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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14403

Chapter 14403 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Haugland, R.L., 1970:
Corporate surety bonds offer you a way to obtain low-cost credit

Coffman, G.W.; Scofield, W.H., 1969:
Corporations having agricultural operations, preliminary report II

Fernandez-Baca, S.; Hansel, W.; Novoa, C., 1970:
Corpus luteum function in the alpaca

McCracken, J.A.; Caldwell, B.V., 1969:
Corpus luteum maintenance in a ewe with one congenitally absent uterine horn

Grunert, E., 1969:
Corpus luteurn cysts in cows and their significance as a sterility factor

Ageishi, M.; Suzuki, S.; Masuda, M., 1970:
Corr lation between animal protein taken and hemoglobin and/or hematocrit

Makodzeba, I.A.; Fisyunov, A.V., 1967:
Correct application of herbicides

Tjutin, V., 1966:
Correct calculation of the real value of gross and net income

Hodzimuradova, P.H., 1965:
Correct choice of varieties and hybrids

Quinlivan, B.J., 1971:
Correct common names of herbage plants

Hilf, H.H.; Platzer, H.B., 1965:
Correct felling of trees in tropical forests

Anonymous, 1964:
Correct fertilizer application will raise the production of sugar-cane to the desired level

Tsvetanov, T.; Parashkevov, I., 1967:
Correct number of milking units for machine milking of cows

Bottcher, G., 1966:
Correct preparation of cutting tools

Issleib, G., 1964:
Correct soil working in forest nurseries

Dck., 1965:
Correct temperature for large-flowered chrysanthemums in autumn

Kozhev, A.; Velev, S., 1968:
Correct time for curd cutting and stirring, in the manufacture of 'Vitosha' and ewes' milk Kachkaval cheeses

Joost, Kr., 1964:
Correct weight of butter prints

Carmel, R.; Herbert, V., 1967:
Correctable intestinal defect of vitamin B12 absorption in pernicious anemia

Caulfield, D.F.; Steffes, R.A., 1971:
Correcting absorption errors in X-ray fluorescence analyses of preservative-treated wood

Koo, R.C.J.; Young, T.W., 1969:
Correcting magnesium deficiency of Limes grown on calcareous soils with magnesium nitrate

Koo, R.C.J.; Young, T.W., 1970:
Correcting magnesium deficiency of limes grown on calcareous soils with magnesium nitrate

Kacherauskis, D.; Kuprene, L., 1970:
Correcting the effects of chemical composition of milk fat on butter properties

Gusev, O.N.; Rushnov, N.P., 1971:
Correcting the sharpness angles of the knives in disk chippers

Miskus, R.P.; Look, M.; Andrews, T.L.; Lyon, R.L., 1968:

Armstrong Richard Lee, 1969:

Jur'eva, E.A.; Vel'tiscev, J. E.; Muhina, J. G.; Buravina, T.A.; Resetnikova, A.D.; Verbickij, V.I., 1971:
Correction by diet treatment of disorders of amino acid transport in disorders of the kidneys in children

Gavrilet, I.; Marandici, S.; Gran-Ciu, I., 1967:
Correction coefficients for the mature equivalents of the milk and fat production of cows

Laurincik, J.; Malik, J., 1966:
Correction coefficients for the wool production of Merino sheep

Nel, J.E., 1971:
Correction factors for Merino weanlings

Rasch, P., 1967:
Correction factors for some non-heritable effects on the milk yield of Black Pied Lowland cattle

Rasch, D., 1967:
Correction factors for some non-inherited effects on the milk production of German Black Pied cattle

Hartfiel, W.; Eriksson, S.; Adelmann, M.N., 1970:
Correction for N and estimation of metabolisable energy of feeds for poultry

Nagy, A.Z.; Vertes, P., 1968:
Correction for dry bulk density in measurements with neutron moisture gauges

Barrett, James, P., 1964:
Correction for edge effect bias in point-sampling

Makais, P.G.; Deist, J.; Heyns, C.F.G., 1969:
Correction for seedborne phosphate in the determination of labile soil phosphate

Yost, L.J., 1968:
Correction of Barhee bending by bunch handling practices

Robertson, B.T., 1970:
Correction of atrial flutter with quinidine and digitalis

Lysons, H.H.; Mann, C.N., 1965:
Correction of average yarding distance factor for circular settings

Read, P.E.; Sheldrake, R.; Jr., 1966:
Correction of chlorosis in plants grown in Cornell peatlite mixes

Buttfield, I.H.; Black, M.L.; Mason, E.K.; Hoffmann, M.J.; Hetzel, B.S., 1965:
Correction of iodine deficiency in New Guinea natives by iodised oil injections

Malo, S.E., 1967:
Correction of iron chlorosis of avocados growing in calcareous soils

Hilgeman, R.H., 1969:
Correction of iron chlorosis with iron chelaies in Arizona

Slowik, B., 1970:
Correction of magnesium deficiency in apple trees

Weir, C.C., 1971:
Correction of magnesium deficiency of Citrus trees in the Caribbean area

Settel, E., 1966:
Correction of malnutrition in the aged. Comparative efficacy of an anabolic hormone and an enzyme vitamin complex

Kassirer, J.P.; Schwartz, W.B., 1966:
Correction of metabolic alkalosis in man without repair of potassium deficiency. A re-evaluation of the role of potassium

Murphy, L.S.; Walsh, L.M., 1972:
Correction of micronutrient deficiencies with fertilizers

Iyer, J.G.; Lipas, E.; Chesters, G., 1971:
Correction of mycotrophic deficiencies of tree nursery stock produced on biocide-treated soils. (Miscellaneous Publication United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service No. 1189)

Catzeflis, J., 1971:
Correction of potassium deficiency in apples

Calvert, D.V.; Smith, R.C., 1972:
Correction of potassium deficiency of citrus with KNO3 sprays

Pedersen, E.J.N.; Moller, E., 1965:
Correction of silage dry matter for loss of volatile acids during drying

Santos, J.Q.Dos., 1965:
Correction of soil acidity

Primavesi, A.; Primavesi, A.M., 1968:
Correction of soil pH by biological methods

Littler, J.W.; Price, M.J., 1967:
Correction of sulphur deficiency in lucerne in the Warwick district, Queensland

Christensen, P.; Kasimatts, A.N., 1967:
Correction of vineyard zinc deficiency by soil injection of zinc sulfate solutions

Duncan, O.W., 1967:
Correction of zinc deficiency in linseed on the Darling Downs, Queensland

Duncan, O.W., 1967:
Correction of zinc deficiency in maize on the Darling Downs, Queensland

Duncan, O.W., 1967:
Correction of zinc deficiency in wheat on the Darling Downs, Queensland

Demars Jr., C.J., 1965:
Correction to A comparison of radiograph analysis and bark dissection in estimating numbers of western pine beetle

Eriksson, S.; Hartfiel, W., 1967:
Correction to N equilibrium in the estimation of the metabolisable energy of poultry feeds

Jadas-Hecart, J.; Gillet, M., 1965:
Correction to the Note on the tetraploidy of some populations of F. arundinacea Schreb

Siau, J.F., 1969:
Corrections for gas permeability measurement by the volume displacement method

Smith, A.N., 1972:
Corrections for resorption of phosphate during the extraction of aluminium-bound sou phosphate

Lunca, N.; Musetescu, M., 1966:
Corrective action of vitamins A and E in some forms of infertility in cows

Georgala, M.B., 1964:
Corrective control of red scale influences the control of the spring pest complex

Lineva, V.A., 1971:
Corrective effect of anabolic preparations on the protein composition of the blood in patients with acute coronary insufficiency

Roche, P.; Celton, J., 1971:
Corrective fertilizer dressing and maintenance of soil fertility. Experiments from 1964 to 1969. Part I: rice

Satkanov, E.T., 1964:
Corrective mating in breeding for crossbred wool

Yangarber, V.A., 1969:
Correctness of the calculation of problems of moisture transfer in soil

White, J.; Harper, J.L., 1970:
Correlated changes in plant size and number in plant populations

Brown, A.P.; Wray, J.L., 1968:
Correlated changes of some enzyme activities and cofactor and substrate contents of pea cotyledon tissue during germination

Wittmer, G., 1968:
Correlated characteristics in Nicotiana: resistance to P. tabacina A. and alkaloid content

Hickman, G.G.; Bowden, D.M., 1971:
Correlated genetic responses of feed efficiency, growth and body size in cattle selected for milk solids yield

Schlehuber, A.M.; Abbott, D.C.; Jackson, B.R.; Curtis, B.C., 1967:
Correlated inheritance of maturity and quality factors in a hard red winter wheat cross

Wall, J.R., 1967:
Correlated inheritance of sex expression and fruit shape in Cucumis

Rao, T.S., 1970:
Correlated response in brown sarson

Singh, M., 1967:
Correlated response in weaning weight to selection for post-weaning growth in mice

Ragab, M.T.; El-Hossari, M.A., 1969:
Correlated response to selection for high egg number in a closed flock of Fayoumi fowls

Craig, J.V., 1968:
Correlated responses in body weight and egg production traits in chickens selected for social dominance

Verghese, M.W.; Nordskog, A.W., 1968:
Correlated responses in reproductive fitness to selection in chickens

Wittmer, G., 1970:
Correlated responses in tobacco breeding

Miller, P.A., 1965:
Correlated responses to selection for increased yield and fiber tensile strength in cotton

