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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14418

Chapter 14418 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Ede, D.A.; Kelly, W.A., 1964:
Developmental Abnormalities In The Head Region Of The Talpid Mutant Of The Fowl

Persaud, T.V., 1969:
Developmental abnormalities in the rat induced by the amino acid leucine

Ede, D.A.; Kelly, W.A., 1964:
Developmental Abnormalities In The Trunk And Limbs Of The Talpid3 Mutant Of The Fowl

Sharifi, S.; Mills, R.B., 1971:
Developmental activities and behavior of the rice weevil inside wheat kernels

Soma, K.; Schneider, H., 1971:
Developmental anatomy of major lateral leaf veins of healthy and of Pear-decline diseased Pear trees

Ernst, J.M.; Perry, B.A.; Blackhurst, H.T., 1968:
Developmental anatomy of the Irish potato (Solanum tuberosutn) during root and stolon differentiation

Barden, J.A., 1964:
Developmental anatomy of vascular tissues in the York Imperial apple, with special emphasis on the pedicel

Ebert, W.W.; Knowles, P.F., 1968:
Developmental and anatomical characteristics of thin-hull mutants of Carthamus tinctorius

Boesiger, E., 1969 :
Developmental and genetic homeostasis

Bartlett, A.C.; Mitlin, N., 1967:
Developmental and reproductive effects of heavy water (D2O) in the diet of the boll weevil

Lysek, H., 1968:
Developmental anomalies and their induction in eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides

Janusevic, Z.V., 1969:
Developmental anomalies in the maize ear

Davis, R.M.; Jr., E.A., 1967:
Developmental aspects of field-to-field variations in selected cantaloupe characteristics (Cucumis melo L. var. reticulatus Naud.)

Henis, Y.; Chet, I., 1968:
Developmental biology of sclerotia of Sclerotium rolfsii

Deutsch, K.W., 1971:
Developmental change: some political aspects

Kruger, T.H.; Luitingh, H.C., 1967:
Developmental changes in crossbred beef calves from birth to weaning

Jellum, M.D., 1970:
Developmental changes in fatty acid composition in kernel fractions of corn (Zea mays L.)

Blackshaw, A.W.; Elkington, J.S., 1970:
Developmental changes in lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in the testis of the immature rat

Curtis, P.E.; Leng, E.R.; Hageman, R.H., 1968:
Developmental changes in oil and fatty acid content of maize strains varying in oil content

Worthington, R.E., 1969:
Developmental changes in peanut lipid fatty acids

Hinks, M.; Masters, C.J., 1964:
Developmental Changes In Ruminant Lactate Dehydrogenase

O'donovan, W.M.; Elliott, R.C., 1971:
Developmental changes in the bodies of Dorper sheep. 1. Changes in live body-weight, body proportions and composition of weaned Dorper lambs given different amounts of food

O'donovan, W.M.; Elliott, R.C., 1971:
Developmental changes in the bodies of Dorper sheep. 2. Changes in live body-weight, body proportions and composition of mature Dorper ewes given different amounts of food

Naryan, R.; Joshi, A.C., 1971:
Developmental changes in the fatty acid composition of soyabean seeds

Pavel, J.; Svozil, B., 1968:
Developmental changes in the plasma proteins of fowls, studied by Sephadex gel filtration

Timosenko, N.M., 1969:
Developmental characteristics of flowering shoots in climbing roses

Pogorelov, P.F., 1970:
Developmental cycle of apple flower buds

Polanski, S., 1967:
Developmental dynamics of three species of lupin in main crop

Bujukli, P.I., 1964:
Developmental features of overwintering (alternative) wheats'

Werner, H.; Voss, H., 1970:
Developmental forms of Toxoplasma gondii in the mammalian body. Brief communication

Lyama, S., 1967:
Developmental genetic study of panicle formation in rice

Cooper, J.P., 1964:
Developmental genetics

Cooper, J.P., 1965:
Developmental genetics

Cooper, J.P., 1970:
Developmental genetics

Stebbins, G.L., 1969:
Developmental genetics and plant evolution

Zeiger, E.; Stebbins, G.L., 1972:
Developmental genetics in barley: a mutant for stomatal development

Pai, A.C., 1965:
Developmental Genetics Of A Lethal Mutation, Muscular Dysgenesis (Mdg), In The Mouse. I. Genetic Analysis And Gross Morphology

Pai, A.C., 1965:
Developmental Genetics Of A Lethal Mutation, Muscular Dysgenesis (Mdg), In The Mouse. Ii. Developmental Analysis

Edwards, K.J.R., 1967:
Developmental genetics of leaf formation in Lolium. 2. Analysis of selection lines

Edwards, K.J.R., 1970:
Developmental genetics of leaf formation in Lolium. 3. Inheritance of a developmental complex

Edwards, K.J.R., 1969:
Developmental genetics of quantitative variation in plants

Scandalios, J.G.; Espiritu, L.G., 1969:
Developmental genetics, chemical characteristics, and locational specificity of pepti-dases in Pisum

Seebeck, R.M., 1967:
Developmental growth and body weight loss of cattle. 1. Experimental design, body weight growth, and the effects of developmental growth and body weight loss on the dressed carcass and the offal

Seebeck, R.M.; Tulloh, N.M., 1969:
Developmental growth and body weight loss of cattle. 4. Chemical components of the commercially dressed and jointed carcass

Carnegie, A.B.; Tulloh, N.M.; Seebecik, R.M., 1969:
Developmental growth and body weight loss of cattle. 5. Changes in the alimentary tract

Seebeck, R.M.; Tulloh, N.M., 1968:
Developmental growth and body weight loss of cattle. II. Dissected components of the commercially dressed and jointed carcass

Seebegk, R.M.; Tulloh, N.M., 1968:
Developmental growth and body weight loss of cattle. III. Dissected components of the commercially dressed carcass, following anatomical boundaries

Gerling, D.; Legner, E.F., 1968:
Developmental history and reproduction of Spalangia cameroni parasite of synanthropic flies

Mordkoff, A.M.; Schlesinger, K.; Lavine, R.A., 1964:
Developmental Homeostasis In Behavior Of Mice. Locomotor Activity And Grooming

Levengood, W.C.; Damrauer, R., 1969:
Developmental inhibition in Drosophila using dihydroxybenzoic acid isomers

Levin, D.A., 1970:
Developmental instability and evolution in peripheral isolates

Sakai, K.; Shimamoto, Y., 1965:
Developmental Instability in Leaves and Flowers of NICOTIANA TABACUM

Sakai, K.-I.; Balal, M.S., 1966:
Developmental instability in leaves, panicle and culm internodes of rice

Novikov, E.A., 1971:
Developmental laws in livestock

Matsuba, K., 1971:
Developmental mechanism of deformed spikelets in rice. I. Morphological analysis of deformed spike-lets resulting from gibberellin treatment

Weinheimer, W.H.; Abbe, E.C.; Davis, D.W., 1968:
Developmental morphology of four distinct growth habit phenotypes of Cucurbita maxima Duch

Edwards, T.W.J.; Sherman, W.B.; Sharps, R.H., 1970:
Developmental morphology of interspecific hybrid blueberry seed

Sims, P.L.; Ayuko, L.J.; Hyder, D.N., 1971:
Developmental morphology of switchgrass and sideoats grama

Tainton, N.M., 1964:
Developmental morphology of the apical meristem of Themeda triandra Forsk

Wainwright, S.H.; Lewis, F.H., 1970:
Developmental morphology of the black knot pathogen on Plum

Singh, A.P., 1969:
Developmental morphology of the knotted leaf mutant in Zea mays

Thomas, B.; Boling, M.; Sarvella, P.; Grogan, C.O., 1965:
Developmental morphology of the male inflorescence of Zea mays L

Mccune, E.L.; Dellmann, H.D., 1968:
Developmental origin and structural characters of "breast blisters" in chickens

Batt, E.R.; Schachter, D., 1969:
Developmental pattern of some intestinal transport mechanisms in newborns rats and mice

