rot of Tobacco caused by Pyrenochaeta lycopersici

Davet, P., 1970:
Brown root rot of Tomato in Lebanon

Lemeni, V., 1970:
Brown root rot of glasshouse Tomato and its control

Anonymous, 1970:
Brown rot (Sclerotinia fructicola)

Anonymous, 1965:
Brown rot and blossom wilt of Apples

Wicks, T.; Dry, P.R., 1971:
Brown rot control in stone fruits

Kovalev, N.V., 1964:
Brown rot of apples

Kavanagh, J.A.; Glynn, A.N., 1966:
Brown rot of apples caused by Nectria galligena Pres

Jenkins, P.T., 1965:
Brown rot of cherries

Anonymous, 1971:
Brown rot of peach fruit

Heyns, A.J., 1967:
Brown rot of peaches

Kable, P.F., 1969:
Brown rot of stone fruits on the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Areas. I. Aetiology of the disease in canning Peaches

Kable, P.F., 1969:
Brown rot of stone fruits on the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Areas. II. Aetiology of the disease in Trevatt Apricot trees

Jennings, J.P., 1969:
Brown rot-a threat to Peaches

Massenot, M., 1971:
Brown rust of Barley (P. hordei ) in the North of France

Massenot, M., 1971:
Brown rust of barley (Puccinia hordei Otth.) in the north of France in 1970

Vogt, H., 1967:
Brown seaweed meal (Macrocystis pyrifera) in feed for fattening poultry

Canova, P., 1968:
Brown slime flux on some Poplar clones

Reinking, Rex B., 1964:
Brown soft scale control with oil

Kurmangaliev, A.B., 1968:
Brown soils of the piedmont plains in the Western Tien Shan

Reynders, J.J., 1967:
Brown soils of the semi-desert region in Syria

Main, C.E.; Chaplin, J.F., 1971:
Brown spot damage and flue-cured Tobacco quality. I. Yellowing time and temperature effects on brown spot infected Tobacco during flue-curing

Main, C.E.; Chaplin, J.F., 1971:
Brown spot damage and flue-cured Tobacco quality. II. Alterations within the cured-leaf lesion

Pegg, K.G., 1968:
Brown spot disease of French Bean caused by Pleiochaeta setosa

Kaiser, W.J.; Lukezic, F.L., 1965:
Brown spot disease of banana fruit caused by Cercospora hayi

Barsukova, O.N., 1965 :
Brown spot infection of Pear varieties and species under W. Cis-Caucasian conditions

Barsukova, O.N., 1965:
Brown spot infection of Pear varieties and species under Western Cis-Caucasian conditions

Laut, J.G.; Sutton, B.C.; Lawrence, J.J., 1966:
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Brush crusher

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Bryobia mites

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Bucany poly-a new variety of sugar beet

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Bucharest Early Muscat-a promising new variety

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Bud drop of orchids

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Bud grafting of Douglas Fir

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Bud-cut carnations . . . nip shipping costs

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Bud-eating by bullfinches in relation to the natural food-supply

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Bud-graft incompatibility of Rosa multiflora seedling understock

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Bud-union crease of calamondin-a non-infectious disorder

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Buda dwarf bean for the canning industry

Mandy, G., 1968:
Budai Piaci dwarf bean

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Budbreak on saltcedar treated with U-29 449 and 66-329

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Budders and budding results in the production of bush roses

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Budding Douglas Fir

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Budding in Emmonsia crescens

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Budding of Larches at high position

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Budding of Teak

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Budding of ber Zizyphus jujuba for top working can be done throughout the year

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Budding of proteas

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Budding sea buckthorn

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Budding walnuts in south Kirgizja

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Budding with inverted buds in the non-chernozem region

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Budget and management of an orchard

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Budget and programming

Anonymous, 1967:
Budget management applied to the dairy industry

Anonymous, 1969:
Budgetary charges in agriculture

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Budgetary control as an aid to farm management

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Budgetary control in forestry

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Budgetary control in milk production

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Budgetary control today and tomorrow

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Budgeted costs of producing grade A milk

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Budgeting and budgetary control

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Budgeting and programming in economic research

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Budgeting farm forest resources and enterprises of Michigan farms

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Budgeting farm-and-forest operating units for increased net income: Ames plantation cases