Jain, H.K., 1966:
Correlated synthetic activities of chromosomes

Byth, D.E.; Weber, C.R.; Caldwell, B.E., 1969:
Correlated truncation selection for yield in soybeans

Carte, I.F.; Siegel, P.B., 1968:
Correlated-heritabilities of unselected traits : a check on procedure

Morrison, D.E.; Warner, W.K., 1971:
Correlates of farmers' attitudes toward public and private aspects of agricultural organization

Andersen, R.M.; Robert, L.E.chhorn., 1964:
Correlates of labor efficiency among older farmers in poor health

Sayed-Galal, Jr.; El-Waziri, S., 1970:
Correlating some heterotic growth measures expressed by embryocultured hybrid corn seedlings with the gamete vigor of their mature isogenic field grown plants

Mckimmy, M.D.; Ching, K.K., 1968:
Correlating specific gravities of branch and bole wood in young Douglas Fir

Bawa, M.S.; Gehlen, M.S.; Sharma, R.D., 1967:
Correlation (R) between milk yield (X) and post-partum oestrus (Y) in Haryana cows in different lactations

Malek, E., 1969:
Correlation analyses of cercarial exposure, worm load and egg content in stools of dogs infected with Heterobilharzia americana

Krastin', O.P., 1967:
Correlation analysis in agricultural economics

Levin, M.; Terent'eva, L.; Evstigneeva, L., 1968:
Correlation analysis of prime cost of egg production

Kralik, O.; Zemanek, F., 1970:
Correlation analysis of some relationships between indices of carcass value in cattle

Torres, E.O., 1971:
Correlation and calibration studies of chemical analysis in soils and plant tissues for nitrogen and available phosphorus

Toyao, T., 1965:
Correlation and genetical analyses of several characteristics at the stage of individual selection in the tea plant. Part 2. On the correlations among yield, number of leaves per plant and characters of the leaf in clonal varieties for green tea

Toyao, T., 1965:
Correlation and genetical analysis of various characters of the tea plant at the stage of individual selection. II. Correlations between the yield of strains for green tea, on the one hand, and leaf number and developmental leaf characters, on the other

Goggans, J.F., 1964:
Correlation and heritability of certain wood properties in Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.)

Penionzhkievich, E.E.; Penion-Zkevic, E.E.; Kolesnikova, G.N.; Shaknova Sahnova, L.V., 1970:
Correlation and heritability of the live weight and body measures determining the meat qualities in broilers

Singh, T.P.; Sagar, V., 1971:
Correlation and heterosis studies in varietal crosses of maize

Khan, S.A.; Ghulam Hussain Shad., 1965:
Correlation and inter-relationship among some important characters of Arachis hypogaea

Wu, Y.-L.; Shen, M.-L., 1971:
Correlation and path analysis of component characters related to lodging resistance in rice

Koenig, R.; Walter, T.L., 1966:
Correlation and path-coefficient analyses of components of yield in grain sorghum (Sorghum vulgare Pers.)

Booth, E.J.R., 1966:
Correlation and regression analysis

Kralik, O.; Zemanek, F., 1971:
Correlation and regression analysis of some indices of the carcass value of Czech Pied bulls

Ivanek, V., 1967:
Correlation and regression between the germination percentage under field conditions and the quantity of yield in maize

Ivanek, V., 1967:
Correlation and regression between the percentage of corn germination under field conditions and the level of yield

Moskal, V., 1971:
Correlation and regression coefficients between body measurements and fattening and carcass characters in pigs

Singh, M.; Sharma, K.C., 1969:
Correlation and regression studies between yield and its attributes in dwarf wheats

Janoria, M.P.; Ali, M.A., 1970:
Correlation and regression studies in cowpeas

Badwal, S.S.; Gill, K.S.; Singh, H., 1971:
Correlation and regression studies in linseed (Linum usitatissimum L.)

Khuspe, V.S., 1965:
Correlation and regression studies in peas (Pisum sativum L.)

Jaswal, S.V.; Gupta, V.P., 1966:
Correlation and regression studies in spreading types of groundnut

Goodman, Major, M., 1966:
Correlation and the structure of introgressive populations

Boucek, B., 1964:
Correlation between

Ortolani, A.A.; Camargo, A.P.D.N.va, N.A.V., 1966:
Correlation between 10-day values of potential evapotranspiration calculated by the Penman and Thomthwaite methods and data from evapotranspirometers in the region of Ribeirao Preto

Kallfelz, F.A.; Wasserman, R.H., 1972:
Correlation between 47Ca absorption and intestinal calcium-binding activity in the golden hamster

Eichner, H.W., 1964:
Correlation between 8-foot tunnel furnaces

Hashimoto, Y.; Arima, S.; Saito, Z., 1964:
Correlation between Golding plastic bead and gravimetric methods for the estimation of S.N.F. and factors affecting the estimation. I. The accuracy of plastic beads

Hashimoto, Y.; Arima, S.; Saito, Z., 1964:
Correlation between Golding plastic bead and gravimetric methods for the estimation of S.N.F. and factors affecting the estimation. II. Effect of preservation, freezing, heat treatment and collecting conditions of milk samples on the estimation of S.N.F. by Golding plastic bead method

Hunt, S.E.; McCosker, P.J., 1969:
Correlation between K1 and K2 in the fractional clearance of bromosulphthalein in cattle and sheep suffering from different hepatotoxic diseases

Slepyan, E.I.; Karatygin, I.V., 1968:
Correlation between U. maydis and the leaf tissue of Maize during the formation of the undulant form of blister smut

Penteado, L.A.; E.A., 1971:
Correlation between age at sexual maturity and total egg production in White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire hens

Hegedus, M., 1971:
Correlation between agricultural producer prices and production

Martynova, A.D., 1970:
Correlation between and inheritance of wool production characters in crossbred semifine-wooled sheep

Mcginnies, William, J., 1967:
Correlation between annual rings of woody plants and range herbage production

Otel, V.; Drume, C., 1970:
Correlation between ascorbic acid levels in blood and milk and sexual conditions in cows

Tseng, H.D.; Wang, C.H., 1964:
Correlation between available phosphorus of slate alluvial soils and response of rice. 1

Woolson, E.A.; Axley, J.H.; Kearney, P.C., 1971:
Correlation between available soil arsenic, estimated by six methods, and response of corn (Zea may L.)

Chisci, G.C., 1966:
Correlation between average quantitative characters of lucerne varieties cultivated as spaced-plants and broadcast sward

Intrieri, F.; D.P.olis, P., 1965:
Correlation between birth weight and weight at three and eight weeks in piglings of the Caserta breed

Fernandez, L.A.; Rettori, O.; Mejía, R.H., 1966:
Correlation between body fluid volumes and body weight in the rat

Penteado, L.A.; E.A., 1971:
Correlation between body weight and age of pullet at sexual maturity

Penteado, L.A.; Mercadante, G.D.s S.; Zirlis, A.E.F.; Filho, R.G.; Scott, W.N.; D.S.lva, R.M.B., 1971:
Correlation between body weight at sexual maturity, weight of 1st egg and weight of eggs laid in the first 45 days of laying in White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red and New Hampshire pullets

Desai, H.G.; Borkar, A.V.; Jeejeebhoy, K.N., 1968:
Correlation between body weight, acid output and parietal cell mass

Jimenez, J.A.; Damiano, A.; Siverio, C.; Macias, A.; Garrido, M., 1972:
Correlation between bone mass and calciuria in a group of old people

Brown, A.H.D., 1967:
Correlation between brix in juice and fibre in commercial hybrid sugar cane populations

Sehgal, O.P.; Jean, J.; Bhalla, R.B.; Soong, M.M.; Krause, G.F., 1970:
Correlation between buoyant density and ribonucleic acid content in viruses

Riser, W.H.; Shirer, J.F., 1967:
Correlation between canine hip dysplasia and pelvic muscle mass: a study of 95 dogs

Sruoginite, A.V., 1970:
Correlation between carboanhydrase activity and the content of flavin compounds in the leaves of various plants

Zubricky, J.; Tusanova, E., 1971:
Correlation between carotene and dry matter contents of maize silage

Lyubimov, E.I., 1968:
Correlation between cerebral waves and milk-ejection reflex in cows

Pesteanu, V., 1968:
Correlation between certain ecological factors and yield components in winter wheat in the conditions of the Jijua-Bahlui Depression

Sindagi, S.S.; Swarup, V.; Singh, D., 1970:
Correlation between characters contributing to yield in F2 progenies of intervarietal crosses in sorghum

Musijko, A.S.; Majster, A.N., 1968:
Correlation between characters in popcorn

Nakagawa, M.; Ishima, N., 1971:
Correlation between chemical constituents and the organoleptic quality of green tea liquors

Domanska, H., E.Al., 1969:
Correlation between chemical structures and biological activity of certain amide derivatives of phenoxyacetic acids

Ozol, A.M.; Ozols, A. ] Ejzenberga, V.T.; Eizenberga, V. ]., 1967:
Correlation between chromosome aberrations and morpholphysiological modifications of maize in the Mi following seed irradiation

Joost, K.; Anker-Kofoed, S.; Mattsson, N., 1967:
Correlation between composition of cheese milk and yield of Cheddar cheese

Rudas, B.; Reissert, K., 1969:
Correlation between concentration of serum free fatty acids and ketone bodies in alloxan diabetes

