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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14377

Chapter 14377 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Changes in the respiration and growth rates of developing fruits of Coffea arabica L
, Journal of Horticultural Science, Coffee Research Station, Ruiru, Kenya 46(3): 263-272 (1971)

Changes in the respiration energy and oxidizing enzyme activity in the annual cycle of the vine plant
, Dokl Akad. Nauk armjan. SSR. 45: 222-8. bibl. 12 (1967)

Changes in the respiration rate during development and ripening of Japanese persimmon and tomato fruits
, Jap. Soc. hort. Sci 36: 357-62. bibl. 21 (1967)

Changes in the respiratory process due to gamma irradiation of plant tissues
, Dokl. Akad. Nauk SSSR. 170: 711-13. bibl. 12 (1966)

Changes in the respiratory quotient of chickembryo nerve tissue caused by the virus of avian encephalomyelitis
, Boll. Soc. ital. Biol. sper 40: 564-566 (1964)

Changes in the response to gibberellic acid of barley endosperm slices during storage
, Journal of the Institute of Brewing 77(6): 522-528 (1971)

Changes in the rhizosphere microflora of spring wheat induced by disomic substitution of a chromosome
, Canadian Journal of Microbiology 16(3): 153-158 (1970)

Changes in the rhizosphere microflora of Maize seedlings by pre-treatment of roots with hormones and urea
, Pl. Soil 33(3): 679-684 (1970)

Changes in the rhizosphere microflora of sorghum due to foliar nutrient sprays
, Indian J. agric. Sci 37(2): 143-150 (1967)

Changes in the rhizosphere microflora of tobacco affected by vetch and pea predecessors
, Pochvoznanie i Agrokhimiya 7(2): 99-103 (1972)

Changes in the riboflavine content of sow's milk during lactation
, Zivoc. Vyr 10: 145-148 (1965)

Changes in the ribonucleic acid of senescing radish leaves
, Canad. J. Bot 47: 1809-12. bibl. 13 (1969)

Changes in the ribosomes extracted from Mung beans infected with a strain of tobacco mosaic virus
, Journal of General Virology 9(1): 9-17 (1970)

Changes in the root activity of diseased Tobacco
, Trudy Inst. Zashch. Rast, Tbilisi, 55-160 (1967)

Changes in the root system of Vitis vinifera and V. riparia as a result of Phylloxera attack
, Lucrari Stiintifice, Institutul Agronomic "N. Balcescu", B, 12, 413-427 (1969)

Changes in the rooting capacity of the secondary meristem of the vine
, Atti Accad. ital. Vite 21: 427-39. bibl. 11 (1969)

Changes in the ruderal floral of the Leningrad Region during the last 200 years
, Bot. Zh, 53: 11, 1569-79. Bibl. 40 (1968)

Changes in the rumen and blood lactic acid content in sheep after intraruminal administration of lactic acid and its salts
, Vet. Cas 12: 41-45 (1969)

Changes in the rumen of calves fed finely ground meal
, Atti Soc. ital. Sci. vet, 19 (1965): 325-327 (1966)

Changes in the ruminai acidity of sheep produced experimentally by some ruminai metabolites
, Vet. Med. Praha 15: 377-384 (1970)

Changes in the santonin content of Artemisia maritima var. salina at different growth stages
, Rasten Nauki 4: 10, 29-33. bibl 4 (1967)

Changes in the secretory function of abomasum and intestine following oral and intramuscular administration of antibiotics to sheep
, Nauch. Trud. Omsk. vet. Inst 23(2): 36-45 (1965)

Changes in the seedbed microclimate following the preplant incorporation of herbicides
, Abstr. Meet. Weed Sci. Soc. Am, 6-7 (1968)

Changes in the serum protein fraction during cold storage of raw milk
, XVII Int. Dairy Congr, A: 297-300 (1966)

Changes in the sex chromosomes during meiotic prophase in mouse spermatocytes
, Genetics 61(1): Suppl.:113-20 (1969)

Changes in the shipping quality of grapes during prolonged storage
, Vinodelie i Vinogradarstvo 25(2): 30-2 (1965)

Changes in the sideroblasts of the bone marrow of horses with infectious anaemia
, Acta vet. zootech. sin 8: 137-144 (1965)

