Consumption of animal feed meal, vitamin and mineral feed-stuffs, oilcake concentrates and other pure and compound feed-stuffs during the last 25 years (in Sweden)

Andersson, A.

Jordbr.-ekon. Meddn, Stockholm 27(5): 149-72


Accession: 014395663

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The consumption of processed compound feeds increased from about 5, 000 tons (1939) to 758, 000 tons (1963/64). Together with oilcake, the total consumption figure was just over one million tons in 1963/64. Wheat-bran production rose from 134, 000 tons (1938/39) to 145, 000 tons (1963/64) of which 40 per cent. was sold to manufacturers of commercial compounds and 60 per cent. as straight feed.