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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 14395

Chapter 14395 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mares, P.; Skorepa, J.; Fridrich, M., 1969:
Computerized quantitative analysis of methyl and ethyl esters of long chain fatty acids by gas-liquid chromatography using relative molar response

Ainsworth, S.E., 1966:
Computerized weed control

Crosby, J.L., 1964:
Computers and the origin of species

Fahnestock, G.R., 1964:
Computers can aid in fire control

French, C.E., 1964:
Computers for management

Sneath, P.H.A., 1964:
Computers in bacterial and botanical taxonomy

Stewart, J.D., 1967:
Computers in farm management

Crosby, J.L., 1967:
Computers in the study of evolution

Schmialek, E., 1971:
Computers with magnetic account sheets in forestry

Powell, R.A.; Dent, J.B., 1969:
Computers, feed and profit in intensive livestock units

Plessner, Y., 1971:
Computing equilibrium solutions for imperfectly competitive markets

Anwar, A., 1970:
Computing for least-cost poultry rations according to the ratio between protein quality value and energy content

Petersen, R.G.; Lucas, H.L., 1968:
Computing methods for the evaluation of pastures by means of animal response

Stage, A.R., 1969:
Computing procedure for Grand Fir site evaluation and productivity estimation

Karlen, A.; Majevskis, E., 1964:
Computing the yield of conifer wood from forest holdings when assessing

Schopfer, W., 1966:
Computing volumes, assortments, and values of stands by electronic computer

Elizarova, A., 1966:
Comstock's mealybug

Medeiros, A.G., 1964:
Comum cacao resistant to black pod disease

Rosca, D.; Panait, V.; Rosca, E., 1969:
Con- tribution to the geobotanical study of the natural grasslands of the Darmanesti depression, Bacau district

Comps, B.; Dulau, J.; Sorin, F.P., 1969 :
Con- tribution to the study of the climatic phenomenon of the Charente: the Isle of Aix

Kissel, D.E.; Thomas, G.W., 1969:
Con-ductometric titrations with Ca(OH)2 to estimate the neutral salt replaceable and total soil acidity

Ingram, D.G.; Mitchell, W.R., 1970:
Conglutinin levels in dairy cattle: changes associated with parturition

Bronnimann, A., 1968:
Con-tribution to the knowledge of S. nodorum Berk., the pathogen of glume blotch and a leaf wilt of wheat

Berthier, A., 1966:
Con-tribution to the study of the toxicity of some alkylarylsulphonates

Guyot, A.; Py, C., 1970:
Con-trolled flowering of pineapple with Ethrel, a new growth compound

Langlois, A.J.; Beard, J.W., 1967:
Con-verted-cell focus formation in culture by strain MC29 avian leukosis virus

Martin-Mateo, M.C.; Planas, J., 1965:
Conalbumin and transport of serum Fe in birds. 1. Study in the hen (Gallus domesticus.)

Planas, J.; Martin-Mateo, M.C., 1965:
Conalbumin and transport of serum Fe in birds. 2. Study in the turkey, duck and pigeon

Kano, T., 1967:
Concave or convex traces on Sugi (Cryptomeria japonica) log face caused by over-grown branch knot

Kano, T., 1967:
Concave or convex traces on the log face as an indicator to over-grown knots of Sugi

Candler, W.; Snyder, J.C.; Faught, W., 1972:
Concave programming applied to rice mill location

Crawford, C.S.; Cloudsley-Thompson, J.L., 1970:
Concealment behavior of nymphs of Blaberus giganteas L. (Dictyoptera : Blattaria) in relation to their ecology

Larsen, J.B.; Klausen, S.; Svensgaard, C.; Jensen, A.S., 1964:
Concentrate compared with ensiled beet or molasses

Larsen, J.B.; Klausen, S.; Agergaard, E., 1964:
Concentrate compared with molassed sugar beet pulp

Berzin', J. M.; Zaharcenko, S.A.; Zaharcenko, I.M., 1967:
Concentrate feeds enriched with lysine and methionine for rearing calves

Stojanov, T.; Pavlov, D., 1971:
Concentrate feeds with low protein contents for feeding bulls in summer

Larsen, J.B.; Klausen, S.; Kirsgaard, E., 1964:
Concentrate instead of skimmed milk for calves

Minish, G.L., 1967:
Concentrate level, feeder grade, and breed type, their relationship to production factors and carcass characteristics in fattening calves

Redfern, R.E., 1964:
Concentrate medium for rearing the codling moth

Cucu, I.; Cucu, J.; Rusu, S., 1968:
Concentrate mixed in diets based on green maize for dairy cows

Kagramanjan, D.A., 1968:
Concentrate mixtures for lambs weaned early

Carman, G., 1969:
Concentrate spraying in citrus may be near

Bryan, D.S., 1964:
Concentrate sprays

Riascenko, L.P.; Rakul'cev, M.V., 1968:
Concentrate supplements for axis deer during the growth of the antlers

Lobanov, P.P., 1967:
Concentrate the efforts of scientists on the successful solution of the problem of heterosis

Muntiu, N.; Dohotaru, V.; Bercan, A., 1968:
Concentrated FMD vaccine from BHK culture virus

Khlystovskii, A.D.; Osipova, Z.M.; Knyazeva, K.P., 1970:
Concentrated and low-analysis mineral fertilizers in a long-term field experiment. II. Effect of fertilizers on chemical composition of plants and nutrient balance

Duyfjes, W., 1966:
Concentrated aqueous dispersions of pesticides: some aspects of instability

Grigoriu, N.; Carp, N.; Petrovszky, M.; Butura, I.; Balaci, M., 1965:
Concentrated blackleg vaccine with excess aluminium hydroxide

Chekulaeva, L.V., 1968:
Concentrated buttermilk

Anon., 1969:
Concentrated culture provides cheese production flexibility

Christensen, V.W., 1969:
Concentrated dairy cultures improve control and simplify processing

Greene, G.L., 1970:
Concentrated dust for control of the corn eanvorm

Weightman, P.W.H., 1969:
Concentrated feeding stuffs for livestock in Denmark

Weightmann, P.W.H., 1969:
Concentrated feedingstuffs for livestock in West Germany 1960-61 to 1965-66. (Livestock feed balance)

Weightman, P.W.H., 1968:
Concentrated feedingstuffs for livestock in the Netherlands 1960-61 to 1965-66 (Livestock feed balance)

Hooper, L.J., 1968:
Concentrated feeds for glasshouse crops

Anonymous, 1971:
Concentrated foods. Dried infant and dietetic foods: quality requirements for certified products

Muntiu, N.; Dohotaru, V.; Daniel, R.S.; Bercan, A., 1967:
Concentrated foot and mouth disease vaccine from virus propagated in pig kidney cell cultures

Malysev, S.V., 1964:
Concentrated logging and regeneration

Hutin, G.; Stenne, P., 1966 :
Concentrated milk in cheesemaking

Tumerman, L.; Guth, J.H., 1965:
Concentrated milk product

Lyubashenko, S.Y.; Kostrikina, L.G., 1965:
Concentrated polyvalent adsorbed vaccine against animal leptospirosis

Lyubashenko, S.Y.; E.A., 1967:
Concentrated polyvalent adsorbed vaccine against leptospirosis

Hubik, R.; Laznicka, F.; Barek, B., 1966:
Concentrated saponin vaccine against foot-and-mouth disease. I. Production and effectiveness of monovalent saponin-vaccine

Ahmad, F.U.; Shafi, M.M., 1966:
Concentrates against cotton pests

Bradano, P.; Cosseddu, E., 1967:
Concentrates and ground hay for fattening young Brown Alpine cattle

Monti, H.; Tellechea, H., 1966:
Concentrates as supplements to pasture for feeding dairy cows in production

Kabozov, S.M.; Antonov, A.A., 1967:
Concentrates as the source of a complete ration for stud boars

Greeley, M.G.; Romero T.; J.J., 1966:
Concentrates based on national by-products for feeding of lactating cows in winter

Berzin', J. M.; Zaharcenko, S.A.; Zaharcenko, I.I., 1968:
Concentrates enriched with lysine and methionine for fattening pigs for bacon

Mel'nikova, T.S.; Iljuhina, L.A., 1969:
Concentrates enriched with trace elements for dairy cows

Mel'nikova, T.S.; Ilyukhina, L.A., 1969:
Concentrates enriched with trace nutrients in dairy cow rations

Chachula, J.; Chachulowa, J., 1969:
Concentrates for Ardennes and Fjord stallions

Aronovich, S.; Correa, A.N.S.; Faria, E.V.; Dusi, G.A.; Nunes, P.R., 1966:
Concentrates for dairy cows on good Pangola grass pasture. 1. Results in summer

Campbell, C., 1967:
Concentrates for dairy production

Gerasimov, S.Ja., 1966:
Concentrates for pigs

Akulinin, A.A., 1969:
Concentrates for pregnant and lactating ewes

Posea, G.; Stanescu, N., 1970:
Concentrates in dairy cow feeding

Misostov, T.O., 1969:
Concentrates mixed with milk for calves

Tkacev, I.F.; Bazov, G.M., 1968:
Concentrates with hydrocarbon yeasts for fattening pigs

Jarov, I.I.; Komarov, M.P., 1969:
Concentrates with trace elements

Prien, S., 1967:

Kuznetsov, V.I.; Orlova, L.P.; Sinani, T.I., 1969:
Concentrating molybdenum during its determination in oxalate extracts of soils

Damerow, G.; Wilke, H.U.; Holzhauser, U., 1969:
Concentrating protein in skim-milk

Bryan, H.H., 1970:
Concentrating tomato maturity with growth regulators

Schelhaas, H., 1971:
Concentration and amalgamation in the co-operative dairy industry of The Netherlands

Kondakov, M., 1968:
Concentration and centralization of production of collective farms

A.P.Benson F.M.Salama R.P.Singh., 1964:
Concentration and characterization of Potato spindle tuber virus

Fackler, R., 1969:
Concentration and co-operation in the trading of fresh fruit and vegetables (W. Germany)

Steffen, C., 1971:
Concentration and configuration of lactic acid in mature Ernmental cheese

Farhoomand, M.B.; Peterson, L.A., 1968:
Concentration and content

Sone, T.; Taneya, S.; Hatanaka, K., 1970 :
Concentration and desalination of milk by the use of reverse osmosis

Patni, R.L., 1969:
Concentration and dispersal in chemical fertilizer industry of India

Pallauf, J.; Kirchgessner, M., 1971:
Concentration and distribution of zinc in the body. 1. Metabolism of zinc in animals

Bethlendi, L.; Kerekgyarto, G., 1970:
Concentration and efficiency on state farms

Szabo, B., 1969:
Concentration and modernization in agriculture (Hungary)

Smetankova, M.; Baier, J., 1968:
Concentration and nutrient ratio in winter rye with ears of different size

Shakaryan, G.A.; Oganesyan, M.A.; Akopyan, Z.M., 1964:
Concentration and persistence of monomycin in the blood, urine and organs of iambs

Petrovskii, V.V., 1970:
Concentration and persistence of sevin (carbaryl) in cow's milk

Opletalova, L., 1965:
Concentration and production of proteins in the milk of Red Spotted and Ayrshire cows

Minocha, H.C.; Consigli, R.A.; Eisenstark, A., 1968:
Concentration and purification of Newcastle disease virus

Trigo D.Abreu, A., 1970:
Concentration and regional development

Nielsen, I.K.; Olsen, O.J.; Nielsen, W.K.; Madsen, R.F., 1970:
Concentration and separation of dairy products with DDS ultrafiltration- reverse osmosis system

Rintelen, P., 1965:
Concentration and specialization in the agricultural sector

Chalupny, V., 1966:
Concentration and specialization in the production of sugar-beet seedlings

Donoho, C.W.; Jr., 1964:
Concentration and timing of apple thinning sprays

Lagodyuk, P.Z.; Tretevich, V.I., 1969:
Concentration changes in whey protein fractions of milk in cows given ACTH and prolactin injections. (In 'Application of endocrine preparations in animal breeding'.)

