Commercial crossing of ewes of the Tsigai and Askanian fine-wooled breeds with rams of English mutton breeds, Corriedales and Fat-rumped rams

Poljskaja, P.I.

Ovtsevodstvo, Kiev 1966. 2, 88-105


Accession: 014387453

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The English rams used were of the Suffolk, Oxford Down, Shropshire, Hampshire, Lincoln and Romney Marsh breeds. Data are tabulated on the meat and wool performance of the crossbreds, and of Corriedale, Tsigai and Askanian purebreds. The lambing percentage of Tsigai, Askanian and Corriedale ewes bred to rams of their own breeds was 126.3, 121.4 and 129.6 resp., and that of the first 2 breeds when crossed with rams of other breeds was 115.4-136.6 and 105.1-137.5 resp.