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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 14369

Chapter 14369 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Myre, M., 1970:
Bush encroachment in the grassland areas. First observations of one experiment in progress

Tamas, P., 1964:
Bush fruits

Anonymous, 1965:
Bush fruits

Tamas, P., 1967:
Bush fruits

Nybom, N., 1968:
Bush fruits

Nybom, N.; Bauer, R.; Ek, L.-M., 1969:
Bush fruits

Christ, E.G., 1964:
Bush fruits in the home garden

Ljones, B., 1966:
Bush fruits nutrition

Rafailov, A.A., 1971:
Bush load

Groszmann, H.M.; Gallagher, E.C., 1966:
Bush navy beans for direct heading

Sornprachak, U., 1967:
Bush snap bean variety trial for seed production

Brendler, R.A., 1969:
Bush snap beans . . . varietal evaluations and timing for mechanical harvest

Donaldson, C.H., 1964:
Bush threatens cattle farms in the Molopo district of N. Cape Province

Pratt, D.J., 1966:
Bush-control studies in the drier areas of Kenya. 2. An evaluation of the Holt IXa bush breaker in Tarchonanthus/ Acacia thicket

Pratt, D.J., 1966:
Bush-control studies in the drier areas of Kenya. 3. Control of Disperma in semi-desert dwarf shrub grassland

Pratt, D.J., 1971:
Bush-control studies in the drier areas of Kenya. 6. Effects of fenuron (3-phenyl-1,1-dimethylurea

Pratt, D.J., 1964:
Bush-control studies in the drier areas of Kenya. I. Preliminary work with the Holt machines

Thomas, D.B.; Pratt, D.J., 1967:
Bush-control studies in the drier areas of Kenya. IV. Effects of controlled burning on secondary thicket in upland Acacia woodland

Stolyarov, M.V., 1970:
Bush-crickets (Orthoptera, Tettigonioidea) from Afghanistan

Tamds, P., 1966:
Bush-fruit breeding at Balsgard

Donaldson, C.H., 1964:
Bushes endanger cattle farming in the Molopo area of the Northern Cape

Pandey, R.K.; Singh, M., 1969:
Bushes in natural grasslands can be controlled

Anonymous, 1970:
Bushfire control and conservation

Wakefield, N.A., 1970:
Bushfire frequency and vegetational change in south-eastern Australian forests

Disney, H.J D.S., 1968:
Bushfires and their effect on fauna and flora

Roll Hansen, F.; Roll Hansen, H., 1966:
Bushiness of young Scots Pine

Prouza, B., 1964:
Business accounting and material incentives in agricultural production co-operatives

Tofani, Mario., 1964:
Business analysis in the thinking of famous deceased authors

Gould, L., 1967:
Business aspects of farm management

Cesarz, W.; Quellmalz, J., 1967:
Business contracts and our (E. German) socialist agriculture

Lloyd, D.H., 1967:
Business control in poultry keeping through records, costings and forward estimating

Anonymous, 1964:
Business economics in forestry

Anonymous, 1965:
Business economics number

Adomat, R., 1965:
Business economics of Spruce, Scots Pine, Beech and Oak in the state forests of Baden-Wurttemberg

Speidel, G., 1967:
Business economics of forestry

Carlsson, M., 1968:
Business economy in horticulture

Rodriguez Alcaide, J.J.; Ramirez Medina, A., 1971:
Business game: management of a farm in the Guadalquivir valley in Cordoba province (Spain)

Anonymous, 1970:
Business practice of cooperative marketing

Anonymous, 1965:
Business records leaflet. Feed recording

Anonymous, 1965:
Business records leaflet. Keeping financial records

Anonymous, 1965:
Business records leaflet. Office organisation for farm and horticultural businesses

Ivcer, M.I.; Ivanov, A.P., 1969:
Business statistics for pulp and paper mills

Anonymous, 1969:
Business survey

Lindgren, I.; Carlson, M., 1966:
Business-economic planning with the Monte Carlo method

Rijneveld, R., 1970:
Business-economy impressions of cut-flower growing

Yamada, S., 1969:
Businesses and co-operative associations (Japan)

Mcmullan, J.L.; Parish, J.A.; Fisher, H.M., 1968:
Bussell barley

Rocha, H.M.; Mariano, A.H., 1969:
But J. Selection of cacao cultivars resistant to Phytophthora palmivora

Shaw, S.J., 1968:
Butaneboronate esters as derivatives for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of hop constituents

Carpenter, E.M.; Lesser, D.; Prescott, J.H.D., 1972:
Butchers' meat and customers' opinions in five towns

Pillai, J.K.; Taylor, D.P., 1968:
Butlerius micans n.sp. (Nematoda: Diplo-gasterinae) from Illinois, with observations on its feeding habits and a key to the species of Butlerius Goodey, 1929

Taylor, D.P., 1964:
Butlerius monhystera (Nematoda, Diplogasterinae), a new species of predaceous nematode from Illinois

Ackermann, H.; Fechner, G.; Berger, H., 1971:
Butonate residues in milk

Smith, J.P.; Bell, R.R., 1968:
Butonate, an organic phosphorous compound as a Gasteraphilus larvacide in horses

Smith, J.P.; Bell, R.R., 1968:
Butonate, an organic phosphorous compound as a GasterophUus larvacide in horses

Thomas, M.L.H.; Duffy, J.R., 1968:
Butoxy-ethanol ester of 2,4-D in the control of eelgrass. (Zostera marina L.) and its effects on oysters (Crassostrea virginica Gmelin) and other benthos

Sterner, T.E., 1970:
Butt decay in Balsam Fir defoliated by the Spruce bud-worm

True, R.P.; Tryon, E.H., 1967:
Butt decay in Yellow-Poplar sprouts in West Virginia

Meteer, J.W., 1966:
Butt log tree grades analyzed

Paine, L.A., 1966:
Butt rot defect and potential hazard in Lodgepole Pine on selected California recreational areas

Hitchcock, B.E., 1967:
Butt weevils damaging young plant cane

Anonymous, 1969:

Anonymous, 1966:
Butter and cheese factory process analysis 1964-65 season. Comparative figures 1936-7 to 1964-65

Anonymous, 1967:
Butter and cheese factory process analysis 1965-66 season. Comparative figures 1936-7 to 1965-66

Anonymous, 1968:
Butter and cheese factory process analysis 1966-67 season. Comparative figures 1936-37 to 1966-67

Anonymous, 1969:
Butter and cheese factory process analysis 1967-68 season

Anonymous, 1970:
Butter and cheese factory process analysis. 1968-1969 season

Anonymous, 1972:
Butter and cheese factory process analysis. 1970-71 season

Anon., 1968:
Butter and cheese production record high in 1967

Lozzi, C., 1964:
Butter and its manufacture in the Soviet Union

Peters, L., 1966:
Butter and margarine fat

O'neill, F., 1970:
Butter and margarine survey

Marais, G., 1966:
Butter and margarine. A comparative study of supply and demand in the Republic of South Africa

Schweigart, H.A., 1966:
Butter and margarine: a scientific study. (SchReihe int. Ges. Nahrungs-u. Vitalstoff-Forsch. 3)

Chassagne, M., 1969:
Butter and other flavoured fat foods and processes for their production

Vitali, G., 1971:
Butter and re-esterified fats

Dobberkau, H.-J.; Lenk, J., 1966:
Butter as possible cause of Shigella epidemic

Lembke, A.; Frahm, H.; Greggersen, H., 1966:
Butter as the predominant fat in the diet of persons with arteriosclerosis. Function of linoleic acid in fat metabolism

Wysocki, C.S., 1967:
Butter carton

Wysocki, L.S., 1967:
Butter cartons and the like

Hirsig, R., 1964:
Butter churn

Hoffer, H., 1968:
Butter consistency measurements with the Fira-NIRD-extruder

Kernberger, L.H.; Herwig, S., 1969:
Butter consumption at the threshold of prosperity?