Changes in the silvicultural value of a stand due to line thinning
, Sylwan 113(10): 1-10 (1969)

Changes in the size and shape of the human mandible in Britain
, British Dental Journal 125(4): 163-169 (1968)

Changes in the size and shape of the leaves of Prunus persica (GF 305) associated with the manifestation of some virus diseases
, C.R. Acad. Agric. Fr 51: 790-6. bibl. 5 (1965)

Changes in the size of germ cell nuclei during the development of the testis of the ram and rat
, Australian J Zool 12(2): 127-149 (1964)

Changes in the skeletal bones of chicks and fowls caused by radiostrontium intoxication
, Uchen. Zap. Kazan, vet. Inst 98: 240-248 (1967)

Changes in the social and economic status of Hungary's peasantry
, New Hung. Q, Budapest 6(20): 28-46 (1965)

Changes in the social structure of the ' Berber' in North Tunisia
, Troplandwirt, Witzenhausen a.d. Werra 70: 191-209 (1969)

Changes in the social structure of the (Polish) countryside, (as revealed by investigations carried out by the Institute of Agricultural Economics)
, Zagadnienia Ekonomiki Rolnej. Warszawa 2: 3-11 (1972)

Changes in the soil after clearing tropical forest
, Plant and Soil 21: 101-112 (1964)

Changes in the soil and surface water
, Landbouwk. Tijdschr., Wagen 81: 146-151 (1969)

Changes in the soil fauna caused by the application of insecticides
, Boll. Zool. agr. Bachic 7: 185-212 (1965)

Changes in the soil microflora in some conifer forest types during the growing season
, Gorskostop. Nauka 8(2): 31-43 (1971)

Changes in the soil nutrient status
, Trans. Meet. Commns If and IV int. Soc. Soil Sci 1966: 357-363 (1967)

Changes in the soil under Pinus radiata
, Aust. For 29(4): 275-89 (1965)

Changes in the soil-insect fauna in perennial lucerne plantings
, Polskie Pismo ent 38: fasc. 4, 871-895 (1968)

Changes in the solubility of bovine muscle proteins during growth
, Journal of Animal Science 30(1): 10-14 (1970)

Changes in the solubility of some plant proteins in rumen fluid
, Zivoc Vyr 12: 405-416 (1967)

Changes in the sorption properties of roots of two crops during decomposition
, Albrecht-Thaer-Arch 11: 285-297 (1967)

Changes in the sowing quality of seeds of vegetable crops during storage
, Izv. timirjazev. sel'.-hoz. Akad, 5, 135-44. bibl. 16 (1966)

Changes in the species composition of the Banska Bystrica domanial forests on the basis of their description in 1563 and their present state
, Lesn. Cas., Praha 13(5): 455-68 (1967)

Changes in the species composition, and the yield of Oak forests of the Ash/Lime type in Krapivenskii leskhoz of the Tula zaseki
, Lesn. Zh 14(2): 134-6 (1971)

Changes in the species spectrum of the noxious plant flora
, Gesunde Pfl 22(9): 164-5. Bibl. 5 (1970)

Changes in the specific activity of some plant phosphorus fractions with total salinity and sodium concentration in the growth medium
, Isotope Radn Res 3: 19-26 (1970)

Changes in the spectrum of esterified fatty acids (triglycerides) in plasma in rats with experimental hypertension
, Acta Medica Iugoslavica 26(2): 169-172 (1972)

Changes in the spectrum of normal tissue antigens of the liver in cholineprotein deficiency and necrosis from nutritional deficiency
, Voprosy Pitaniya 30(6): 6-12 (1971)

Changes in the starch and lignin contents in the shoots of fruit crop seedlings after the transmission of an electric current through the soil
, Trudy Tsentral'noi Geneticheskoi Laboratorii I.V. Michurina, 12, 230-241 (1971)

Changes in the state of NaC10 water mistures
, Mitt. Geb.Lehensmittelunters.u. Hyg 59(1/2): 112-115 (1968)

Changes in the sternal bone marrow cytology of healthy cattle and cattle with chronic haematuria during three years
, Veterinaria, Saraj 16: 325-334 (1967)