Ontko, J.A.; Zilversmit, D.B., 1966:
Correlation between concentrations of circulating free fatty acids and ketone bodies

Alpat'ev, A.V.; Ermolova, E.V., 1971:
Correlation between content of extracted substances in leaves of transplants and in the fruits in tomatoes

Aschkenasy, A., 1967:
Correlation between contents of large lymphocytes and gamma -globulins in rats depleted of protein. Effects of thymectomy and immunisation

Glinski, J.; Turski, R., 1965:
Correlation between copper content and distribution of humic acid fractions in soil

Babadzhanov, F.A.; Amanturdyev, B.T., 1971:
Correlation between cotton fibre length and other economically important characters

Leenheer, L.D.Boodt, M.D.Robberechts, E.Jr., 1967:
Correlation between crop yields in a toposequence of the Belgian loess loant landscape and the soil water economy during the years 1964 and 1965

Sorensen, F.C.; Campbell, R.K., 1971:
Correlation between dates of floral and vegetative bud flush in Douglas-Fir

Klepacki, J.; Kurpisz, W., 1969 :
Correlation between dielectric constant of butterf at and organoleptic properties of butter

Salvioli, G.P.; Allocca, G.; Ambrosioni, G., 1966:
Correlation between dietary fats and plasma and erythrocyte lipids in infants. Clinical observations and gas chromatographic study on full-term and premature infants fed 'humanized' milk

Kusmider, T., 1972:
Correlation between direct unit costs of production and the properties of field crops on large farms (in Poland)

Polikarpova, E.F., 1964:
Correlation between duration of oestrus and multiple births in Romanov ewes

Del Monte, R.; Bignetti, G.; Guidobono Cavalchini, L.; Paietta, C.; Rognoni, G., 1968:
Correlation between duration of suckling period and litter size at the next farrowing

Simonguljan, N.G., 1970:
Correlation between earliness and wilt resistance in tobacco

Simongulyan, N.G., 1970:
Correlation between early ripening and wilt resistance of Cotton

Korven, H.C.; Wilcox, J.C., 1965:
Correlation between evaporation from Bellani plates and evapotranspiration in orchards

Bernardo, S.; Homem, A.C.F., 1971:
Correlation between evapotranspiration and evaporation

Alpat'ev, A.V.; Ermolova, E.V., 1971:
Correlation between exitractives in seedling leaves and tomato fruit

Kiss, L.L., 1971:
Correlation between false heartwood and some morphological and phenological characters of Beech

Arroyo, P.; Arroyo, S.E.Q.D.P.rez Gil, S.E.; Chavez, A., 1972:
Correlation between family and infant food habits by scalogram analysis

Felinski, L.; Slotwinski, J., 1971:
Correlation between fatty acids composition in the intestinal juice and the wall of functionally normal and isolated small intestine of dogs

Nikolaidou-Varella, A., 1965:
Correlation between fertility data on bull semen from the Diavata Breeding Station and non-return rate of cows

Jain, R.C., 1969:
Correlation between functional and structural changes in liver in kwashiorkor

Badwal, S.S., 1971:
Correlation between grain and fodder yield in jowar

Yuezev, A.G.; Mogilevets, Yu. K., 1971:
Correlation between hardness and moisture content of Turkmenian takyr-like soils

Vieira, C.; Gomes, F.R., 1969:
Correlation between haulm and seed weight in bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) varieties

Gliha-Botic, N.; Gracan, R., 1969:
Correlation between heading and yield components in Dactylis glomerata and Lolium perenne

Shmidt, G.N., 1967:
Correlation between heat conductivity and electrical conductivity of soils

Carter, G.R., 1964:
Correlation Between Hemagglutinating Antibody And Mouse Protection In Antipasteurella (Pasteurella Multocida) Sera

Czerney, P.; Fiedler, H.J., 1968:
Correlation between humus Indices

Hustvedt, B.E.; Lovo, A., 1972:
Correlation between hyperinsulinemia and hyperphagia in rats with ventromedial hypothalamic lesions

Sonoda, R.M., E.Al., 1970:
Correlation between immobilization of zoospores by fungicides and the control of Phytophthora root and crown rot of transplanted tomatoes

Solomon, I.L.; Grant, D.B.; Burr, I.M.; Kaplan, S.L.; Grumbach, M.M., 1969:
Correlation between immunoreactive growth hormone and prolactin activity in human and simian pituitary cell cultures

Solov'ev, V.D.; Bektemirov, T.A.; Karakuyumchyan, M.K.; Bektemirova, M.S., 1970:
Correlation between interferon formation by individual animals and susceptibility to some viral infections

Shen, K.C., 1970:
Correlation between internal bond and the shear strength measured by twisting thin plates of particle-board

Fisher, J.D.; Hansen, D.; Hodges, T.K., 1970:
Correlation between ion fluxes and ion-stimulated adenosine triphosphatase activity of plant roots

Hanson, P.G.; Johnson, R.E.; Zaharko, D.S., 1965:
Correlation between ketone body and free fatty acid concentrations in the plasma during early starvation in man

Fabris, A.; Resmini, P.; Losi, L., 1970 :
Correlation between laboratory indices of nutritive value of dried milk products for calves and results of feeding trials

Dayies, H.Lloyd Nairn, M., 1964:
Correlation between lambing performance and incidence of cystic endometrium in ewes

Nagy, I., 1970:
Correlation between land quantity and valuation

Gallo, J.R.; Hiroce, R.; Rodriguez, O., 1966:
Correlation between leaf composition, yield and fruit size in Citrus sinensis

Monte, R.D.l Bignetti, G.; Guidobono Cavalchini, L.; Paietta, C.; Rognoni, G., 1967:
Correlation between length of lactation and number of piglets born at the following farrowing

Kalinowska, C.; Podgorski, W., 1969:
Correlation between level of protein-bound iodine in the blood serum and milk production in sheep

Puzzi, D.; D.A.ruda, H.V., 1964:
Correlation between levels of infestation by the mite P. oleivora and the occurrence of spots of Citrus rust

Kakizaki, Y., 1965:
Correlation between light and temperature affecting the tillering in rice plant

Popova, P.J.; Said-Azizov, D., 1971:
Correlation between lint length and outturn in cotton

Aleksiev, A.I.; Vankov, K., 1967:
Correlation between live weight and milk production in cows

Tibor, G., 1969 :
Correlation between live weight and milk production of cattle

Zemla, J.; Coto, C.; Kaplan, A.S., 1967:
Correlation between loss of enzymatic activity and of protein from cells infected with pseudorabies virus

Hackett, A.J.; Tucker, H.A., 1969:
Correlation between mammary nucleic acids of rats during immaturity and lactation

Whaley, W.H.; Zuspan, F.P.; Nelson, G.H., 1966:
Correlation between maternal and fetal plasma levels of glucose and free fatty acids

Vaczi, D., 1971:
Correlation between maturity date and yielding capacity in the 1969 small-plot maize tests. Evaluation of the yielding capacity of some two-line and four-line maize hybrids

Afanas'eva, N.N.; Panfilov, V.P., 1969:
Correlation between mechanical composition, field capacity and maximum hygroscopicity of soils

Manu, V.; Gheorghe, V., 1969:
Correlation between microflora of raw milk and of milk pasteurized at different temp

Petkow, K., 1968:
Correlation between milk yield and composition in Polish Black-and-White Lowland cows

Gondos, G.; Gheorghiu, A.S.ghin, F.I.nescu, G.; Cristea, V., 1966:
Correlation between milk yield and fat and protein contents in Roumanian Simmental, Brown and Red cattle

Makarov, V.M., 1967:
Correlation between milk yield and the fat content in the milk of cows of the Black Pied breed and its significance in selection work

Finzi, A., 1967:
Correlation between milkability and persistency of milk fat production in Red Danish Cattle

Lyubimova, E.E.; Shatilov, I.S., 1969:
Correlation between mineral nutrition and photo-synthetic activity of pasture plants

Szabo, B., 1969:
Correlation between modernization and concentration in (Hungarian) agriculture

Dumitriu, R., 1965:
Correlation between moisture equivalent and field capacity

Torres Bernal, C.; Ortega, E.; Moreno, R., 1964:
Correlation between nitrate content and yield in wheat and cotton

Gutstein, Y., 1969:
Correlation between nitrate-nitrogen, potassium and sodium in the leaf of the growing sugar beet and its yield and quality at harvest

Costin, I.D.; Petrica, L.; Garoiu, M.; Onică, P.; Pelle, A.; Dinu, N., 1964:
Correlation between origin and biochemical behaviour of salmonella gallinarum and salmonella pullorum cultures

Stipkovits, L.; Bereznai, T., 1967:
Correlation between pathological lesions and the occurence of Escherichia coli serotypes in chronic respiratory disease of poultry

Gomez, C.; P.L.; Onoro Cerra, P., 1968:
Correlation between physical characters and malting quality in lodged and unlodged barley

Gomez, C.P.L.; Onoro, C.P., 1968:
Correlation between physical characters and malting quality in standing or lodged barley

Fisher, D.A., 1969:
Correlation between pigment content and ultrastructure of chloroplasts of barley seedlings treated with selected herbi- cides

Fisher, D.A., 1968:
Correlation between pigment content and ultrastructure of chloroplasts of barley seedlings treated with selected herbicides