Lozach, J.B., 1965:
Butter cutting device

Toit, J.J.D.Hermann, M.N., 1967:
Butter defects due to different Pseudomonas species

Mengebier, H., 1964:
Butter defects in the Lower Saxony in 1963

Prichard, R.W.; Clarkson, T.B.; Lofland, H.B., 1968:
Butter effects on White Carneau pigeons. Observations on serum cholesterol, body weight, and aortic and coronary atherosclerosis

Prichard, R.W.; Clarkson, T.B.; Lofland, H.B., 1968:
Butter effects on white Carneau pigeons

Hansen, R., 1966:
Butter factory in Toftiund

Anonymous, 1966:
Butter factory operated by four men

Lancaster, D.A., 1965:
Butter factory overrun in Victoria

Anonymous, 1970:
Butter flavour

Armstrong, J.G., 1967:
Butter flavour survey

Holloway, M.J., Beatrice Foods Inc., 1972:
Butter flavoured composition

Buhler, A.C.; Engel, E.; Nelson, J.H.; Amundson, C.H., 1972:
Butter flavoured food additive concentrate

Major, W.C.T., 1967:
Butter freed from weed taints

Rothwell, J., 1966:
Butter manufacture

Vedlich, M.; Benesova, L.M.touskova, E., 1968:
Butter manufacture from frozen cream

Murphy, M.F., 1969:
Butter manufacture-problems of diversification

Randall, R.S., 1966:
Butter measuring and dispensing apparatus

Borenstein, B., 1969:
Butter milk product

Hall, T.L., 1966:
Butter of low bacterial content

Fjaervoll, A., 1970:
Butter oil and butter-fat fractionation

Bertelsen, E., 1970:
Butter oil as basic fat for the food industry

Anonymous, 1964:
Butter oil straight from milk

Fjaervoll, A., 1966:
Butter oil-new processing technique creates new possibilities

Page, R.G., 1964:
Butter pat dispensers

Peters, L., 1967:
Butter pat packaging

Hammerlund, A.W.J.; Farniok, R.M., 1970:
Butter patty forming device

Koenen, K., 1964:
Butter portions in cups

Strocchi, A.; Capella, P.; Carnacini, A.; Pallotta, U., 1967:
Butter produced in Emilia. I. Chemical and physico-chemical characteristics

Strocchi, A.; Capella, P.; Pallotta, U.; Taddia, M., 1967:
Butter produced in Emilia. II. Fatty acid composition

Kacherauskis, D., 1970:
Butter production by the batch process in the Baltic republics

Kacherauskis, D.; Motekaitis, P.; Lazauskas, V.; Nagla, D., 1970:
Butter production on the 'Posh-Sil'keborg' (Paasch-Silkeborg) continuous line

Yankov, Ya., 1970:
Butter production using starters composed of aroma-producing streptococci of local origin

Chambers, G.; Russell, P., 1970:
Butter purchasing patterns in a high-consumption area

Olsson, T., 1966:
Butter quality in 1965

Olsson, T., 1967:
Butter quality in 1966

Pedersen, S.K., 1969:
Butter quality in 1969

Pedersen, S.K., 1972:
Butter quality premium has led to greater effort

Benterud, O., 1968:
Butter quality tests in 1967

Piraux, E., 1966:
Butter quality: its components and methods of assessment

Severini, V., 1968:
Butter regulations in Common Market countries

Auer, M., 1971:
Butter wrap

Koenen, K., 1964:
Butter wrappers

Hendrickx, H.; Huyghebaert, A., 1970:
Butter-fat and substitute fats-some new aspects

Dros, B.; Engel, E., 1970:
Butter-flavoured salt

Hanyu, T., 1972:
Butter-raisin spread

Anonymous, 1971:
Butter. Determination of the refractive index of the fat. (Reference method)

Anonymous , 1969:
Butter. Sampling for bacteriological control

Nielsen, V.H., 1969:
Butter: what's best storage temperature?

Hogbeve, F.; Koch, J., 1966:
Butterfat content in cattle from the animal breeding standpoint and correlations with blood group factors-investigations in Black Pied Lowland cows

Guseinov, S.L Lazareva, P.A., 1967:
Butterfat content of the Caucasian Brown breed -when bred pure

Bjerre, P., 1968:
Butterfat crystallization and effect of crystallization on butter consistency and spreadability

Aspeslet, A.O., 1968:
Butterfat losses in buttermilk from commercial churnings

Marples, H.J.S., 1965:
Butterfat production by Nganda and Shorthorn Zebu cattle at Entebbe

Herrmann, L.F.; Anderson, A.E., 1965:
Butterfat sampling and testing problems, a nine-market study

Dvoracek, M.; Markovic, P., 1964:
Butterfat substitutes in the rearing of calves

Pegg, S.E., 1967:
Butterfat yields approach 200 1b

Mcdowall, F.H., 1965:
Butterfat-water partition coefficients in relation to milk and cream quality

Rennie, J.C., 1965:
Butterfat? Solids? Protein? What basis for milk pricing?

Nair, R.B., 1964:
Butterfly pest of arecanut seedlings

Anonymous, 1968:
Butterine-a competitor to oleo?

Anonymous, 1965:

Plock, K.; Quest, K., 1966:
Buttermaking apparatus

Antila, V.; Malkamaki, J.; Antila, M., 1966:
Buttermaking by the emulsification method

Barta, F., 1965:
Buttermaking costs-batch and continuous

Anon., 1969:
Buttermaking in the winter season

Rechener, K.-H., 1966:
Buttermaking machine

Bezmaternykh, S.I.; Tsvetkova, V.K., 1967:
Buttermilk cheese

Chekulaeva, L.V., 1967:
Buttermilk concentrates

Salvadori, P.; Salvadori, B.B.; Brughera, F., 1966:
Buttermilk in infant feeding. Isolation and chromatographic identification of the lactic acid bacteria present in buttermilk and in infants' faeces, both before and after feeding buttermilk

Anonymous, 1970:
Buttermilk, fluid and milk, whole, fresh, cultured

Sorensen, E.J., 1971:
Buttermilk-based soft ice

Reeves, W.C.; Scrivani, R.P.; Hardy, J.L.; Roberts, D.R.; Nelson, R.L., 1970:
Buttonwillow virus, a new Arbovirus isolated from mammals and Culicoides midges in Kern County, California

Tashiro, H.; Gertler, S.I.; Beroza, M.; Green, N., 1964:
Butyl sorbate as an attractant for the European chafer

Roa, L.; Lhoste, J.; Erny, M., 1971:
Butylate in maize crops

Umarov, A.A.; Zakirov, T.S.; Mirkhaid-Arov, K., 1971:
Butylcaptax, a defoliant for Gossyp-ium barbadense

Phillips, R.W.; Black, A.L.; Moller, F., 1965:
Butyrate Induced Glycogenolysis In Hypoglycemic Lambs

Kishonti, E.; Sjostrom, G., 1965:
Butyric acid content (moles per cent) in Swedish milk fat and its use in determining the milk fat content of fat blends

Kutzner, H.J., 1966:
Butyric acid fermentation in semi-hard and hard cheeses

Anonymous, 1967:
Butyrometers for milk and milk products

Komitet Standartov Sssr., 1967:
Butyrometers for skim-milk and low-fat milk products

Urman, H.D.; Kelley, G.W., 1964:
Bux-tonella sucata a ciliate associated with ulcerative colitis in a cow and prevalence of infection in Nebraska cattle

Vassova, A., E.Al., 1970:
Buxus alkaloids. 8th Report: alkaloids from Buxus wallichiana

Nakano, T.; Hasegawa, M., 1964:
Buxus alkaloids. Part III. The structure of 'alkaloid-L' and its correlation with cyclomicrophylline-A

Nakano, T.; Terao, S., 1964:
Buxus alkaloids. Part l. The structures of three new alkaloids, cyclomicrophylline-A, B, and C, from B. microphylla Sieb. et Zucc. Part II. The structures and the stereochemistry of cyclomicrophylline-A, B. and C

Brown, K.S., Jr.; Kupchan, S.M., 1964:
Buxus alkaloids. VI. The constitution of cyclo-virobuxine-Db

Knutson, R.D., 1968:
Buyer strategy in bilateral oligopoly

Anonymous, 1964:
Buyer's Guide 1964

Anonymous, 1965:
Buyer's Guide, 1965

Hill, L.D., 1968:
Buying corn on a No. 2 basis

Anonymous, 1971:
Bvumbwe Research Station, Plant Pathology Services. Annual Report for the year 1970-71

Anonymous, 1970:
Bvumbwe Research Station. Plant Pathology. Annual Report 1969-1970

Marston, R.B.; Poston, R.F., 1970:
By-product utilization: a positive approach to pollution control

Dysli, R.; Bressani, R., 1969:
By-products and waste products from agriculture in the feeding of ruminants. 1. Digestibility and utilisation of maize stubble, cottonseed husks, molasses and cottonseed meal for feeding sheep

Hendrickson, R.; Kesterson, J.W., 1965:
By-products of Florida citrus

Hendrickson, R.; Kesterson, J.W., 1965:
By-products of Florida citrus. Composition, technology, and utilization. (Univ. Florida Agric. Exp. Stat. Bull. No. 698)

Ronda Lain, E.; Soto Rodriguez, E., 1965:
By-products of rice. 1. Contents of proximate constituents 2. Amino acid contents. 3. Protein quality: indices of Mitchell, Block and Oser

Elias, A.; Preston, T.R., 1969:
By-products of sugar cane and intensive beef production. 10. Effect of breed and protein supplement on rumen fermentation in bulls fed on large amounts of molasses with urea