Karpati, I.; Karpati, V.; Tolgyesi, G., 1970:
Concentration changes of some chemical elements in the plant species of acidophil and calcareous sand steppe swards

Henley, R.W., 1968:
Concentration gradients and total amounts of fourteen different elements and the effects of graduated supplies of calcium and magnesium on quality attributes and other elements in the leaves of Chrysanthemum morifolium L. cv. 'Indianapolis Yellow'

Gallwitz, J., 1971:
Concentration in Swedish agricultural co-operatives from the legal point of view. (Schriftenreihe des Instituts fur Landwirtschaftrecht der Universitat Gottin-gen No. 9.)

Anonymous, 1967:
Concentration in agriculture. Consequences for structure policy

Ruta, J., 1967 :
Concentration in crop production (in Czechoslovakia)

Pevetz, W., 1971:
Concentration in livestock production

Slaby, M., 1967:
Concentration in livestock production (in Czechoslovakia)

Preaux,, P.D.P.irsman, E.; Tielemans, K.L.ntie, R., 1965:
Concentration in milk serum of three components immunologically identical to alpha -lactalbumin

Anonymous, 1970:
Concentration in rural areas

Frietema, H.J., 1971:
Concentration in the (Netherlands) co-operative dairy industry

Schelhaas, H., 1971:
Concentration in the Dutch dairy co-operative industry

Montigaud, J.C., 1966:
Concentration in the French canning industry

Montigaud, J.C., 1966:
Concentration in the Mediterranean canning industry

Farcy, H.De., 1966:
Concentration in the agricultural and food industries

Corazza, G.; Veschi, F., 1968:
Concentration in the cheese making industry in the province of Mantua

Metcalf, D., 1968:
Concentration in the retail grocery industry in Great Britain

Lery, F., 1966:
Concentration in the vegetable canning industry

D.Diego, A.I., 1966:
Concentration of Bacillus anthracis in liquid medium

Brown, K.W.; Rosenberg, N.J., 1970:
Concentration of CO2 in the air above a sugar beet field

Bennett, A.C.; Adams, F., 1970:
Concentration of NH3(aq) required for incipient NH3 toxicity to seedlings

Danilenko, I.A.; Scerbakov, V.M.; Bondarev, A.I., 1971:
Concentration of P compounds in rumen fluid and duodenal chyme of cattle in relation to P content of the feed

Mccain, A.H.; Holtzmann, O.V.; Trujillo, E.E., 1967:
Concentration of Phytophthora cinnamomi chlamydospores by soil sieving

Bartels, R., 1967:
Concentration of Potato virus M in Potatoes and Tomatoes

Verma, M.P.; Bowles, L., 1967:
Concentration of Toxoplasma gondii in the brain tissue of animals: a histological study confirmed by biological isolations

Hill, D., 1965:
Concentration of agricultural co-operatives in Brittany

Vladov, D. , 1970:
Concentration of agricultural production

Struzek, B., 1966:
Concentration of agriculture in capitalist countries

Kwiatkowski, T., 1967:
Concentration of alpha-amino nitrogen and polypeptides in serum of calves affected with diarrhoea

Pini, A.; Coackley, W.; Ohder, H., 1966:
Concentration of bluetongue virus in experimentally infected sheep and virus identification by immune fluorescence technique

Alsop, R.J.L.; Bonnyman, J.; Keam, D.W.; Molina-Ramos, J., 1965:
Concentration of caeisum-137 in Australian milk during 1964

Bonnyman, J.; Duggleby, J.C.; Molinaramos, J.; Sewell, D.K.B., 1966:
Concentration of caesium-137 in Australian milk during 1965

Alsop, R.J.L.; Bonnyman, J.; Duggleby, J.C.; Molina-Ramos, J.; Sewell, D.K.B., 1966:
Concentration of caesium-137 in Australian rainwater during 1964 and 1965

Ross, J.P.; Kitts, W.D., 1969:
Concentration of certain blood metabolites in obese pregnant and non-pregnant ewes

Kanarek, A.D.; Tribe, G.W., 1967:
Concentration of certain myxovinises with polyethylene glycol

Danbara, H.; Mitsuhashi, T., 1964:
Concentration of cesium-137 in beef

Kottman, J., 1964:
Concentration of chlortetracycline in blood serum, synovial fluid, milk and urine of cows after intravenous application of Aureomykoin Spofa

Schell, K.; Huebner, R.J.; Turner, H.C., 1966:
Concentration of complement fixing viral antigens

Neitzke, A.; Longuet, D., 1971:
Concentration of dairies and retail trade and probable effects on milk distribution

Eli, M., 1968:
Concentration of demand in the W. German food trade

Fayet, M.-T., 1969:
Concentration of foot and mouth disease virus by polyethylene glycol

Fayet, M.T., 1970:
Concentration of foot-and-mouth disease virus by polyethylene glycol

Korycki, S.; Jaskowski, L., 1970:
Concentration of fructose and ascorbic acid in bull semen collected at short intervals

Pilipei, T.P.; Khazan, V.Y.; Genkin, O.A., 1970:
Concentration of glucose and fructose in cock semen

Aripova, K.; Talipov, R.M., 1966:
Concentration of gold in soils and plants in the southern part of the Tamdyn Mountains

Sastry, M.V.V.P., 1970:
Concentration of grading of agricultural produce under agmark

Skvaruk, V.S., 1970:
Concentration of hexos-amines and sialic acids in the rumen fluid and blood serum of cattle given rations with different ratios of sugar to protein

Hesselbach, J., 1964:
Concentration of holdings and its effects on farms

Mario, R.D.O., 1969:
Concentration of immunogens of Clostridium chauvoei by culture in dialysis

Pring, D.R., 1966:
Concentration of infectious barley stripe mosaic virus as related to strains, hosts, and time

Pilaski, J., 1970:
Concentration of inorganic constituents of the Mood plasma of fowls with reference to age and sex

Unshelm, J.; Flock, D., 1967:
Concentration of inorganic phosphorus and alkaline phos-phatase activity in bovine plasma in relation to age and other environmental factors

Feir, D.; Krzywda, L., 1969:
Concentration of insect hemolymph proteins under various experimental conditions

Dmitriev, V., 1969:
Concentration of irrigated farming in main zones of commercial grain production

St-Laurent, G.J.; Brisson, G.J., 1968:
Concentration of liver iron in calves and response to dietary iron and desferrioxamine

Burch, G.E.; Lazzara, R.K.; Yun, T.K., 1965:
Concentration Of Magnesium In Tissues Of The Dog

Shortle, W.C., 1970:
Concentration of manganese in discoloured and decayed wood of Sugar Maple, Acer saccharum

Rolinski, Z.; Fidecka, H., 1966:
Concentration of methicillin in blood and milk of cows after intramuscular injection of the antibiotic

Ivanov, D.N.; Ivanova, N.N.; Orlova, L.P., 1965:
Concentration of micro-elements during their determination in soils and other biological materials

Beaton, J.D.; Brown, G.; Speer, R.C.; Mac Rae, I.;, W.P.T.; Moss, A.; Kosick, R., 1965:
Concentration of micronutrients in foliage of three coniferous tree species in British Columbia

Glover, F.A., 1971:
Concentration of milk by ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis

Stankov, N.Z.; Ladonina, T.P.; Erok-Hina, E.N., 1967:
Concentration of mineral salts and plant growth

Ivanov, N.; Profirov, Y., 1972:
Concentration of nicotinamide coenzymes in the liver of chickens given nicotinic acid, nicotinamide and tryptophan

Beeson, K.C.; Guillermo-Gomez, G., 1970:
Concentration of nutrients in pastures in the central Huallaga and Rio Ucayali valleys of the upper Amazon basin of Peru

Konosu, S.; Shibota, M.; Hashimoto, Y., 1967:
Concentration of organic acids in shellfish with particular reference to succinic acid

Ziljcov, N.Z., 1970:
Concentration of oxygen in the rabbit epididymis

Blyumina, M.G.; Sitnichenka, E.I., 1971:
Concentration of phenylalanine in blood serum of patients with different degrees of phenylketonuria

Velika, Z.R.; Gurin, I.I.; Pasichnik, P.P., 1965:
Concentration of production and organisation of dairy farms

Kosicki, J., 1970:
Concentration of production on multi-farm state enterprises

Panitzidis, G., 1971:
Concentration of production under capitalism and socialism

Lagodyuk, P.Z., 1969:
Concentration of protein fractions in the plasma of blood entering and leaving the udder

Van Koetsveld, E.E., 1964:
Concentration of protein-bound I (the PBI values) in blood plasma during a year in cattle of different ages

Dinculescu, P.; Ursache, R., 1966:
Concentration of rabies fixed virus in the brain of sheep

Thomas, C.A.; Allen, E.H., 1970:
Concentration of safynol in Phyto-phthora-infected Safflower

Ziv, G.; Risenberg-Tirer, R., 1969:
Concentration of several antibiotics in ovine blood and milk following intramuscular injection

Pascu, T.; Milhai, D.; Lunca, H., 1969:
Concentration of sodium and potassium in the normal follicular fluid, in the fluid from cystic ovarian follicles and in the blood of the same cows

Martin, N.E., 1968:
Concentration of solutes in blister rust infections of Western White Pine

Weiser, M.; Stockl, W.; Henk, F., 1965:
Concentration of some metabolites in the plasma of day-old chicks

Zeller, R.; Ludecke, F., 1964:
Concentration of sulphamethylphenazole in blood and synovial fluid after intravenous injection in the horse

Dapp, B., 1967:
Concentration of sulphona-mide in the blood of pigs after intramuscular injection of 20% sulphamethylphenylpyrazole solution

Metzdorf, H.J., 1966:
Concentration of supply of farm products and producers associations

Craciun, Sr., 1968:
Concentration of technical crops in the agricultural co-operatives of the Banat

Hogh P.; Rasmussen, F., 1972:
Concentration of tetracycline in blood plasma and milk from cows after intramuscular injection of tetracycline and tetracycline + benzydamine

Phatak, S.C.; Collin, G.H.; Bouw, W.J., 1970:
Concentration of tomato fruit ripening with Ethrel

Phatak, S.C.; Collin, G.H.; Bouw, W.J., 1969:
Concentration of tomato fruit ripening with ethrel

Koziorowska, S.; Koziorowski, C., 1969:
Concentration of total protein and its electro-phoretic fractions in early colostrum of Polish Black-and-White Lowand cows

Ganrot, P.O.; Laurell, C.B.; Ohlsson, K., 1970:
Concentration of trypsin inhibitors of different molecular size and of albumin and haptoglobin in blood and in lymph of various organs in the dog

Klun, J.A.; Robinson, J.F., 1969:
Concentration of two 1,4-benzoxazinones in dent corn at various stages of development of the plant and its relation to resistance of the host plant to the European corn borer

Grigoriu, N.; Simon, M.D., 1969:
Concentration of vaccine against contagious agalactia of sheep and goats

Lowe, E.; Durkee, E.L., 1972:
Concentration process, for liquid foods

Mukherjee, P.K., 1970:
Concentration ratio of operational holdings-its pattern and variation

Gralheer, H.; Hahnefeld, H.; Hahnefeld, E.; Schulze, P.; Hantschel, H., 1965:
Concentration, purification and electron microscopy of Teschen disease virus from infected tissue culture fluid