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Budgeting further development on intensive sheep-farms in Southland

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Budgeting in practice

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Budgeting on the merits of a shorter immature period

Barlow, C.; Sooi, N.C., 1966:
Budgeting on the merits of a shorter replanting period

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Budgeting, gross margies and programming for farm planning

Rickards, P.A.; Mcconnell, D.J., 1968:
Budgeting, gross margins and programming for farm planning

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Budgeting: the use of weighted average yields and risk assessment

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Budgets and related data for selected crop and livestock enterprises in the Piedmont area of South Carolina

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Budgets for planned irrigation on a typical Richmond Valley dairy farm

Anonymous, 1964:
Budgets for the organization of dairy farms of different sizes situated on heavy clay

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Buds on the roots of Hieracium floventinum (hawkweed)

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Buff Brahma, an autosexing breed of chicken

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Buff and albino Japanese quail. Description, inheritance, and fitness traits

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Buffalo - a key animal for milk and meat

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Buffalo milk, a valuable food product

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Buffalo milk. 4. Carbohydrate composition of casein

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Buffalo sperm motility stored at 5 degrees C in tris-buffered extenders

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Buffalo sperm survival in glycine-yolk extenders

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Buffaloes' milk and cheese

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Buffaloes' milk in Sicily. I. Fatty acids and beta -carotene

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Buffaloes' milk-a valuable food

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Buffaloes' milk. III. Fatty acid composition of the fat

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Buffaloes' milk. IV. Glucide composition of the casein

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Buffaloes' milk. V. Variation in fatty acid composition during lactation

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Buffalopox virus

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Buffel grass (Cenchrus ciliaris) in Australia

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Buffer and pH effects on the dye-binding capacity of milk proteins. (Abstr. pap. read at ann. meeting Amer. Dairy Sci. Ass., June 1964)

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Buffer capacity of healthy and fume-damaged Spruce needles

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Buffer capacity of soil phosphates

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Buffer curves and acid strength of humic acid and two resins

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Buffer stocks and producers' incomes

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Buffer stocks of foodgrains in India: the economics of their operation and potential size

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Buffer stocks of wood in logging operations

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Buffer strips

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Buffer value of goat milk

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Buffering capacity of food in relation to stimulation of gastric secretion

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Buffering capacity of sandy clay soil against ambient subfreezing temperatures in cold chambers

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Buffering capacity of soil on uptake of phosphorus by plants

Anonymous, 1965:
Bugle call for Latin

Sorum, O.; Taksdal, G., 1970:
Bugs as a cause of malformed fruits on strawberries

Miller, D.E.; Ziemba, J.V., 1966:
Build 'dairy' foods to order

Anonymous, 1967:
Build sales with six-quart plastic

Parker, F.D., 1970:
Build up the enemy-then knock him down

Russell, J.H., 1966:
Build your own herbicide sprayer

Last, F.T.; Ebben, M Arion H.; Hoare, R.C.; Turner, E.A.; Carter, A.R., 1969:
Build-up of Tomato brown root rot caused by Pyrenochaeta lyco-persici Schneider and Gerlach

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Build-up of free fatty acid in Northern Nigerian groundnuts

Anonymous, 1969:
Build-up of twitch

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Building a better moth trap

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Building a glasshouse. Choice-a study of the factors involved

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Building a test patch and a stretch of lorry road with an earth surface stabilized with belite-slurry cement plus sodium silicate

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Building activities on private (peasant) farms in 1959/60

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Building and machines in

Goodall, D.W., 1972:
Building and testing ecosystem models

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Building boards and fire

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Building boards from barks

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Building boards made of wood particles and foamed plastics

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Building co-operative movements in developing countries: the sociological and psychological aspects. (Praeger Spec. Stud. Int. Econ. Dev.)

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Building co-operatives in the mountain areas of Switzerland; an example of genuine self-help in farming. (Schweiz. Arb-Gemeinschaft Bergbauern No. 82.)

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Building cost index and building activities in Swedish agriculture during 1963 and 1964

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Building cost index for farm buildings. The price trend 1964

Gjerde, I., 1966:
Building cost index for farm buildings. The price trend 1965

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Building costs of modern Finnish dairies

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Building decay associated with rain seepage

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Building fire lines-how fast do crews work?