Changes in the sterols during the germination of seeds of Raphanus sativus. Effect of light and mineral nutrition
, C. r. hebd. Seanc. Acad. Sci., Paris. (D), 266: 16, 1658-61. Bibl. 5 (1968)

Changes in the storage substances in the cells of grape vine buds during the winter period
, Vinodelie i Vinogradarstvo 25(2): 32-4 (1965)

Changes in the storage substances in the shoot of an apple tree in relation to biennial bearing
, Physiol. veg 8: 111-24. bibl. 29 (1970)

Changes in the structure and ecology of meadow plant communities under the effect of anthropogenic factors
, Bot. Zh. SSSR 55(7): 972-81. Bibl. 9 (1970)

Changes in the structure of Pine and Spruce wood in infection by wood-destroying fungi
, Ekol. dreves. Rast. Minsk, Nauka i Tekhnika'. 23-32 (1965)

Changes in the structure of agriculture 19493-60 and development prospects for small farming areas, as typified by the example of the Lorrach district (Baden-Wurttemberg)
, Schr.-Reihe Planungsgemeinschaft Hochrhein, Sackingen, A 12, iii + 139 (1967)

Changes in the structure of cestodofauna of Sorex araneus araneus L. from the Bialowieza National Park due to climatic conditions in 1960
, Acta Parasitologica Polonica 12: 1/12, 33-46 (1964)

Changes in the structure of rural and urban settlements in the USSR
, Bilanz der Ara Chruschtschow, Stuttgart: W. Kohlhammer Verl., 16-35 (1966)

Changes in the structure of rye stems caused by chlormequat treatment
, Bodenkultur 21(3): 244-63. Bibl. 13 (1970)

Changes in the structure of status systems
, Rur. Sociol., Urbana, Ill 35(4): 469-87 (1970)

Changes in the structure of the Scottish farm labour force since 1951
, Scott. agric. Econ, Edinburgh 17: 57-67 (1967)

Changes in the structure of the dairy industry in E. Germany
, Lebensmittel-Ind, Berlin 13(2): 61-3 (1966)

Changes in the structure of the external cell walls in the epidermis of Wheat leaves infected by powdery mildew
, Doslidzh. z Fitopat. ta Entomol, Kiev Urozhai 9: 47-50 (1968)

Changes in the structure of the growing point of the vegetative elongating shoot of Bromus inermis Leyss. in relation to nitrogen nutrition
, Botanicheskn Zhurnal 57(3): 366-373 (1972)

Changes in the structure of the skin and of the hair follicles in Polish Mountain sheep during the main growth period
, Roczn. Nauk roln 85: 351-366 (1965)

Changes in the structure of wheat culm of different varieties in different localities after treatment with CCC
, Z. Acker- u. PflBau, 128: 2, 117-38. Bibl. 15 (1968)

Changes in the structure of wood in plasticization process
, Holztechnol 11(4): 233-6 (1970)

Changes in the structure of-the outer cell walls of the leaf epidermis of wheat affected by powdery mildew
, Urozaj, Kiev, 47-50 (1968)

Changes in the structure, chemical composition and digestibility of maize
, Zhivotnovudni Nauki 9(1): 65-75 (1972)

Changes in the sub-commissural organ of rats in absence or excess of dietary sodium
, Bjulleten' Eksperimental'noiv Biologii i Meditsiny 73(3): 116-119 (1972)

Changes in the submicroscopic structure of Spruce wood during alkaline cooking at 50 degrees C
, Khim. Drev, 6, 85-93 (1970)

Changes in the submicroscopic structure of Spruce wood during lo-temperature sulphite cooking
, Khim. Drev, 6, 79-84 (1970)

Changes in the sugar and acid contents of grapes during growth
, Rosti. Vyroba 16: 1075-9. bibl. 6 (1970)

Changes in the sugar-beet cultivars approved for different regions in 1969
, Sahar. Svekla (Sug. Beet), 7, 29-31 (1969)

Changes in the sugars and amino acids in chips made from fresh, stored and reconditioned potatoes
, Am. Potato J 43(7): 238-48. Bibl. 17 (1966)

Changes in the sugars content during growth of upland garlic, a one year study
, Biuletyn Warzywniczy, 11, 239-248 (1970)

Changes in the sugars of Pinus sylvestris seed at different stages of embryo development
, Svensk bot. Tidskr 62(2): 388-404 (1968)