Burlacu, D., 1971:
Concentration-a part of modernization in agricultural production co-operatives

Torres Juan, J., 1966:
Concentrations and immersion times in the treatment of sawn timber against stain

Hennings, S.J.; Hird, F.J., 1970:
Concentrations and metabolism of volatile fatty acids in the fermentative organs of two species of kangaroo and the guinea-pig

Hunt, V.R., 1966:
Concentrations of 210Po, 226Ra and 228Th in the choroid of the eye, particularly in cattle

Domentianova, Z.M.; Efimova, V.P.; Stankevic, N.A.; Saranceva, K.A., 1968:
Concentrations of 40K in water and vegetables on irrigated plots in southern Ukraine

Hayes, B.W.; Mitchell, G.E.; Little, C.O.; Bradley, N.W., 1966:
Concentrations of B-vitamins in ruminal fluid of steers fed different levels and physical forms of hay and grain

Tancogne, J.; Chouteau, J., 1971:
Concentrations of Cl in tobacco leaves during the vegetative cycle. Rapid test with indicator paper

Zachmann, M.; Cleveland, W.W.; Sandberg, D.H.; Nyhan, W.L., 1966:
Concentrations of amino acids in plasma and muscle. Relationship to androgen metabolism during growth and development in the male

Jacobs, J.; Hanselaar, J., 1966:
Concentrations of antibiotics in milk of animals given antibiotics into the udder

Bonnyman, J.; Duggleby, J.C.; Molina Ramos, J.; Paterson, I.C., 1968:
Concentrations of caesium-137 in rainwater and milk in Australia during 1966

Bonnyman, J.; Duggleby, J.C.; Molina-Ramos, J.; Paierson, I.C., 1970:
Concentrations of caesium-i37 in rainwater and milk in Australia during 1968

Louw, G.N.; Steenkamp, E.L.; Steenkamp, C.W.P., 1966:
Concentrations of cations in blood plasma of Merino ewes and Angora she-goats

Williamson, D.H.; Lopes-Vieira, O.; Walker, B., 1967:
Concentrations of free glucogenic amino acids in livers of rats subjected to various metabolic stresses

Ryan, R.K., 1964:
Concentrations Of Glucose And Low-Molecular-Weight Acids In The Rumen Of Sheep Changed Gradually From A Hay To A Hay-Plus-Grain Diet

Ryan, R.K., 1964:
Concentrations Of Glucose And Low-Molecular-Weight Acids In The Rumen Of Sheep Following The Addition Of Large Amounts Of Wheat To The Rumen

Heidrich, H.J.; Mulling, M.; Merck, C.C.; Richter, W.; Marcks, C., 1969:
Concentrations of intravenously injected sulpbonamides in the plasma and synovial fluid of cattle

Challis, J.R.; Heap, R.B.; Illingworth, D.V., 1971:
Concentrations of oestrogen and progesterone in the plasma of non-pregnant, pregnant and lactating guinea-pigs

Hogh, P.; Rasmussen, F., 1964:
Concentrations of oxytetracycline in blood plasma and milk after parenteral administration of Terramycin (r) to cows

Hogh, P.; Rasmussen, F., 1964:
Concentrations of oxytetracycline in blood plasma and milk after parenteral application of Terramycin in cows

Talipov, R.M.; Khatamov, S.; Kara-Baev, K.K.; E.A., 1967:
Concentrations of rare earths in soils and plants of the Tamelytau area

Howarth, R.E.; Baldwin, R.L., 1971:
Concentrations of selected enzymes and metabolites in rat skeletal muscle: effects of food restriction

Smith, D.W., 1970:
Concentrations of soil nutrients before and after fire

Shenolikar, I.S., 1966:
Concentrations of some elements in the human skeleton

Weckel, K.G.; Kim, M.K., 1970:
Concentrations of some mineral elements in commercial candy

Kliewer, W.M.; Howarth, L.; Omori, M., 1967:
Concentrations of tartaric acid and malic acids and their salts in Vitis vinifera grapes

Marcks, C., 1968:
Concentrations of ten sulphonamides in blood and synovia after intravenous injection into healthy cattle

El-Sheikh, A.M.; Broyer, T.C., 1970:
Concentrations of total nitrogen in squash, cucumber and melon in relation to growth, and to a Piper-Steenbjerg effect

Vukotic, M.; Stojic, V., 1970:
Concentrations of transferrins and gamma G globulins in the serum of cattle at various stages of prenatal and postnatal life

Szabo, I., 1966:
Concentrations of urea and ammonia in the blood of sheep in trials with urea

Iyer, G.Y.N., 1968:
Concentrative uptake of glycine-l-14C by erythrocytes in iron-deficiency anaemia

Jayme, G.; Torgersen, H.F., 1966:
Concentric layers in the cell-wall of Spruce tracheids

Van Der Zwet, T.; Brooks, H.J.; Oitto, W.A., 1971:
Concentric ring pattern on fruit of seedling Pear

Klotz, L.J., E.Al., 1968:
Concentric ring stipple of grapefruit

Buzulikov, N., 1967:
Concept and indicators of agricultural intensification

Knipling, E.F., 1969:
Concept and value of eradication of continuous suppression of insect populations

Cognard, J., 1972:
Concept of a special or diet food

Koulischer, L., 1969:
Concept of cellular clonal evolution of karyotypes applied to evolution of species

Allan, G.G.E.Al., 1971:
Concept of chemical combination of pesticides with solid waste macro-molecules

Simonson, R.W., 1968:
Concept of soil

Vasthoff, J., 1965:
Concept, nature and forms of organization of cooperation in agriculture

Gibbons, W.J.; Kiesel, G.K., 1967:
Conception after induced estrus in dairy cows

Baradat, P.; Illy, G.E.A., 1970:
Conception and establishment of a seed orchard: Pinus pinaster progeny test

Milhau, Jules., 1969:
Conception and execution of regional development plans

Barnett, S.A.; Little, M.J., 1968:
Conception and parturition of mice at two temperatures

Smygin, I.I., 1964:
Conception in cows after treatment with PMS

Sokolovskaja, I.I.; Babioeva, L.J., 1966:
Conception in cows and embryo survival in relation to the time of insemination during oestrus

Semcenkov, V.B., 1967:
Conception in cows and heifers in relation to the composition of the diluent and the time semen is kept

Volkov, A.S., 1968:
Conception in ewes inseminated with deep frozen semen

Beljakov, S.P.; E.A., 1964:
Conception in ewes inseminated with diluted semen stored at +2 degrees to +18 degrees C

Semkov, M.; Kolev, A., 1966:
Conception in ewes inseminated with various numbers of spermatozoa

Racev, R.; Stojanova, M., 1964:
Conception of cows when a different diluent is used

Necas, J., 1966:
Conception of model organisms for breeding of economically important organisms

Mozgov, G.M., 1969:
Conception rate and litter size of sows in relation to time and number of inseminations

Elochevskii, F.I., 1970:
Conception rate and productivity of cows in relation to the interval from calving to insemination

Bugrov, O.D., 1969:
Conception rate in cows and heifers after insemination with frozen semen

Anisau, A.A., 1968:
Conception rate in cows in relation to time and frequency of insemination

Kuzjmenko, L.G., 1968:
Conception rate in pigs in relation to mating them in homozygous and heterozygous combinations according to transferrin type

Burlacenko, L.V., 1968:
Conception rate in sows inseminated with fresh or stored semen

Singh, O.N.; Prasad, J.N.; Prasad, I.B., 1964:
Conception rate of Hariana and Bachaur cows under artificial breeding conditions in the farm

Fairusin, G.M., 1967:
Conception rate of Karakul ewes inseminated in different seasons of the year

Shichkova, G.V., 1971:
Conception rate of artificially inseminated sheep in relation to structure of the cervix

Abdu, M.S.S., 1968:
Conception rate of cows and heifers to semen preserved without refrigeration in a medium with EDTA

Belovodskaya, Y. V.; Tuzov, S.I., 1970:
Conception rate of cows in relation to differential combining ability of parental pairs

Anisov, A.A., 1968:
Conception rate of cows in relation to duration of semen storage, and the time and number of inseminations

Muursepp, I., 1967:
Conception rate of cows in relation to the characters of oestrual mucus at the time of insemination

Kosareva, V.L., 1971:
Conception rate of cows in relation to time and method of insemination

Gubarevic, J. G.; Voskoboinikov, V.M.; Semcenkov, V.B., 1970:
Conception rate of cows in relation to time of insemination after calving

Palulkov, I., 1968:
Conception rate to post-parturn oestrus

Filseth, O., 1969:
Conception rates using the French straw

Nass, H., 1964:
Conception rates with semen of different ages

Kulinic, I.; Malinovskii, P., 1964:
Conception, fertility and the quality of progeny resulting from various methods of insemination

Tomek, W.G.; D'arge, R.C., 1965:
Concepts and consequences of hedging Long Island potatoes

Guerreiro, M.Gome. S., 1971:
Concepts and expressions in the field of quantitative growth analysis. Production and efficiency

Islam, Nurul., 1964:
Concepts and measurement of unemployment and underemployment in developing economies

Anonymous, 1967:
Concepts and methods of area programming for community development

Bird, L.S.; El-Zik, K.M.; Free, E.; Arnold, R., 1968 :
Concepts and procedures for developing cottons with multiple disease resistance

Roberts, S.J.; Meek, A.M.; Natzke, R.P.; Guthrie, R.S.; Field, L.E.; Merrill, W.G.; Schmidt, G.H.; Everett, R.W., 1969:
Concepts and recent developments in mastitis control

Avram, A., 1966:
Concepts and recent developments on the subject of mycetomas

Vite, J.P.; Pitman, G.B., 1967:
Concepts in research on bark beetle attraction and manipulation

Petrusewicz, K., 1967:
Concepts in studies on the secondary productivity of terrestrial ecosystems

Currie, D.G.; Church, R.; Macqueen, I.C., 1970:
Concepts of an integrated woodhandling operation

Bleckmann, E.-G., 1969:
Concepts of development in Senegal and their realization in agriculture

Roe, D.A., 1970:
Concepts of neonatal malnutrition

Hooper, B.E.; Haelterman, E.O., 1966:
Concepts of pathogenesis and passive immunity in transmissible gastroenteritis of swine

Lamm, C.G., 1968:
Concepts of plant nutrient availability in soil systems and nutrient uptake in plants

Athwal, D.S., 1968:
Concepts of plant type and disease resistance in rice breeding

Mitchell, E.R.; Metric, W.J., 1965:
Concepts of population dynamics and estimation of boll weevil populations

Richter, L., 1969:
Concepts of profit-and-loss and its evaluation in agricultural enterprises

Baier, W., 1969:
Concepts of soil moisture availability and their effect on soil moisture estimates from a meteorological budget

Chelds, E.C., 1972:
Concepts of soil water phenomena

Cooper, William C., 1965:
Concepts of tree dormancy, cold hardiness, and freeze injury in relation to citrus

Hosner, J.F.; Madgwick, H.A.I., 1967:
Concepts of tree growth

Ruchardt, K., 1965:
Concepts of value in estimating the value of agricultural land

Lewis, C.F., 1965:
Concepts of varietal maintenance in cotton

Lewis, C.F., 1970:
Concepts of varietal maintenance in cotton

Krasicki, W.; Misiuna, W., 1970:
Concepts of work on perspective problems of development of agriculture and food management

Dhawan, N.L., 1968:
Concepts, methodology and achievements in the genetic improvement of maize

Bawden, D.L.; Haidacher, R.C., 1970:
Conceptual and empirical issues in estimating transfer charges

Martin, J.R., 1967:
Conceptual aspects and problems in formulating firm growth research. (Great Plains Agric. Coun. Publ. No. 29.)