Andreyuk, E.I.; Kozlova, I.A., 1971:
Correlation between pigment formation and vitamin formation in soil mycobacteria

Roy, B., 1966:
Correlation between plant height and flowering time in jute (Corchorus olitorius L.). 2

Sacheti, A.K.; Saxena, S.N., 1968:
Correlation between plant uptake and different methods of extraction of soil cobalt

Zoz, N.N.; Sarycev, J. F., 1968:
Correlation between point mutations in the M2 and physiological and genetic effects in the M1 in the chemical mutagenesis of plants

Buruiana, L.M.; Hadarag, E.; Dumitrescu, J., 1972:
Correlation between polymorphism of seminal plasma and nervous behaviour of bulls

Travis, R.L.; Key, J.L., 1971:
Correlation between Polyribosome Level and the Ability to Induce Nitrate Reductase in Dark-grown Corn Seedlings

Omar, M.H., 1969:
Correlation between potential evaporation and meteorological and evaporimeter data

Omar, M.H., 1969:
Correlation between potential evapotranspiration and meteorological and evaporimeter data

Madshus, K.; Stromme, A., 1965:
Correlation between precipitation and the amount of 137Cs in milk in Norway

Eftimov, B.; Konstantinov, G.; Vasileva, I.; Venev, I., 1966:
Correlation between productivity and conformation in Sofia Brown and Grey Iskar cows

Engeler, W.; Herzog, H., 1965:
Correlation between progeny-tested sires and their sons

Casto, B.C.; Hammon, W.M., 1969:
Correlation between propagation of a bovine enterovirus and development of receptor-like material in tissue mince

Salah, E.; Galal, E.; Hazel, L.N.; Sidwell, G.M.; Terrill, C.E., 1970:
Correlation between purebred and crossbred half-sibs in sheep

Galal, E.S., 1965:
Correlation between purebred and crossbred paternal half-sibs and environmental factors influencing weaning weight in sheep

Pacucci, G., 1965:
Correlation between quantitative characters and yield in lucerne types in southern Italy

Kohl, Harry, C., 1967:
Correlation between rate of leaf initiation and apex diameter of Lilium longiflorum cultivar 'Ace'

Spitzer, J.J.; Nakamura, H.; Gold, M.; Altschuler, H.; Lieberson, M., 1966:
Correlation between release of individual free fatty acids and fatty acid composition of adipose tissue

Mitscherlich, E.; Hogreve, F.; Koch, J.; Scupin, E., 1966:
Correlation between resistance to mastitis and blood group factors in Black Pied Lowland cattle

Fuzatto, M.G.; Ferraz, C.A.M., 1966:
Correlation between response of cotton to fertilizers and percentage base saturation in various Sao Paulo soils

Leonards, J.R., 1970:
Correlation between results of a new T-3 test and the percentage of free thyroxine in serum

Marchoux, G., 1969:
Correlation between ribonuclease activity and inhibition of virus infection in leaf extracts from different species

Mutibaric, J., 1967:
Correlation between ring width and wood density in Euramerican Poplars

Florea, N.; Stoica, E Manes, D., 1964:
Correlation between saturation with different exchangeable cations and degree of base saturation in zonal soils of Rumania

Grollman, E.F.; Ginsburg, V., 1967:
Correlation between secretor status and the occurrence of 2'-fucosyllactose in human milk

Nabokikh, K.I.; Viyashev, G.Z., 1970:
Correlation between seed characteristics and productivity of the progenies of mono-germ sugar beet

Moh, C.C Alan, J.J., 1971:
Correlation between seed-coat color and the seedling characters in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Manoliu, M.; Craciun, T.; Pirvu, T., 1966:
Correlation between segregation and heredity in crosses between different varieties of winter wheat

Jarosz, S.; Branny, J., 1966:
Correlation between semen evaluation at state A.I. centres and the results of insemination under field conditions

Ilancic, D.; Adilovic, S., 1966:
Correlation between serum alkaline phosphatase activity and fattening characteristics of pigs

Ishiguro, K.; Nakakuma, M.; Uruno, K.; Noie, Y., 1968:
Correlation between serum protein composition and serum tryptophan content of farming-, fishing- and mountain villagers

Macha, J., 1965:
Correlation between sexual potency in bulls and milk production of their dams

Macha, J., 1965:
Correlation between sexual potency in genealogical lines of Red Pied bulls and milk production of their dams

Boyd, L.H., 1969:
Correlation between sire and progeny performance, breed comparisons and heritability estimates on growth of lambs sired by Southdown, Southdown-Hampshire crossbred and Hampshire rams

Fuzatto, M.G.; Ferraz, C.A.M., 1967:
Correlation between soil analysis and response of cotton to potassium

Costache, D., 1966:
Correlation between soil moisture aed the nutrient requirement of soybeans at various stages of vegetative growth

Fonseca, R.; Dias, A.C.; Pinho, A.; E.A., 1969:
Correlation between soil phosphorus content and growth of maize in microplot experiments in soils of the cacao region of Bahia

Tsai, C.F.; Ling, K.C.; Chien, M.Y.; Hsien, S.S., 1966 :
Correlation between soil phosphorus content and response of tobacco to phosphorus fertilizer

Fiskell, J.G.A.; Martin, F.G.; Nesmith, J.; E.A., 1970:
Correlation between soil test and saturated extract determinations

Zieba, J., 1964:
Correlation between some blood indices in Polish Red heifers and their milk yield in the first lactation

Kalinkowa, G.; Stoikow, I., 1964:
Correlation between some constituents of ewe's milk

Domanski, J.; Panczyszyn, H.; Zaczek, J., 1966:
Correlation between some features of the psoas major muscle and indices of bacon carcass leanness

Frattini, C.T.A.; Kalckmann, R.E., 1967:
Correlation between some methods of carbon determination

Altaf Hussain Chaudhry Zainulabedin Munshi., 1964:
Correlation between some plant characters of Nicotiana tabacum varieties and their F1 hybrids

Sharma, T.R.; Kaul, A.K., 1971:
Correlation between some quality characters and protein determinants in bread wheat

Schmalz, H.; Mettin, D., 1965:
Correlation between stage of development and GA sensitivity in spring barley

Dabbah, R.; Moats, W.A., 1966:
Correlation between standard plate count and four direct microscopic count procedures for milk

Vieira, C.; Gomes, F.R., 1969 :
Correlation between straw weight and seed weight in varieties of French bean, Ph. vulgaris L

Vieira, C.; Gomes, F.R., 1969:
Correlation between straw weight and seed weight in varieties of beans (Phaseolus vulgaris)

Zelazna-Kowalska, I., 1971:
Correlation between streptomycin resistance and infectiveness in Rhizobium trifolii

Avasthy, P.N., 1968:
Correlation between sugarcane borer (Chilotraea infuscatella Snell.) attack and yield in sugarcane

Vorreiter, L., 1966:
Correlation between swelling of wood and timber dimensions and temperature

Ratajszczak, M.; Wozny, M., 1969:
Correlation between tail thickness and some carcass characters in Polish Large White bacon pigs

Sharma, P.P.; Dhawan, N.L., 1968:
Correlation between tassel and ear characters and yield in maize

Laszlo, L., M.; Laszlo, C., 1969:
Correlation between tenderness of fresh and processed green peas as measured with the finometer and as determined chemically

Ralska Jasiewicz, M., 1964:
Correlation between the Holocene history of the Carpinus betulus and prehistoric settlement in North Poland

Parnas, J.; Zalichta, S.; Sidor-Wjtowicz, A., 1967:
Correlation between the adsorption potency of receptors for phages and the immuno-genicity of Brucellae

Markus, F., 1969:
Correlation between the age and fertilization of red pepper pistil

Hulea, A.; Comes, L.; Hatmanu, M.; Cebotaru, V.; Bellu, V.; Ursu, C.; Mustea, D.; Munteanu, I., 1965:
Correlation between the appearance and development of Wheat rusts and climatic conditions in 1958-62

Gill, R.S.; Singh, R.; Ananta-Krishnan, C.P., 1971:
Correlation between the bodyweight and the linear body measurements of growing zebu and cross bred animals

Rognoni, G.; Crimella, C., 1969:
Correlation between the calving interval, first heat and calving, and conception in cows bred in free and traditional stalls in the same agricultural managerial environment

Hess, E.; Egger, B., 1969:
Correlation between the cell count in milk as determined by the Coulter counter and the results of histological and bacteriological examinations

Aranguelov, A., 1971:
Correlation between the colour of the anthers and male sterility in peaches

Sawicka, J., 1965:
Correlation between the content of fat and protein in the milk of cows

Sawicka, J., 1965:
Correlation between the contents of fat and protein in milk

Medvedev, I.K.; Kalantar, I.L., 1964:
Correlation between the contents of free fatty acids and glucose in the blood of lactating cows

Naidenov, T., 1967:
Correlation between the crude and digestible protein contents in fodders

Matolcsy, G.; E.H.mmady, M.; Kiraly, Z., 1968:
Correlation between the cytokinin-like activity and the inhibitory action on TMV infection of some pyrimidine antimetabolites

Jereb, O., 1972:
Correlation between the d.b.h. and crown diameter of Picea abies

Coha, F.; Janjic, V., 1970:
Correlation between the degradation dynamics and efficiencies of some herbicides

Chernyakhovskaya, I.Y.; Shagiyan, G.S.; Svet-Moldavski, G.Y., 1971:
Correlation between the degree of Trichinella spiralis infection of mice and suppression of transplantation immunity