Bell, W.D., 1965:
Developmental patterns in pigmentation of gamma-irradiated aurea leaf mutants

Groom, D.; Mckee, E.E.; Adkins, W.; Pean, V.; Hudicourt, E., 1964:
Developmental Patterns Of Coronary And Aortic Atherosclerosis In Young Negroes Of Haiti And The United States

Howe, R.W., 1966:
Developmental period, and the shape of the curve representing it in stored products beetles

Fye, R.E.; Patana, R.; Mcada, W.C., 1969:
Developmental periods for boll weevils reared at several constant and fluctuating temperatures

Avtonomov, A.I.; Mahmadaliev, K.M., 1967:
Developmental phases and earliness in cotton

Kabulov, Z.E., 1970:
Developmental phases in pistachio during growth in Turkmenia

Pauli, A.W.; Stickler, F.C.; Lawless, J.R., 1964:
Developmental phases of grain sorghum (Sorghum vulgare, Pers.) as influenced by variety, location, and planting date

Bucek, J., 1970:
Developmental phases of the canopy-opening stage of Picea abies plantations on Luzulo-Fagetum sites

Balla, L., 1968:
Developmental physiological problems of the production of high-yielding, winter-hardy wheat varieties having a short growing season

Kuhn, A., 1965:
Developmental physiology

Roberts, L.S., 1966:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. 1. Host dietary carbohydrate and the crowding effect in Hymenolepis diminuta

Platzer, E.G.; Roberts, L.S., 1970:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. 6. Effect of host riboflavin deficiency on Hymenolepis diminuta

Roberts, L.S.; Mono, F.N., 1968:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. III. Development of Hymenolepis diminuta in super-infections

Roberts, L.S.; Mong, F.N., 1969:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. IV. In vitro development of Hymenolepis diminuta in presence and absence of oxygen

Bolla, R.I.; Roberts, L.S., 1971:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. IX. Cytological characteristics of the germinative region of Hymenolepis diminuta

Platzer, E.G.; Roberts, L.S., 1970:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. Part VIE Vitamin B6 and Hymenolepis diminuta: vitamin levels in the cestode and effects of deficiency on phosphorylase and transaminas e activities

Platzer, E.G.; Roberts, L.S., 1969:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. V. Effects of vitamin deficient diets and host coprophagy prevention on development of Hymenolepis diminuta

Platzer, E.G.; Roberts, L.S., 1970:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. VI. The effect of host riboflavin deficiency on Hymenolepis diminuta

Bolla, R.I.; Roberts, L.S., 1970:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. VIII. Inhibition of ribonucleic acid synthesis by actinomycin-D in developing Hymenolepis diminuta

Bolla, R.I.; Roberts, L.S., 1971:
Developmental physiology of cestodes. XII. Role of preformed informational RNA in development of Hymenolepis diminuta

Schreier, K.; Eisenbarth, H.D.; Engelmann, D.; Heyse, D.; Kleine, T.O.; Naher, A.; Schnell, W.; Stork, I.; Walther, G., 1964:
Developmental physiology of fat metabolism. 1. The serum lipids of infants

Schreier, K.; Eisenbarth, H.D.; Engelmann, D.; Heyse, D.; Kleine, T.O.; Naher, A.; Schnell, W.; Stork, I.; Walther, G., 1964:
Developmental physiology of fat metabolism. 2. Fat absorption in the postnatal period

Schreier, K.; Eisenbarth, H.D.; Engelmann, D.; Heyse, D.; Kleine, T.O.; Naher, A.; Schnell, W.; Stork, I.; Walther, G., 1964:
Developmental physiology of fat metabolism. 3. Synthesis and metabolism of fatty acids

Fischer, B.; Saelzer, E.; Schreier, K., 1965:
Developmental physiology of fat metabolism. 4. Rate of synthesis and half-life of some lipid fractions in the postnatal period

Derenne, P., 1965:
Developmental physiology of field beans as related to date of sowing

Terry, N., 1968:
Developmental physiology of sugar beet. 1. The influence of light and temperature on growth

Terry, N., 1970:
Developmental physiology of sugar-beet. 2. Effects of temperature and nitrogen supply on the growth, soluble carbohydrate content and nitrogen content of leaves and roots

Moore, N.W.; Adams, C.E.; Rowson, L.E., 1968:
Developmental potential of single blastomeres of the rabbit egg

Maurer, R.R.; Hunt, W.L.; Van Vleck, L.D.; Foote, R.H., 1968:
Developmental potential of superovulated rabbit ova

Zatopek, J., 1966:
Developmental problems of the integration of agriculture in the EEC

Vasiliskov, V.F., 1971:
Developmental properties of annual species of brome in the long polar day at Khibiny

Dawson, Peter, S., 1966:
Developmental rate and competitive ability in Tribolium

Sato, K.; Ito, M., 1969:
Developmental response of cocksfoot to the combined effects of day length and temperature

Arora, K.L.; Kosin, I.L., 1966:
Developmental responses of early turkey and chicken embryos to preincubation holding of eggs: inter- and intra-species differences

Zeller, O., 1964:
Developmental rhythms of fruit crops in Finland. I. The developmental rhythms of 5 cultivated varieties of Malas communis and of Prunus padus

Zeller, O., 1968:
Developmental rhythms of fruit crops in Finland. II. Flower development of some cultivated varieties of Ribes nigrum and R. alpinum in different geographical areas of Finland

Zeller, O., 1968:
Developmental rhythms of fruit trees in Finland. II. Flower development of some cultivars of R. nigrum L. and of R. alpinum L. in different latitudes in Finland

Shahi, B.B., 1969:
Developmental stability of American and Japanese rice varieties tested in Kathmandu

Lamey, H.A.; Showers, W.B.; Everett, T.R., 1965:
Developmental stage of rice plant affects susceptibility to hoja blanca virus

Byrd, E.E.; Maples, W.P., 1964:
Developmental stages in the digenea. V. The egg, miracidium and brood mass in Dasymetra conferta Nicoll , 1911 (Trematoda: Plagior-chioidea: Ochetosomatinae)

Lee, P.E., 1970:
Developmental stages of wheat striate mosaic virus

Arbogast, R.T.; Carthon, M.; Roberts, J.R.; Jr., 1971:
Developmental stages of Xylocoris flavipes (Hemiptera: Anthocoridae), a predator of stored-product insects

Martynova, M.F., 1967:
Developmental stages of some perennial grasses

Mullenax, R.G.; Young, W.A., 1971:
Developmental stages, stigma receptivity and pollen dehiscing characters of certain pecan cultivars

Venkataraman, R., 1965:
Developmental studies in rice-weight of grain

Gelinas, D.A.; Postlethwait, S.N.; Bauman, L.F., 1966:
Developmental studies in the Zea mays mutant clumped tassel (Ct)

Das, P.K., 1968:
Developmental studies in the jute cross with special reference to the reciprocal combination: Corchorus capsularis L. x C. olitorius L

Mcintyre, G.I.; Raju, M.V.S., 1967:
Developmental studies on Euphorbia esula L. Some effects of the nitrogen supply on the growth and development of the seedling

Mcintyre, G.I., 1972:
Developmental studies on Euphorbia esula. The influence of the nitrogen supply on the correlative inhibition of root bud activity

Gerhardt, B.P.; Beevers, H., 1970:
Developmental studies on glyoxysomes in Ricinus endosperm

Rabie, J.W., 1964:
Developmental studies on veld grasses

Murty, B.R., 1971:
Developmental traits in breeding for disease resistance in some cereals

Hansson, A., 1969:
Developmental trends in animal breeding

Kulkarni, G.N.; Kempanna, C., 1967:
Developmental variation in sex expression in castor (Ricinus communis)

Groner, M.G., 1968:
Developmental variations in asexual plantlets from leaves of Kalanchoe daigremontiana

Chao, S.E.; Scandalios, J.G., 1972:
Developmentally dependent expression of tissue specific amylases in maize