Klonglan, G.E.; E.A., 1971:
Conceptualiz-ing and measuring the diffusion of innovations

Aeschlimann, A.; Suter, H., 1965:
Concerning Babesia rhodaini

Badillet, G., 1966:
Concerning 1,258 dermatophyte strs. isolated in Paris from 1956 to 1964

Ferrao, J.E.M.; Jorge, A.F.M., 1969:
Concerning Angolan banana production

Joly, P., 1965:
Concerning Aureobasidinm pullulans

Prota, U., 1965:
Concerning B. cinerea Pers. and S. sclerotiorum (Lib.) Massee, little known diseases of almond

Gremmen, J.; Morelet, M., 1971:
Concerning G. abieticola

Apinis, A.E., 1970:
Concerning Rollandina

Fossati, C., 1968 :
Concerning a case of pseudo-tumoral pulmonary actinomycosis

Pinetti, P.; Biggio, P., 1965:
Concerning a certain inhibitory activity exerted by hyaluronidase on the development of some dermatophytes in vitro

Martins, F.D.A.; Mengato, W.; Morita, T.; Portugal, M.A.S.C., 1971:
Concerning a recent outbreak of contagious dermatitis

Zech, P.; Barthe, J.; Robert, M.; Guerrier, G.; Traeger, J., 1965:
Concerning a septicaemia due to a yeast (T. glabrata) seen during the convalescence of acute renal insufficiency

Bachy, A., 1969:
Concerning a typical case of K deficiency in oil palms in the Ivory Coast

Dryefus, P.M.; Levy, H.L.; Efron, M.L., 1968:
Concerning amino acids in human saliva

Lacassagne, A.; Rudali, G.; Fusey, P.; Sales, L., 1964:
Concerning an epidemic of an enterohepatic syndrome caused by A. flavus, occurring on a Mink ranch

Salcheva, G.; Gramatikova, K., 1965:
Concerning certain changes in the free sugars and the nitrogen metabolism in the course of winter wheat hardening and freezing

Adrian, J., 1971:
Concerning dried milk and yeasty milk proteins

Faure, J.; Couderc, P.; Micouo, M.; Cau, G., 1965:
Concerning five cases of severe poisoning by Amanita phalloides and the use of anti-enzyme therapy

Tedrow, J.C.F., 1965:
Concerning genesis of the buried organic matter in tundra soil

Lotta Antiparassitaria., 1966:
Concerning herbicides

Betencourt. A.; Prunier, J.P., 1965:
Concerning lenticel dry rot of Potato tubers caused by E. carotovora

Leitao, A.B., 1965:
Concerning maize breeding in Angola

Nemirovic-Dancenko, E.N., 1964:
Concerning nectar yield and floral biology of cucumbers

Neugebauer, V.; Miljkovic, N., 1967:
Concerning optimum soil moisture for efficient plowing of a chernozem

Cenodanova, E.V., 1964:
Concerning pear scab

Rovskii, V.M., 1964:
Concerning radical method of Dutch Elm disease control

Staikov, G., 1965:
Concerning seed vernalization according to the period of dormancy and the degree of maturity

Huluta, M., 1965:
Concerning some varieties of radish

Aubreville, A., 1970:
Concerning speciation in humid tropical forests. Mono-or paucispecific genera

Vysockaja, O., 1964:
Concerning storage temperatures

Taylor, G.S., 1967:
Concerning strength of tobacco leaves

Gillet, R., 1969:
Concerning the Schmid-Bondzynski-Ratzlaff method

Zuffa, A.; Salaj, J.; Zuffova, J., 1970:
Concerning the ability of bovine diarrhoea virus to protect piglets against swine fever

Lltvinenko, A.I.; And Cervjakova, P.A., 1965:
Concerning the biological role of large amounts of pollen during fertilization

Schutte, H.R.; Seelig, G.; Knofel, D., 1970:
Concerning the biosynthesis of angustifoline in Lupinus angustifolius

Marchisio, V., 1964:
Concerning the caryology of the asci and spores of T. maculatum Vitt

Gasquez, J., 1971:
Concerning the chromosome number of Coronilla coronata L. (= C. montana Jacq.)

Zacharius, R.M.; Krulick, S.; Porter, W.L., 1971:
Concerning the constancy of the protein electrophoretic pattern of a potato tuber variety

Papojan, F., 1965:
Concerning the control of pea diseases

Poptean, I., 1971:
Concerning the cost of viticultural production in the agricultural production co-operatives of the Odo-besti vineyard

Teryukhanov, A.B., 1965:
Concerning the cytopathic action of swine fever virus in tissue culture

Cassini, R., 1967:
Concerning the damage caused by F. roseum in cereal crops in the Paris basin

Lottge, W., 1964:
Concerning the effect of environmental factors on the action of triazine-based herbicides

Micurin, V.G., 1964:
Concerning the effects of succinic acid

Zanev, K., 1965:
Concerning the essence of the indivisible fund of co-operative farms

Delanoue, P.; Soria, F., 1964:
Concerning the failure of development of C. capitata in certain Citrus species in Tunisia

Joly, P., 1967:
Concerning the fungicolous development of N. purtonii

Khristozov, A., 1964:
Concerning the growth and production features of the Ohio C-92 maize hybrid and certain soya varieties, grown as mixed crops

Pouwer, A.; Keuken, W., 1967:
Concerning the harvesting and marketing of James Grieve

Wisniewski, A., 1968:
Concerning the index of capital intensity (in Poland)

Chomiak, M.; Szteyn, S.; Milart, Z., 1969:
Concerning the innervation of the kidney of the sheep

Virat, J.; Vallee, A.; Guillon, J.C.; Chaumont, L., 1967:
Concerning the isolation of strains of Miyagawanella psittaci

Burns, R.G.; Pukite, A.H.; Mclaren, A.D., 1972:
Concerning the location and persistence of soil urease

Velcev, V.; Belevska, P., 1964:
Concerning the manuring of fibre flax with mineral fertilizers on leached chernozem soils in the Tolbuhin area

Misev, V., 1965:
Concerning the material incentive in co-operative farms

Haefner, K., 1967:
Concerning the mechanism of ultraviolet mutagenesis. A micromanipulatory pedigree analysis in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Fomenko, T.M., 1966:
Concerning the method of evaluating scab susceptibility

Janczak, L., 1967:
Concerning the methods of work of agricultural organizations

Kerefova, M.K.; Sevlokov, M.A., 1964:
Concerning the morphological and physiological characteristics of initial stock for breeding

Bondarev, A.I.; Tonkonozhenko, A.P.; Tsegoeva, V.K.; Gurbanova, E.I., 1970:
Concerning the natural nidality of anthrax in northern Osetia

Ackermann, W.W.; Dinka, S., 1965:
Concerning the nature of the viral neutralizing activity of bovine serum

Molcanov, V.L., 1966:
Concerning the number of buds left on vines of different vigour

Bobrova, S.I., 1971:
Concerning the parasites and predators of blackflies

Faustov, V.V., 1965:
Concerning the part played by leaves in the rooting of softwood cuttings of fruit crops

Gusev, V.F.; Krylov, M.V., 1965:
Concerning the possible transmission of Anaplasma marginale to cattle by the tick Ixodes ricinus

Genkov, G., 1964:
Concerning the resting stage of the buds of garlic (Allium sativum subsp. vulgare)

Devjatov, A.S., E.Al., 1966:
Concerning the results of herbicide trials

Monteiro Guimaraes, J., 1970:
Concerning the species of Ruguloscolytus in the Portuguese fauna

Fedchenko, A.P., 1971:
Concerning the structure and reproduction of the guinea worm (Filaria medinensis L.)

Polozhentsev , P.A.; Saradzhishvili , K.; Naumenko, A.T., 1967:
Concerning the study of the Pine-trunk pyralid (Dioryctria splendidella H.S.) on Eastern Spruce (Picea orientalis) in the Borzhomi ravine

Helluy, J.-R.; Percebois, G.; Burdin, J.-C., 1965:
Concerning the telluric existence of T. mentagrophytes

Koldovsky, O.; Muzyucenkova, H.; Hahn, P.; Heringova, A.; Jirsova, V., 1965:
Concerning The Transport Of Lactose Across The Intestinal Wall Of Infant Rats

Moisejcenko, V.F., 1966:
Concerning the uptake of nutrients

Lemattre, M.; Gerreboo, L., 1967:
Concerning the use of histochemical methods for raising the health status of flower crop plants infected with bacterial diseases

Untila, I.R., 1964:
Concerning the use of unripe seed in converting spring wheats into winter wheats

Druzhkov, A.A., 1971:
Concerning the vitamin P distribution in buckwheat populations of three species

Golodriga, P.Ja., E.Al., 1964:
Concerning the year-round supply of grapes

Carruthers, M.M.; Lerner, A.M., 1968:
Concerning therapy of Candida fungemia

Stefanovich, V., 1967:
Concerning thin-layer electrophoresis of carbohydrates

Joseph, R.; Vialatte, J.; Job, J.C.; Ribierre, M.; Brunet, D.; Jean, N., 1964:
Concerning two cases of allergy to C. albicans in Children, combining respiratory, digestive and skin disorders with articulatory symptoms

Luxov A.M., 1971:
Concerning variability in the delimitation of the vascular system in root prim-ordia of maize embryos

Plantefol, L.; Prevost, A.-M., 1964:
Concerning wild and cultivated pomegranates (P. granatum L.)

Roosje, G.S., 1970:
Concerns of the Dutch fruitgrowers

Okura-Leiberg, P., 1969:
Concessional agricultural trade in world markets: need for additional international guidelines

Ries, Wilhelm., 1964:
Conciliatory forms of handing over farms

Jordan, H.W., 1971:
Conciliatory remarks on the new logging tariff

L.Malfa, G., 1965:
Concimazione in copertura del pomodoro da mensa. (Fertilizing table tomatoes by top-dressing

Neidert, C.M.; Macy, R.W., 1968:
Concinnum peromysci sp.n. (Trematoda: Dicrocoeliidae) from Peromyscus maniculatus in Oregon

Tremblay, E.; Zouliamis, N., 1968:
Concluding data on the introduction, biology and use of Perilloides bioculatus in southern Italy. Studies of the working party of the C.N.R. for the integrated control of animal pests of plants : XXVII

Stubbe, H., 1965:

Lewis, D., 1970:
Conclusions: organelles as membrane complexes

Elenkov, E., 1968:
Conclusions and lessons from the control of diseases of Tomato conducted in 1967

Anonymous, 1970:
Conclusions and recommendations of the regional meeting on the development of the forest industries, and of pulp and paper-making in Latin America

Gross, F., 1970:
Conclusions for the maize breeder from fodder trials with silage and grain maize in Grub

Vandepitte, H., 1965:
Conclusions from 12 years' research on cover crops in orchards, 1950-1962

Butters, R.E., 1970:
Conclusions from Efford light trials

Orth, A.; Kaufmann, W., 1964:
Conclusions from recent discoveries about ruminant digestion with reference to the energy evaluation of silages and the deduction of crude fibre content from the starch value

Kharizanov, A., 1969:
Conclusions from the control of the variegated vine moth in the Plovdiv district in 1968

Papageorgiou, E., 1971:
Conclusions of the 22nd General Assembly of the European Confederation of Agriculture

Wilbrandt, H.; Albrecht, H., 1968:
Conclusions of the Second World Congress for Rural Sociology

Derco, M., 1970:
Conclusions on agrotechnical research with the main irrigated crops

Arvai, L.; Kalocsay, F., 1967:
Conclusions on labour organization based on work study in large-scale tomato production