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Building firelines with liquid explosive: some preliminary results

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Building for food storage and direct feeding of cattle (in the UK

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Building for the large herd on the continent

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Building in timber

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Building institutions to serve agriculture

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Building law problems included in structural changes in the outfield area and in giving up farms (W. Germany)

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Building livestock housing and factors determining its profitability

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Building market institutions for development: the case of fertilizer in India

Anonymous, 1972:
Building materials in the dairy industry

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Building regulations and the use of wood in building. The influence of legal enactments, German Standards and the discretion of authorities-proposals for reforms

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Building spur roads for timber transpost-the main link in logging production

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Building structure and remedial treatment surveys

Anonymous, 1967:
Building structure-timber. Information sheets 1481 & 1483-1487

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Building timber-transport roads and railways, and other structures

Anonymous, 1971:
Building ujamaa villages in Tanzania

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Building up agricultural investment to take account of developments in co-operation and integration (in Czechoslovakia)

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Building up of organic matter status of the soil and its relation to the soil physical properties

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Building up of rust resistance in Emmer Wheat (Triticum dicoccum)

Srinivasan, V.K.; Narasimha Murthy, B., 1965:
Building up of rust resistance in emmer wheat Triticnm dicoccum

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Building up of soil structure by phosphate fertilization of a legume in a crop rotation. 1. Development of structure at different stages of growth of the legume and Its relation to soil water retention characteristics

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Building up of soil structure by phosphate fertilization of legume in a crop rotation. III. Evaluation and expression of soil structure by various methods

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Building up stable, high-yield farm lands

Mihajlov, S., 1965:
Building up the material and technical base of socialist agriculture in the district of Plovdiv

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Building with wood

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Buildings And Accommodation For Farm Animals Used As Laboratory Animals

Anonymous, 1964:
Buildings for milk production

Henriksson, R., 1968:
Buildings in a changing agriculture

Johnson, V.J., 1968:
Buildup index as an expression of moisture content in duff

Wilson, M.C.; Huber, R.T.; Gerhold, J.F.; Hiotz, T.R., 1969:
Buildup of the alfalfa weevil parasite Bathyplectes curculionis in Indiana

Anonymous, 1964:
Built-in resistance to boll weevils?

Anonymous, 1965:
Built-in sharpening system for chain saws

Mosnyj, N.T., 1964:
Bukovina 3 in Sumy province

Anonymous, 1964:
Bulb and corm production

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Bulb and stem eelworm in alliaceous crops in the west of France

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Bulb dips for the control of tulip botrytis blight or fire

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Bulb forcing costs need thorough examination

Anon., 1965:
Bulb growing and organic manures

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Bulb growing in Scotland

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Bulb histogenesis in Hordeum bulbosum L

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Bulb onions

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Bulb rot of Lilies caused by S. wakkeri (black leg)

Van Kesteren, H.A., 1966:
Bulb rot of lilies caused by Sclerotium wakkeri (black leg)

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Bulb scale mite

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Bulbils in Pennisetum polystachyon

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Bulbous fennel, Foeniculum vulgare var. acoricum. Possibilities of cultivation in Europea breeding problem

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Bulbs for Small Gardens

Anonymous, 1969:
Bulbs forcing experiments at Kirton. (2)

Popov, I., 1965:

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Bulgaria's agricultural economy in brief

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Bulgarian and Polish F1 tomato hybrids in field cultivation

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Bulgarian bibliography on virus diseases of plants 1902-1964

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Bulgarian essential oils

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Bulgarian field crops

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Bulgarian fruit and vegetables

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Bulgarian report

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Bulgarian sour milk (yoghurt) and methods of its manufacture

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Bulgarian sour milk production employing fermentation in bulk

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Bulgarski Rubin, a new raspberry variety

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Bulk assembly in the outer limits of the Philadelphia milkshed

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Bulk butter package

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Bulk chemical changes and rate of chemical weathering In central New Hampshire

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Bulk coUection of refrigerated farm, milk in the region of Bas-Bugey and Valromey

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Bulk collection of milk

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Bulk collection of milk

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Bulk collection of milk by the Central Dairy, Rome

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Bulk collection of milk. Report of a seminar held in Kiel (Fed. Germany)-June 1964

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Bulk density and hardness of the hillocky sands of the Middle Don

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Bulk density determination of soil clods using rubber solution as a coating material