Elias, A.; Preston, T.R.; Willis, M.B.; Sutherland, T.M., 1968:
By-products of sugar cane and intensive beef production. 4. Fattening bulls with molasses and urea in place of grain in diets with little fibre

Martin, J.L.; Preston, T.R.; Elias, A., 1968 :
By-products of sugar cane and intensive beef production. 5. Digestibility and retention of N in calves fed on molasses and urea and different forages

Martin, J.L.; Preston, T.R.; Willis, M.B., 1968:
By-products of sugar cane and intensive beef production. 6. Napier and maize as sources of forage at 2 levels in diets based on molasses and urea

Elias, A.; Preston, T.R.; Willis, M.B., 1969:
By-products of sugar cane and intensive beef production. 8. Effect of rumen inoculation and different amounts of forage on Brahman bulls fattened with large amounts of molasses with urea

Preston, T.R.; Willis, M.B.; Elias, A., 1967:
By-products of sugar cane and intensive meat production. 1. Effect of different proportions of urea with final molasses given to appetite to fattening bulls as supplement to grain

Elias, A.; Preston, T.R.; Willis, M.B., 1967:
By-products of sugar cane and intensive meat production. 2. Comparison of final molasses with first molasses as supplements to forage or concentrates

Elias, A.; Preston, T.R.; Willis, M.B., 1967:
By-products of sugar cane and intensive meat production. 3. Some characteristics of rumen contents of bulls fed on final or first molasses as supplement to forage or concen-trates

Preston, T.R.; Elias, A.; Willis, M.B., 1968:
By-products of sugar cane for intensive beef production. 7. Behaviour of bulls fed on high levels of urea and molasses at different concentrations

Boza, J.; Fonolla, J.; Aguilera, J., 1970:
By-products of the agricultural industry for feeding sheep. 1. Digestibility of diets based on olive cake and beet molasses

Sanchez Vizcaino, E.; Alcaraz, C.; Leon, A., 1968:
By-products of the horticultural industry for feeding sheep

Lipstein, B.; Bornstein, S.; Budowski, P., 1967:
By-products of the refining of soybean oil as pigment sources for poultry. 1. Pigmentation studies with broilers

Lipstein, B.; Budowski, P.; Bornstein, S., 1970:
By-products of the refining of soybean oil as pigment sources for poultry. 2. Egg yolk pigmentation

Lebedev, B.I., 1969:
Bychowskicoty-linae n.subf. and some notes on the classification of monogeneans of the family Gastrocotylidae Price, 1943

Nagibina, L.F., 1968:
Bychowskya drepane n.g., n.sp., a new member of Calceosto-matidae (Monogenoidea)

Yates, A.R., 1965:
Byssochlamys nivea, a food spoilage mould of unusual nature

Schuler, J.; Ebner, L., 1964:
C 3126: a new urea-derivative herbicide in potatoes

Green, D.H.; Schuler, J.; Ebner, L., 1966:
C 6313 a new CIBA bromo-substituted urea herbicide

Ciba Ag., 1968:
C 6313 selective herbicide

Anonymous, 1966:
C 6989 selective herbicide

Anonymous, 1966:
C 7019 selective herbicide

Bilbe, G.S., 1968 :
C 7019, a new triazine for selective weed control

Ciba Ag., 1969:
C 7019: selective herbicide

Haddow, B.C.; Shankland, G.R., 1970:
C 8514, N-(2-methyI-4-chlorophenyI)-N',N'-dimethylforniamidine a promising new acaricide

Schleger, W., 1972:
C alleles in Austrian cattle

Teitelbaum, S.L.; Moore, K.E.; Shieber, W., 1970:
C cell follicles in the dog thyroid: demonstration by in vivo perfusion

Eastin, J.A., 1970:
C-14 labeled photosynthate export from fully expanded corn (Zea mays L.) leaf blades

Singh, H.G.; Sharma, R.P.; Sharan, G., 1967:
C-302, a new variety for Lakra tobacco growing zones in U.P

Koeppen, B.H.; Roux, D.G., 1966:
C-glycosylflavonoids. The chemistry of aspalathin

Liberatori, J.; Ambrosino, C.; Cauvin, E., 1968:
C-terminal amino acid sequence of buffalo beta -lactoglobulin

Sapp, W.J.; Adams, E.W., 1970:
C-type viral particles in canine venereal tumor cell cultures

Olson, C.; Miller, J.M.; Miller, L.D.; Gillette, K.G., 1970:
C-type virus and lymphocytic nuclear projections in bovine lymphosarcoma

Herz, A.; Theilen, G.H.; Schalm, O.W.; Munn, R.J., 1970:
C-type virus in bone marrow cells of cats with myeloproliferative disorders

Ferrer, J.F.; Lin, P.S., 1971:
C-type virus in cell lines originating from lymphocytes of leukemic cattle

Armstrong, J.A.; Porterfield, J.S.; D.M.drid, A.T., 1971:
C-type virus particles in pig kidney cell lines

Rickard, C.G.; Barr, L.M.; Noronha, F.; Dougherty, E.; Post, J.E., 1967:
C-type virus particles in spontaneous lymphocytic leukemia in a cat

Del Mundo, F.; Adiao, A., 1964:
C. & ANA, P. S.A study of iron depletion prophylaxis by the use of iron-containing milk formulas

Gurcharn Singh Sandhu, G.S., 1965:
C. 306 might well replace G. 273 and C. 286

Hiltibran, R., 1968:
C. Aquatic weed control in Illinois

Van Rheede Van Oudtshoorn, M., 1964:
C. B. Chemotaxonomic investigations in Asphodeleae and Aloineae (Liliaceae)

Kearns, H.G.H.; Mapother, H.R.; Morgan, N.G., 1969:
C. B. D. spray application techniques. A report on investigations carried out in Kenya in 1967 and 1968

Hoyle, J., 1968:
C. Chemical weed control under coconuts

Eddowes, M.; Jefferson, R., 1967:
C. Crop technology. 1. Early potato production

Ayres, J.C.; Kraft, A.A.; Peirce, L., 1964:
C. Delaying spoilage of tomatoes

Brian, R., 1970:
C. Effect of light environment on the activity and behaviour of diquat and paraquat in plants

Glaze, N., 1970:
C. Evaluation of herbicides on southern peas

Glaze, N., 1970:
C. Evaluation of several herbicides in turnip green plantings

Frischknecht, N., 1968:
C. Factors influencing halogeton invasion of crested wheatgrass range

Stephen, R., 1964:
C. Grass weeds in lucerne

Romanowski, R.R.; Crozier, J.A.; Tanaka, J.S.; Barba, R., 1967:
C. Herbicide selectivity trials with bananas (Musa spp.) in Hawaii

Caseley, J., 1970:
C. Improved weed control techniques employing lower doses can reduce herbicide residues

Martin, S., 1968:
C. Improving semidesert ranges in southern Arizona, U.S.A., by grazing management and shrub control

Erskine, D.S., 1969:
C. Interaction of residual effects from previous herbicide use on the succeeding potato crop

Aberg, E.C.L., 1967:
C. L. Behm's collecting expedition for cultivated plants in southwestern Asia

D.D.tta, S.K.; Lacsina, R.Q.; Ahmad., 1970:
C. M. Water management for granular herbicides in transplanted rice

Chen, S.S., 1971:
C. Metabolic changes in dormant seeds during dry storage

Carter, M., 1967:
C. Metabolism and mechanisms of 3-amino-1,2,4-triazole in higher plants

Geronimo, J.; Catlin, P.B.; Maxie, E., 1964:
C. Metabolism of indoleacetic acid-2-C14 in plum stem cuttings

Allen, F., 1968:
C. Mixtures of MCPA plus dicamba and MCPA plus bromoxynil in cereals

Gilfillan, E., 1968:
C. Notes on the design of a herbicide boom sprayer

Agbakoba, S., 1968:
C. O. A comparative study of the effects of soil moisture, temperature, and humidity on absorption and translocation of 2,4-D and picloram in Convolvulus arvensis L

Fisher, V.J.; Price, H., 1966:
C. Paraquat, a promising supplementary herbicide for peach and apple orchards

Srinivasan, K.V.; Alexander, K.C.; Muthaiyan, M., 1965:
C. Plant pathology

Arvier, A., 1970:
C. Pre-harvesting desiccation of sugar-cane with paraquat in Queensland

Cockerham, C., 1967:
C. Prediction of double crosses from single crosses

Glaze, N., 1967:
C. Progress report on herbicides for southern peas

Williams, M.W.; Martin, G., 1967:
C. Quantitative gas chromatography of sugars and related polyhydroxy compounds in horticultural crops

Mcnelly, L.B.; Barnard, L., 1964:
C. Redesigning pear trees for mechanical harvesting

Canode, C.L.; Robocker, W., 1970:
C. Selective weed control in seedling cool-season grasses