Pacurar, I.; Sarca, V., 1966:
Correlation between the degree of hybridity and yield in some maize double hybrids

Lai, C.Y.; Leung, K.W., 1969:
Correlation between the development of reddish brown latosols and black andesite soils in Yangmingshan

Konishi, K.; Inaba, K., 1964:
Correlation between the development of the flower in the bulb and the growth and flowering of tulips forced in a warm greenhouse

Russek, M.; Stevenson, J.A., 1972:
Correlation between the effects of several substances on food intake and on the hepatic concentration of reducing sugars

Eryhov, B.P.; Kotov, V.S.yrnikov, J. P., 1970:
Correlation between the elastic and strength properties of compreg laminates

Meszaros, S., 1971:
Correlation between the fertilizer application models and the existing economic situation (in Hungary)

Misovic, M.S., 1969:
Correlation between the flowering phase, the length of vegetative period and the time of full ripening of corn (Zea mays L

Rifaat, M.A.; Awwaad, S.; el-Mahallawy, M.N.; Helmy, O.; Essawy, M.; Ismail, I., 1969:
Correlation between the fluorescent antibody technique (F.A.T.) and other laboratory investigations used in testing for bilharziasis among Egyptian children. Validity of the F.A.T. in excluding schistosomiasis

Akonjan, R.P., 1964:
Correlation between the frost resistance and morphological and economically important qualities of hybrid grape progeny

Laktic, Z.; Sviben, M.; Pesic, N., 1969:
Correlation between the gain of body weight and the food conversion rate in fattened gilts

Hamawaki, M., 1971:
Correlation between the growth and urinary hydroxyproline in infant and childhood. I. The effects of the different diets and age on the hydroxyproline in the urine of normal infants and the correlation between the urinary hydroxyproline and the gain of height and body weight, urinary creatinine, uric acid, calcium and phosphorus

Hosty, T.S.; Burton, O.; Macdonald, H.; Darken, M.A., 1967:
Correlation between the Histoplasmin Tine Test and the standard histoplasmin intradermal test

Giacomelli, E.J.; Pinto, H.S.; Roessing, C., 1969:
Correlation between the incidence of Pineapple gummosis and rainfall, temperature and relative humidity in the Limeira region, Sao Paulo

Giacomelli, E.J.; Pinto, H.S.; Roessino, C., 1969:
Correlation between the incidence of pineapple gnmmosis and rainfall, temperature and relative humidity in the region of Limeira, Sao Paulo

Vakula, V.S., 1964:
Correlation between the intensity of light and the value of the ratio of chlorophyll a : b in arboreal plants

Casati, R.; Magnani, G., 1966:
Correlation between the interval from weaning to the reappearance of oestrus and litter size in the sow

Baier, W.; Leidl, W., 1964:
Correlation between the lactation stage, the bacterial content of the milk and the Schalm mastitis test

Grin, A.M., 1971:
Correlation between the magnitude of infiltration and the properties of the soil cover

Ioffe, A.A., 1968:
Correlation between the movement of leaves and flowering of Perilla ocymoides L

Bicanin, M., 1966:
Correlation between the number of teats in the sow and the number of piglets born live, in relation to udder asymmetry

Takeuchi, H.; Muramatsu, K., 1971:
Correlation between the nutritive value of dietary protein and the activity of kidney transamidinase of growing rats

Hansson, P.; Isaksson, A., 1964:
Correlation between the occurrence of mastitis and the results of the California mastitis test on tank samples

Dobrzanski, B., 1965:
Correlation between the occurrence of rendzinas in the Lublin upland and the action of water erosion

Baltina, A., 1965:
Correlation between the qualitative evaluation of derno-podzolic soils and their properties and yield potential

Verfaillie, G.R.M., 1969:
Correlation between the rate of growth of rice seedlings and the P-indices of the chemical test of Piccardi. A solar hypothesis

Lugo-Lopez, M.A.; Juarez, J.; Perez-Escolar, R., 1970:
Correlation between the rate of water intake of tropical soils at hourly intervals to the 8th hour

Sebela, F.; Klicnik, V., 1969:
Correlation between the rennet coagulation time of milk and its contents of protein and casein fractions

Bel'tyukova, K.I.; Gvozdyak, R.I., 1964:
Correlation between the resistance in Cabbage to vascular bacteriosis, phytoncide activity of its leaves, and the presence in them of mustard oil

Beinare, A.Ya., 1970:
Correlation between the results obtained by various methods for determining nutrients in soil

Rifaat, M.A.; Khalil, H.M., 1965:
Correlation Between The Results Of Intradermal And Complement Fixation Tests In The Diagnosis Of Urinary Schistosomiasis

Bercan, A.; Muntiu, N.; Dohotaru, V.; Tomescu, A., 1969:
Correlation between the serum neutralization test in baby mice and cross immunization to foot and mouth disease in cattle

Zhdanova, E.A.; Alekseeva, N.Y., 1969:
Correlation between the stability of milk in the alcohol test and some other milk characteristics

Baccari, F.; Jr.; Kuchembuck, M.R.G.; Moraes Barros, H., 1970:
Correlation between the start of rumination and weight gain in zebu calves

Kan'sina, M.V., 1965:
Correlation between the sugar content of the pollen and pistils of cherry and the hardiness of the flower buds

Skriabin, G.K.; Golovlev, E.L.; Golovleva, L.A.; Andreev, L.V.; Finkel'shteĭn, Z.I., 1971:
Correlation between the taxonomic position of soil mycobacteria and their ability to transform aromatic hydrocarbons

Dobrzanski, B.; Przybysz, T.; Szot, B., 1968:
Correlation between the yield of fibre flax and the typology, fertility and valuation class of soils

Kijak, Z., 1968:
Correlation between the yield of milk and its components and between the individual components

Kovacs, I., 1970:
Correlation between the yielding ability of maternal single crosses, and that of hybrids produced by identical paternal single crosses

D.Silva, P.L.G., 1966:
Correlation between time of egg lay and egg weight

Hajd U M., 1967:
Correlation between time of planting and components of yield in the 'G ulbaba' potato

Shen, K.C., 1970:
Correlation between torsion-shear strength and modulus of rupture of particle-board

Hernando, V.; Sanchez, C.P.P.; Ortega, B.C., 1970:
Correlation between tosacity symptoms, ionic relationships in the maize plant and levels of humic acid applied to the crop

Zardi, O.; Pana, A.; Nobili, G.; Giorgi, G.; Gabrielli, G., 1968:
Correlation between tosoplasma infection of animals and man. III. Imraunobiological research on rabbits, cats, guinea pigs and their human attendants

Khanna, A.N.; Lal, S.; Srivastava, B.P.; Pathak, M.M., 1969:
Correlation between total soluble solids and vitamin C content in water-melon and musk-melon

Kiuchi, K.; Nakamura, M.; Kubota, Y.; E.A., 1964:
Correlation between total weight, actual volume, solid volume and liquid volume

Hernando, V.; Sanchez Conde, M.P.; Ortega, B.C., 1970:
Correlation between toxicity symptoms and ionic relationships in maize and rates of applied humic acid

Gliha-Botic, N.; Gracan, R., 1968:
Correlation between type of growth and factors of yield structure in Dactylis glomerata and Lolium perenne

Chikkappa, G.; Corcino, J.; Greenberg, M.L.; Herbert, V., 1971:
Correlation between various blood white cell pools and the serum B12-binding capacities

Dana, S.; Chaudhuri, B.B.; Basak, S.L., 1969:
Correlation between vascular bundles and panicle characters in rice

Colov, V.; Jovcev, E.; Georgiev, P., 1969:
Correlation between vitamin C, antibody formation and sialic acids in chickens

Nemky, E., 1965:
Correlation between water content, frost resistance and starting of germination of the acorn of Quercus pubescens

Pinter, K.G.; McLean, A., 1968:
Correlation between weight, nitrogen, and fat content of stool

Minieri, L.; Franciscis, G.D.I.trieri, F.; Biasio, R.D., 1968:
Correlation between yield and composition of milk of buffaloes

Singh, D.P.; Velanker, S.V.; Srivastava, M.S., 1970:
Correlation between yield and yield components in wheat (T. aestivum) under rainfed conditions

Il'inskii, V.V.; Shishkina, N.G., 1968:
Correlation between yield of grain crops and properties of derno-podzolic soils

Finkner, R.E.; Redabaugh, H.S.; Doxtator, C.W., 1966:
Correlation coefficient studies of testers and parents for combining ability in sugar beets

Babkow, G., 1971:
Correlation models of production and perfection of analysis and planning

Boni, A.L., 1966:
Correlation of 137Cs concentration in milk, urine and the whole body

Herzen, E.I., 1966:
Correlation of A-vitamin activity of milk with different factors

Yuan, T.L.; Breland, H.L., 1970:
Correlation of AI and Fe as extracted by different reagents with phosphate retention in several soil groups

Scott, D.; Hillier, R.D.; Billings, W.D., 1970:
Correlation of CO2 exchange with moisture regime and light in some Wyoming subalpine meadow species

Hodzakov, O., 1969:
Correlation of Karakul embryo weight and quality with dam's weight

Nair, K.K.; Sivaramakrishnan, N.H., 1970:
Correlation of Metrolac d.r.c. with actual d.r.c. of field latex