Cermeli L.M., 1968:
Conclusions on population variations of citrus scale pests and their application in a spray programme in the state of Aragua, Venezuela

Tokareva, M.M., 1970:
Conclusions on the last Soviet census of pigs

Schleitzer, G.; Bruckner, H.; Abschke, S., 1970:
Conclusions so far reached on the rationalization of animal production installations through work study-illustrated by an example from cattle production

Zattler, F.; Liebl, H., 1970:
Conclusive experiments in 1969 on the control of early Peronospora infections of hops

Liuni, C.S.; Calo, A., 1966:
Conclusive results on the possibility of adopting spur pruning for Merlot (Vitis vinifera) in the Venezia provinces

Van Kruiningen, H.J.; Davis, F.H.; Pieper, N.W.; Daniels, W.H., 1968:
Concomitant granular vulvitis, palate lesions, and respiratory illness in Connecticut dairy cattle

Clegg, J.A.; Smithers, S.R.; Terry, R.J., 1971:
Concomitant immunity and host antigens associated with schistosomiasis

Kuznetsov, V.G., 1964:
Concomitant infection of Hymenolepis nana, Ascaris and Diphyllobothrium latum

Artamonova, S.V., 1969:
Concomitant infections with Ascaridia, Capuana and Eimeria praecox in the chick

Flaut, Z.; Reinhold, L., 1969:
Concomitant photosynthesis implicated in the light effect on translocation in bean Plants

Hillman, R.W., 1967:
Concordance among clinical signs suggestive of malnutrition

Mumford, E.B., 1966:
Concrete below carnation beds

Beal, R.H., 1971:
Concrete impregnated with chlordane or dieldrin not tubed over by subterranean termites

Buchanan, D.R., 1968:
Concrete in dairies

Anonymous, 1970:
Concrete measures for the reform of agriculture

Levy, D.; Holzer, Z.; Volcani, R., 1970:
Concrete slatted floors vs. bedding for fattening Israeli-Friesian bull calves

Fisher, A.E., 1965:
Concrete waterways on pineapple farms

Cannon, L.R., 1966:
Concurrent Ascaridia galli and Eimeria spp infections in fowls

Stephens, J.F.; Barnett, B.D.; Holtman, D.F., 1964:
Concurrent Salmonella typhimurium and Eimeria necatrix infections in chicks

Wyman, J.B.; Wakim, K.G.; Bartholomew, L.G.; Cain, J.C., 1968:
Concurrent collection of bile and pancreatic juice through Thomas cannula

Kloetzel, K.; Faleiros, J.J.; Mendes, S.R., 1971:
Concurrent infection of white mice with T. cruzi and S. mansoni

Brandsberg, J.W.; Tosh, F.E.; Furcolow, M.L., 1964:
Concurrent Infection With Histoplasma Capsulatum And Blastomyces Dermatitidis

Adams, C.E., 1967:
Concurrent lactation and pregnancy in the rabbit

Hannah, H.W.; Krausz, N.G.P., 1967:
Condemnation - the public taking of Illinois farm land

Anonymous, 1965:
Condemnation, land value, and severance damage on farmland in Illinois

Sopko, R., 1966:
Condensation of aromatic lignin precursors

Zhigalov, I.I., 1965:
Condensation of atmospheric and intra-soil water vapour of air during irrigation with a water drill

Comings, D.E.; Okada, T.A., 1970:
Condensation of chromosomes onto the nuclear membrane during prophase

Samejima, K.; Dairman, W.; Stone, J.; Udenfriend, S., 1971:
Condensation of ninhydrin with aldehydes and primary amines to yield highly fluorescent ternary products. 2. Application to the detection and assay of peptides, amino acids, amines, and amino sugars

Nimz, H., 1969:
Condensation reactions of lignin. Reaction of lignin model compounds with resorcinol and hydrochloric acid

Anonymous, 1965:
Condensed and evaporated milk

Evenhuis, N., 1969:
Condensed and evaporated milk

Atkinson, R.L.; Bradley, J.W.; Couch, J.R.; Quisenberry, J.H., 1970:
Condensed fish solubles in turkey nutrition

Sipacev, S.G.; Knjazeva, G.P., 1964:
Condensed fish waste

Mathur, G.P.; Shanbhag, S.P., 1968:
Condensed milk

Graham, E.T., 1971:
Condensed nuclei in the gamma irradiated shoot apical meristem of Zea mays

Anonymous, 1970:
Condensed phosphates (polyphosphates). Identification in meat products, etc. by paper chromatography

Roux, L., 1968:
Condensed phosphates in mineral nutrition. Supply of a highly condensed potassium polyphosphate to barley in water-culture

Roux, L., 1968:
Condensed phosphates in mineral nutrition. The addition of a highly condensed potassium polyphosphate in the water culture of barley

Selke, W.; Ebert, K., 1965:
Condensed phosphates in plant nutrition

Sherlpck, I.A.; Serafim, E.M., 1967:
Condigoes atuais da filariose bancroftiana no Estado da Bahia, Brasil

Hori, S.; Shimazono, H., 1969:
Condiment and process for improving flavour and aroma of food products

Takemoto, T., 1969:
Condiment suitable for seasoning, developing characteristic flavour and preserving food products

Kaleckaja, M.L.; Kudinov, K.; Lysenko, V.N., 1968:
Condition and developmnt of young Scots Pine stands damaged by elk

Batzli, G.O.; Pitelka, F.A., 1971:
Condition and diet of cycling populations of the California vole, Microtus californicus

Ipatov, L.F.; Larin, V.B., 1970:
Condition and growth of 40-year-old sowings of Scots Pine and Norway Spruce in Konosha leskhoz

Dyrenkov, S.A., 1967:
Condition and growth of small-diameter Spruce and Spruce advance growth

Koval', I.P., 1968:
Condition and natural regeneration of the Juniper forests of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus

Sokolova, L.N., 1964:
Condition and photosynthesis of Scots Pine advance growth under the canopy of mature Pine stands

Jaksina, A.M., 1965:
Condition of Oak regeneration under conopy in relation to the organic matter balance

Scheffer, T.C.; Duncan, C.; Wilkinson, T., 1969:
Condition of Pine piling submerged 62 years in river water

Djavid-Pour, E., 1968:
Condition of agriculture and farmers before execution of the Iranian law of land reforms

Panikarovskij, V.V.; Grizor'jan, A.S.; Zizina, N.A.; Prohoncukov, A.A.; Sazonova, V.I., 1968:
Condition of internal organs of August and Wistar rats maintained on a cariogenic diet of sucrose and casein

Kuttner, H., 1971:
Condition of occupation of farms

Bendtsen, B.A., 1972:
Condition of preservative-treated cooling tower slats after 10-year service

Gedenidze, A.A., 1971:
Condition of the forests in the Colchis lowland, and the development of measures to prevent succession of valuable woody species by Alder

Odincova, I.G., 1970:
Condition of the ovules before fertilization, in connexion with the fertility of tetraploid red clover

Curticapeanu, G.; Dorobantu, N., 1964:
Condition of the soil microflora in winter in the rhizosphere of winter wheat

Shaw, D.E., 1965:
Condition resembling blister blight of Tea on Tea seedlings in quarantine in New Guinea

Lee, I.M., 1967:
Conditional projections of California economic growth

Wilson, W.O.; Slopes, T.D., 1967:
Conditioned gonadal response of Japanese quail to cyclic photoperiod

Abdellatif, A.M.M., 1967:
Conditioned hypocuprosis: some effects of diet on copper storage in ruminants

Konyukhova, V.A., 1966:
Conditioned reflexes to verbal stimuli in pigs

Blumberger, W.; Glatzel, H., 1968:
Conditioned salivary response and its significance

Tomic, L.; Urosevic, P., 1964:
Conditioning Virginia tobacco in curing barns

Nakagawa, H.; Maeda, I.; Kawarada, Y., 1967:
Conditioning and equalizing during timber drying: moisture sorption and movement of dried timbers

Emch, F.; Zollikofer, E., 1969:
Conditioning and handling techniques in a central ripening store for Emmental cheese

Mcneal, X., 1966:
Conditioning and storage of soybeans

Dexter, S.T., 1966:
Conditioning dry bean seed (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) for better processing quality and seed germination

Marousky, F.J., 1970 :
Conditioning gladiolus spikes to maintenance of fresh weight with pre-treatments of 8-hydroxy-quinoline citrate plus sucrose

Shea, M.W., 1968:
Conditioning hops after drying-with particular reference to experiments at Wm. Alexander's Castle Farm, September 1967

Fric, V.; Drexler, O.; Makovec, K., 1967:
Conditioning hops under operational conditions

Grano, C.X., 1971:
Conditioning loessial soils for natural Loblolly and Shortleaf Pine seeding

Wyrwicka, W.; Dobrzecka, C., 1965:
Conditioning of centrally induced rumination in goats

Makovec, K., 1966:
Conditioning of hops

Shimomura, T.; Ohashi, Y., 1971:
Conditioning of local lesion formation by a brief heat or cold treatment of leaves systemically infected with TMV

Dorsser, J.C.Van, 1967:
Conditioning of planting stock - wrenching

Costa, A.S., 1969:
Conditioning of the plant toy one virus necessary for systemic invasion of another

Lepori, W.; Brown, C.; Leeper, P., 1970:
Conditioning onion bulbs in a mechanized production system

Dorsser, J.C.Van, 1970:
Conditioning trees by wrenching

Garcia, J.; Ervin, F.R.; Yorke, C.H.; Koelling, R.A., 1967:
Conditioning with delayed vitamin injections

Klobe, W.D.; Gast, R.G., 1970:
Conditions affecting cesium fixation and sodium entrapment in hydrobiotite and vermiculite

Wihrheim, E.S., 1965:
Conditions affecting development of Cytospora canker

Edmondson, R.H., 1970:
Conditions affecting hot-water treated cane gerasi-0atlon

Ronsen, K., 1971:
Conditions affecting quality of potatoes for crisp production

Cheever, A.W., 1968:
Conditions affecting the accuracy of potassium hydroxide digestion techniques for counting Schistosoma mansoni eggs in tissues

Croft, P.G., 1965:
Conditions affecting the central nervous system in small animals

Juska, F.V.; Kreitlow, K.W., 1972:
Conditions affecting the development and perpetuation of Zoysia rust

Anonymous, 1971:
Conditions affecting the development of pelargonium rust and possibilities of control

Permjakov, M.P., 1964:
Conditions ana economics of horticulture in north-east Kazakhstan

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Conditions and outfit of kolkhoz markets according to a simultaneous inspection

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Conditions and premises of the intensification of agriculture in the 1971-1975 period

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Conditions and problems connected with the introduction of soilless culture in greenhouse management

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Conditions conducive to establishing viable units in agriculture

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Conditions created by mechanization for extensive development of production

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Conditions determining change in the injuriousness of the cereal leaf beetle Zabrus tenebrioides Goeze (Coleoptera, Carabidae)

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Conditions Determining Effects of Far-Red and Red Irradiations on Flowering Response of Pharbitis nil

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Conditions favouring clubroot development in cabbage

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Conditions for and prospects of the abolition of grants to state farms

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Conditions for applying maleic hydrazide as a means of retarding sprouting and improving storage life in tubers, root crops and bulbs

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Conditions for controlling Apple scab

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Conditions for controlling an oil palm pest, Coelaenomenodera elaeidis

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Conditions for food use of plasticized PVC

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Conditions for growing hemp and seed quality

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Conditions for high-quality barking of wood

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Conditions for spore release of white rust of Composites. A. tragopogonis

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Conditions for symbiosis between legumes and nodule bacteria, and the effect of this symbiosis on the yield of legume crops