Ezedinma, F.O., 1965:
C. Some studies on the vegetative and reproductive patterns in cowpeas (Vigna unguiculata (L) Walp) in southern Nigeria

Mcdiarmid, F., 1967:
C. The economics of herbicides

Funderburk, H.H.; Carter, M., 1965:
C. The effect of amitrole, atrazine, dichlobenil and paraquat on the fixation and distribution of C14O2 in beans

Luckwill, L.C.; Caseley, J., 1966:
C. The effect of herbicides on fruit plants

Feltner, K., 1964 :
C. The influence of temperature and harvest management on the growth, level of root reserves, and survival of alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)

Crowther, R.F.; Neudoerffer, N., 1964:
C. Variety tests of fruit for wine

Vega, M.R.; Ona, J.D.; Paller, E., 1967:
C. Weed control in upland rice at the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture

Doherty, P.J.; Cassidy, J., 1968:
C. Weed control trials in peas, 1964-1968

Leone, R., 1965:
C. albicans and hair structures

Nowakowski, T.; Lewandowska, J.S.elicka, B., 1967:
C. albicans as an allergic agent

Spiechowicz, E.; Weyman-Rzucidlo, D., 1971:
C. albicans as one of the causes of denture stomatitis

Naumann, G.; Ortbauer, R.; Witzenhausen, R., 1971:
C. albicans endophthalmitis after cataract extraction

Ingomar, C.J.; Terslev, E., 1964:
C. albicans meningitis in a newborn infant. A case complicated by hydrocephalus

Verger, P.; Guillard, J.M.; Boisseau, M., 1964:
C. albicans meningitis in an Infant treated by amphotericin B. Recovery

Mietens, C., 1965:
C. albicans meningitis in infancy and its treatment with amphotericin B

Saggese, V.; D.M.rco, A., 1970:
C. albicans mycoses with special reference to childhood

Fragner, P.; Kvicera, J., 1968:
C. albicans not forming chlaimydospores

Coudert, J.; Kien Truong, T.; Ambroise-Thomas, P.; Douchet, C.; Pothier, M.A., 1967:
C. albicans septicaemia. Sero logical study by immunofluorescence, agglutination and immunoelectrophoresis

Tesic, T., 1964:
C. bubalus in Serbia

Curi, S.M., 1969:
C. canephora var. Kouillou, a promising source of genetic resistance in the control of M. exigua, the coffee nematode

Dubois, J.; Ranaivosoa, H., 1966:
C. caryophyllae, the clove-tree miner (Andretra), bionomics and mechanical control

Massenot, M.; Cassini, R., 1967:
C. cassiicola on Cotton in Dahomey

Davet, P., 1970:
C. coccodes in Lebanon

Peterson, R.S.; Salinas-Quinard, R., 1967:
C. conigenum : Distribution and effects on Pine trees

Pag, H., 1964:
C. crassipes as agent of a disease of H. vittatum

Favaloro, M., 1970 :
C. dadosporioides infection on Olive fruits

Lekic, M., 1970:
C. dimlssa-a new pest of raspberry

Khristova, Eleonora., 1967:
C. disease of Sugar Beet in Bulgaria. Biology of the causal agent (C. beticola) and means for its control

Arambourg, Y., 1968:
C. elaeaphilus, a parasite of P. oleae. Rearing, morphological and biological characteristics

Kranz, J., 1965:
C. eragrostidis as agent of a Pineapple leaf spot disease

Koch, H.A.; Haneke, H., 1966:
C. funicolum as the possible cause of a deep mycosis

Kleine-Natrop, H.E.; Haustein, U.F.; Seebacher, C., 1967:
C. granuloma and folliculitis candidamycetica

Raynal, G., 1971:
C. indicum a Cotton boll parasite in Senegal

Klostermann, G.F.; Nietzki.; Marianne., 1965:
C. infection with the clinical picture of acne neonatbrum

Golenia, A., 1965:
C. insidiosum on Lucerne in Poland

Martinovc, Milica., 1967:
C. insulana on the ornamental plant L. sinuatum

Krickl, M., 1965:
C. intybus var. foliosum (chicory). Breeding leaf chicory of the Zuckerhut type

Krickl, M., 1965:
C. intybus var. foliosum Bisch. (chicory). The question of breeding leaf chicory of the Zuckerhut type

Saez, H., 1965:
C. k. var. transitoria, a new variety of yeast isolated from various Mammals and Birds

Diaz P Olanco, C., 1966:
C. kikuchii on Soybean, a new pathogen in Venezuela

Doberitz, G., 1968:
C. longana as an important pest of lupins and winter vetch

D.J.ng, D.J.; Van Frankenhuyzen, A., 1965:
C. longana, a pest of the shoots of fruit trees

Muller-Kogler, E., 1965:
C. militaris: observations and tests in connection with a discovery of it on T. paludosa

Muller-Kogler, E., 1965:
C. militaris: observations and tests prompted by its discovery on T. paludosa

Ragozzino, A.; Nicotina, M., 1971:
C. myconis a new natural host of Cucumber mosaic virus

Davatchi, A.; Vojdani, S., 1966:
C. ochreata damaging vines in Iran

Friedmann, G.; Tismer, R., 1968 :
C. oesophagitis

Mijuskovic, M., 1967:
C. oleisuga, a little-known pest of olive in Yugoslavia

Chauvet, G.; Rasoloniaina, L.D.G., 1969:
C. p. fatigans in urban surroundings in Madagascar

Hamon, J.; Burnett, G.F.; Adam, J.P.; Rickenbach, A.; Grjebine, A., 1967:
C. p. fatigans, W. bancrofti, and the economic development of tropical Africa

Bisping, W.; Refai, M.; Trautwein, G., 1964:
C. parapsilosis as the cause of abortion in a Cow

Bolck, G.; Kuhlmann, W.; Thieme, D., 1967:
C. pseudotropicalis as the cause of enzootic mastitis

Kotsche, W., 1967:
C. pyogenes mastitis in cattle. (Evaluation of test material from 1958 to 1966 with regard to aetiology, course and epi-zootiology)

Chapot, H., 1964:
C. root rot of Citrus

Sarasola, A.A., 1967:
C. salicina, a serious problem in our experimental and cultivated Willows

Bazan, D.Segura, Consuelo., 1970:
C. salmonicolor and P. koleroga on various Eucalyptus spp. in Turrialba, Costa Rica

Gauss, R., 1964:
C. semiauratus in the list of parasites of P. abietina in south-western Germany

Simon, C., 1965:
C. sepsis in a premature Infant cured by amphotericin B

Hochleitner, H.; Joannovich, J.; Semenitz, E., 1970:
C. sepsis in extensive burns

Grube, D.; Schwartz, W., 1966:
C. serratus, sensu stricto. A contribution to the systematics of the Gymnoascaceae

Priore, R.; Viggiani, G., 1965:
C. sorghicola and its parasites in Italy

Montrocher, R., 1967:
C. spp. with fermenting capacity and not assimilating nitrates (Cryptococcaceae)

Castel-Branco, A.S., 1965:
C. subinnotatus-a new species for the fauna of the Cape Verde Archipelago

Schwenke, W., 1966:
C. sycophanta and N. apierus as enemies of pine pests in Bavaria. Preliminary communication

Pataki, E., 1967:
C. tibialis, one of the most dangerous pests of sugar-beet seedlings in Hungary

Buchholz, W., 1966:
C. tropicalis mycosis Wegener's granulomatosis

Martinovic, M., 1967:
C. violae, the causal agent of leaf spot of Violet

Chapot, H., 1965:
C. volkameriana

Vercammen-Grandjean, P.H.; Rak, H., 1968:
C. yasguri, a parasite of canines in the United States and hyperparasite of a Hippoboscid in Iran

Martinovic, Milica., 1967:
C. zebrina, a parasite of Red Clover (T. pratense)

Rioux, J.A.; Jarry, D.M.; Jarry, D.T., 1966:
C., A., or T.? End of a controversy and further acceptance of the term dermatophyte

Arsvoll, K., 1966:
C.-rot. on washed Carrots

Gandhi, S.M.; Bhatnagar, M.P., 1964:
C.281 can be late and still win

Seberry, J.A.; Hall, E.G., 1970:
C.A. storage of citrus fruit

Griffiths, E., 1969:
C.B.D: Kenya's biggest Coffee problem

Provost, A.; Villemot, J.M.; Queval, R., 1964:
C.B.P.P.-Vaccination trials using types of Mycoplasmataceae other than Mycoplasma mycoides

Gonzalez, Inigo, J.F., 1970:
C.I.M.M.Y.T. (International Centre for the Improvement of Maize and Wheat) and the ' Green Revolution '

Leblanc, H., 1971:
C.I.P.'s regeneration silviculture. (Woodl. Sect. Index Canad. Pulp Pap. Ass. No. 2603.)