Changes in the sulphydryl groups in vine varieties with different degrees of frost resistance
, Grad. lozar. Nauka 5(6): 71-9. bibl. 12 (1968)

Changes in the surface texture of weather exposed wood
, Mater. & Org 4(2): 81-87 (1969)

Changes in the susceptibility of mice to foot and mouth disease virus under the influence of hydro-cortisone and cortisone acetate
, Veterinariya, Moscow. 41(11): 15-16 (1964)

Changes In The Susceptibility Of Normal And Resistant House-Flies (Musca Domestica L.) To Diazinon With Age
, Bulletin of Entomological Research 55: 715-725 (1965)

Changes in the swimming movements of rabbit spermatozoa during maturation
, Anat. Rec, 157: 359 (1967)

Changes in the system of endogenous growth regulators caused by 2,4-D in bean plants
, Himija sel'. Hoz 8(4): 61-2. bibl. 10 (1970)

Changes in the tannin and acetaldehyde contents and polyphenoloxidase activity in grapes during ripening and storage
, Vinodelie i Vinogradarstvo 29(7): 37-9 (1969)

Changes in the tapetum cells hi wheat, couch grass and wheat-couch hybrids during meiosis
, Zap. Sverdl. old. Vses. botan, o-va, 5, 126-130 (1970)

Changes in the technological qualities of cotton fibre as a result of foreign pollination
, Fiziol. i morfogenez khlopchatnika i dr. rast, Tashkent, Uzbek SSR, 103-106 (1969)

Changes in the temperature and dimensions of tree stems in winter
, Forstwiss. Cbl 83(3/4): 88-96 (1964)

Changes in the temperature of the ears 1. Under outdoor conditions
, Novenytermeie 18(3): 47-58. Bibl. 13 (1969)

Changes in the testes of the bull at various ages
, Veterinariya 43(9): 67-69 (1966)

Changes in the testicular remnants and accessory sex glands in boars castrated by Baiburtcjan's method
, Veter-inariya respub. mezhved. temat. nauch. Sb, 13, 86-91 (1967)

Changes in the thickness of the skin and wool covering of sheep up to and after removal of the gonads
, Sb. nauch. Soobshch. Kaf. Zool. Kaf. biol. Khim. dagest, Univ, 2, 111-114 (1967)

Changes in the thiosulphate space and some constituents of the blood of sheep after feeding
, Research in Veterinary Science 9(4): 345-349 (1968)

Changes in the thyroid gland in cattle from centres of endemic goitre in Northern Tajikistan
, Nauc. Trudy takent. Univ, 334, 43-48 (1968)

Changes in the thyroid glands of rats given increased amounts of Mn in the feed
, Gigiena Sanit, 1, 113-114 (1969)

Changes in the thyroid of animals produced by methylthiouracil and iodine deficiency on the basis of diets with different fats
, Vop. Pitan 24(1): 48-52 (1965)

Changes in the thyroidal content of thyrocalcitonin produced by vitamin D in rats
, Endocrinology 88(1): 267-270 (1971)

Changes in the tissues of guinea-pigs fed on a diet free from vitamin A but containing methyl retinoate
, British Journal of Nutrition 21(1): 37-44 (1967)

Changes in the total count and coliform content of ice cream during storage
, Maelkeritidende 79(7): 129-36 (1966)

Changes in the total sulphur dioxide content of treated sultanas during storage and the effect of the loss of SO2 on fruit colour
, Delt. 'Ergas. Inst. technol. Phyt. Prol, Athenai, 4, 149-57. bibl. 8 (1968)

Changes in the transaminases (SGOT, SGPT), alkaline phosphatase and bilirubin in Mood serum of sheep following experimental bile duct obstruction
, Arch exp VetMed 23: 1015-1020 (1969)

Changes in the transcription pattern of flax cotyledons after inoculation with flax rust
, Biochemical Journal 123(4): 551-557 (1971)

Changes in the trematode fauna of clams in the Little Brazos River, Texas
, Journal of Parasitology 52(3): 458-461 (1966)

Changes in the tribal economy of the Gonds in Madhya Pradesh
, Agric. Situ. India, New Delhi 24(11): 985-91 (1970)