Vujicic, I., 1964:
Developments and improvements in the technology of Somborski cheese

Arnold, M.H., 1970:
Developments and prospects in cotton quality

Combaz, A.; Beaumont, J., 1969:
Developments and prospects of the movement towards association arising from animation with a view to planned rural development in Madagascar (Report of a survey mission in April-May 1969)

Minkov, M., 1965:
Developments and structure of labour force in agriculture

Rickards, P.A., 1968:
Developments by farm management research

Hall, H.S., 1966:
Developments in British dairy engineering

Webb, D.N.R., 1968:
Developments in New Zealand agriculture past, present and future

Kaptan, K., 1968:
Developments in agricultural products in Turkey from 1948 to 1966

Delorme, P., 1966 :
Developments in agricultural wages

Dordevic, M., 1972:
Developments in and prospects of the production of cows' and ewes' milk in Yugoslavia and constituent republics

Bonsma, F.N., 1968:
Developments in animal production. With special reference to future requirements in the Republic of South Africa

Knight, R.I.; Alston, F.H., 1969:
Developments in apple breeding

Van Der Weij, H.G., 1964:
Developments in aquatic weed control in the Netherlands

Barton, R.A., 1969:
Developments in beef production and marketing overseas and their impact on New Zealand

Dixhoon, J.A.L.Van., 1968:
Developments in beet growing over a period of more than 20 years

George, E.F., 1964:
Developments in cane breeding in Mauritius over the last ten years

Barton, R.A., 1964:
Developments in cattle and beef and veal production overseas

Rooney, D.R., 1968:
Developments in cereal growing

Bakovic, D., 1966:
Developments in cheese production in the Adriatic region of Yugoslavia

Dolby, R.M., 1970:
Developments in continuous buttermaking in New Zealand

Yamada, S., 1971:
Developments in control measures for major Citrus diseases and insect pests in Japan. (A) Diseases

Wood, J.C., 1967:
Developments in control of ectoparasites of livestock

Jensen, F.; Flaherty, D.; Stafford, E.M.; Kido, H., 1964:
Developments in control of the grape mealybug

Mcdonald, M.F., 1966:
Developments in controlled breeding of sheep and their implications for the New Zealand sheep industry

Meimberg, P., 1968:
Developments in costs and stalling in milk production. (Schr.-Reihe No. 3.)

Enock, A.G., 1965:
Developments in dairy equipment

Anon., 1970:
Developments in dairy farming in the EEC during 1965-69

Coolman, F., 1969:
Developments in dairying and problems involved

Nix, J., 1966:
Developments in farm analysis and planning

Anonymous, 1964:
Developments in farm organization in arable farming, II: focus on the grain farm report of the study group on arable farming

Kotter, H., 1967:
Developments in farm structure. Grounds and motives for giving up or re-organizing farms. Review article

Hedrick, T.I., 1970:
Developments in fat testing by the MUko-Tester method

Singh, H., 1965:
Developments in forage evaluation

Halsall, K.; Walker, R., 1970:
Developments in grape harvesting and drying

Ball, J.B., 1970:
Developments in herbicide research in Uganda forestry

Born, D., 1967:
Developments in investment and farm organization in Rhineland farms

Dorfler, J., 1967:
Developments in keeping laying hens and in egg-marketing in (W. Germany) Neustadt a.d. Aisch region (Landkreis)

Biemans, J.M., 1968:
Developments in livestock enterprises in mixed farms in N. Brabant

Holt, J.B., 1969:
Developments in machinery for handling top fruit

Bigum, J., 1965:
Developments in market patterns for cattle

Anonymous, 1969:
Developments in marketing spreads for agricultural products in 1968

Saelens, W., 1969:
Developments in methods of growing cauliflowers

Gorlenko, M.V.; Klyushnikova, E.S.; Lekomtseva, S.N.; Sidorova, I.I.; Sizova, T.P.; Uspenskaya, G.D., 1967:
Developments in mycology at Moscow University in the last 50 years

Hardon, J.J., 1969:
Developments in oil palm breeding

Turpin, J.W., 1969:
Developments in orchard irrigation

Allen, G.P., 1968:
Developments in pasture weed control

Dannatt, N., 1964:
Developments in peeling and extraction in Sweden

Hughes, H.M., 1970:
Developments in perpetual fruiting strawberries

Willems, C.M.T., 1972:
Developments in pig A.I

White, J., 1968:
Developments in pig breeding

Chang, W.P.; Pillai, N.M.; Chin, P.S., 1969:
Developments in polybag collection

Clift, J.H., 1964:
Developments in potato harvesting

Elrick, J.P.; Anderson, J.L., 1970:
Developments in potato harvesting. Electronic and self-propelled harvesters

Boxwell, P.C., 1966:
Developments in prune harvesting in the M.I.A

Burger, F.W., 1966:
Developments in raising planting stock in the Netherlands

Parker Dana, C., 1968:
Developments in remote sensing applicable to airborne engineering surveys of soils and rocks

Weal, B.C., 1970:
Developments in rennet casein manufacture

Dima, A., 1968:
Developments in rice production on the alluvial soil of the Koros region

Bates, J.F., 1966:
Developments in rodent control in Guyana

Jones, D.T., 1971:
Developments in roll spreading techniques

Wittmer, G.; Cremaschi, D.; Liguori, O.; Ambruoso, F.; Blago, A.; Carboni, A.; Sammuri, M.; Toscano, R., 1971:
Developments in selection for Peronospora resistance in tobacco

Gallien, L., 1967:
Developments in sexual organogenesis

Kearns, H.G.H., 1966:
Developments in spray techniques for plant protection of temperate and tropical crops. Parts I and II

Mulherin, K.S., 1964:
Developments in standardization of fresh citrus fruit

Blank, H.-G., 1967:
Developments in store construction and storage techniques

Roelofsen, B., 1968:
Developments in strawberry growing under glass

Groundwater, R.A., 1969:
Developments in the Australian wheat industry

Petrowitz, H.J., 1971:
Developments in the analysis of oily wood preservatives

Ouwerling, H., 1966:
Developments in the application of CO2 to lettuces

Kooistra, E., 1966:
Developments in the assortment of tomato varieties

Cooper, H.C., 1966:
Developments in the automation of dairy processes

Wuten, I.W., 1965:
Developments in the breeding of malting barley in Holland

Anon., 1970:
Developments in the cheese export trade

Rienks, B., 1972:
Developments in the construction of farm buildings

Jacob-Haupt, R., 1967:
Developments in the consumption of growth-regulator herbicides for Rhineland cereals

Matthee, F.N.; Schwabe, W.F.S.; Merwe, J.V.n Der., 1971:
Developments in the control of diseases of table grapes

Rao, G.N., 1967:
Developments in the control of tea pests

Anonymous, 1971:
Developments in the dairy industry

Andre, G., 1969:
Developments in the dairy industry in Sweden

Nienhaus, A.; Hetzner, E., 1971:
Developments in the dairy industry in W. Germany in 1970

Webster, T., 1969:
Developments in the description of potato varieties. 1. Foliage

Webster, T., 1970:
Developments in the description of potato varieties. 2. Inflorescences and tubers

Webster, T., 1969:
Developments in the description of potato varieties. Part 1 -Foliage

Webster, T., 1970:
Developments in the description of potato varieties. Part II- Inflorescences and tubers

Mlnderhoud, J.W.; Hoogerkamp, M., 1965:
Developments in the establishment and improvement of grassland

Branas, J., E.Al., 1964:
Developments in the exchange of information and materials with a view to varietal improvement

Muntzing, A., 1968:
Developments in the field of theoretical genetics during the last few years

Musschenbroek, K.Van, 1970:
Developments in the food manufacturing and distributive industries

Buishand, T., 1968:
Developments in the growing of early beetroot

Van, D.Vrie, C Wiedenhoff, H., 1969:
Developments in the harvesting of fruit in several countries