Anonymous, 1968:
C.M.I. descriptions of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Set 17. (Sheets 161-170)

Anonymous, 1968:
C.M.I. descriptions of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Sets 18; 19

Anonymous, 1972:
C.M.I./A.A.B. descriptions of plant viruses. Set 5

Christiansen, M.; Ottosen, H.E., 1964:
C.O. Jensen. Selected papers. Second volume 1908-1934

Matthews, A.A., 1968:
C.P. 29-116 in the Proserpine area

Anonymous, 1964:
C.S.I.R.O. 17th annual report, 1964-65

Anonymous, 1965:

Anonymous, 1965:

D'hardemare, G., 1970:
C.T.E. communication. Number 3

Singh, S.; E.A., 1964:
C.o.J.46-another sugarcane variety for Punjab

Ilves, E.; Sarv, A.; Valk, U., 1968:
C14 datings for the history of forest development, on the basis of data from the Teosaare raised bog (Estonia)

Giordano, P.M.; Koontz, H.V.; Rubins, E.J., 1966:
C14 distribution in photosynthate of tomato as influenced by substrate copper and molybdenum level and nitrogen source

Hochwald, G.M.; Jacobson, E.B.; Thorbecke, G.J., 1964:
C14-amino acid incorporation into transferrin and beta 2A-globulin by ectodermal glands in vitro

Skujins, J J., 1965:
C14O2 detection chamber for studies in soil metabolism

Downton, W.J.S.; Berry, J.A.; Tre-Gunna, E.B., 1970:
C4-photosynthesis: non-cyclic electron flow and grana development in bundle sheath chloroplasts

Martin, M.W.; Thomas, P.E., 1969:
C5, a new Tomato breeding line resistant to curly top virus

Ciba Ag., 1968:
C7019 selective herbicide

Anonymous, 1970:
CABAC-39 and 43

Engebretsen, O., 1972:
CAMP-positive aesculin-positive group E-streptococci isolated from can samples

Anonymous, 1964:

Anonymous, 1964:

J.C.Mcdonald, 1965 :
CANADIAN CATTLE BREEDERS are working on new hybrid types

Mckenzie, K.J., 1972:
CANFARM: the Canadian farm management data system

Anonymous, 1972:
Canine hip dysplasia

Newnham, R.M., 1971:
CANLOG-the new CFS

Fal'kovich, M.I., 1964:
CASebearers (Lepidoptera, Coleophoridae) damaging larch in the USSR, their distribution and historical relations with their food-plants

Flegg, P.B., 1968:
CATHIE-cabinets for aeration, temperature, humidity investigation experiments

Anonymous, 1965:
CATTLE BREEDER SERVICES LTD is a private A.I. organisation started in June 1964 by a Rhodesian, Obe Veldman

Anonymous, 1967:
Cattle chromosome map

Anonymous, 1965:
Cattle exports

Anonymous, 1968:
Cattle import

Anonymous, 1972:
CATTLE IMPORTS into the U.S.A. from Britain are being adversely affected by new health regulations introduced by the Canadian and U.S. governments

Anonymous, 1964:
Cattle production

Anonymous, 1965:
CAUSES OF WHEAT FAILURE in the dry-farming region of the Central Great Plains, USA, during 1939-57 were investigated by reference to crop insurance records

Anonymous, 1970:
CCB's: a key to genetic resistance?

Lovato, A., 1965:
CCC against lodging in wheat

Lecompt, M., 1966:
CCC and nitrogen in winter wheat

Murashige, T.; Bacon, P., 1964:
CCC as a growth retardant for potted poinsettias in Hawaii

Shcherbakov, V.A.; Mashtakov, S.M.; Shirkevich, R.I.; Danilov, A.S., 1967:
CCC as a means for controlling lodging in wheat

Udatschin, R.A.; Udachin, R.A., 1971:
CCC effect on some winter-wheat varieties of different origin

Ziegenbein, G., 1967:
CCC in grass seed production

Claus, P., 1969:
CCC on vines. Results of experiments in German viticulture from 1962 to 1965

Turkington, C.R., 1967:
CCC promising in increasing grape set

Anon., 1965:
CCC reduces the growth of hibiscus

Faust, H.; Bier, H., 1967:
CCC residues in mature rye and cocksfoot and their quantitative estimation

Scott, M.A., 1970:
CCC treatment could help make carnations useful pot plants

Raifer, A., 1971:
CCC-a means of controlling fruit drop?

Gugenhan, E., 1966:
CCC-application to poinsettias

Hofmann, G., 1967:
CCC-treatment of Pelargonium zonale hybrids

Jung, J.; Sturm, H., 1966:
CCC: its combination with certain herbicides and special considerations of dosage rate as related to disease incidence in cereals

Beaton, W.G., 1964:
CCTA joint action project No. 16 Research in C.B.P.P

Gasser, J.K.R., 1965:

Orsenigo, J.R., 1964:
CDAA and CDEC for post-transplanting weed control in celery

Schnieders, H.H., 1966:
CEBECO5878-2 (Rector) admitted to the AM list in 1966

Ahmed, A.A.; el-Sisi, M.A., 1969:
Celo virus infection in chickens: clinical and serological response to experimental and accidental infection

Kaleta, E.F., 1969:
CELO virus infection in goslings

Anonymous, 1970:
CENTO Conference on national and regional livestock development policy, held in Islamabad, Pakistan, December 15-21, 1969

Anonymous, 1968:
CENTO Symposium on agricultural statistics held in Ankara, Turkey, October 17-28, 1967

Anonymous, 1968:
CENTO conference on combating malnutrition in preschool children, Islamabad, Pakistan, March 1968

Anonymous, 1968:
CENTO traveling seminar on the marketing of livestock and livestock products held in Iran, Pakistan and Turkey October 1 to November 17, 1967

Anonymous, 1967:

J.Ruinard, 1967:
Centre for agricultural Research, Surinam

Anonymous, 1968:

Anonymous, 1965:
Centrum Voor Landbouwkundig Onderzoek, gent

Whlttenberger, R.T., E.Al. , 1970:
CEPA aids sweet cherry harvest

Anonymous, 1970:
CEPEC: technical report 1968 and 1969

Anonymous, 1969:
CEPLAC Report for 1965-1968

Anonymous, 1964:
CEREAL GRAIN containing about 35% moisture may be ensiled in polythene sacks with DM losses little greater than those to be expected during artificial drying, according to investigations carried out recently at the Jordbrukstekniska Institut, Uppsala, Sweden

Anonymous, 1969:
CEREAL VARIETIES NEWLY RECOMMENDED IN THE UK by the National Institute of Agricultural Botany for 1969 include: winter wheat cv. Cama, Joss Cambier, Maris Ranger and West Desprez; spring wheat cv. Kolibri, Janus, Maris Ensign and Troll; spring barley cv. Sultan, Julia and Inis; winter oats cv. Pendrwm; and spring oats cv. Mostyn

Anonymous, 1969:
CEREAL VARIETIES recommended for 1969 by the Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, include wheat cv. Gamenya, Falcon, Darkan, Mengari and Gamut, barley cv

Anonymous, 1969:
CEREALS RECOMMENDED by the Queensland Department of Primary Industries

Dusbabek, F.; Daniel, M., 1971:
CERNY, Stratification of engorged Ixodes ricinus larvae overwintering in soil

Anonymous, 1967:
Chairmanship of agricultural research council

Anonymous, 1964:
Change of title

Anonymous, 1970:
Change of title

Anonymous, 1965:
Changes in pig farming

Anonymous, 1967:
CHANGES IN THE CLASSICAL EXPERIMENTS on Broad-balk and Hoosfield, where wheat and barley, respectively, have been grown continuously for over 100 years, and on Barnfield, which has not grown a cereal crop since 1855, are to be made

Anonymous, 1969:

Anonymous, 1966:
Changes required to increase yields

Anonymous, 1967:
Charolais cattle in new Zealand

Anonymous, 1968:
Charolais record

Anonymous, 1965:
Charolais semen for Ruakura

Anonymous, 1965:

Anonymous, 1964:
Chemical potato peeling

Anonymous, 1968:
CHEMICAL SHEARING of sheep is being investigated, the compounds tested being new drugs used in anti-cancer studies

Anonymous, 1968 :
CHEMICAL SINGLING of sugar-beet was demonstrated at the 19th Spring Sugar-Beet Demonstration held at Thriplow, near Cambridge, UK, in May 1968

Anonymous, 1966:
CHEMICAL WEED CONTROL IN FIELD CROPS, MEADOWS AND PASTURES is the theme of an illustrated article in German by H. U. Ammon in Mitt. Schweiz. Landw. Mar., 1966 and of one in French by W. Wurgler in Agric. rom. Lausanne Jan. 1966