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Bulk density of chopped alfalfa hay

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Bulk density of muck and mursh soils in the peat bogs of the Masurian lakeland

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Bulk density of soil and yield of sugar beet

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Bulk density, aggregate stability, and organic matter content as influenced by two wheatland soil management practices

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Bulk development and changes in chemical composition and digestibility of fresh lucerne

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Bulk handling and storage of apples

Sullivan G.H.; Uyeshiro R.Y., 1970:
Bulk handling can speed tomato mechanization

Anonymous, 1969:
Bulk handling of apples and pears

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Bulk handling of grapes saves time, labor, money

Hale, S.L., 1967:
Bulk handling of raw cocoa

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Bulk isolation of L-allohydroxyproline from

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Bulk milk collection and butter quality. (The Halmstad-Vallberga investigation in 1961-1962)

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Bulk milk collection and cheese quality. (The Halmstad-Vallberga investigation in 1961-1962)

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Bulk milk collection and milk quality

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Bulk milk collection in Israel

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Bulk milk collection in manufacturing districts-An economic proposition?

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Bulk milk collection: bacteriological quality of milk on arrival at creameries in road tankers

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Bulk milk coolers

Keating, D.C., 1970:
Bulk milk cooling costs in North Qld

Keating, D.C., 1970:
Bulk milk cooling costs in North Queensland

Anonymous, 1964:
Bulk milk handling survey

Anonymous, 1968:
Bulk milk handling. Cross-Canada survey

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Bulk purchase prices and the optimum relationships of farm production (in the USSR)

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Bulk staining of ovules and ovaries to note the percentage of well-organized embryo sacs in sterile and semi-sterile plants utilized for breeding purpose

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Bulk starter preparation in New Zealand cheese factories

Driver, C.M., 1967:
Bulk storage aggravates problem of skin spot in Potatoes

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Bulk storage of free sesquiterpene carboxylic acids in roots of Vetiver platinoides Stapf

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Bulk storage of raw materials for the confectionery industry

Anonymous, 1968:
Bulk tank use is up by three per cent

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Bulk volume and hydraulic conductivity changes during sodium saturation tests

Cogburn, R.R.; Tilton, E.W.; Brower, J.H., 1972:
Bulk-grain gamma irradiation for control of insects infesting wheat

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Bulking of dairy waste activated sludge

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Bull evaluation from the point of view of its practical application

Zuchtungskunde., 1964:
Bull evaluation in the German Federal Republic

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Bull evaluation on part lactations of daughters

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Bull fertility as affected by an interaction between motile spermatozoa concentration and fertility level in artificial insemination

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Bull fighting in Thailand

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Bull progeny testing on progeny testing and breeding stations in Czechoslovakia

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Bull selection criteria as indicated by sale price

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Bull semen, pelleted and deep frozen

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Bull testicular and epididymal functions after long-term vasectomy

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Bull testing in Bavaria

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Bull versus steer on a moderate plane of nutrition in a group-feeding trial

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Bull's dam selection at German Black Pied cattle breeding farms, n. Factors of selection for 1st-lacta-tion milk fat yield

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Bull's dam selection at German Black Pied cattle breeding farms. I. Effect of non-hereditary factors on 1st-lactation performance and its elimination by correction

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Bull's dam selection at German Black Pied cattle breeding farms. III. Genetic gains

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Bullaenema, a new genus of the Belondirinae

Anonymous, 1964:
Bulletin 1964

Anonymous, 1970:
Bulletin Nagoya University Forests

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Bulletin d'Information

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Bulletin of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering of the University of Agricultural Sciences, 1963

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Bulletin of the I.V. Micurin's Central Genetic Laboratory

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Bullfinch trapping in Suffolk

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Bullfinches and fruit buds

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Bulls (other than Friesian) with contemporary comparisons, 11th volume 1966

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Bulls (other than Friesian) with contemporary comparisons. 13th volume 1968

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Bulls (other than Friesian) with contemporary comparisons. 14th volume 1969

Anonymous, 1970:
Bulls (other than Friesian) with contemporary comparisons. 15th volume 1970

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Bulls (other than Friesian) with contemporary comparisons. 9th volume 1964

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Bulrush millet (Pennis-etum typhoides)- an important traditional grain