Attwood, E.A., 1969:
Developments in the home market for dairy products

Elukov, A.P., 1967:
Developments in the loading of packaged lumber

Selecky, J., 1969:
Developments in the manufacture and export of Bryndza cheese

Kunzel, G., 1972:
Developments in the manufacture of packaging machines in East Germany

Vlasov, N., 1967:
Developments in the material and technical bases of agriculture

Freshwater, I.T., 1970:
Developments in the methods of distribution of flood irrigation water

Gaspersic, F., 1967:
Developments in the mixed Silver Fir/Beech forests of the Sneznik mountains

Kroes, Y., 1969:
Developments in the pig industry

Pender, R.W.; Erwood, V., 1970:
Developments in the pig industry and factors in the Australian meat market affecting demand for pigmeat

Kazimierczak, Z., 1971:
Developments in the production and use of mineral fertilizers in Poland and in other member countries of CMEA

Ramage, J., 1969:
Developments in the production of Heveacrumb

Deppe, H.J., 1969:
Developments in the production of multi-layer foamed wood particleboards

Koopmans, W.; Strijbosch, T.H., 1968:
Developments in the range of tomato varieties (1)

Shaw, R.D.; Cook, M.; Carson, R.E., 1968:
Developments in the resistance status of the southern cattle tick to organophosphorus and carbamate insecticides

Deullin, R., 1970 :
Developments in the sea transport of bananas from 1945 to 1970. Part 1

Deullin, R., 1971:
Developments in the sea transport of bananas from 1945 to 1970. Part 2

Inoue, K., 1971:
Developments in the structure of the agricultural labour force under the recent rapid economic expansion in Japan

Protsenko, D.P., 1969:
Developments in the study of disease resistance in plants in the Ukrainian SSR in the Soviet period

Robson, T.O., 1969:
Developments in the use of herbicides for the control of aquatic macrophytes

Melrose, D.R.; Reed, H.C.B.; Pratt, J.H., 1968:
Developments in the use of pig artificial insemination by the farmer

Lauth, J.-P., 1964:
Developments in the use of plastics in the packaging of dairy products

Plumptre, R.A., 1968:
Developments in the utilization of Uganda natural high forest species

Anonymous, 1969:
Developments in the weed situation

Leduc, G., 1971:
Developments in the world sugar market since 1967

Muntzing, A., 1968:
Developments in theoretical genetics in recent years

Kooistra, E., 1966:
Developments in tomato varieties and strains

Tisdell, T.F., 1969:
Developments in tomato weed control

Neckelmann, J., 1969:
Developments in two regeneration studies on heathland in central Jutland with particular reference to an attack by weevils in the first growing season

Clements, R.F., 1970:
Developments in vegetable production and marketing: their influence on insecticide requirements and usage

Opitz, K.W., 1969:
Developments in weed control

Attwood, P.J., 1970:
Developments in weed control in agriculture

Van Der Zweep, W.; Van Sxaalduine, D.; Goddrie, P., 1964:
Developments in weed control in fruit crops on the European continent

Horowitz, M., 1967:
Developments in weed control on sorghum in Israel

Johnston, D.R.; Bradley, R.T., 1964:
Developments in yield control and inventory in British forestry

Harris, C.C., 1970:
Developments on breeding blackspot-resistant roses

Steenis, J.H.; Stotts, V.D.; Haven, D.; Whipp, A.A., 1964 :
Developments on control of Eurasian watermilfoil in the Chesapeake Bay region-1963

Low, A., 1968:
Developments toward tufted seed in varieties of Gossypium hirsutum

Sandor, T.N., 1967:
Developments within the EEC wheat industry

Timon-David, J., 1964:
Developpe-ment experimental et formes larvaires de Dollfusi-nusfrontalis Biocca et Ferretti, 1958 (Trematoda, Digenea), parasite des sinus frontaux du herisson

Golvan, Y.J.; Lancastre, F.A., 1968:
Developpement des larves de Dracunculus medinensis chez les Cyclops de rile-de-France

Timon-David, J., 1965:
Developpement experimental, formes larvaires et cycle vital de Dollfusinus frontalis Biocca et Ferretti, 1958 (Trematoda, Digenea, Leucochloridiidae), parasite des sinus frontaux du herisson

Bain, O., 1969:
Developpement larvaire de Saurositus agamae hamoni n.s.sp., Eufilariinae parasite d'agame en Haute-Volta, chez Anopheles stephensi

Leiss, R.S., 1972:
Develops high-protein snack

Shenkenberg, D.R.; Chang, J.C.; Edmondson, L.F., 1971:
Develops milk-orange juice

Meade, R.E., 1971:
Develops novel dual dryer

Lundstedt, E., 1972:
Develops soft fresh cheese

Ziemba, J.V., 1971:
Develops unique cultured dairy product

Lambert, C.R.; Striebel, H., 1967:
Devenir et signification des oeufs morts de Schistosoma mansoni dans la paroi intestinale de la souris

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Deviation in fat content of different oil plants. 1. Winter rape and sunflower

Mumm, H., 1965:
Deviation in the results obtained by various methods of fat determination in cheese

Hadas, A., 1964:
Deviations from Darcy's law for the flow of water in unsaturated soils

Olsen, Harold, W., 1965:
Deviations from Darcy's law in saturated clays

Wright, S., 1969:
Deviations from random combination in the optimum model

Markham, R., 1968:
Deviations in nitrogen metabolism associated with viruses

Fitzgerald, P.R., 1964:
Deviations In Serum Proteins Associated With Eimeria Bovis Infections In Calves

Muller, A.Von., 1967:
Deviations in weight and sugar increases due to variation of weather conditions in Gottingen 1963-66

Walker, D.F., 1964:
Deviations of the bovine penis

Bosch, F.J.; Van Den., 1969:
Device and method for homogenizing, emulsifying, atomizing, sterilizing or similarly treating liquids

Garrett, R.E., 1966:
Device designed for synchronous thinning of plants

Storchak, G.G.; Minkov, B.P.; Ivan-Chenko, N.Y., 1966:
Device for applying herbicides to plantations of essential oil-bearing roses

Vainberg, A.Y.; Brusilovskii, L.P.; Rimek, I.F.; Sakara, B.M., 1971:
Device for automatic control and regulation of manufacture of cultured milk products

Vainberg, A.; Brusilovskii, L.; Bol'shakova, L., 1964:
Device for automatic control of kefir acidity

Kulhanek, J., 1965:
Device for automatic elimination of insufficiently filled and uncapped bottles

Vainberg, A.; Brusilovskii, L.; Gusev, A.; Tikhomirova, G., 1965:
Device for automatic measurement and regulation of the moisture content of condensed milk

Vainberg, A.Y.; Brusilovskii, L.P.; Gusev, A.M., 1969:
Device for automation of evaporating plants

Juska, V.I., 1970:
Device for climbing trees

Klaren, C., 1965:
Device for coating flat and cylindrical cheese with plastic dispersions

Corcellet, P., 1970:
Device for contacting foodstuffs

Tomlinson, H.; Rich, S., 1971:
Device for controlling ozone concentration in an exposure chamber

Theiler, R., 1969:
Device for conveying and turning cheese

Hamba-Maschinenfabrik Hans, A.Muller., 1970:
Device for conveying liquids

Jansky, M., 1970:
Device for conveying milk from cans to a tank

Winkel, A.; Grenzebach, R., 1970:
Device for conveying whole hard cheeses singly in one plane, the cheeses arriving simultaneously on multitier elevator

Etscheid, H.; Zimmermann, B., 1969:
Device for cooling drinks

Walrave, J., 1970:
Device for cooling milk

Schwarzhaupt, P.H., 1964:
Device for curd treatment

Chalon Megard Freres, S.A., 1964:
Device for cutting and stirring coagulum in a vat of cylindrical shape, large diameter and limited depth

Johanski, J.G.; Jr., 1970:
Device for cutting cheese blocks

Holderied, H., 1970:
Device for cutting coagulum in cheese vats

Delcambre, G.J.P., 1968:
Device for cutting curd in small containers

Schober, R., Jurany Wolfrum, 1969:
Device for deaerating liquids, in particular milk, during conveyance from individual containers to a tank