Estes, A.P.; Brakke, M.K., 1966:
Correlation of Polymyxa graminis with transmission of soil-borne wheat mosaic virus

Anonymous, 1965:
Correlation of Young's modulus with the molecular organization of cell-walls

Endicott, L.E.; Frost, T.R., 1967:
Correlation of accelerated and long term stability tests for wood-based composite products

Dietz, A.A.; Hodges, L.K., 1967:
Correlation of activities of the phosphatase of the urine and serum of normal and cirrhotic persons

Hackler, L.R.; Stillings, B.R.; Polimeni, R.J., 1967:
Correlation of amino acid indexes with nutritional quality of several soybean fractions

Warnes, D.D.; Schmidt, J.W.; Johnson, V.A., 1971:
Correlation of artificial crown freezing survival with natural survival in winter barley

Pathak, A.N.; Shankar, H.; Misra, R.Y., 1969:
Correlation of available molybdenum values obtained by different methods to molybdenum uptake by alfalfa

Otto, E., 1969:
Correlation of back muscle and backfat in growing pigs in different weight categories

Kramer, P.R., 1964:
Correlation of bending strength and stiffness of Southern Pine

Comberg, G.; Meyer, H.; Groning, M., 1964:
Correlation of beta -lactoglobulin type in cattle with age at first calving, milk yield and butterfat content of milk

Sharma, P.K., 1969:
Correlation of birth weights and weights at one and six months of age of cross-bred calves

Wilson, W.S., 1968:
Correlation of carbon dioxide release from incubated soils of different texture, treated with various organic materials, and nitrogen uptake by leaves of S24 ryegrass and make

Fryman, L.R.; Meyerholz, G.W.; Erickson, R.S., 1965:
Correlation of catalase test results with mastitis incidence and herd management practices

Tymoaenko, I.I., 1967:
Correlation of certain characters in intervarietal hybrids of potato

Barthelmess, I., 1964:
Correlation of characters and selection in A. thaliana (L.) Heynh

Rapoport, E.I., 1969:
Correlation of characters in French bean

Rudenko, L.S., 1968:
Correlation of characters in cotton

Popov, P.V., 1971:
Correlation of characters in cotton

Musijko, A.S.; Trofimov, V., 1965:
Correlation of characters in maize inbred (lines and hybrids)

Timofeev, A.A., 1970:
Correlation of characters in vetch

Perry, A.S.; Fay, R.W., 1967:
Correlation of chemical constitution and physical properties of fatty acid esters with oviposition response of Aedes aegypti

Biehn, W.L.; Dimond, A.E., 1971:
Correlation of chemically induced root injury with a reduction of Fusarium wilt of tomato

Nagl, W., 1970:
Correlation of chromatin structure and interphase stage in nuclei of Allium flavum

Comberg, G., 1969:
Correlation of constituents in cows' milk

Nass, H.G.; Zuber, M.S., 1971:
Correlation of corn (Zea mays L.) roots early in development to mature root development

Nevolin, O.A., 1967:
Correlation of crown diameters and tree diameters in mixed Scots Pine/Birch stands

Ruppel, E.G., 1972:
Correlation of cultural characters and source of isolates with patho-genicity of Rhizoctonia solani from sugar beet

Pyshenkin, A.D.; Verbitskaya, G.P., 1970:
Correlation of economic and constitutional traits in Latvian Darkheaded sheep

Thomas, P.E.; Fulton, R.W., 1968:
Correlation of ectodesmata number with nonspecific resistance to initial virus infection

Rolan, R.G.; Gier, H.T., 1967:
Correlation of embryo and placental scar counts of Peromyscus maniculatus and Microtus ochrogaster

Wright, R.H., 1971:
Correlation of far infrared spectra and Mediterranean fruit fly (Diptera : Tephritidae) attraction

Hiller, C.H., 1964:
Correlation of fibril angle with wall thickness of tracheids in summerwood of Slash and Loblolly Pine

Porter, B.M.; Comfort, B.K.; Menges, R.W.; Habermann, R.T.; Smith, C.D., 1965:
Correlation Of Fluorescent Antibody, Histopathology, And Culture On Tissues From 372 Animals Examined For Histoplasmosis And Blastomycosis

Kahn, S.B.; Fein, S.; Rigberg, S.; Brodsky, I., 1970:
Correlation of folate metabolism and socioeconomic status in pregnancy and in patients taking oral contraceptives

Matatov, P.J.; Matatova, E.R., 1966:
Correlation of grain-protein with yield

King, D.D.; Chute, H.L., 1969:
Correlation of gross and microscopic pathology of skin and nerve lesions from condemned broilers

Nadchatram, M., 1970:
Correlation of habitat, environment and color of chiggers, and their potential significance in the epidemiology of scrub typhus in Malaya (Prostigmata: Trombiculidae)

Shah, S.; Ahmed, M.S., 1967:
Correlation of height with yield, its components and protein content in wheat (T. vulgare L.)

Parsons, R.M.; Staples, G.E., 1970:
Correlation of heterophil agglutinins with the complete blood counts of auction calves

Chaparas, S.D.; Sheagren, J.N.; DeMeo, A.; Hedrick, S., 1970:
Correlation of human skin reactivity with lymphocyte transformation induced by mycobacterial antigens and histoplasmin

Smithies, L.K.; Olson, C., 1964:
Correlation Of Immunofluorescence And Infectivity In The Developing Bovine Cutaneous Papilloma

Yamakawa, K.; Sparrow, A.H., 1965:
Correlation of interphase chromosome volume and reduction of viable seed set by chronic irradiation in 21 plant species

Gregory, G.F., 1971:
Correlation of isolability of the Oak wilt pathogen with leaf wilt and vascular water flow resistance

Garrido, T.G.; Aguedan, H.B., 1966:
Correlation of kapok pod characters to the yield of clean floss

Kamalanathan, S., 1966:
Correlation of lint yield and its components in cotton (G. arboreum L.)

Williams, J.N.; Jacobs, R.M.; Hurlebaus, A.J., 1966:
Correlation of liver cytochrome oxidase activity with mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase and phospholipid concentrations in protein-deficient rats

Harrington, D.D.; Newberne, P.M., 1970:
Correlation of maternal blood levels of vitamin A at conception and the incidence of hydrocephalus in newborn rabbits: an experimental animal model

Corley, T.E., 1970:
Correlation of mechanical harvesting with cotton plant characteristics

Elliot, J.I.; Bowland, J.P., 1969:
Correlation of melting point with the sum of the unsaturated fatty acids in samples of porcine depot fat

Emery, R.S.; Brown, L.D.; Bell, J.W., 1965:
Correlation of milk fat with dietary and metabolic factors in cows fed restricted-roughage rations supplemented with magnesium oxide or sodium bicarbonate

Buckley, R.H.; Dees, S.C., 1969:
Correlation of milk precipitins with IgA deficiency

Nazarov, M.; Rakhimova, Z.; Yuldashev, S.K., 1971:
Correlation of morphological and anatomical characteristics of cotton plants grown under various conditions

McCauley, E.H.; Dziuk, H.E., 1965:
Correlation of motility and gas collection from goat rumen

Abal, G., 1968:
Correlation of nutrition, admission level of sodium potassium and pH of the serum to the rate of mortality in infants with diarrhea

Kent, H.A.; Mandel, J.A., 1970:
Correlation of ovarian abnormalities in young golden hamsters with ovarian estrogens and progesterone

Pierce, K.R.; Stair, E.L., 1966:
Correlation of pathology and precipitin test results in horses experimentally or naturally infected with equine infectious anemia

Varadi, S.; Abbott, D.; Elwis, A., 1966:
Correlation of peripheral white cell and bone marrow changes with folate levels in pregnancy and their clinical significance

Beroza, M.; Bowman, M.C., 1966:
Correlation of pesticide polarities with efficiencies of milk extraction procedures

Rahe, J.E.; Kuc, J.; Chuang, C.M.; Williams, E.B., 1969:
Correlation of phenolic metabolism with histological changes in Phaseolus vulgaris inoculated with fungi

Herrod-Taylor, E.E.; Bourne, F.J., 1966:
Correlation of phosphorus deficiency and abortion

Khera, M.S.; Datta, N.P., 1969:
Correlation of phosphorus soil test analyses with wheat yield responses

Trivedi, B.S.; Mehta, B.V., 1969:
Correlation of phosphorus soil test with the response of alfalfa grown in goradu soil

Hubbell, D.H.; Elkan, G.H., 1967:
Correlation of physiological characteristics with nodulating ability in Rhizobium japonicum

Hopkins, W.G., 1971:
Correlation of phytochrome transformations with photocontrol of Avena coleoptile segment elongation

Miller, T.L.; Myers, O.; Jr., 1971:
Correlation of pith cell death in maize with various stalk quality characteristics

Trenkle, A.; Irvin, R., 1970:
Correlation of plasma hormone levels with growth and carcass characteristics of cattle

Trenkle, A.; Irvin, R., 1970:
Correlation of plasma hormone levels with growth and carcass characters of cattle

Libatskii, E.P., 1971:
Correlation of properties in hop hybrids

Pimparkar, B.D.; Tulsky, E.G.; Kalser, M.H.; Bockus, H.L., 1964:
Correlation Of Radioactive And Chemical Fecal Fat In Various Malabsorption Syndromes. 3. Studies In (A) (I) Nonspecific Regional Enteritis (Ii) Chronic Idiopathic Ulcerative Colitis (B) Hepatobiliary Disorders (C) Patients With Gastric Surgery

