Comparative studies on the soil properties in paddy fields and nutrient absorption by the rice plant-from a survey carried out to improve the techniques and production of paddy rice in Furukawa and Ishinden paddy fields

Iwasaki, S.; Hayami, A.; Tokunaga, Y.; Matsumura, Y.

Bulletin of the Tokai-Kinki National Agricultural Experiment Station, 22, 21-71


Accession: 014389741

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The soil properties, plant growth characteristics and nutrition necessary to produce high rice yields were investigated at (a) Furukawa (Gifu Prefecture), a hilly, cold region and at (b) Ishinden (Mie), a low-lying, warm region, in 1967-9. Yields were higher (8.97-9.731 paddy/ha) at (a) than at (b) due to increased ripening and 1000-grain weight. N, P and Mn contents and Mn: Fe ratio were highest at (a), while Si contents were higher at (b) up to heading, and were similar at maturity.