Telitsyn, G.P., 1972:
Device for determination of the index of forest-fire danger of the weather

Anonymous, 1969:
Device for determining moisture content of soft products

Sesukov, M.A., 1969:
Device for determining the degree of fire danger in a forest

Eryhov, B.P., 1968:
Device for determining the shear modulus of woody materials

Rozov, N.; Galalaev, G., 1967:
Device for determining the speed of milking

Matulla, K., 1970:
Device for discharging curd from containers

Holvrieka Nv, 1969:
Device for draining curd for cheesemaking

Rose-Miller, G.P., 1971:
Device for feeding a nember of calves

Yagami, T., 1966:
Device for feeding additional ingredients into ice cream and for mixing the products in the freezer

Pigil'din, N., 1970:
Device for feeding logs simply

Buchner, N.; Domke, K., 1969:
Device for filling liquids into thin-walled containers of low rigidity

Rose, H., 1970:
Device for filling tubular casings with substances having a plastic consistency, in particular sausage meat

Stenstrbm, L.A., 1972:
Device for heat treatment of a packaged product in an electro-magnetic or acoustic field

Budmiger, H., 1970:
Device for heating food

Cole, M., 1965:
Device for holding containers during washing

Bosch, F.J.; Van Den., 1969:
Device for homogenizing, emulsifying, atomizing, sterilizing or similarly treating liquids

Hirahara, K.S.J.; Betschart, R.J., 1969:
Device for lifting frozen food products out of their moulds and for separating them from the lifting devices

Jonge, J.M.De, 1971:
Device for making Cheddar and similar cheese varieties

Jonge, J.M.De., 1969:
Device for making Cheddar or other cheese

Henseler, E., 1970:
Device for making cheese, particularly hard cheese

Beilis, V.M.; Mar'yakhin, F.G., 1969:
Device for measuring and sampling milk in the cowshed

Dmitrenko, L.P., 1967:
Device for measuring milk yield of individual cows and automation of auxiliary milking operations

Svarobek, J., 1964:
Device for measuring milking rate and its application

Sonntag, F.; Baier, R., 1970:
Device for metering liquids, in particular ice cream mix in continuous ice cream freezers

Shetsiruli, Z.M., 1971:
Device for milk density determination

Mcburney, J.J.; Meier, H.; Hoag, W.G., 1964:
Device For Milking Mice

Magyar, G., 1968:
Device for moulding Gruyere cheese

Matulla, K., 1970:
Device for moulding cheese

Nemcenko, N.M.; E.A., 1967:
Device for non-destructive testing of fibreboard strength

Anonymous, 1968:
Device for operating soft ice cream producing machines

Societe Volma, N.V., 1964:
Device for periodical filling of cheese moulds

Boer, G.De., 1964:
Device for periodically filling cheese moulds with a metered lump of curd

Bergstrom, R.C., 1969:
Device for portioning a flowing mass

Fillol, R., 1964:
Device for pressing Gruyere cheeses

Barbier, J.P.; Feugnet, J.P., 1970:
Device for producing soft cheese and cheese from washed curd

Kummerling, J., 1970:
Device for producing whipped cream

Talalaev, G.D.; Grukolenko, V.K., 1970:
Device for programmed operation control of milking machines

Koreskov, B.E., 1968:
Device for quicker emptying of oleoresin

Klimov, V.P.; Konanykhin, A.V., 1969:
Device for removing cream from cans and mechanism for feeding high-fat cream to standardization vats

Daigo Rekiti, 1965:
Device for removing ice cream from moulds

Levin, I.L.; Zditkov, A.V.; Licman, E.P., 1968:
Device for removing rot from chips

Kratochvil, O.; Hubacek, K., 1968:
Device for removing vapours and chemical cleaning of deodorizers

Lambert, D.R.; Sharkey, J.M., 1969:
Device for separating slices from a curd slab

Havlicek, Z.; Skorepa, M.; Huza, F., 1970:
Device for stirring and draining curd during the production of large loaf cheeses

Anonymous, 1968:
Device for storing and treating cheese during its preparation, consisting of cheese moulds and supporting plates for stacking the moulds

Tihonov, A.S., 1971:
Device for studying forest phytocoenoses by the point method

Theiler, R., 1969:
Device for supporting cheeses

Pfingstag, W., 1970:
Device for taking milk samples from a pipeline, in particular for milk tankers

Strumann, C., 1969:
Device for the continuous cleaning of cylindrical cheese moulds

Zaske, E.; Suyter, G., K.-Maffei Ag., 1970:
Device for the continuous production of frozen, spherical granulates from liquids

Nikolic, V., 1970:
Device for the dosage and the introduction of black cummin seeds (Nigeria sativa) into Telemea cheese

Matulla, K., 1969:
Device for the production of curd

Breuning, E., 1970:
Device for the production of yoghurt

Anonymous, 1965:
Device for the regulation of the output in continuous buttermaking machines

Anonymous, 1969:
Device for the transfer of milk from cans into bulk containers

Potemkin, S.A., 1967:
Device for tightening up packages and bundles

Eismann, J., 1970:
Device for transferring milk from containers to a tank, in particular tankers

Reede, D.J.Van., 1970:
Device for transferring milk from individual containers to a bulk container

Kataja, V., 1970:
Device for treating curd

Nielsen, H.V.; Pedersen, H.A.H., 1969:
Device for treating products, preferably food products

Winden, J.B.Van Der, 1964:
Device for treatment of commodities packed in containers

Hubman, P., 1966:
Device for turning cheese

Belyaev, A.N.; Valer, A.N.; Khilimon, V.V.; Chernyavskii, F.B.; Shcherbatykh, N.T., 1970:
Device for washing the inner surface of containers

Kummerling, J., 1970:
Device for whipped cream production

Surovtsev, A., 1965:
Device incorporating an impact-vortex mill for the preparation of seed lactose

Vainberg, A.; Kazakov, M., 1966:
Devices and instruments for the automation of the manufacture of dairy products

Tardif, R.; Secrest, J.P., 1970:
Devices for cleaning and counting eggs of the gypsy moth

Bekov, R.H.; Kvasnikov, B.V.; Zajcev, A.I., 1966:
Devices for determining the resistance of tomato fruits to mechanical injury

Fomin, A.E., 1969:
Devices for launching wood into the water

Sefton, A.E.; Hawes, R.O., 1971:
Devices for measuring mating activity and semen production in chickens

Kelpis, E.; Gavrish, R.; Lusis, M., 1970:
Devices for remote recording of cisternal pressure in individual udder quarters of cows

Beckhoff, H., 1969 :
Devices for suckling calves

Porter, A.W.; Olson, S.L., 1971:
Devise roller-type shaper for side-dressing bandsaw teeth

Foka, M.I., 1965:
Devising a method of increasing downy-mildew resistance in vines of the European type under the action of physical and chemical factors. (Vines and fruit crops.)

Vedyseva, R.G., 1965:
Devising a method of testing chickpea for Ascochyta resistance. (Potatoes, vegetables, pulses, sunflower.)

