Concordance among clinical signs suggestive of malnutrition

Hillman, R.W.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 20(10): 1118-1124


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-9165
PMID: 6054526
Accession: 014394445

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The distribution of 12 selected tissue changes suggestive of malnutrition was assessed from records of 2729 nutrition clinic patients; possible correlations between these physical signs and hemoglobin levels were explored. The overall frequencies of the clinical signs ranged from 0.7% for acne vulgaris to 39.4% for gingivitis; the overall frequencies of associated lesions varied from 19.8% to 35.4%. Tissue changes that occurred with the greatest frequency tended to have the fewest associated lesions and vice versa. Significant concordance between individual signs was noted in 57 of 132 possible associations; significant negative associations were noted in 13 instances. Tissue changes were least common in subjects with the lowest hemoglobin concentrations. Few significant associations were noted between hemoglobin level categories and individual tissue changes.