Crossbreeding Cheju cattle of Korea with Brahman and Santa Gertrudis. II. Comparison of growth of Cheju cattle and their crossbreds with Brahman and Santa Gertrudis

Oh, Y.K.; Kim, J.K.; Park, Y.I.

Res. Rep. Off. rur. Dev., Suwon, Korea, 13: 12


Accession: 014404803

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Compared with Cheju Korean Black (K. B.) cattle, Brahman 0.5 K.B. and Santa Gertrudis 0.5 K. B. crossbreds were heavier by 4.30 and 4.14 kg resp. at birth, 11.89 and 9.97 kg at 3 mth of age, 16.60 and 16.54 kg at 6 mth, 43.10 and 45.89 kg at 12 mth, and 53.38 and 60.48 kg at 24 mth. The crossbreds were significantly heavier than the K. B. s at all ages; the differences between crossbreds were not significant.