Yoder, J.T.; Starch, C.J., 1964:
Devocalization Of Dogs By Laryngofissure And Dissection Of The Thyroarytenoid Folds

Gross, W.B., 1964:
Devoicing the chicken

Robinson, R., 1969:
Devon rex-a third rexoid coat mutant in the cat

Kraaijenga, D.A., 1965:
Dew absorption by coffee and cacao leaves under Surinam conditions

Burrage, S.W., 1969:
Dew and the growth of the urcdospore germ tube of Puccinia graminis on the Wheat leaf

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Dew at New Forest, Dehra Dun

Duvdevani, S., 1964:
Dew in Israel and its effect on plants

Dabral, B.G.; Bali, H.K.; Bhalla, H.K.L., 1964:
Dew studies under forest plantations at New Forest, Dehra Dun

Buchalski, L., 1968:
Deworming of dogs with Dermaphos (Z-50)

Anonymous, 1964:
Dex is new high yielding broomcorn

Santi, R.; Fassina, G., 1964:
Dexamphetamine And Lipid Mobilization In Obesity

Kiplinger, D.C.; Tayama, H.K.; Mcdowell, T.C., 1971:
Dexon as it affects the growth and flowering of Ace lilies

Nash, R.G.; Harris, W.G., 1969:
Dexon fungicide antagonism toward herbicidal activity of s-triazines

Boodley, J.W., 1968:
Dexon may stunt poinsettias

Lapina, L.P., 1968:
Dextran as an osmotic agent for Investigating salt tolerance of plants

Lapina, L.P., 1968:
Dextran as an osmotic agent in studies of the salt hardiness of plants

Bailly, J.R.; Tittonel, E., 1971:
Dextran gel fractionation of humic acids in various soils. New observations

Bolcato, V.; Spettoli, P., 1969:
Dextran sulphate-toluidine blue method for the histochemi-cal identification of lipoproteins in cheese

Petit, L.; Godon, B., 1970:
Dextran-gel chromatography of acetic extracts of gluten and its possibilities

Luk'yanenko, E.K.; Govorov, N.V.; Shvetsov, A.S., 1970:
Dextrins as an index In breeding for quality in sweet corn

Buergelt, C.D.; Wheaton, L.G., 1970:
Dextroaorta, atopic left subclavian artery, and persistent left cephalic vena cava in a dog

Nanu, V., 1964:
Dextroferin in the prevention and treatment of anaemia in piglets

Peterson, S.C.; Kirschner, L.B., 1970:
Di- and triphosphoinositide metabolism in intact swine erythrocytes

Lee, R.M., 1964:
Di-(2-Chloroethyl) Aryl Phosphates. A Study Of Their Reaction With B-Esterases, And Of The Genetic Control Of Their Hydrolysis In Sheep

Chisholm, D.; Specht, H.B.; Leefe, J.S., 1965:
Di-Syston residues and control of pea aphid, Acyrthosiphon pisum, with in-furrow treatments of canning peas in Nova Scotia

Reeves, T., 1970:
Di-allate beats tri-allate

Velazquez, M.; Preston, T.R.; Macleod, N.A., 1970:
Di-ammonium phosphate as a substitute for protein in high-test molasses diets for growing pigs

James, W.L.; Hamill, D.W., 1965:
Di-electric properties of Douglas-Fir, measured at microwave frequencies

Cavier, R.; Rips, R., 1965:
Di-hydrazides, a new class of anthelmintics

Wilson, W.F.; Jr., 1967:
Di-methyl sulfoxide-camellias

Erdman, H.E.; Hsieh, J.J.S., 1969:
Di-methylsuifoxide (DMSO) effects on four economically important crops

Nemec, B., 1964:
Di-ploidization and polyploidization of mixoploid root tips

Hunger, W.; Fiedler, H.J., 1965:
Dia-gnosing fertilizer needs for older Spruce stands of the Erzgebirge and the Vogtland

Anonymous, 1965:

Zorrilla, E.; Hernanndez, A.; Magos, C.; Serrano, P.A., 1971:
Diabetes and hyperlipoproteinaemia in atherosclerotic heart disease

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Diabetes and hypertriglyceridaemia in human atherosclerosis

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Diabetes and obesity

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Diabetes and the way of life on an Indian reservation

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Diabetes complicated by pulmonary tuberculosis

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Diabetes in Ankara

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Diabetes in Central America

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Diabetes in Fiji

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Diabetes In Nyasaland (Malawi)

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Diabetes in Rhodesian Sephardic Jews

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Diabetes in children. Clinical and biochemical aspects

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Diabetes in patients with cirrhosis

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Diabetes in patients with cirrhosis

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Diabetes in the Cocopah Indians

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Diabetes in the Seneca Indians. Plasma insulin responses to oral carbohydrate

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Diabetes in the aged: underdiagnosis and overtreatment

Anonymous, 1969:
Diabetes in the elderly

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Diabetes insipidus associated with oligosyndactyly in the mouse

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Diabetes mellitus among the Florida Seminoles

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Diabetes mellitus and disorders of the eye

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Diabetes mellitus and idiopathic hemochromatosis

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Diabetes mellitus and pernicious anemia

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Diabetes mellitus in Athabaskan Indians in Alaska

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Diabetes mellitus in Papua and New Guinea

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Diabetes Mellitus In A Cow

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Diabetes mellitus in children a consequence of damage to the islets of the foetus? The hypothesis of Cornelia van Beek

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Diabetes mellitus in different countries and different races. Prevalence and major features

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Diabetes mellitus in dogs and cats

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Diabetes mellitus in patients with gout

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Diabetes mellitus in primary hypertriglyceridaemia with contraindications for insulin treatment

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Diabetes mellitus in the Chinese hamster. 1. Metabolic and morphologic studies

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Diabetes mellitus in the Chinese hamster. 2. The evolution of renal glomerulopathy

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Diabetes mellitus in the horse

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Diabetes Mellitus In The Sand Rat (Psammomys Obesus). Pathologic Studies

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Diabetes Mellitus In The Sand Rat Induced By Standard Laboratory Diets

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Diabetes mellitus in young Indians

Anonymous, 1971:
Diabetes mellitus par excellence

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Diabetes mellitus with onset after 40 years of age. Overweight and attempts to reduce weight

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Diabetes mellitus with reference to our own experience

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Diabetes mellitus. Report of a WHO Expert Committee. (WHO Technical Report Series No. 310.)

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Diabetes Survey In Bedford 1962

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Diabetes survey. Plasma insulin during 0-2h oral glucose tolerance test systematically carried out in a professional group. 1. Relationship with plasma glucose, free fatty acids, cholesterol, triglycerides and corpulence

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Diabetes, a new mutation in the mouse

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Diabetes-when and when not

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Diabetic angiopathy and mucopolysaccharide metabolism

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Diabetic cholecystomegaly

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Diabetic detection survey

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Diabetic ketoacidosis with initial hypokaliaemia

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Diabetic lipemia. A form of acquired fat-induced lipemia

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Diabetic neuropathy: a clinical electrophysiological and histological study

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Diabetic syndrome in sand rats. 2. Variability and association with diet

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Diabetic syndrome in sand rats. 3. Observations on adipose tissue and liver in the non-diabetic stage

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Diabetic syndrome in sand rats. 4. Morphologic changes in islet tissue

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Diabetic treatment and the diurnal plasma triglyceride

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Diabetic-like serum glucose levels in chromium deficient rats

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Diabetics-interracial comparisons. 2. Retinopathy and heart disease

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Diabetics. Inter-racial comparisons. 1

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Diabetogenic Action Of The Thyroid

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Diacetyl production and destruction patterns in mixed-strain starter cultures. (Abstr. pap. read at ann. meeting Amer. Dairy Sci. Ass., June 1964)

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Diacetyl production and utilization by Lactobacillus species

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Diacetyl production by Propionibacterium shermanii in milk cultures

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Diacetyl reductase of Lactobacillus casei

Zubeckis, E., 1965:
Diacetyl test in Canadian apple juice

Cassalett, D.; C., 1969:
Diacol V. 153, a synthetic variety of maize for the warm regions of Colombia

Cassalett, D.; C., 1969:
Diacol V153, a new synthetic variety of maize for the hot areas of Colombia

Schiemer, F., 1965:
Diagnose von Enchodelus microdorus n.sp. (Nematodes, Dorylaimidae)

Keahey, K.K.; Trapp, A.L., 1969:
Diagnoses and classifications of diseases of exotic animals

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Diagnoses of pear decline and rootstock identification in young pear orchards

Fitzsimmons, W.M., 1966:
Diagnoses of some helminth parasites in dogs, with particular emphasis on those of foreign origin

Ruge, U., 1971:
Diagnosing and preventing thawing salt damage to roadside trees in big cities

Jung, J.; Riehle, G., 1969:
Diagnosing and treatment of nutrient disorders in forest plants

