Commercial crossing of fine-coarsewooled crossbreds with sheep of the North Caucasus Mutton-Wool breed in Kalmyk A. S. S. R

Sincugov, N.I.

Povysenie serstnoi i mjasnoi produktivnosti tonkorunnyh i polutonkorunnyh ovec. Nauch. Trudy vses. Akad. sel'.-khoz. Nauk V. I. Lenina, Moscow: Kolos., 270-276


Accession: 014387454

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Ewes obtained by crossing coarse-wooled with fine-wooled rams (Soviet Merino, Stavropol Merino, Grozny, etc.) were crossed with North Caucasus or Soviet Merino rams. The 8-mth weight of single-born and wethers averaged 34.9+or-0.33 and 35.0 +or- 0.51 kg for those sired by North Caucasus rams v 29.6 +or- 0.54 and 30.3 +or- 0.52 kg for those sired by Soviet Merinos. Dressing percentage of 10 wethers of each of the 2 groups averaged 41.5 and 39.8 resp.