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Chapter 14,372

Carotenoid and vitamin A metabolism of cows and calves on the Bull Evaluation Station in Jastrzcbiec. II. Carotenoid and vitamin A levels in blood serum and milk of cows

Krzyewski, J.

Biul. Inst. Genet. Hodowli Zwierz, 22, 51-64


Accession: 014371411

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Carotenoid and vitamin A levels were determined during 1966/67 in colostrum on the day of calving and in milk and blood serum at 2-wk intervals during 305 days of lactation of (i) 6 Polish Black-and-White Lowland heifers that calved in Sept. or early Oct., (ii) 6 heifers that calved in late Oct. or Nov. and (iii) 5 heifers that calved in Dec. or early Jan.

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