Van Der Heide, L., 1970:
Diagnosing avian encephalomyelitis by the direct fluorescent antibody technique

Weir, R.G.; Cradock, F.W.; Barkus, B., 1968:
Diagnosing deficiencies in plants

Tyler, K.B.; Lorenz, O.A., 1964:
Diagnosing nutrient needs of melons through plant tissue analysis

Pumphrey, F.V.; Moore, D.P., 1965:
Diagnosing sulfur deficiency in alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) from plant analysis

Howlett, F.S., 1966:
Diagnosing the nitrogen and mineral element requirements of greenhouse vegetable crops by means of foliar analysis

Burchuladze, S.T., 1971:
Diagnosing the nutrition of the tea bush in long-term experiments on krasnozemic soils

Rahov, V.A., 1964:
Diagnosing the resistance of Scots Pine to insects in the shore zone of the Kuibyshev reservoir

Steger, H.; Girschewski, H.; Piatkowski, B.; Voigt, J., 1972:
Diagnosis and assessment of severity of acetonaemia in lactating cows from the concentration of ketone bodies in the blood and of acetone in the milk

Chakhoian, M.M., 1970:
Diagnosis and clinical picture of food allergy

Wittmann, W.; Seils, H., 1969:
Diagnosis and control of bovine enzootic leucosis. 2. Development of the total lymphocyte count in spontaneous and experimentally induced leucosis

Heever, L.W.Van Den., 1965:
Diagnosis and control of herd mastitis by examination of can samples

Jolly, R.D., 1970:
Diagnosis and control of pseudolipidosis of angus calves

Morgenstern, H.; Thiere, J., 1970:
Diagnosis and determination of horizons in arable watertable-soils

Savoscenko, I.S.; Tarnopol'skaja, P.D.; Grigorjan, E.G.; Tajc, N.S., 1966:
Diagnosis and diet treatment of patients with chronic gastritis and secretory insufficiency

Rittenbach, P., 1971:
Diagnosis and differential diagnosis of early changes in chronic tuberculosis of the udder in cattle

Friedhoff, K.; Ehlers-Bhodigen, S., 1965:
Diagnosis and epidemiology of Capillaria infection in fowls

Cole, W.C.; Bostrom, R.E.; Whitney, R.A., 1968:
Diagnosis and handling of B virus in a rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta)

Heeschen, W., 1965:
Diagnosis and incidence of bovine leucosis

Root, A.W.; Bongiovanni, A.M.; Eberlein, W.R., 1971:
Diagnosis and management of growth retardation with special reference to the problem of hypopituitarism

Gerstl, F., 1964:
Diagnosis and morphology of the agent of contagious ecthyma of chamois

Rostov, L.; Dzhurov, T., 1968:
Diagnosis and prevalence of subclinical mastitis in cows

Souza, D.M.D.Hiroce, R., 1970:
Diagnosis and preventive treatment, applied to the soil, of Zn deficiency in upland rice grown in soils with pH below 7

Malakhov, Yu. A.; Shorokhov, V.V.; Ulanov, I.A.; Talishevskaya. E., 1965:
Diagnosis and prophylaxis of leptospirosis in unweaned piglets

Plonait, H., 1965:
Diagnosis and therapy of disorders of calcium metabolism in sows

Wüthrich, B., 1970:
Diagnosis and therapy of farmer's lung and bronchial asthma in agricultural occupations

Kozinn, P.J.; Taschdjian, C.L.; Seelig, M.S.; Caroline, L.; Teitler, A., 1969:
Diagnosis and therapy of systemic candidiasis

Luque, F.G., 1967:
Diagnosis and transmission of Trypanosoma evansi infection in horses. Role of the arthropods Rhodnius prolixus and Triatoma capitata

Luqub, F.G., 1968:
Diagnosis and transmission of equine trypanosomiasis. Preliminary observations with bloodsucking Hemiptera.

Nielsen, B.B., 1965:
Diagnosis and treatment of Salmonella typhimurium infection in pigeons

Nelson, D.L.; Allen, A.D.; Mozier, J.O.; White, R.G., 1967:
Diagnosis and treatment of adverse reactions in cattle treated for grubs with a systemic insecticide

Bicknell, E.J.; Greichus, A.; Greichus, Y.A.; Bury, R.J.; Knudtson, W.U., 1971:
Diagnosis and treatment of aspergillosis in captive cormorants

Smalley, H.E., 1970:
Diagnosis and treatment of carbaryl poisoning in swine

Larkin, P.J.; Hicks, M., 1967:
Diagnosis and treatment of chronic Salmonella typhimurium infection in sows

Quinchon, C., 1964:
Diagnosis and treatment of enzootic pneumonia of pigs

Campbell, M.A.; Ferguson, I.C.; Hutchison, J.H.; Kerr, M.M., 1967:
Diagnosis and treatment of hypoglycaemia in the newborn

Horvath. Z.; Rozsahegyi, T., 1967:
Diagnosis and treatment of indigestion in ruminants. n. Treatment with Ruminogen powder (Phyl-axia) containing a propionate and a fumarate

Khaletskii, M.E., 1972:
Diagnosis and treatment of latent forms of diabetes mellitus in patients with atherosclerosis

Bogolepov, V.I.; Vorob'ev, S.A., 1967:
Diagnosis and treatment of nutritional encephalomalacia in chickens

Uberreiter, O., 1965:
Diagnosis and treatment of tumours in horses, dogs and cats

Fairney, A.; Francis, D.; Ersser, R.S.; Seakins, J.W.; Cottom, D., 1968:
Diagnosis and treatment of tyrosinosis

Souza, D.M.D.Hiroce, R., 1970:
Diagnosis and treatment of zinc deficiency in upland rice growing in acid soils

Euzeby, J.; Dubra, M., 1970:
Diagnosis ante mortem of Cysticercus bovis by the immuno-fluorescent test

Baufine-Ducrocq, H.; Couzineau, P.; Beauvais, B.; Lariviere, M., 1971:
Diagnosis by immuno-fluorescence of experimental infections of mice with Toxocara canis. Testing antigens for use in diagnosis in man

Stypulkowski, C.; Maciejewska.; Grazyna.; Nowak, J., 1964:
Diagnosis during life of cryptococcal septicaemia involving especially the central nervous system during the course of lymphatic leukaemia

Pesante, A., 1970:
Diagnosis in phytopathology

Botija, C.S.; Ordas, A.; Ovejero, J.I., 1967:
Diagnosis of African horse sickness in Spain

Colgrove, G.S., 1969:
Diagnosis of African swine fever by fluorescent antibody staining of blood films and buffy coat smears

Sanchez Botija, C., 1970:
Diagnosis of African swine fever by immunofluorescence

Boulanger, P.; Bannister, G.L.; Greig, A.S.; Gray, D.P.; Ruckerbauer, G.M., 1966:
Diagnosis of African swine fever by immunofluorescence and other serological methods

Titoli, F.; Gialletti, L.; Castro Portugal, F.L., 1969:
Diagnosis of African swine fever by immunofluorescence in infected leucocyte cultures

Laboury, S., 1969:
Diagnosis of Aspergillus infections of the respiratory tract

Sacco, T.; Maglione, E., 1968:
Diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease by the fluorescent antibody technique

Bazylev, P.M.; Fomin Yu. V., 1965:
Diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease by the gel diffusion test

Streltsov, L.F.; Shcherbatykh; Noskov, F.S., 1967:
Diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease by the immunofluorescence method

Eedyaev, A.D.; Rakhmanov, A.M., 1964:
Diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease in pigs

Fomin, Yu. V., 1966:
Diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease. I. Fluorescent antibody method. II. Gel diffusion test

Magnitskii, K.P.; Dzikovich, K.A., 1967:
Diagnosis of B nutrition for sunflower

Renault, L.; Vallee, A.; Gauthier, J.; Maire, C., 1968:
Diagnosis of Escherichia coli infection of calves