Changes in the ultrastructure of Nematospiroides dubius (nematoda) intestinal cells during development from fourth stage to adult
, Zeitschrift für Zellforschung und Mikroskopische Anatomie 119(4): 526-533 (1971)

Changes in the ultra-structure of pig hepatocytes in relation to dietary amino acids
, Doklady Vsesoyuznoi Ordena Lenina Akademii Sel'sko-khozyaistvennykh Nauk. 1: 27-29 (1972)

Changes in the ultra-structure of root cells during salinization of plants differing in their salt tolerance
, Fiziologiya Rast 17: 975-981 (1970)

Changes in the ultrastructure of chinchilla spermatozoa in different diluents
, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 21(1): 191-193 (1970)

Changes in the ultrastructure of sporangia of Phytophthora infestans associated with indirect germination and ageing
, Trans. Br. mycol. Soc, Univ. Manchester. 51(2): 269-281 (1968)

Changes in the urine of calves with dyspepsia
, Veterinariia 7: 77-79 (1971)

Changes in the uterine cervix during the course of the sexual cycle in Gottingen Miniature pigs
, Zuchthygiene 4: 1-8 (1969)

Changes in the value of (Hungarian) agricultural production since the turn of the century and the mam influencing social and economic factors
, Gazdal-kodas, Budapest., Budapest 13(2): 1-8 (1969)

Changes in the value system of Japanese farmers
, Sociol. rur, Assen 4(3/4): 283-98 (1964)

Changes in the variability of quantitative characters in M2 induced in einkorn wheat by N -nitroso- N -methylurea and X-rays
, Biologia Plantarum 13(5-6): 279-289 (1971)

Changes in the variety 108F in the course of elite seed production
, Hlopkovodstvo (Cotton Growing). 4, 21-22 (1965)

Changes in the vegetation in the protected subplots of UNESCO-IFAN at Atar (Mauretania)
, Bull. Inst. fondam. Afr. noire (A) 29(1): 92-106. Bibl. 3 (1967)

Changes in the vegetation of a secondary sere in N.W. Corrientes (Republic of Argentina)
, Bonplandia 2(9): 127-35. Bibl. 1 (1967)

Changes in the vegetation of bogs under the influence of man
, Metsanduse Tead. Uurim. Lab. Metsandusl. Uurim., Tallinn. 6, 66-92 (1968)

Changes in the vegetation of the ' Khomutovo Steppe ' Reservation during 40 years
, Ukr. bot. Zh 23(4): 50-6. Bibl. 7 (1966)

Changes in the vegetation of the Hessian mountains in the last decades
, Mitt, floristisch-soziol. ArbGemein, 14, 274-86. Bibl. 9 (1969)

Changes in the vinca- mine yield of cultivated Vinca minor in relation to climatic factors
, Herba hung 8(3): 19-32. bibl. 5 (1969)

Changes in the vital functions of rabbits on repeated aspiration of milk
, Z.Rechtsmed 68(4): 195-203 (1971)

Changes in the vitality of parenchyma cells as the physiological basis of heart-wood formation
, Holzforsch. u. Holzverwert., Wien 18(4): 61-5 (1966)

Changes in the vitamin A and C balance in helminthiasis
, Materiali Seminara-Soveshchaniya po Borbe s Gel'mintozami sel'.-khoz. Zhivotnikh v Chimkente. Alma-Ata, 73-74 (1968 )

Changes in the vitamin C content of tomatoes caused by gamma (60Co) irradiation of seeds
, Agrartud. Egyet. Kozlem., Godollo., 1969. 237-45. bibl. 29 (1969)

Changes in the vitamin E content of cow's milk during oestrus
, Dokl. Timiryazev. sel'.-khoz. Akad, Mosk, 127, 45-50 (1966)

Changes in the vitamin E content of human milk under the influence of season, length of lactation and heating intensity
, Mschr. Kinderheilk 113(3): 95-97 (1965)

Changes in the vitamin E content of milk during the sexual cycle
, Dokl. mosk. Sel'.-khoz. Akad. K.A. Timiryazeva (Zootekhniya). 127, 45-50 (1966)

Changes in the vitamin content of freeze-dried fruit and vegetables
, Nahrung 11: 267-276 (1967)