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Conditions for testing soft-rot fungi by the vermiculite burial test

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Conditions for the boron nutrition of tobacco in Bulgaria

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Conditions for the breaking of dormancy and germination of the seeds of Aesculus hippocastanum L

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Conditions for the control of apple scab

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Conditions for the development of Uncinula necator on the south coast of the Crimea

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Conditions for the development of co-operation in Africa

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Conditions for the experimental completion of the life-cycle of Schistosoma intercalatum

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Conditions for the experimental transmission of Cabbage black ringspot virus by Myzus persicae (Sulz.) to Turnip (Brassica rapa)

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Conditions for the germination of microsclerotia of V. dahliae in the soil

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Conditions for the initiation of gleying processes in soils of the Amur-Zel interfluve

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Conditions for the laboratory rearing of the true carrot fly, P. rosae

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Conditions for the limitation of weight losses in Golden Delicious apples during long-term storage in normal atmosphere cold rooms

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Conditions for the manifestation of fasciation

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Conditions for the productivity of work teams at unified agricultural co-operatives

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Conditions for the sale of German milk products in the Near-East

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Conditions for the spread of crown fires in Pine forests

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Conditions for the steady employment of members in agricultural co-operatives

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Conditions for the successful treatment of obesity. 1. Effect of age of the patient, degree of overweight and duration of obesity

Weisz , P.; Brixova , E.; Kolesar, P., 1970:
Conditions for the successful treatment of obesity. 2. Effect of metabolic factors

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Conditions for the use of nematicides in southern France and in North Africa

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Conditions for uredospore germination of the causal agent of Maize rust and uredospore infection

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Conditions for using aqueous ammonia on leached cinnamon forest soil in the Sofia region

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Conditions for using wheeled skidders

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Conditions for zoosporangial germination of downy mildew of Sunflower

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Conditions necessary for the introduction of autonomous administration in machine and tractor stations

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Conditions obtaining in the field of agricultural sales promotion and the function of information in advertising research

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Conditions of growth of the M1 and the nature of variation of plants

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Conditions of high infection for massive development of pea mildew. (Potatoes, vegetables, pulses, sunflower.)

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Conditions of hydro-mechanical homogenization of milk

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Conditions of life and the development of organisms

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Conditions of maintenance of fattening pigs and the quality of pig meat

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Conditions of managing hens and the incubating qualities of the eggs

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Conditions of milk production and the microflora of milk

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Conditions of non-development: the case of Lesotho

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Conditions of plant nutrition at different stages of plant-residue decomposition

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Conditions of rendzina occurrence in the Flysch Carpathian mountains

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Conditions of root nutrition of plants when herbicides are applied to derno-podzolic soils

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Conditions of shoot apex differentiation in tillers of perennial grass species during pre-winter period

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Conditions of soil nutrition of first-generation plants and variation in the M2 on treating barley seeds with gamma rays and some chemical mutagens

Anonymous, 1964:
Conditions of tenure on farms

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Conditions of the beak and claw in the budgerigar

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Conditions of the biosynthesis of protochlorophyllide in the needles of young Scots Pine seedlings

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Conditions of the occurrence of red stain in Aspen

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Conditions of weed germination

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Conditions promoting survival of sprouting seeds after freezing

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Conditions resulting from hepatitis, their diagnosis, differential diagnosis and treatment with special reference to diet

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Conditions under which oestradiol re-induces cyclic ovulation inhibited by progesterone in the rat

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Conditions which make the introduction of single-cross maize hybrids advantageous

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Conditions, restrictions, and prohibitions for importation of plants and plant materials into British Solomon Islands protectorate

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Condobolin tree and shrub establishment trial

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Conduct and interpretation of sawing tests

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Conductance of adsorbed alkali cations in aqueous and alcoholic bentonite pastes

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Conductance of adsorbed sodium ions in bentonite, silt, and sand mixtures

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Conductance of frozen bentonite suspensions

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Conductimetric and cation exchange capacity studies on the mixtures of clays, clay minerals and oxides

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Conductimetric micro-determination of atropine in the dry extract of Atropa belladonna leaves

Anonymous, 1964:
Conducting a labor force survey in developing countries

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Conducting pot experiment

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Conduction anaesthesia of the sciatic nerve in cattle

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Conduction cooling of table grapes

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Conductivity instrumentation for in situ measurement of soil salinity

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Conductivity of H-cIays in the presence and absence of electrolytes

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Conductometric and potentiometric titration of exchangeable aluminum

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Cone drier designed by I.P.Hrul'

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Cone insects of Grand Fir, Abies grandis (Douglas) Lindley, in British Columbia

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Cone opening, seed properties and plant percent as individual traits in Larix decidua

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Cone production by upper slope conifers

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Cone seeders for small plots

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Cone serotiny and inbreeding in natural populations of Pinus banksiana and Pinus contorta

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Cone serotiny of Lodgepole Pine

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Cone shaping sheds light on hedgerows

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Cone structure in our

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Cone-cutting activities of Douglas squirrels in Sequoia groves

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Cone-scale forms of Picea abies in Estonia

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Conenose Bugs (Triatoma) Visit Unoccupied Boy's Camp In Los Angeles

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Cones and seed of Pinus cembra in Retezat National Park

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Conesetting on Spruce grafts and parent trees

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Confection and process for preparing same

Falconer, R.; Hughes, E.T., 1970:

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Conference for the further education of animal breeding officers, Lienz, lst-3rd June, 1965

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Conference of agricultural economists at Miskolc

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Conference of dairy advisors and engineers held at the Federal Dairy Research Institute in Kiel during 7-10 Sept. 1971

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Conference of heads of libraries of agricultural colleges

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Conference of maize breeders, Ibadan, 5-7 February 1968, and the state of maize selection in Nigeria

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Conference of potato breeders, 24-25 March, 1964

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Conference of the Working Parties of the 'Chemistry of Foodstuffs' section of the E. German Chemical Society

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Conference of the socialist institutes for agricultural economics

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Conference on Intensive Beef Production, Verona, March 1965

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Conference on Breeding for Pig Improvement, held at Brighton, Sussex, April 13-15, 1966

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Conference on breast cancer in animals and man

Anonymous, 1964:
Conference on diseases of the gastro-intestinal tract and associated organs, Nairobi, January 1964

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Conference on economics, agricultural policy, rural sociology

Anonymous, 1969:
Conference on forest-tree genetics, selection and seed production. Synopses of reports

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Conference on fruit flies

Anonymous, 1967:
Conference on hereditary tyrosinaemia. Toronto, Ont., March 1966

Anonymous, 1966:
Conference on instrumentation for plant environment measurements

Anonymous, 1966:
Conference on instrumentation for plant environment measurements, Aspendale, Victoria, Feb. 1966. (Publ. Soc. Instrum. Technol., Australia)

Anonymous, 1971:
Conference on measures for improving the work of breeding and seed production of crop plants in the light of resolutions of the July (1970) Plenum of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

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Conference on methods of co-operation between rural sociologists in socialist countries

Anonymous, 1964:
Conference on national cotton trials, varietal resources, and seed production

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Conference on pests of field crops, Prague, 4th and 5th February 1965

Roguski, K., 1965:
Conference on potato degeneration held in Czechoslovakia between 7 and 10 July 1964

Anonymous, 1969:
Conference on protein-rich food products from oilseeds. New Orleans, La., May 1968

O'barr, J.F., 1970:
Conference on rural Tanzania

Anonymous, 1967:
Conference on the business economics of forestry 1967

Anonymous, 1968:
Conference on the chestnut, Centre of Agricultural Progress of Saint-Pons, 9 November 1967

Anonymous, 1964:
Conference on the feeding of workers,

Anonymous, 1969:
Conference on the goose, Jouy-en-Josas, May 1967

Anonymous, 1968:
Conference on the pediatric significance of peacetime radioactive fallout, sponsored by The American Academy of Pediatrics, San Diego, Calif., March 1966

Burghardt, E., 1968:
Conference on the social organization of production in the socialist agriculture of E. Germany

Anonymous, 1965:
Conference on the wood-paint interface, San Francisco 1964

Anonymous, 1968:
Conference on truffles, Avignon, 3 April 1968

Scelokova, Z.I., 1965:
Conference on utilization of cytoplasmic male sterility

Anonymous, 1964:
Conference organized by the Centre National des Expositions et Concours Agricoles on Fruit and Vegetables, their production, processing, consumption and distribution. Toulouse, 3rd April 1964

Tetteh, A., 1966:
Conference paper on joint project No. 26: sorghum, millet and maize. I. Sorghum breeding programme

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Conference report of the Pathology section in Pisa

Anonymous, 1964:
Conference review: processing of estate rubber

Anonymous, 1964:
Conference review: root diseases of hevea

Magy, E., 1964:
Conference to mark the 10th anniversary of the Hungarian veterinary control service in the meat industry

Anonymous, 1969:
Conferences on Phytopathology 1969. Proceedings. Cagliari 19-20 May 1969

Grossman, F., 1968:
Conferred resistance in the host

Okazaki, H., 1970:
Confidence in strain value measured with resistance strain gage

Heger, L., 1971:
Confidence interval for site index using curves based on stem analyses

Broemeling, L.D., 1969:
Confidence intervals for measures of heritability

Heady, E.O.; Venezian, E.S.; Pesek, J.T., 1965:
Confidence limits for economic quantities derived from experimental production functions

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Confidence limits for fluorescence tests of ryegrass (Lolium spp

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Confidence limits for seasonal rainfall: their value in Kenya agriculture

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Confidence limits for twin efficiency values

Trommer, R., 1966:
Confidence-limit determination when the estimator used has a systematic error

Morr C.V., 1966:
Configuration changes of beta -Iactoglobulin in aqueous urea solutions

Baumgras, J.E., 1971:
Configuration of Appalachian logging roads

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Configuration Of Guibourtacacidin, And Synthesis Of Isomeric Racemates

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Configuration of lactic acid in Emmental cheese

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Confined zones for seed potato production

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Confinement effects on drymatter digestibility coefficients displayed by deer

Ruse, M., 1969:
Confirmation and falsification of theories of evolution

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Confirmation by chemical synthesis of the structure of 4-ipomeanol, a lung-toxic metabolite of the sweet potato, Ipomoea batatas

Rabinowitz, J.L.; Banks, W.C.; Greenberg, C.M., 1964:
Confirmation Of A New, Rapid, Reliable Test Of Thyroid Function In Dogs

Yip, G., 1971:
Confirmation of chlorophenoxy acid herbicide residues by transesterification

Carbrey, E.A.; Stewart, W.C.; Kresse, J.I., 1969:
Confirmation of hog cholera diagnosis by rapid serum-neutralization technique

Rosay, B.; Nielsen, L.T., 1969:
Confirmation of ovarian cycles and longevities in some Utah mountain Aedes with a note on the presence of mites

Merriman, M.; Darcel, C.Q., 1964:
Confirmation Of Plasma Protein Changes In Avian Erythroblastosis

Mello, E.J.R., 1968:
Confirmation of resistance in the cotton borer to the action of chlorinated cyclodiene insecticides under laboratory conditions

Tomanek, J.; Prochazka, Z., 1965:
Confirmation of the influence of ionizing radiations on Dictyocaulus viviparus larvae in guinea-pigs

Marrou, J., 1969:
Confirmation of the non-transmission of lettuce mosaic virus by the seeds of the variety Gallega de Invierno

Bisiach, M.; Locci, R.; Ottaviano, E., 1971:
Confirmation of the presence in Italy of race T of Helminthosporium maydis

Dechamps, R., 1971:
Confirmation of the synonymy of Strychnos stuhlmannii and S. potatorum by a study of the wood anatomy

