Chemical composition and feeding values in forage crops. 2,3 & 4. Effect of nitrogen fertilizing, stage of maturity and growth phase on chemical composition and digestibility of Italian ryegrass forage, flint corn fodder and oats forage

Miaki, T.; Nose, I.

J. jap, Soc. Grassld Sci 12: 202-217


Accession: 014378573

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With ryegrass, 180 kg/ha N at sowing and 60 kg/ha after the first cut (taken at vegetative, boot, head or milk stages of growth) increased the protein content in forage of the first cut and in the aftermath at all stages, and also increased dry-matter digestibility at the vegetative and milk stages, and digestible crude protein and total digestible nutrients (highest values for the last two occurred at the milk stage) at all stages.