Anonymous, 1965:
CHEMICALS, ESPECIALLY HERBICIDES, tend to reduce the diversity of plant life and thereby to affect the stability of biological communities

Anonymous, 1967:
Chicken-Quail hybrids

Anonymous, 1968:

Anonymous, 1971:
Chillingham cattle

Cepl, J.; Zdrazil, O., 1965:
CHX pasteurizer with pneumatic regulation and programme-control

Anonymous, 1970:
CIBA AG. C 15935 selective and total herbicide. (Publ. Agrochem. Div. CIBA. P 674 e)

Anonymous, 1969:
CIBA AG. Maloran C 6313: selective herbicide

Anonymous, 1969:
CIBA AG. Preforan C 6989: selective herbicide

Anonymous, 1968:
CIBA glues for finger jointing

Anonymous, 1968:
CIBA resins in sports equipment, Parts 1 & 2

Gerin-Lajoie, P., 1972:
CIDA in a changing government organization

Anonymous, 1967:
CIMMYT maize staff meets

Anonymous, 1968:
CIMMYT report on progress toward increasing yields of maize and wheat, International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center Mexico 1967-68

Gillam, D.S., 1969:
CIP puts computers to work in woodlands

Mann, J.D.; Day, B.E., 1966:

Parochetti, J.V.; Warren, G.F., 1964:
CIPC and IPC vapor losses from the soil surface

Ashton, F.M.; Mann, L.K.; Saghir, A.R.; Seyman, W.S.; Collins, H.B.; Tyler, R.H.; Allen, L.E., 1965:
CIPC for weed control in garlic

Mann, J.D.; Jordan, L.S., 1966:
CIPC inhibition of the phytochrome-enhanced germination of Grand Rapids lettuce seed

Brown, D.A., 1969:
CL-215 proves rugged, dependable in water bomber role

Anonymous, 1967:
CLEAR-PLASTIC BAGS FILLED WITH WATER, about 4 in. thick, reduced the maximum temp, and increased the minimum temp. of uncropped soil at a depth of 0.5 in., and increased both maximum and minimum temperatures at a depth of 4 in

Anonymous, 1965:
Climax plant species

Anonymous, 1965:
CLONES FREE FROM VIRUS X have been obtained in the early potato variety Eersteling

Anonymous, 1970:
Clun forest society

Anonymous, 1964:
Clun sheep for France

Schaller, C.W.; Chim, C.I.; Prato, J.D.; Isom, W.H., 1970:
CM 67 and Atlas 68, two new yellow-dwarf-resistant barley varieties

Klages, R., 1971:
CMA marketing from the viewpoint of the food industry

Praslicka, J., 1967:
CMV) transmitted by the peach aphid

Larcher, W., 1964:
CO assimilation of higher plants in the laboratory and under natural conditions

Anonymous, 1966:
CO-2 dynamometer for measuring bullock draft

Scharen, A.L., 1968:
CO2 absorption in four wheat varieties and differential responses to infection by Septoria nodorum

Keerberg, H.; Keerberg, O.; Parnik, T.; Viil, J.; Vark, E., 1971:
CO2 assimilation by Phaseolus and Aspidistra leaves under varying density of blue and red radiant flux

Chen, T.M.; Brown, R.H.; Black, C.C., 1970:
CO2 compensation concentration, rate of photosynthesis, and carbonic anhydrase activity of plants

Reiners, W.A.; Anderson, R.O., 1968:
CO2 concentration in forests along a topographic gradient

Nielsen, E.W., 1968:
CO2 content of aroma bacteria in starters and cheese

Cotter, D.A.; Laclave, A.L.; Wegener, W.S.; Niederpruem, D.J., 1970:
CO2 control of fruiting in Schizophyllum commune: noninvolvement of sustained isocitrase lyase derepression

Marshall, R., 1964:
CO2 does not help tomato propagation

Yeatman, C.W., 1970:
CO2 enriched air increased growth of conifer seedlings

Tinus, R.W., 1972:
CO2 enriched atmosphere speeds growth of Ponderosa Pine and Blue Spruce seedlings

Kretchman, D.W.; Bauerle, W.L., 1971:
CO2 enrichment effects on yield and fruit quality of the new TMV-resistant cultivars of tomatoes

Allen, P.G., 1965:
CO2 enrichment for tomatoes

Kretchman, D.W.; Howlett, F.S., 1964:
CO2 enrichment in greenhouses

Hardh, J.E., 1966:
CO2 enrichment in raising young vegetable plants

Enoch, H.; Rylski, I.; Samish, Y., 1970:
CO2 enrichment to cucumber, lettuce and sweet pepper plante grown in low plastic tunnels in a subtropical climate

Borger. R.De., 1972:
CO2 evolution during the microbiological decomposition of fulvic acids

Kntpling, E.B.; Schroder, V.N.; Duncan, W.G., 1970:
CO2 evolution from Florida organic soils

Repnevskaja, M.A., 1967:
CO2 evolution from the soil in the Scots Pine stands of the Kola peninsula

Dommergues, Y., 1968:
CO2 evolution in soils. Its measurement and Interpretation. General review

Scott, D.; Menalda, P.H.; Rowley, J.A., 1970:
CO2 exchange of plants. 1. Technique, and response of seven species to light intensity

Scott, D.; Menalda, P.H., 1970:
CO2 exchange of plants. 2. Response of six species to temperature and light intensity

Scott, D., 1970:
CO2 exchange of plants. 3. Temperature acclimatisation of three species

Wright, R.D., 1970:
CO2 exchange of seedling Pines in the laboratory as related to lower elevational limits

Schafer, K.; Wiemann, H., 1970:
CO2 exchange of the shoots of several cultivars of Dactylis glomerata

Mastalerz, J.W., 1964:
CO2 fertilization

Tavant, H., 1967:
CO2 fixation and absorption of glucose-U-14C in leaves of Begonia semperflorens. A study of the conditions for the formation of oxalic acid

Uffelen, J.A.M.Van., 1971:
CO2 for early cucumbers

Gardner, R., 1964:
CO2 for glasshouse crops

Van Berkel, N., 1967:
CO2 for tomatoes

Hand, D.W., 1971:
CO2 from hydrocarbon fuels

Kucera, A.; Lebeda, M., 1969:
CO2 in blood plasma of calves up to 6 months old, fed milk or a semi-synthetic ration

D.S.edt, A.; Labeeuw, N., 1964:
CO2 in bright and dull weather

Tzschacksch, O., 1967:
CO2 metabolism of summer grafts of Norway Spruce and Scots Pine

Mowry, G.R.; Lipper, R.L.; Carpenter, W.J.; Jr., 1965:
CO2 mist speeds plant growth

Schickedanz, F., 1965:
CO2 nutrition of glasshouse tomatoes

Uota, M., 1969:
CO2 prevents 'sleepy' carnations

Klingstrom, A., 1965:
CO2 production as a measure of decay activity in wood blocks

Kosonen, M., 1969:
CO2 production in relation to temperature and plant mass

Von Hosslin, R.; Hochrein, R., 1964:
CO2 trials in the glasshouse with head lettuce and radish. Preliminary report

Kunjamma Hrishi, V.K.; Rajase-Karan, V.P.A., 1969:
CO2, CO3, GO4 and CO5, the four economic strains of garden lab lab (Lab Lab niger var. typicus)

Anon., 1965:
CO2-enrichment according to light and stage of maturity

Bertsch, A.; Domes, W., 1969:
CO2-Exchange in amphistomatic leaves : 3. The dependence of the different time-response of the stomata of both leaf-surfaces on the length of the preceding dark-period

Wright, R.D., 1967:
CO2-exchange rates of conifers in relation to their elevational range

Funsch, R.W.; Mattson, R.; Mowry, G.R., 1970:
CO2-supplemented atmosphere increases growth of Pinus strobus seedlings

Sells, G.D., 1966:
CO2: O2 ratios in relation to weed seed germination

Paolis, P.D.; Intrieri, F., 1965:
CO2content of buffaloes' milk

Comwell, R.L.; Jones, R.M., 1970:
COB-trolkd laboratory trials in sheep with the antbel-mintic morantel

Anonymous, 1967:

Anonymous, 1968:
Codes for the welfare of livestock

A.Peskovatskov., 1968:
Collaboration in socialist countries

Anonymous, 1969:
COMBINING SPRAYING TCA WITH ROTARY CULTIVATION has given 100% kill of couch grass in trials in Scotland

Schinke, E., 1969:
COMECON agricultural policy; its prospects and difficulties

Uzonyi, G.; Eross, G., 1971:
COMECON standardization of dairy products

Anonymous, 1967:
COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION OF MAIZE GRAIN has been undertaken in the Isle of Wight, UK, during the 4 seasons 1963-6

K.Werner., 1968:
COMMERCIAL RABBIT PRODUCTION in West Germany is increasing; farms producing 5000-10,000 rabbits annually for meat have been established