Marrou, J., 1969:
Confirmation that Lettuce mosaic virus is not transmissible by seed in the var. Gallega de invierno

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Confirmatory isolation and identification of a metabolite of carbaryl in urine and milk

Heichel, G.H., 1971:
Confirming measurements of respiration and photosynthesis with dry matter accumulation

Ploss, S.I., 1965:
Conflict and decision-making in Soviet Russia. A case study of agricultural policy 1953-1963

Deshen, S.A., 1966:
Conflict and social change: the case of an Israeli village

Paré, W.P., 1972:
Conflict duration, feeding schedule, and strain differences in conflict-induced gastric ulcers

Swartz, M.J., 1970:
Conflicting forces in Bena rural politics

Pearse, P.H., 1970:
Conflicting objectives in foest policy: the case of British Columbia

Norman, H.D.; Mcdaniel, B.T.; Dickinson, F.N., 1972:
Conflicts between heritability estimates on mature equivalent and herdmate-deviation milk and fat

Kawano, Shigeto., 1964:
Conflicts between local interests and national plans in relation to agricultural development

Twiss, R.H., 1969:
Conflicts in forest landscape management: the need for forest environmental design

Wibberley, G., 1972:
Conflicts in the countryside

Henderson, T.N., 1970:
Conflicts in the role of the agricultural extension officer in the Windward Islands

Roberts, S.O.; Lachapelle, J.M., 1969:
Confluent and reticulate papillomatosis (Gougerot-Carteaud) and pityrosporum orbiculare

Boots, M.R.; Boots, S.G.; Moreland, D.E., 1970:
Conformational aspects of ureas in the inhibition of the Hill reaction

Demianovschi, A.; Zavoi, I.; Zabava, I.; Fransua, V.M.rin, M.B.rcea, A.D.aconu, E.T.ut, V.; Gheorghitoiu, G.; Budurus, G., 1967:
Conformation and milk production of the F1 and R1 Jersey x Roumanian Brown crosses in the subalpine zone of the Muscel area. I. Body measurements and milk yield of F1Jersey x Roumanian Brown heifers

Barone, R.; Belkhayat, A., 1970:
Conformation and nomenclature of the equine cerebellum

Itoh, T.; Matsui, C.; Hirai, T., 1969:
Conformation changes in cauliflower mosaic virus

Levantin, D.L.; Epifanov, G.V., 1968:
Conformation characters and meat productivity of young Simmental and crossbred cattle under commercial crossbreeding conditions

Sierra Alfranca, I., 1971:
Conformation in sheep. Its effect on carcass yield and cuts

Sierra Alfranca, I., 1971:
Conformation in the sheep: its influence on carcass yield and cuts

Comberg, G.; Bauditz, I.; Munster, W., 1964:
Conformation of anterior udder-half in relation to use of milking machines and labour economy

Noelken, M.; Reibstein, M., 1968:
Conformation of beta-casein B

Garnier, J., 1966:
Conformation of beta -caseui in solution. Examination of a thermal transition between 5 degrees and 40 degrees C

Watts, L.E., 1966:
Conformation of cauliflower curds

Mache, R.; Waygood, E.R., 1970:
Conformation of chloroplast DNA in wheat leaves

Delage. J., 1968:
Conformation of dairy cows

Shih, T.Y.; Fasman, G.D., 1970:
Conformation of deoxyribonucleic acid in chromatin: a circular dichroism study

Saccomani, C.; Tamburro, A.M.; Vidali, G., 1971:
Conformation of derivatives of bovine alpha -lactalbumin obtained by cyanogen bromide attack

Herskovits, T.T., 1965:
Conformation Of Proteins And Polypeptides. I. Extension Of The Solvent Perturbation Technique Of Difference Spectroscopy To The Study Of Proteins And Polypeptides In Organic Solvents

Herskovits, T.T.; Mescanti, L., 1965:
Conformation Of Proteins And Polypeptides. Ii. Optical Rotatory Dispersion And Conformation Of The Milk Proteins And Other Proteins In Organic Solvents

Paisev, S.G., 1969:
Conformation type and meat production of young Russian Black Pied cattle in relation to sex

Velech, F.; Dolezal, J., 1970:
Conformation, lines and breeding effects of bulls of the Kravaf sky variety of Czechoslovakian Red Pied cattle

Boots, M.R., 1969:
Conformational aspects of carbamates in inhibition of the Hill reaction

Heber, U., 1969:
Conformational changes of chloroplasts induced by illumination of leaves in vivo

Timasheff, S.N.; Mescanti, L.B.sch, J.J.; Townend, R., 1966:
Conformational transitions of bovine beta -lactoglobulins A, B, and C

Pankratova, M.N.; Izmallova, V.N., 1972:
Conformations of casein and casein fractions

Bhatkar, A.; Whitcomb, W.H.; Buren, W.F.; Callahan, P.; Carlysle, T., 1972:
Confrontation behavior between Lasius neoniger (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) and the imported fire ant

Singleton, W.R., 1964:
Confusing, but hardly sordid

Namboze, J.M., 1964:
Confusion In The Preparation And Measurement Of Milk And Dairy Products At The Village Level

Westlake, W.E.; Murphy, R.T.; Gunther, F.A., 1966:
Confusion of identification of o,p'-Kelthane as heptachlor in orange rind extractives

Mitra, M.L., 1971:
Confusional states in relation to vitamin deficiencies in the elderly

Gilmore, L.O.; Fechheimer, N.S., 1969:
Congenital abnormalities in cattle and their general etiological factors

Dennis, S.M., 1965:
Congenital abnormalities in sheep

Dennis, S.M., 1965:
Congenital abnormalities in sheep in Western Australia. Results of analvsis of replies to the questionnaire on congenital abnormalities of sheep

Smith, G.K.A.; Scammell, L.P., 1968:
Congenital abnormalities occurring in a beagle breeding colony

Bland, K.P., 1970:
Congenital abnormalities of the uterus and their bearing on ovarian function (with three case reports on guinea-pigs)

Clifford, D.H.; Soifer, F.K.; Wilson, C.F.; Waddell, E.D.; Guilloud, G.L., 1971:
Congenital achalasia of the esophagus in four cats of common ancestry

Jaso, E.; Gonzalez-Coviellas, L.; Arbelo, A., 1965:
Congenital anaemia. 1. Normal blood values

Filkins, M.E., 1965:
Congenital and hereditable defects which interfere with the reproductive efficiency of domestic cattle (Bos taunts). A literature review

Stegenga, T., 1964:
Congenital anomalies in cattle

Ferm, V.H.; Kilham, L., 1964:
Congenital Anomalies Induced In Hamster Embryos With H-1 Virus

James, C.C.; Lassman, L.P.; Tomlinson, B.E., 1969:
Congenital anomalies of the lower spine and spinal cord in Manx cats

O'Hara, P.J.; Shortridge, E.H., 1966:
Congenital anomalies of the porcine central nervous system

Babik, J., 1967:
Congenital anomaly of the forestomachs in a cow

Erway, L.; Hurley, L.S.; Fraser, A.S., 1970:
Congenital ataxia and otolith defects due to manganese deficiency in mice

Rooney, J.R.; Franks,, 1964:
Congenital cardiac anomalies in horses

Dennis, S.M.; Leipold, H.W., 1968:
Congenital cardiac defects in lambs

Smith, R.S.; Hoffman, H.; Cisar, C., 1969:
Congenital cataract in the rat

Komar, G.; Meszaros, J., 1966 :
Congenital cerebellar ataxia in cats

Komar, G.; Meszaros, J., 1966:
Congenital cerebellar ataxia in the cat

Kahrs, R.F.; Scott, F.W.; D.L.hunta, A., 1970:
Congenital cerebellar hypoplasia and ocular defects in calves following bovine viral diarrhea-mucosal disease infection in pregnant cattle

Rezza, E.; Cardi, E.; Pisano, L., 1965:
Congenital chylothorax in the newborn. A case with a study of fatty acid composition of diet and chyle and a review of the literature

Sonnenschein, H.; Taschdjian, C.L.; Clark, D.H., 1964:
Congenital Cutaneous Candidiasis

Rhatigan, R.M., 1968:
Congenital cutaneous candidiasis

Priester, W.A.; Glass, A.G.; Waggoner, N.S., 1970:
Congenital defects in domesticated animals: general considerations

Johansson, I., 1965:
Congenital defects in mink

D.Groot, T., 1964:
Congenital defects. A theoretical consideration

Feldman, D.B.; Bree, M.M.; Cohen, B.J., 1968:
Congenital diaphragmatic hernia in neonatal dogs

Selmanowitz, V.J.; Kramer, K.M.; Orentreich, N., 1970:
Congenital ectodermal defect in miniature poodles

Anonymous, 1968:
Congenital eye defects in cattle

Gol'dman, I.L.; E.A., 1969:
Congenital eye disease in calves

Lampkin, B.C.; Pyesmany, A.; Hyman, C.B.; Hammond, D., 1971:
Congenital familial megaloblastic anemia

V.Mickwitz, C.-U., 1965:
Congenital foot and mouth disease in piglets

Harbutt, P.R.; Woolcock, J.B.; Bishop, J.N., 1965:
Congenital Forelimb Abnormalities In Calves

Stojemirovic, E.; Jokanovic, R.; Jankovic, I.; Adashevic, V., 1968:
Congenital galactosaemia in an infant 2 1/2 months of age

Hemmingsen, B.; Moller, T., 1968:
Congenital generalized hydrops in mink

Kaplan, B.S., 1970:
Congenital generalized lipodystrophy

Beauvais, P.; Vaudour, G.; Desjeux, J.F.; Balle, J.C.L.G.rot, J.Y.; Brissaud, H.E., 1971:
Congenital glucose-galactose malabsorption. A new case with a study in vitro intestinal absorption and study of the TmG

Carswell, F.; Kerr, M.M.; Hutchison, J.H., 1970:
Congenital goitre and hypothyroidism produced by maternal ingestion of iodides

Rac, R.; Hill, G.N.; Pain, R.W.; Wulhearn, C.J., 1968:
Congenital goitre in Merino sheep due to an inherited defect in the biosynthesis of thyroid hormone

Bruck, R.M., 1967:
Congenital head and brain malformations in mice homozygous for a recessive mutation

Patterson, D.F., 1965:
Congenital heart disease in the dog

Siller, W.G., 1968:
Congenital heart disease in the fowl

Luginbuhl, H.; Chacko, S.K.; Patterson, D.F.; Medway, W., 1967:
Congenital hereditary lymphoedema in the dog. II. Pathological studies

Sanders, D., 1971:
Congenital heredity lymphoedema

Dennis, S.M.; Leipold, H.W., 1968:
Congenital hernias in sheep

Hemmingsen, B.; Moller, T., 1968:
Congenital hydrops in mink

Idel'son, L.I.; Radzivilovskaja, E.G.; Levina, D.A.; Apollonova, L.A., 1970:
Congenital hypoferric anaemia amenable to treatment with vitamin B-6

Freudiger, U., 1965:
Congenital hypoplasia of the adrenal cortex in multicoloured Cocker Spaniels

Freudiger, U., 1965:
Congenital hypoplasia of the renal cortex in part-coloured Cocker Spaniels

Mazija, H.; Kralj, M.; Cvetnic, S.; Bombek, Z.; Zupancic, Z.; Herceg, M., 1967:
Congenital immunity in chicks from hens which had recovered from Newcastle disease

D.S.lva, M.M.; Brada, W., 1968:
Congenital immunity to Newcastle disease in chicks

Kilham, L.; Margolis, G.; Colby, E.D., 1967:
Congenital infections of cats and ferrets by feline panleukopenia virus manifested by cerebellar hypoplasia