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Bulrush millet (Pennisetum typhoides (Burm.) S. and H.) at Katherine, N.T.: a review

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Bulrush millet (pearl millet) Pennisetum typhoides in Uganda and East Africa

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Bumble bee species on birdsfoot-trefoil and on some other forage legumes

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Bumble bees and honey bees as pollinators in diploid red clover

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Bumblebees visiting vetches (Vicia L.) and other pod-bearing plants

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Bumper crops for Pakistan

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Bunamidine hydrochloride : its effect in vitro on the tegument of Taenia hydatigena

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Bunamidine hydrochloride. Its efficiency against Echinococcus granulosus

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Bunamidine hydroxy-naphthoate: activity against Moniezia expansa in sheep

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Bunas: a new approach to agricultural extension in Indonesia

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Bunch covers, leaf number and yield of bananas

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Bunch grapes for profit or pleasure

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Bunch groundnut strain - Pol. 1 - history and performance

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Bunching with the wheeled skidder

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Bunchy top, a serious disease of Banana in India

Anonymous, 1969:
Bundle slasher allows producers to go tree-length

Anonymous, 1965:
Bundling cradle for cordwood

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Bundy - the breeder's report. A new mid-season oat variety for northern New South Wales

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Bunodera mediovitellata (Bunoderidae) from sticklebacks on the Komandor Islands

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Bunoderella metteri gen. and sp.n. (Trematoda: Allocreadiidae) and other trematode parasites of Ascaphus truei Stejneger

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Bunt (Tilletia tritici f.n. monococci) on Einkorn (Triticum monococcum)

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Bunt resistance of Paddy varieties in Uttar Pradesh

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Buoyant density and satellite composition of DNA of mouse heterochromatin

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Buoyant density changes of cowpea mosaic virus components at different pH values

Anon., 1970:
Buoyant market for dairy products

Anonymous, 1968:
Bupalus piniarius

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Bupbhthalmia in the rabbit: glucose metabolism

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Buphthalmia in the rabbit. Pleiotropic effects of the (bu) gene and a possible explanation of mode of gene action

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Buquinolate toxicity in growing pullets and laying hens

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Buquinolate, a new broad spectrum coccidiostat

Engle, A.T.; Humphrey, R.P.; Johnson, C.A., 1966:
Buquinolate, a new broad-spectrum coccidiostat

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Buquinolate-a broad-spectrum coccidiostat

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Bureau nitrogen recommendations for Mackay and Proserpine areas

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Bureau of plant pathology. BINGHAM, D. J. Bureau of plant quarantine

Inverarity, J.W., 1964:
Bureau of sugar experiment stations

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Burger-type products from textured skim-milk curd

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Burgio's disease in a patient with coeliac syndrome

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Buried soil of the Riss-Wurm interglacial period near the town of Vladimir

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Buried soil profile under apron of an earth flow

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Buried soils associated with permafrost

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Buried soils under military constructions of the Russian State in the XVI-XVII centuries

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Buried viable seed in successional field and forest stands, Harvard Forest, Massachusetts

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Buried, viable seeds in two California bunchgrass sites and their bearing on the definition of a flora

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Burkitt's lymphoma in Great Britain

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Burkitt's lymphoma in a white-handed gibbon (Hylobates lar)

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Burkitt's tumour: a review of clinical features, treatment, pathology, epidemiology, entomology and virology

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Burley 49, a new disease-resistant burley tobacco

Anon., 1970:
Burley Tobacco culture

G.V.Gooding, 1968 :
Burley Tobacco naturally infected with Peanut stunt virus in North Carolina

Anonymous, 1967:
Burley tobacco

Anonymous, 1971:
Burley tobacco field day

G.V.Gooding., 1967:
Burley tobacco naturally infected with Alfalfa mosaic virus in North Carolina

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Burley tobacco production in Greece

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Burley tobacco spacing trials

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Burley tobacco variety test on black-shank-infested soil

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Burley tobacco. The effects of prices and allotments on production, farm resource use, and income

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Burma: agriculture, population, and Buddhism

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Burmese-old and new

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Burmosa, an interesting early plum variety

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Burn-wound infection with phycomycetes requiring amputation of the hand

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Burning protects crops

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Burning wood waste

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Bush encroachment in Zambia

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Bush encroachment in grassland areas

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