Section 15
Chapter 14,368

Bush control using Tordon 22K

Wilson, J.H.

Rhod. agric. J 65(4): 77-8


Accession: 014367993

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Tordon 22 K injected into wounds made by hand axe and spaced 8-9 cm. apart round the base of standing trees has proved effective on a number of woody species in central Africa. Effective lethal doses are recommended for 10 tree species (including 2 of Acacia and 3 of Brachystegia). Other susceptible species are listed. One syringe operator and two 'cutters' were able to treat ca. 0.3 acre/hr. in bush having about 1500 stems/acre, and 0.5 acre/hr. in less dense bush (ca. 750 stems/acre).

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