Section 15
Chapter 14,416

Determining cutting schedules for maximum yield and quality of brome grass, timothy, lucerne and lucerne and grass mixtures

Winch, J.E.; Sheard, R.W.; Mowat, D.N.

J. Br. Grassld Soc 25(1): 44-52


Accession: 014415081

3 grass- and 2 lucerne-based harvest schedules were applied to pure sowings of timothy, smooth brome grass, lucerne and mixtures of each grass with lucerne. Harvesting at the medium-bud stage of development of lucerne was selected as the criterion which provided the highest DM yield in conjunction with high and consistent levels of in vitro digestibility and CP from harvest to harvest, as well as persistence of the species in the pure sowings of lucerne/grass mixtures.

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