Subba Reddy, K.; Sankara Reddy, G.H., 1964:
Correlation of rainfall and yields of sorghum at Nandyal

Garjkavyi, F.L., 1968:
Correlation of relative milk yield with food utilisation and its use in the selection of cows

Rebois, R.V.; Epps, J.M.; Hartwig, E.E., 1970:
Correlation of resistance in soybeans to Heterodera glycines and Rotylenchulus reniformis

Bruehl, G.W., 1967:
Correlation of resistance to Typhula idahoensis, T. incarnata, and Fusarium nivale in certain varieties of Winter Wheat

Walker, J.F., 1966:
Correlation of rheology and drift control in applying invert emulsions

Davidson, L.G., 1968:
Correlation of rind hardness and fiber in sugar cane

Davidson, L.G., 1969:
Correlation of rind hardness and fiber in sugarcane

Maki, J.R.; Butcher, J.W.; Haynes, D.L., 1968:
Correlation of root collar weevil abundance with certain site factors

Wood, D.H.; Murray, J.L.; Palotay, J.L., 1968:
Correlation of rose bengal clearance and histopathologic change of sheep livers damaged by neptunium-237

Natali, A.H.; Jam Mohammad Shaikh., 1970:
Correlation of seed yield with other characters in the sunflower

Adams, J.F., 1970:
Correlation of serum and urine vitamin B12

Gizis, E.J.; Meyer, L.M.; Dietrich, M.F., 1971:
Correlation of serum binders to clearance rates of intravenously administered 57Co B12

Lear, D.H.Van Hosner, J.F., 1967:
Correlation of site index and soil mapping units poor for Yellow-Poplar in Southwest Virginia

Braun, Waltraut Lieschke, Elisabeth., 1969:
Correlation of skin pH with possibility of infection with trichophytosis

Stanford, G.; Legg, J.O., 1968:
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Correlation of soil moisture stress and indices of the water regime of woody species

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Correlation of soil test values for available phosphorus by various methods with the yield of rice

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Correlation of soil tests for available phosphorus with crop yield

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Correlation of some important characters in wheat

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Correlation of some measurements, and of the amount of meat, fat and bone in individual cuts, with the content of these components in half-carcasses of fattened Merino lambs

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Correlation of some morphological characteristics with seed germination in the mahaleb (Prunus Mahaleb L.)

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Correlation of some plant characters with yield in T-55 bajra (Pennisetum typhoides Pers

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Correlation of some seed and lint characters in L-ll and AC-134 varieties of cotton

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Correlation of some yield components in nata tobacco

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Correlation of spectroscopic observations on polyenes with ripening of tomato fruits

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Correlation of spinal cord lesions with location and degree of lesions in the cervical vertebrae in spinal ataxia of horses

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Correlation of structural and functional recovery from cirrhosis in rats treated with lipotropic diets

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Correlation of structural variations of lignins with their specific gravities

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Correlation of supply and price of maize and chillies in Kulu market-a case study

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Correlation of the blood serum and milk components with milk production

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Correlation of the complementation and genetic fine structure maps of the histidine I gene of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Correlation of the identity of bile and cecal vibrios from the same field cases of avian vibrionic hepatitis

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Correlation of the incidence of human and bovine leucaemias

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Correlation of the levels of several constituents of commercial orange juices

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Correlation of the main humus components in the profile of forest soils of the Urals and Trans-Urals

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Correlation of the size of seeds to the germination and early growth of Benguet Pine (Pinus insularis Endl.)

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Correlation of the tetrazolium test with germination tests of wheat stored under different conditions

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Correlation of the various swine carcass cuts and measurements

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Correlation of total free amino acids in blood serum of mothers and in cord blood serum of their babies at the time of birth

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Correlation of toxicity of insecticides to the house fly and to the mouse

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Correlation Of Urinary Hydroxyproline, Serum Alkaline Phosphatase And Skeletal Calcium Turnover

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Correlation studies in barley (Hordeum vulgare L

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Correlation studies in crops

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Correlation studies in gram (Cicer arietinum L.) (of morphological and histological characters with yield and blight) under rainfed conditions

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Correlation studies on the effects of weather factors on the possible dispersal of aphids

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Correlation study in inbred lines and hybrids of maize

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Correlation study of yield components with a view to evolving a method of yield estimation in beta 40 winter barley

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Correlation with fur density of color polymorphism in Sciurus vulgaris

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Correlation, between values obtained by the methods of Pelve, Egner-Riehm and Maslova for the mobile-potassium content

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Correlation, herita-bility, and selection of yield components in field beans, Phaseolus vulgaris L

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Correlational variation in production characters of Bed Danish cattle

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Correlations among fattening, carcass and breeding performance in the pig

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Correlations among milk yield and fat and protein content of milk

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Correlations among records of unrelated cows in the same herd and the same and different year-seasons

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Correlations among some economic traits in ducks of the Zhlobin population

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Correlations among some linear and weight characters of the carcasses of Large White pigs slaughtered at 110 kg live weight

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Correlations among some meat characters in cattle

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Correlations among the shoot characteristics in Assam hybrid tea plants

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Correlations and inheritance of udder shape

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Correlations and path coefficients of strawberry fruits

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Correlations and regressions for milk and fat yields and length of lactation in Friesian cattle

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Correlations between above-ground vegetative and generative plant organs in relation to the accumulated amount of dry matter

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Correlations between acidity of substituted phenylamides and inhibition of the Hill reaction

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Correlations between air temperature and tomato ripening

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Correlations between aneuploidy and performance factors in polyploid populations

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Correlations between blood lipids and peripheral neuropathy in juvenile and adult diabetes

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Correlations between breaking strength, deformation, shell thickness, shell porosity and specific gravity of hen eggs

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Correlations between carotene content and quality of silage

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Correlations between certain hydropedological constants

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Correlations between changes in carbohydrate and lipid metabolites in blood and ATP and ADP in muscles during work of different durations

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Correlations between characteristics in Ladino clover (T. repens var. giganteum)

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Correlations between characters and the law of homologous series in breeding tomatoes for earliness

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Correlations between characters in hybrid maize and their importance in selection

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Correlations between characters in poultry for obtaining a selection index

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Correlations between components of the milk of buffaloes

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Correlations between costs and returns in fattening pigs as the basis for calculating marginal intensity

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Correlations between crown, roots and increment in Norway Spruce

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Correlations between cuticle wax and oil in avocados

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Correlations between economic characters in poultry

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Correlations between egg weight and subsequent broiler performance as influenced by age of dam

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Correlations between expenditure on foods and heaviness of work and the contributions of protein, fat and carbohydrate to energy intake

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Correlations between fat and protein percentages in 2-day milk tests of cows, according to analysis of data from 70 milk tests per cow in a 10-month lactation

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Correlations between fat percentage, protein percentage and milk yield in successive twice-daily milkings of cows

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Correlations between fertility. frequency of polyvalents and the formation of pollen grains in autotetraploids of B. oleracea L

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Correlations between field capacity and clay content: a generalized semi-empirical equation

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Correlations between immunobiological reactivity and meat production in Black Pied bull calves

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Correlations between inherited characters of Sur sheep

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Correlations between laboratory indices for testing the nutritive value of derivatives of dried milk and results of feeding trials

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Correlations between leaf length and area in some cotton cultivars

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Correlations between metabolic processes of bull semen and basic indices of its quality

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Correlations between milk yield and other characteristics in Red Danish cattle

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Correlations between milk yield and some other production characteristics of ewes

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Correlations between milk yield and some other production characters of ewes

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Correlations between milk yield and the principal milk components in buffaloes

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Correlations between milk yield, butterfat percentage and weight gain in Black Pied cows bred in Oldenburg

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Correlations between milkability, bacterial and cell counts of the healthy bovine udder

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Correlations between milking and hygienic quality of milk; drying of the udder

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Correlations between morphological and economically useful properties in pear seedlings

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Correlations between morphological characters and reproductive development in Poa pratensis L

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Correlations between morphological characters in fodder broad beans, Faba vulgaris Moench

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Correlations between mutagensis, organogenesis and earliness in wheat. Preliminary observations

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Correlations between natural conditions and agricultural costs

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Correlations between nitrate reduction, protein synthesis and malate accumulation

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Correlations between nitrogen and magnesium fertilizing of potatoes

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Correlations between nitrogen- and magnesium-fertilization of potatoes

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Correlations between nucleic-acid content and that of other important biochemical components in the embryos of dry seeds of winter and spring wheat cultivars

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Correlations between oil content and yield factors in the soya bean

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Correlations between organ characteristics in cereal plants, exemplified by F3 individuals from a cross between winter wheats

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Correlations between pH and base saturation of soils

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Correlations between pace length, pace frequency and speed in horses

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Correlations between parental conformation characters and fattening performance in the progeny of sheep

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Correlations between partial and 305-day lactation yields of heifers

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Correlations between performance test results of young boars and those of their full sibs and progeny

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Correlations between periodicities in germination of Chenopodium botrys and variations in solar radio flux

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Correlations between phenotypic characters, body indices and slaughter characters in broilers

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Correlations between plasma and liver concentrations of vitamins A and E in children with cystic fibrosis

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Correlations between relatives when intermediates are fittest

