Determination of the nutritive value of elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum, Schum.) and Guate-mala grass (Tripsacum laxum, Nash) at 2 stages of maturity, by digestibility (apparent) trials with sheep

Melotti, L.; Pedreira, J.V.S.

Boletim de Industria Animal, 1971. 27/28: 207-222


Accession: 014414679

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Elephant grass Napier and Guatemala grass were cut (a) after 66 days of growth on 26 Feb. 1970 and (b) 58 days later on 4 Apr. and fed to sheep in metabolism cages. DM contents were 15.26 and 19.54% in elephant grass and 20.91 and 23.44% in Guatemala grass at (a) and (b), respectively. TDN values at (a) and (b) on a DM basis were 53.57 and 59.36 for elephant grass and 50.64 and 51.72 for Guatemala grass.