Changes in the vitamin content of fresh and deep-frozen spinach during cooking on a large or small scale
, Med. Ernahrung. 11: 38-40 (1970)

Changes in the volatile constituents of ewes' milk cheese during ripening
, Annali Fac. Agr. Univ. Perugia. 19: 81-97 (1964)

Changes in the volatile profile of peanuts and their relationship to enzyme activity levels during maturation
, J. Agric Fd Chem 18(3): 353-6. Bibl. 35 (1970)

Changes in the water and mineral metabolism in the growing animal under the influence of thirst and hunger
, Kinderarztl. Praxis. 32: 77-84; 121-140; 175-184; 219-230 (1964)

Changes in the water balance and photosynthesis of onion, bean and cotton plants under saline conditions
, Physiol Plant 20(2): 408-420 (1967 )

Changes in the water content and CO2 assimilation in leaves of M.IX rootstocks with decreasing soil water content
, Zahradnictvi 1(1): 17-20 (1970)

Changes in the water content of vine shoots on the plant from autumn to spring
, Szolo- Gyumolcsterm 4: 157-73. bibl. 10 (1968)

Changes in the water regime and nitrogen status of grassland cut for stable litter in the Zurich area
, Veroff. geobot. Inst, Zurich 41: 2-67 (1968)

Changes in the water regime in relation to the age of Albizzia julibrissin plants
, Introduktsiya i ekologiya drevesnykh rastenii v Moldavii, Kishinev, 36-43 (1971)

Changes in the water regime of Barley plants under the influence of lose smut infection
, Rasteniev. Nauki 8(2): 117-122 (1971)

Changes in the water regime of brown soils under the influence of fellings
, Pocvoved, 6, 54-62 (1969)

Changes in the water regime of fruit crops in relation to pruning
, Uc. Zap. kabardino-balkar. Univ., Ser. sel'-hoz. i him. Biol, 29, 267-71 (1966)

Changes in the water regime values of almond leaves infected with scab, Fusicladium amygdali Ducomet
, Grad. lozar. Nauka 7(5): 55-62. bibl. 13 (1970)

Changes in the weed flora as the result of continuous cropping of cereals and the annual use of the same weed control measures since 1956
, Proc. 10th Br. Weed Control Conf, 1-6. Bibl 1 (1970)

Changes in the weed flora resulting from different stubble treatments
, Ergebn. 6. dt. Arbeitsbesprechung uber Fragen der Unkrautbiologie u. -bekampfung, Hohenheim, Z. PflKrank. PflPath. PflSchutz, 1965. 73-6. bibl 5 (1965)

Changes in the weight and N content of growing cones and fruits of some forest trees
, Arch.Forstw 17(6): 629-39 (1968)

Changes in the weight and in the germinative capacity of wheat grains in the course of maturation
, Acta Agron Acad Sci Hung 17(3/4): 313-321 (1968)

Changes in the weight, volume and specific gravity of developing apple fruits
, Proceedings American Society Hort Science 88: 33-37 (1966)

Changes in the yield and biological activity of the raw material in spring adonis by developmental phases
, Trudy sves. sel'-hoz. Inst. zaocn. Obraz, 18 (part 2), 92-94 (1966)

Changes in the yield and protein quantity of oat caused by Rhopalosiphum padi (L.) (Hom., Aphididae)
, Ann. Agric. Fenn 7(2): 95-104. Bibl. 18 (1968)

Changes in the zinc distribution within three soils and zinc uptake by field beans caused by decomposing organic matter
, Isotopes and Radiation in Soil Organic-Matter Studies. Proc. Symp. IAEA/FAO, Vienna Vienna, 397-409 (1968)

Changes in therapeutic foods during storage
, Nahrung 14: 495-502 (1970)

Changes in thermal and optical properties of butteroil on hydrogenation
, J. Am. Oil Chem. Soc 46(9): 489-92 (1969)

Changes in thiamine and riboflavin contents during yoghurt and Gouda cheese fermentation
, Pol'nohospo-darstvo 15(9): 825-31 (1969)

Changes in thiamine and riboflavine in clover in relation to species, stage of vegetation, cut and drying
, Rocz. Nauk rol. (B). 90: 409-417 (1968)