Vicens Calvet, E.; Bertran Sangues, J.M.; Beltran Latorre, S.; Potau Vilalta, N., 1971:
Congenital intolerance of sucrose and starch

Levin, B.; Abraham, J.M.; Burgess, E.A.; Wallis, P.G., 1970:
Congenital lactose malabsorption

Christie, R.W.; Bergwall, W.L., 1964:
Congenital Leukemia

Baum, D.; Schweid, A.I.; Porte, D.; Bierman, E.L., 1969:
Congenital lipoprotein lipase deficiency and hyperlipemia in the young puppy

Sittmann, K.; Richards, W.P.; Abplanalp, H., 1965:
Congenital loco in a third species of domestic fowl

Richterich, R.; Donath, A.; Spahr, A.; Rossi, E., 1964:
Congenital Lysine Intolerance With Periodic Ammonia Intoxication

Bardens, J.W., 1965:
Congenital malformation of the foramen magnum in dogs

Praisler, P.; Apostol, C., 1965:
Congenital malformations affecting the genitalia of livestock

Richards, I.D., 1969:
Congenital malformations and environmental influences in pregnancy

Binns, W.; James, L.F.; Shupe, J.L., 1964:
Congenital malformations in lambs reproduced by feeding a poisonous range plant

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Congenital malformations induced by 6-aminonicotinamide in rabbit kits

Finger, K.H.; Hezog, A.; Rieck, G.W., 1969:
Congenital malformations of cattle encountered during 1968

van Nie, C.J., 1966:
Congenital malformations of the heart in cattle and swine. A survey of a collection

Hurley, L.S.; Swenerton, H., 1966:
Congenital malformations resulting from zinc deficiency in rats

Mehlhorn, I.; Rittenbach, P.; Seffner, W., 1970:
Congenital musclar hypoplasia in sucking pigs (splayleg)

Deutsch, K.; Done, J.T., 1971:
Congenital myofibrillar hypoplasia of piglets: ultrastructure of affected fibres

Addis, F., 1967:
Congenital neoplasms in cattle

Done, J.T., 1968:
Congenital nervous diseases of pigs: a review

Herzog, A.; Adam, R., 1968:
Congenital neuromyodysplasia (or arthrogryposis) of the hind-legs of calves. I. Pathology and histology of the musculature

Leipold, H.W.; Doige, C.E.; Kaye, M.M.; Cribb, P.H., 1970:
Congenital osteopetrosis in Aberdeen Angus calves

Lampkin, B.C.; Mauer, A.M., 1967:
Congenital pernicious anemia with coexistent transitory intestinal malabsorption of vitamin B12

McNicholl, B.; Egan, B., 1968:
Congenital pernicious anemia: effects on growth, brain, and absorption of B12

Cornelius, C.E.; Gronwall, R.R., 1968:
Congenital photosensitivity and hyperbilirubinemia in Southdown sheep in the United States

Tobias, G., 1964:
Congenital Porphyria In A Cat

Glenn, B.L.; Glenn, H.G.; Omtvedt, I.T., 1968:
Congenital porphyria in the domestic cat (Felis catus): preliminary investigations on inheritance pattern

Watt, D.A., 1971:
Congenital retention cysts of the epididymis in rams

Staemmler, M.; Helm, F.; Kiel, H., 1964:
Congenital skeletal malformations in rabbits

Grasbeck, R.; Kvist, G., 1967:
Congenital specific vitamin B12 malabsorption with proteinuria

Thurley, D.C.; Gilbert, F.R.; Done, J.T., 1967:
Congenital splayleg of piglets: myofibrillar hypoplasia

Hamori, D.; Ronay, G., 1965:
Congenital sterility in heifers

Christi, H.; Jr., 1969:
Congenital subinfundi-bular stenosis of the aorta in pigs

Marshall, W.C.; Lloyd-Still, J.; Seakins, J.W., 1967:
Congenital sucrase and isomaltase deficiency with temporary lactose intolerance

Leipold, H.W.; Huston, K., 1968:
Congenital syndrome of anophthalmia-microphthalmia with associated defects in cattle

Dvorak, A.M.; Gavaller, B., 1966:
Congenital systemic candidiasis. Report of a case

Plommet, M.; Renoux, G.; Philippon, A.; Gestin, J.; Fensterbank, R., 1971:
Congenital transmission of bovine brucellosis

Kast, A., 1970:
Congenital transposition of the aorta and pulmonary artery in cattle

Harding, J.D.J.; Done, J.T.; O'neill, P.A.F.; Macleod, D.H., 1964:
Congenital tremors in piglets and swine fever

Harding, J.D.; Done, J.T.; Darbyshire, J.H., 1966:
Congenital tremors in piglets and their relation to swine fever

Hartmannova, B.; Chroust, K., 1968:
Congenital trichinellosis

Liu, S.K.; Tashjian, R.J.; Patnaik, A.K., 1970:
Congestive heart failure in the cat

Anonymous, 1969:
Conglomerate trends in business structure

Singh, G., 1969:
Conglutinating complement absorption test in rinderpest. 1. Preparation of a suitable antigen

Singh, G., 1970:
Conglutinating complement absorption test in rinderpest. II. Rinderpest antigen-some observations

Singer, L.M.; Fava Netto, C., 1971:
Conglutinating complement fixation reaction in S. American blastomycosis

Cerný, L.; Celer, V.; Jelínková, E., 1970:
Conglutinin in the lymph of cows

Ingram, D.G.; Mitchell, W.R., 1971:
Conglutinin levels in dairy cattle: seasonal fluctuations

Anonymous, 1970:
Congo (Brazzaville)

Estupinan, J.; Hanson, R.P., 1969:
Congo red and trypan blue as stains for plaque assay of newcastle disease virus

Causey, O.R.; Kemp, G.E.; Madbouly, M.H.; David-West, T.S., 1970:
Congo virus from domestic livestock, African hedgehog, and arthropods in Nigeria

Degiorgio, F., 1969:
Congo's agricultural economy in brief

Anonymous, 1970:

Newell, R.S., 1966:
Congress agrarian reform policy: a case study of land redistribution in Northern India

Anonymous, 1967:
Congress of Mediterranean soil science. Excursion into Morocco. Vols 1 and 2. (Held in Sept. 1966)

Anonymous, 1967:
Congress of Mediterranean soil science. Excursion to Morocco. Vol. 1

Anonymous, 1966:
Congress on the Protection of Cultivated Tropical Plants. Proceedings

Anonymous, 1965:
Congress on the protection of tropical crops, Marseilles 1965. Timber protection

Anonymous, 1965:
Congress on the protection of tropical crops. An account of the proceedings 23rd-27th March 1965

Flowers, G.W.; Loftus Hills, G., 1971:
Congress report

Field, B.C., 1967:
Congressional bargaining in agriculture: cotton

Bender, L.D.; Hobbs, D.J.; Golden, J.F., 1967:
Congruence between aspirations and capabilities of youth in a low-income rural area

Bohlen, J.M.; Yoesting, D.R., 1968:
Congruency between occupational aspirations and attainments of Iowa young people

Clerk, G.C.; Ayesu-Offei, E.N., 1967:
Conidia and conidial germination in Leveillula taurica (Lev.) Arn

Wilson, H.M., 1966:
Conidia of Botrytis cinerea: labeling by fluorescent vital staining

Subramanian, C.V., 1972:
Conidial chains, their nature and significance in the taxonomy of hyphomycetes

Sreeramulu, T., 1970:
Conidial dispersal in two species of Cercospora causing tikka leaf-spots on Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

Loveless, A.R., 1971:
Conidial evidence for host restriction in Claviceps purpurea

Leinonen, S.; Kurkela, T., 1969:
Conidial germination of Wheat powdery mildew on water agar at temperatures from +5 degrees to +30 degrees C

Dzhanuzakov, A., 1965:
Conidial germination of the causal agent of powdery mildew of Sugar Beet

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Conidial production on artificial media by Cercospora sequoiae Ellis et Everhart 1. Effect of composition of media and environmental conditions upon sporulation

Kawasaki, T.; Nishimura, H.; Zinno, Y. , 1970:
Conidial production on artificial media by Cercospora sequoiae. (I) Effect of composition of media and environmental conditions upon sporulation

Pelletier, G.; Aubé, C., 1970:
Conidial size and contents in Verticillium as affected by environmental factors

Lucas, M.T.; Webster, J., 1967:
Conidial states of British species of Leptosphaeria

Shoemaker, R.A., 1964:
Conidial states of some Botryosphaeria species on Vitis and Quercus

Netolitzky, H.; Colotelo, N., 1965:
Conidiophores of Plenodomus meliloti

Subramanian, C.V.; Jain, B.L., 1964:
Conidiospore types in Cochliobolus sativus

Hammett, K.R.W.; Manners, J.G., 1971:
Conidium liberation in Erysiphe graminis. 1. Visual and statistical analysis of spore trap records

Cole, G.T.; Kendrick, W.B., 1969:
Conidium ontogeny in hyphomycetes. The arthrospores of Oidiodendron and Geotrichum and the endoarthrospores of Sporendonema

Kendrick, W.B.; Cole, G.T., 1969:
Conidium ontogeny in hyphomycetes. Trichothecium roseum and its meristem arthrospores

Madelin, M.F., 1969:
Conidium production by higher fungi within thin layers of liquid paraffin: a slide-culture technique

Meredith, Donald S., 1967:
Conidium release and dispersal in Cercospora beticola

Grand, L., 1968:
Conifer associates and mycorrhizal syntheses of some Pacific Northwest species

Grand, L.F., 1968:
Conifer associates and mycorrhizal synthesese of some Pacific Northwest Suillus species

Grand, L.F., 1968:
Conifer associates and mycorrhizal synthesis of some Pacific Northwest Suilhis species

Deppe, H.J.; Hoffmann, A., 1971:
Conifer bark for particle boards

Retkes, J., 1965:
Conifer breeding

Anonymous, 1966:
Conifer growing

Kuhne, H., 1966:
Conifer mortality near henhouses with fan ventilation

Bene, J.; Pall, M., 1968:
Conifer planting with large planting stock

Sanders, C.R., 1970:
Conifer propagation with light

Jablanczy, A., 1969:
Conifer reproduction in oldfield Spruce stands in the Maritimes

Gough, L.J., 1965:
Conifer resin constituents

Gashwiler, Jay S., 1967:
Conifer seed survival in a western Oregon clearcut

Salt, G.A., 1970:
Conifer seedling pathology

Anonymous, 1969:
Coniferous forests of the northern Rocky Mountains: proceedings of the 1968 symposium, Center for Natural Resources, September 17-20, 1968

Klenov, A.P., 1969:
Coniferous needles tested against Bothriocephalus in grass carp

Mironov, V.V.; Erusalimskij, V.; Anciferov, G.I., 1968:
Coniferous plantations on clear fellings with mechanized soil preparation

Singh, R.V., 1969:
Coniferous raw material potential of Himachal forests for pulp and paper industry

Rasanen, P.K., 1966:
Coniferous seedlings raised for forest plantations-grading criteria and methods

Buckley, A.R.; Brearley, A., 1967:
Conifers as ground covers and hedges

Anonymous, 1972:
Conifers in the British Isles: proceedings of the third conifer conference arranged by the Royal Horticultural Society, held in London, 5 to 8 October

Prax, J.L.; Parde, J., 1964:
Conifers in the N.E. of Herault

Apel, J., 1965:
Conifers in the atmospheric conditions of large towns

Kemp, E.E., 1971:
Conifers in the designed landscape

Molina R.A., 1964:
Conifers of Honduras

Fitzpatrick, H.M., 1965:
Conifers: keys to the genera and species, with economic notes

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