Der sudafrikanische Nelkenwickler Epichoristodes acerbella (Walk.) Diakonoff (The South African carnation worm E. acerbella

Mayer, K.

NachrBl, dt. PflSchutzdienst, Stuttg. 8-9


Accession: 014411976

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A Tortricid recently found in Denmark on carnation and chrysanthemum cuttings imported from South Africa and subsequently imported into Norway with carnation cuttings from Denmark has for long been known as Epichorista ionephela Meyr. It is pointed out that, according to Diakonoff (1960), this name is a synonym of E. acerbella (Wlk.), for which he erected the new genus Epichoristodes. Since this Tortricid is easily mistaken for Cacoecimorpha pronubana (Hb.), which infests carnations in southern Europe, characters differentiating the two species in all stages are given. E. acerbella occurs in South Africa and Madagascar, and C. pronubana in southern Europe, North Africa and Asia Minor.