Complete diets for dairy cows. 1. The health, reproductive performance, voluntary food intake and milk yield of cows fed with diets of different roughage content throughout lactation

Cowan, E.D.; Oliver, J.; Elliott, R.C.

Rhodesian J. Agric. Res 8: 15-22


Accession: 014392999

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Twenty-four first lactation Friesland cows and 4 dry lactating heifers with rumen cannulae were in 4 groups given complete milled diets consisting of concentrates, mainly maize, with Rhodes grass hay (Chloris gayana) 5, 20, 35 or 50% by weight. Cows were penned individually and for a month before calving all got 9 kg daily of diet with 20% roughage and then were given one of the experimental rations to appetite for 300 days of lactation.