Anonymous, 1966:
COMMONWEALTH AGRICULTURAL BUREAUX. Thirty-seventh annual report of the Executive Council, 1965-66

Anonymous, 1965:
COMMONWEALTH AGRICULTURAL BUREAUX. Thirty-sixth annual report of the Executive Council, 1964-65

Anonymous, 1964:

Anonymous, 1964:
COMMUNIST CHINESE PERIODICALS IN THE AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES, Library list No. 70 (Revised), published by the National Agricultural Library, USA, includes references to English translations, NAL holdings, and some annotations

Anonymous, 1965:
COMPLETE CONTROL of an infestation of Sagota sp

Anonymous, 1965:
COMPLETE MECHANIZATION of sugar-beet was investigated in 1964 on a farm near Goes, Netherlands, where an attempt was made to grow 10 ha of the crop using machine-thinning and herbicides as a replacement for hand-singling

Anonymous, 1969:
Computerised sheep breeding information service

Anonymous, 1967:
CONFERENCE ON PHYTO-INDICATION, Leningrad, 24-28 Jan. 1967

Anonymous, 1968:

Anonymous, 1967 :
CONFERENCE ON THE IMPROVEMENT AND UTILIZATION OF PASTURES for karakul sheep in arid and semi-arid areas of the Uzbek SSR, Samarkand, June, 1967

Anonymous, 1967:

Anonymous, 1968:

Anonymous, 1970:

Anonymous, 1967:
Contract harvesting gives drier grain

Anonymous, 1970:
Control of a toxic range weed

Anonymous, 1964:
Control of A.I. in pigs

Anonymous, 1967:
Control of bean aphid by antibiotics

Anonymous, 1966:

Anonymous, 1969:
CONTROL OF FUSARIUM FOOT OR ROOT ROT (Fusarium roseum) IN CEREALS may be possible through the use of anhydrous ammonia

Anonymous, 1965:
CONTROL OF HONEY MESQUITE (Prosopis juliflora VAR. glandulosa)

Anonymous, 1964:

Perti, S.L., 1965:
CONtrol of insect infestation in foodstuffs by fumigation

Anonymous, 1967:
Cotton, Usa variety registration

Kamalanthan, S.; Thambdraj, S., 1971:
COl pumpkin-a high yielding improved strain

Anonymous, 1964:
CP 31393. Pre-emergence herbicide (for experimental use only

Anonymous, 1964:
CP 31675. A new pre-emergence herbicide for the control of grassy and broad-leaved weeds in fruit trees, sugar cane and other miscellaneous crops

Anonymous, 1964:
CP 32179. Experimental pre-emergence herbicide

Monsanto Europe, S.A.; Belgium., 1967:
CP 50144 Pre-emergence herbicide (for experimental use)

Lauden, L.L., 1967:
CP 61-37, a new cane for Louisiana

Polesello, A.; Tampalini, G., 1968:
CP content and nitrate accumulation in some forage grasses

Grainger, J., 1968:
CP/RS and the disease potential of plants

Anonymous, 1964:
CROP CONFERENCE convened by the N.I.A.B. in conjunction with the British Seeds Council, Cambridge, mid-Dec, 1964

Anonymous, 1964:
Crop losses caused by plant diseases in the Usa

Anonymous, 1964:
CROP LOSSES CAUSED BY PLANT DISEASES IN THE USA have being estimated to be : groundnuts, 28% , oats, 21%; potatoes, sweet-potatoes and sugar-beet, 16-19%; barley, maize, cotton, linseed, safflower, sesame, soyabeans and wheat, 10-14% ; cowpeas, sorghum, sweet-corn and rice, 7-9%; rye, 3%

Anonymous, 1964:
Crop production

Anonymous, 1967:
CROP VARIETIES recently released in W. Germany

Anonymous, 1969:
CROWNVETCH cv. CHEMUNG has been registered in the USA

Anonymous, 1967:
Crude protein content of sorghum

Allavena, D., 1966:
CS, a new dioecious hemp variety

Allavena, D., 1966:
CS: a new diecious hemp variety

Ganga Prasada Rao, N.; House, L.R., 1965:
CSH-1 makes its appearance

Ganga Prasada Rao, N.; House, L.R., 1967 :
CSH-2 the second jowar hybrid

Shanmugasundaram, A.; Venkatara-Man, K., 1966:
CSH.1 takes firm roots in Madras

Anonymous, 1965:
CSH.1. the new sorghum hybrid

Anonymous, 1965:
Csiro expedition to brazil

Anonymous, 1970:
CSIRO Twenty second Annual Report, 1969-70

Anonymous, 1971:
CSIRO Twenty third Annual Report, 1970-71

Anonymous, 1969:
CSIRO Twenty-second Annual Report, 1969/70

Taylor, P.A., 1968:
CSIRO research on disc ploughs and tractor wheels

Chapman, T.G., 1968:
CSIRO symposium on land evaluation, Canberra, Australia, August 26-31, 1968. Presentation and discussion of papers

Anonymous, 1968:
CSIRO twentieth annual report, 1967-68

Anonymous, 1969:
CSIRO twenty first annual report 1968-69

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CTF-controlled temperature forcing method for Easter lilies

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Anonymous, 1965:
Cultivated plant introductions resistant to common pests and diseases

Anonymous, 1965:
Cunningham and Townsville laboratories (Csiro), Queensland

Anonymous, 1965:

Anonymous, 1968:
CV. PANHANDLE HAS BEEN RELEASED IN NEBRASKA as a short-season crop which can be used to replace crops destroyed by weather or insect attack

Anonymous, 1968:
CV. SHINATSU NO. 1 AND SHI No. 4 have qualified for registration in Japan

Anonymous, 1965:

Anonymous, 1965:
CYTOLOGY OF Iseilema anthephoraides

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Ca content of milk in the Netherlands

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Ca content of school dinners

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Ca equilibrium in milk

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Ca exchange in the rat

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Ca metabolism of birds. 3. The incorporation of labelled food Ca into the egg shell

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Ca metabolism of birds. 4. Estimation of exchangeable Ca in the skeleton in laying hens

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Ca requirement of young turkeys and estimation of availablity of Ca in sesame oilmeal

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Ca utilization of healthy suckling young, fed on cows' milk formulae with differing fat contents

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Ca, K and Na content in the carcase of adult pigs

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Ca, Mg and Zn contents of milk protein products suitable for meat products formulation

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Ca, Mg, Zn and Fe in fish flesh

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Ca, Mn, and pH interactions in apple seedlings

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Ca, P and protein in blood of sheep fed on different types of hay

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Ca, P, K, Na and lactose contents of cows' colostrum

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Ca, inorganic P and alkaline phosphatase in blood serum of patients with rickets treated with a load of vitamin D3

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Ca, inorganic P, carotene and alkali reserve in blood of cows given in the ration urea and ammonia solution

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Ca-K exchange on allophane

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Ca-Sr absorption selectivity in clays and soils

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Ca-containing substances for combating Jonathan spot

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Ca-selec-tive electrodes for measuring the activity of Ca2+in milk and milk products

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CaIchium-45 and strontium-89 movement in soils, and uptake by barley plants as affected by calcium acetate and strontium acetate treatment of the soil

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CaK-feeding experiments for determining suitability of dried acid whey as component of milk replacers

Anonymous, 1970:
Cabac-S granule

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Caballerocotyla gregalis sp.n. (Trematoda: Monogenea) from the gills of Sarda lineolata (Girard)

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Caballerocotyla klawei Stunkard 1962, monogene parasite des sacs nasaux du thon albacore de l'Ocean Atlantique

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Cabbage and fodder rape are valuable feeds for sheep

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Cabbage and related crops in the Transvaal

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Cabbage aphid

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Cabbage caterpillars

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Cabbage cultivars and times of planting in the autumn-winter season in Abhazia

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Cabbage cultivars from Norway

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Cabbage downy mildew

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Cabbage flea-beetles (Phyllotreta spp.) and sugar-ibeet (Short communication)

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Cabbage flies

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Cabbage flies in Kamcatke

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Cabbage head rot in the Georgia Coastal Plain

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Cabbage hybrids for Arkansas

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Cabbage leaf roller, an occasional pest on horticultural crops

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Cabbage lettuce as an early outdoor crop

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Cabbage looper control at Hastings and Sanford, Florida, during 1970

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Cabbage looper control in Florida-a cooperative program

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Cabbage looper control on collards in Florida

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Cabbage looper, a principal pest of agricultural crops in California

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Cabbage loopers and imported cabbageworms; feeding damage and control on cabbage in western North Carolina

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Cabbage maggot resistance to aldrin in Ontario

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Cabbage maggot resistance to organochlorine insecticides

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Cabbage moth

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Cabbage mould on Kale

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Cabbage root fly

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Cabbage root fly control in Northern Ireland

