Comparison of milks processed by the direct and indirect methods of ultra-high temperature sterilization. IV. The vita- min composition of milks sterilized by different processes

Burton, H.; Ford, J.E.; Perkin, A.G.; Porter, J.W.G.; Scott, K.J.; Thompson, S.Y.; Toothill, J.; Edwards-Webb, J.D.

J. Dairy Res 37(3): 529-33


Accession: 014391410

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The effects were compared of direct and of indirect UHT processing of milk from a common bulk under standardized conditions on the more labile water-soluble vitamins and vitamin A and carotene (see DSA 32 - for parts I-III). Confirming earlier findings, the effects of processing per se were negligibly small, and the method of processing was important only in so far as the presence of residual O2 in the treated milk causes losses of folic acid and ascorbic acid during subsequent storage.