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Cyto-histological investigations of pollen abortion in male-sterile sudangrass

Alam, S.; Sandal, P.C.

Crop Sci 7(6): 587-589


Accession: 014407066

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Comparative morphological and cytological studies were made of anthers from a male-sterile and male-fertile line and a male-sterile and a male-fertile F1 hybrid of sudangrass, Sorghum vulgare var. sudanense. Meiosis was normal in both male-fertile and male-sterile lines and normal tetrads were formed. Pollen abortion in male-sterile lines was associated with non-depeneration of the tapetal cells during the maturation of the young microspores, whereas, tapetal cells degenerated during similar maturation stages with production of normal pollen in male- fertile lines.

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