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Cabbage root fly damage to cauliflowers and brussels sprouts in the West Midlands

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Cabbage root fly on summer cauliflowers on a silt soil

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Cabbage seed production-a revolution in the economy of Kalpa Valley of Himachal Pradesh

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Cabbage stem weevil

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Cabbage varieties and the root fly

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Cabbage varieties for the Arkansas Valley

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Cabbage varieties for the Central Free State

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Cabbage varieties tested for direct seeding in fall

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Cabbage variety testing under Cuban conditions

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Cabbage variety trials

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Cabbage, manganese and molybdenum

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Cabbages, cauliflowers and related crops. Part I

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Cabbaging of White Pine seedlings

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Cable and clamp modifications for Model 104 moisture probes

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Cable cranes as a means of timber extraction from the rain forests of Ceylon

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Cable installation for primary skidding of wood in the mountains

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Cable installations for extracting timber in the Rumanian Carpathians

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Cable installations for skidding wood

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Cable installations for wood transport

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Cable skidding

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Cable tensions when loading roundwood with twin winches

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Cableway and road

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Cableway skidding in mountainous regions

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Cableway systems for opening up long slopes

Anonymous, 1967:
Cableways in Austria

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Cableways in inundated areas

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Gutierrez, H., 1966:

Anonymous, 1967:

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Cacao and arecanut are good companions-for more cash

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Cacao and its allies. A taxonomic revision of the genus Theobroma

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Cacao bibliography

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Cacao black pod disease control in Jamaica

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Cacao blue rot disease

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Cacao breeding in Colombia

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Cacao breeding progress at Tafo

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Cacao budding in Sao Tome

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Cacao canker caused by C. fimbriata in the Dominican Republic

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Cacao canker caused by Ceratocystis fimbriata in the Dominican Republic

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Cacao cushion gall

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Cacao die-back

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Cacao drying with a Bentall rotary dryer

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Cacao fermentation in Uganda

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Cacao flush defoliating caterpillars in Papua and New Guinea

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Cacao from New Guinea

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Cacao germplasm collection at the University of the West Indies

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Cacao growing prospects in Bahia

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Cacao hybrids

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Cacao in Uganda

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Cacao in the Amazon region

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Cacao marcotting in Nigeria: I. Use, technique and monthly rooting success

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Cacao mirid control methods in Cameroun

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Cacao periodicity under tropical rain forest climatic conditions at Turrialba and La Lola, Costa Rica

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Cacao planting material recommendations, 1965-1967

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Cacao research

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Cacao research in the Americas and Ivory Coast

Toxopeus, H., 1966:
Cacao research in the Americas and Ivory Coast, with particular attention to populations and breeding work and the exchange of viable material with Nigeria

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Cacao review

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Cacao selection

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Cacao selection and breeding in Sao Tome and Principe

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Cacao selection and breeding in Surinam

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Cacao selection in Colombia

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Cacao soils of Nigeria

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Cacao swollen shoot virus

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Cacao thrips, cause of leaf burn and fruit rust

Silva, P., 1964:
Cacao thrips-the cause of leaf scorch and fruit rust

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Cacao varieties resistant to Ph. palmivora (Butl.) Butl

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Cacao varieties resistant to Phytophthora palmivora (Butl.) Butl. A literature review

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Cacao, a pre-Columbian food

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Cacao, its preparation, processing and determination of quality

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Cacao. Bibliography of the publications in the Orton Memorial Library

Caceres Ramos, H., 1966:
Cacao: a bibliography of publications in the Orton Memorial Library

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Cache Valley virus in the Del Mar Va Peninsula. II. Identity of virus recovered from mosquitoes

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Cache Valley virus in the Del Mar Va Peninsula. III. Serologie evidence for natural infection of dairy cattle

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Cache Valley virus in the Del Mar Va Peninsula. IV. Biological transmission of the virus by Aedes sollicitons and Aedes taeniorhynchus

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Cachexia in ruminants in the Notec valley

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Cachexia-xyloporosis of Citrus in Sardinia

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Cacodylic acid as a silvicide

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Cacodylic acid as an arboricide

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Cacodylic acid for pre-commercial thinning in mixed-conifer stands shows erratic results

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Cacodylic acid silvicides for thinning Loblolly Pine and controlling hardwoods

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Cactaceae alkaloids. I

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Cactaceae of Pernambuco

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Cactus alkaloids. VII. Isolation of hordenine and N-methyl-3,4-dunethoxy- beta -phenethylamine from

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Cactus control with MSMA invert emulsion

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Cactus cyst nematode found in Georgia

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Cactus cyst nematode, Heterodera cacti, in Florida, with host list

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Cactus growing in peat

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Cactus virus X from Opuntia spp. and Schlumbergera russelliana

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Caddo and Scout wheats

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Caddo wheat

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Cadmium and silver content of market milk

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Cadmium in soils of industrial areas

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Cadmium metabolism in growing and lactating ruminants

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Cadmium nutrition and metabolism in ruminants: relationship to concentrations in tissues and products

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Cadmium sulphide in the management of tinea versicolor

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Cadmium toxicity decreased by dietary ascorbic acid supplements

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Cadmium, antimetabolite of iron and zinc

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Cadmium, copper, iron, lead, manganese, and zinc in evaporated milk, infant products, and human milk

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Cadra cautella, Walk. (Lepidoptera, Phycitidae), a serious pest of stored tamarind (Tamarindus indica) fruits at Udaipur

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Cadres or groups in farming (in Morocco)

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Cadushi (Cereus repandus Mill.), a useful cactus of Curacao

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Caecal enlargement and microbial flora in suckling mice given antibacterial drugs

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Caecal trichostrongyliasis and Mallophaga infections in pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) in the Samsun region and their successful treatment

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Caecotrophy in a phyllophagous primate of the Lepilemur genus and its relation to features of the digestive system

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Caecum enlargement in the lactose-fed pig

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Caeno-genetic organization in hymenolepidid cestodes

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Caenorhabditis briggsae (Rhabditidae) under anaerobic conditions

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Caesarean section in the cow

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Caesarian section in veterinary obstetrics

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Caesium absorption by barley-influence of its retention by the soil-competitive action by potassium

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Caesium metabolism in sheep; mathematical analysis of experimental data

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Caesium uptake by barley. Effect of its retention by soil; competitive action of potassium

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Caesium-137 and strontium-90 in Florida milk - A five-year study of distribution and levels

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Caesium-137 in the flesh of the principal meat producing species in Norway. An orientation

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Caffeine and 8-ethoxycaffeine produce different types of chromosome-breaking effects depending on the treatment temperature

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Caffeine and the chemical induction of chromatid aberrations in V. faba and Ascites tumours in mouse

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Caffeine content in the different parts of coffee trees in correlation with genetic characteristics

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Caffeine effects on cholesterol and development of aortic and coronary atherosclerosis in rabbits

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Caffeine formation in tea callus tissue

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Caffeine toxicity in starved rats

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Caffeine, caffeine derivatives and chromosomal aberrations. I. The relationship between ATP-concentration and the frequency of 8-ethoxycaffeine-induced chromosomal exchange in Vicia faba

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Caffeine-induced hemorrhagic automutilation

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Cage den-sity as it relates to debeaking methods

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Cage rearing of ducks

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Cage studies of white pine weevil resistance with potted eastern white pine

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Cage studies on predators of the bollworm in cotton

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Cage versus floor rearing of broiler chickens

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Cage-bred sables-a new type of fur bearer

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Caged White Pine seedlings attacked by White-Pine weevil, Pissodes strobi, at five population densities

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Caged insect kills of up to two miles utilizing a new low-volume aerosol generator

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Caged layer performance in pens with oxidation ditches and liquid manure storage tanks

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Caged prune trees help research work

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Caged turkey breeder hens: shell quality versus oyster shell supplementation

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Cages to protect field plants from insects

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Cagua-the story of an advisory service

Anonymous, 1965:
Cahiers d'Agriculture Pratique des Pays Chauds

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Caiorimetric determination of the degree of solidification of milk fat

Barriga, C.S., 1970:
Cajeme, a new soybeans variety for the northwest of Mexico

Barriga, S.C., 1970:
Cajeme, new soyabean cultivar for N.B. Mexico

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Cal/West research programs on alfalfa

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Calabrese varieties for machine harvesting

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Calabrese-for fresh market and processing

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Calamagrostis purpurascens R. Br. and its identity

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Calathea species

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Calcareous chernozem of the Fetesti Plain

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Calcareous formations of lacustrine origin in the upper Quaternary in the mountainous region of central Sahara (Hoggar) and their dating

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Calcareous gravels of Vevargues, Herault, and their Quaternary pedological modification

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Calcareous horizons in Moroccan soils

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Calcareous soils and their specific vine varieties

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