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Correlations between respiration and developmental state of wounded storage tissue in potatoes

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Correlations between seed set on selfing and the contents of N, P and K in rye clones receiving different fertilizers

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Correlations between semen characters and fertilising ability

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Correlations between soil moisture and physical properties in pseudogley In the region of Tuzla (northern Bosnia)

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Correlations between soil moisture and the water regime of Scots Pine

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Correlations between some biometrical determinations on sisal leaves

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Correlations between some characters in oil poppy

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Correlations between some lactational characteristics in cattle

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Correlations between some morphological and chemical features in mint, Mentha piperita

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Correlations between some physiological characters of cattle

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Correlations between some production characters in Kazakh Arkhar-Merino sheep

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Correlations between some production characters in Tsigai sheep

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Correlations between some production characters in fine-wooled sheep

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Correlations between some production characters of Imperial White turkey hens

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Correlations between some productive characters of Metohija White-head Bardoka sheep

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Correlations between some transferrin types and reproductive traits in fowls

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Correlations between sp. gr. and the fat % and TS % in ewes' milk

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Correlations between specific gravity and chemical composition of muscular and hepatic tissue in different slaughter categories of cattle of various breeds

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Correlations between spleen and ovaries in sheep

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Correlations between stand characteristics and natural regeneration of Abies alba

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Correlations between temperature resistance and different methods of hardening in wheat

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Correlations between the accuracy of measuring log parameters and the measurement intervals selected

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Correlations between the active fractions of soil phosphorus and their availability to wheat

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Correlations between the anther colour and male sterility in peaches

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Correlations between the biosymmetric characteristics of sugar beet

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Correlations between the casein, fat and protein contents of cows' milk

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Correlations between the characters of seedling and adult plants in mutants of two-rowed barley

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Correlations between the chemical composition of corn grains and some morphobiological data

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Correlations between the chemical composition of maize grain and some data on morphology and yield

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Correlations between the content of exchangeable Ca in the soil and the contamination of some cultivated plants by 90Sr in Poland in 1964

Godek, J., 1971:
Correlations between the content of exchangeable calcium in soil and 90Sr contamination of some cultivated crops in Poland, 1969

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Correlations between the content of fructose, total protein, calcium and phosphorus in boar semen

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Correlations between the contents of some elements in mineral soils of soulth Poland

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Correlations between the corpus luteum and post-partum milk secretion in the cow

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Correlations between the developmental stage of the floral organs and the growth and flowering of tulips forced in a greenhouse. (Further studies.) The effect of storage temperature before and during precooling

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Correlations between the fertility results of bulls used in artificial insemination and the fertility of their daughters

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Correlations between the flour protein solubility distribution and breadmaking quality

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Correlations between the growth characteristics of widely spaced clones and their performance in dense stands hi cocksfoot (Dactylis glomerata L.) and meadow fescue (Festuca pratensis Huds

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Correlations between the liveweight at 2nd and 28th day after birth

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Correlations between the mean fecundity and various biometric characteristics of the female pupal exuviae of Tortrix viridana

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Correlations between the milk yield and the fat and protein percentages of Romanian Spotted, Brown and Red cows

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Correlations between the morphological characteristics and productivity of red clover (Trifolium pratense L

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Correlations between the most important body measurements and fattening and carcass characters in German Black Pied bulls

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Correlations between the nitrogenous components of the potato tuber and its edible quality

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Correlations between the phen- ol content polyphenolase and peroxidase activity and the growth of rice seedlings with particular respect to flooding conditions

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Correlations between the production of ancestors and progeny

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Correlations between the relative development of some tissues in grass stems

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Correlations between the sizes of structural elements of wood fibres

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Correlations between the tuber diameter of early field kohlrabi and its market maturity, composition and profitability

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Correlations between the values of suction pressure, cell-sap concentration and moisture content in sugar-beet leaves and dependence of cell-sap concentration on RH and soil moisture

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Correlations between the vegetative and reproductive organs in the above-ground parts of plants as dependent on the dry-matter accumulation levels

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Correlations between the weight and the number of seeds, also between the weight and the refractive index, of grapes

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Correlations between the yield of Bright Yellow leaf tobacco and the weather

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Correlations between the yields of A lines of wheat and other characters

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Correlations between total zinc in the upper horizons of soil and some basic soil test data In the environs of Mosonmagyarovar

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Correlations between udder dimensions and milkability in cows

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Correlations between variability of common indices of semen and spermatozoa of Large White boars

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Correlations between various characters in Upland cotton varieties

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Correlations between various characters of the shoots in Assam hybrids

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Correlations between vitamins. 1. Effect of vitamin A on the course of experimental vitamin C deficiency in the guineapig

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Correlations between vitamins. 3. Effect of vitamin K on the course of experimental vitamin C deficiency in the guineapig

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Correlations between vitamins. 5. Effects of simultaneous administration of several fat-soluble vitamins on the course of experimental vitamin C deficiency in the guineapig

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Correlations between vitamins. 6. Correlations between L-ascorbio acid and 5 factors of the vitamin B complex in the guineapig (folic acid, pantothenic acid, choline, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin)

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Correlations between vitamins. 7. Correlations between L-ascorbic acid and 11 factors of the vitamin B complex in the guineapig, (vitamin B1, nicotinamide, inositol, p-aminobenzoic acid, folic acid, pantothenic acid, biotin, riboflavine, choline, pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin)

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Correlations between water utilization, in relation to nutrient supply and leaf anatomy

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Correlations between yield and fat and protein contents of ewes' milk

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Correlations between yield and gluten content of winter wheat

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Correlations between yield and tenderness in pea varieties

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Correlations between yield and yield components in soft winter wheat, (Triticum aestivum L.)

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Correlations entre les cycles sexuels des amphibiens anoures et des Polystomatidae (Monogenea)

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Correlations essential for estimating quantity of meat suitable for canning, in Hungarian White pigs

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Correlations existing between morphological and physiological changes in mutants of Aspergillus niger

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Correlations for a 12-year period between soil analysis, crop yields, fertilizing, and precipitation on chernozems

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Correlations in sorghum hybrids

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Correlations in the distribution of assimilates in trees of the late peach variety Elberta

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Correlations in the second generation of soya-bean hybrids

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Correlations in the soil thermic profile

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Correlations in the spectrum of activity of juvenile hormone analogues

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Correlations in wheat as an aid to breeding for quantitative characters

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Correlations involving components of yield and/or quality of sweet sorghum

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Correlations of back muscle and backfatin growing pigs ofdifferent weights

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Correlations of characters in dry beans

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Correlations of leaf pigments with growth and yield. 1. Technique for the identification of pigments

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Correlations of serum protein fractions and serum protein content with fattening and carcass characters in young bulls

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Correlations of soil pH and percent base saturation as influenced by soil-forming factors

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Correlations of some morphological characters in forage sorghum

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Correlations of the nutrient content of the soil and of the needles with growth in Pine plantations on sands with a low water table

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Correlative action of the gamma-irradiated leaf on root initiation in Coleus

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Correlative bud inhibition in Johnsongrass

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Correlative inhibition of the Avena coleoptile by the mesocotyl

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Correlative inhibitions involved in root formation

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Correlative investigation into the effect of applying nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers on sugar metabolism and nectar secretion in sunflowers

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Correlative relationships between climatic factors and average yield and quality of barley cv. Kenia, Haisa II and Proctor. A contribution to the problem of ecological research wsrk

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Correlative secretion of protein, lactose and K + in milk of the goat

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Correlative Studies on Plant Growth and Metabolism II. Effect of Light and of Gibberellic Acid on the Changes in Protein and Soluble Nitrogen in Lettuce Seedlings

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Correlative Studies on Plant Growth and Metabolism. III. Metabolic Changes Accompanying Inhibition of the Longitudinal Growth of Stem and Root by Kinetin

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Correlative variability of characters in Acer platanoides

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Correlative variations of total lipemia, total cholesterolemia and the beta: alpha lipoprotein ratio in humans of excess weight due to hypernutrition

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Correspondence between values traditionally employed for selecting Rhizobium and other determinations

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Corticium or red thread disease

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Corticium salmonicolor Berk. & Br

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Corticium solani disease of Potato

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Corticosteroid treatment of bovine udder oedema

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Corynebacterium equi infection in two cows

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Corynebacterium in a mixed-type infection of the bovine mammary gland

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Corynebacterium michiganense isolated from naturally infected Solanum triflorum

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Corynebacterium uteri (nov. spec.) as the probable cause of abortion in a sow

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Corynespora cassiicola, a new agent of maduromycetoma

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Corynespora leaf spot of Brinjal

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Corynespora leaf spot of Cucumber

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Corynespora leaf spot of Eucalyptus grandis (Hill) Maiden

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Coryneum canker of Cupressus

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Coryneum cardinale attack on Cypress cones

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Corynosoma mirabilis n.sp. from the sperm whale

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Corynosoma strumosum (Rud.) and C. sememe (Forssell) (Acanthocephala) as pathogenic parasites of farmed minks in Finland

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Cosmia trapezina, a new pest of apple trees

Anonymous, 1972:
Cosmopolitan pastures

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Cosmopolites pruinosus, a new pest of banana

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Cossus cossus, a pest of fruit trees

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Cost accounting and programming in agriculture

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Cost accounting by independent production units in the Marcius 21. Co-operative farm

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Cost accounting of livestock production in collective farms

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