Changes in thiol and disulphide contents in barley embryos during dormancy and after-ripening
, J. Inst. Brew 74(4): 333-40. Bibl. 34 (1968)

Changes in tissue glycosaminoglycans in rats fed a hypercholesterolaemic diet
, Atherosclerosis 14(1): 65-77 (1971)

Changes in tissue widths during growth. Roentgenographic measurements of bone, muscle, and fat widths from infancy through adolescence
, American Journal of Diseases of Children 111(2): 142-155 (1966)

Changes in titratable acidity of tomato fruits subjected to low temperatures
, HortScience 3: 37-8. bibl 4 (1968)

Changes in tobacco seed biology induced by ultrasonic treatment
, Biol. Zhur. Arm 23(1): 67-74. Bibl. 5 (1970)

Changes in total N metabolism and egg yield of hens given I supplements in autumn
, Izv. Akad. Nauk Azerbajdzan. SSR, Ser. biol. Nauk. 5, 105-110 (1969)

Changes in total body calcium and sodium in osteomalacia
, British Medical Journal 1(5791): 19-22 (1972)

Changes in total body water and dry body weight with age and body weight in Friesians and water buffaloes
, Journal of Dairy Science 52(10): 1650-1656 (1969)

Changes in total folic acid in breast milk during lactation. Comparison with cow's milk
, C.R. Soc. Biol 160: 2123-2127 (1966)

Changes in total nitrogen, soluble protein, and peroxidases in the expanding leaf zone of eastern cottonwood
, Plant Physiology 47(5): 595-599 (1971)

Changes in total protein and protein fractions in the blood and milk sera of cows during the oestrous cycle
, Vet. Med. Nauki. Sof 4(4): 29-35 (1967)

Changes in total protein and protein fractions in the blood serum during experimental trichuriasis in pigs
, Acta parasit. lit 8: 57-64; 63-64 (1968)

Changes in total protein and protein fractions of the serum of blood and milk in cows during the sexual cycle
, Vet.-med. Nauki 4(4): 29-35 (1967)

Changes in total protein concentration in human colostrum in relation to parity and time post partum
, Pediatria pol 44(4): 449-54 (1969)

Changes in total water exchange in maize plants as dependent on water exchange in root cells
, Godishnik na Sofuskiya Universitet, Biologicheski Fakuhet, 1967 61(2): 165-174 (1966)

Changes in trace elements and enzyme activities in tissues of zinc-deficient pigs
, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 22(5): 628-637 (1969)

Changes in transpiration coefficient under controlled climatic conditions
, Annls Physiol. veg, Paris 8: 147-160 (1966)

Changes in transportability of grapes during prolonged storage
, Vinodelie Vinogradarstvo SSSR (Wine-mak. Viticult. USSR). 2, 30-32 (1965)

Changes in trypsin inhibitor activity of rat serum during fasting
, Vop. Pitan 28(2): 82-83 (1969)

Changes in tryptophan metabolism in phenylketonuria
, Helv. paediat. Acta. 19: 267-278 (1964)

Changes in tryptophan pyrrolase induction with age
, Journal of Gerontology 20(4): 507-510 (1965)

Changes in tvorog during storage in different packages and at different temperatures
, Liet. TSR Aukst. Mokyklu Mokslo Darb Chem. chem. Technol, 10, 225-234 (1969)

Changes in type classification of Holstein and Jersey females with age
, Res. Bull. Idaho agric. Exp. Stn, 61: 44 (1964)

Changes in type of hemoglobin during experimental hemorrhagic anemias in sheep
, American Journal of Physiology 209(5): 986-990 (1965)

Changes in ubiquinone content of the liver caused by cortisone acetate in normal and vitamin A-deficient rats
, Federation Proceedings. Translation Suppl.; Selected Translations From Medical-Related Science 24(6): 983-985 (1965)

Changes in udder dimensions of cows on the 'Molochnoe' state farm for pedigree cattle in relation to calving number and milk yield
, Trudy vologod. moloch. Inst 57: 272-78 (1970)

Changes in ultrastructure following fungal invasion and the possible relevance of extracellular enzymes
, J. exp. Bot 20(63): 350-357 (1969)

Changes in urea-dispersibility of proteins during maturation
, J Sci Food Agr 17(6): 273-276 (1966)

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