Six, F., 1968:
Diagnosis of Fasciola hepatica (by faecal egg count, using a modified trichino scope)

Movsesijan, M.; Sokolic, A.; Sibalic, S., 1969:
Diagnosis of Fasciola hepatica infection by fluorescein-la belled antibodies

Movsesijan, M.; Sokolic, A.; Slballc, S., 1967:
Diagnosis of Fasciola hepatica infection by the test for fluorescein-labelled antibodies

Zakhryalov, Y.N.; Savinkova, L.N.; Gorodovich, I.M., 1967:
Diagnosis of Mecistocirrus digitalis infections

Ginther, O.J., 1966:
Diagnosis of Microsporum nanum infection in swine

Karbe, E.; Helmboldt, C.F., 1968:
Diagnosis of Mycoplasma mastitis in cattle, using fluorescent antibodies

Karbe, E.; Helmboldt, C.F., 1968:
Diagnosis of Mycoplasma mastitis with the aid of fluorescent antibodies

Ermokhin. Yu. I., 1970:
Diagnosis of N nutrition of early maturing potatoes in relation to contents of N and chlorophyll in the leaves

Pustovar, N.S., 1968:
Diagnosis of Notocotylus infections in aquatic birds

Vasilkov, G.V., 1968:
Diagnosis of Philometra lusii in carp

Cabrera, B.D.; Garcia, E.G.; Silan, R.B., 1968:
Diagnosis of S. japonica by circumoval-precipitin test using dried blood on filter paper

Shol, V.A., 1964:
Diagnosis of Setaria infections in deer

Zaadhof, K.J.; Terplan, G., 1971:
Diagnosis of Streptococcus agalactiae using TKT medium and the CAMP test with the application of Columbia agar basic medium

Vakker, V.G., 1971:
Diagnosis of Telorchis, trematodes of reptiles and amphibians

Szent Ivanyi, T.; Szeky, A., 1968:
Diagnosis of Teschen/Talfan disease and similar conditions

Hahn, H.; Condie, F.; Bulger, R.J., 1968:
Diagnosis of Torulopsis glabrata infection. Successful treatment of two cases

Todorovic, R.; Mcnutt, S.H., 1967:
Diagnosis of Trichomonas foetus infection in bulls

Clark, B.L.; White, M.B.; Banfield, J.C., 1971:
Diagnosis of Trichomonas foetus infection in bulls

Philpott, M., 1968:
Diagnosis of Vibrio fetus infection in the bull. I. A modification of Mellick's fluorescent antibody test

Philpott, M., 1968:
Diagnosis of Vibrio fetus infection in the bull. II. An epidemiological survey using a fluorescent antibody test and comparing this with a cultural method

Grunert, E.; Ahlers, D., 1969:
Diagnosis of a dead foetus in the cow's uterus by determining the oestrogen content of urine

Kutas, F., 1967:
Diagnosis of acid-base disturbances in cattle herds fed on various diets

Kohler, H.; Apodaca, J., 1966:
Diagnosis of adenovirus infections in primary pig kidney cultures by histological methods

Magnitskii, K.P.; Ishmukhamedova, S.G.; Zhukov, S.N., 1971:
Diagnosis of an unidentified disease on cotton fields in the Tadzhik SSR

Tserling, V.V.; Egorova, L.A., 1971:
Diagnosis of apple seedlings' nutrition

Winter, H., 1967:
Diagnosis of bahesiasis by fluorescence microscopy

Golodriga, P.J.; Dranovskij, V.A.; Kireeva, L.K.; Kravcenko, N.A.; Sujatenov, I.A., 1967:
Diagnosis of biological characters and development of objective indices for evaluation when selecting vine seedlings

Gleiser, C.A.; Stair, E.L.; McGill, L.D., 1969:
Diagnosis of bluetongue in cattle by intravascular inoculation of chicken embryos and immunofluorescence

Dzikovich, K.A., 1967:
Diagnosis of boron deficiency in sugar-beet

Magnitskii, K.P.; Dzikovich, K.A., 1967:
Diagnosis of boron nutrition of sunflower

Simintzis, G., 1965:
Diagnosis of bovine brucellosis by the globulin fraction of the serum

Kretzschmar, C., 1967:
Diagnosis of bovine brucellosis: comparison of the slow agglutination test using normal saline or 5 saline with Castaneda's surface fixation test

Kosminkov, N.E., 1965:
Diagnosis of bovine cysticerciasis by the allergy method

Tolle, A.; Jahnke, H.-D.; Hasse, G., 1965:
Diagnosis of bovine leucosis and its control in southern Lower Saxony

Austwick, P.K.C., 1968:
Diagnosis of bovine mycotic abortion

Kartashova, V.M.; Arkhangel'skii, I.I., 1969:
Diagnosis of bovine salmonellosis by the ring test on milk

Newsam, I.D.B.; Monsbourgh, M.J., 1967:
Diagnosis of bovine vibriosis. Part 1. The production and use of standard suspensions of Vibrio fetus agglutinating antigen

Newsam, I.D.B.; St. George, T.D., 1967:
Diagnosis of bovine vibriosis. Part 3. Indirect haemagglutination using untanned sheep erythrocytes

Orlov, E.S.; Kas'yanov, A.N., 1968:
Diagnosis of brucellosis by the palpebral test using VIEV brucellin

Kas'yanov, A.H.; Bashkevich, R.B.; Zabrodin, V.A.; Dayydov, N.N., 1970:
Diagnosis of brucellosis in reindeer

Popovic, N.A.; Ristic, M., 1970:
Diagnosis of canine babesiasis by a gel precipitation test

Desliens, M., 1969:
Diagnosis of canine rabies. Capture, observation and autopsy of canine suspects

Reyes, V.; Garcia, E.; Silan, R., 1969:
Diagnosis of cerebral schistosomiasis by circumoval precipitin test using acetone-concentrated cerebrospinal fluid

Ivanov, I.T.; Dzhurov, A., 1966:
Diagnosis of chronic copper poisoning in ruminants

Wendt, K.; Leske, U., 1964:
Diagnosis of chronic mastitis

Weigt, Ursula., 1967:
Diagnosis of chronic yeast mastitis

Larenaudie, B., 1964:
Diagnosis of classical and African swine fever

Rehm, W.F.; Zerobin, K.; Christeller, S.; Kunovits, G.; Weiser, H., 1971:
Diagnosis of clinical signs of thiamin deficiency in cattle

Davis, L.R.; Bowman, G.W., 1964:
Diagnosis of coccidiosis of cattle and sheep by histochemical and other techniques

Grieco, M.H.; Freilich, D.B.; Louria, D.B., 1971:
Diagnosis of cryptococcal uveitis with hypertonic media

Alferova, M.F.; V.I.hankulova, K.; Aslamov, B., 1972:
Diagnosis of cysticerciasis in cattle by means of the latex-agglutination test

Shekhovtsov, V.S., 1967:
Diagnosis of cysticerciasis of cattle

Filippov, V.V., 1971:
Diagnosis of cysticerciasis of cattle by the agglutination reaction on polystyrene latex

Filippov, V.V., 1971:
Diagnosis of cysticercosis in live cattle by the agglutination test using Polystyrol latex

Doktorov, Yu. S., 1969:
Diagnosis of dicrocoeliosis in the living sheep

Kaarma, A., 1970:
Diagnosis of dictyocauliasis of cattle

Shevchik, A.; Gamchik, P., 1964:
Diagnosis of diseases of the fallopian tubes in cows

Serbanescu, E., 1969:
Diagnosis of drought resistance in some maize lines and hybrids

Gilka, F.; Salajka, E., 1965 :
Diagnosis of dyspepsia in young calves

Babiceva, L.Ja., 1966:
Diagnosis of early pregnancy

Ludwick, T.M.; Rader, E.R., 1968:
Diagnosis of early pregnancy in cattle by ovarian analysis

Monreal, G.; Both, G.; Konz, A., 1964:
Diagnosis of enzootic pneumonia in pigs

Miklausic, B.; Petrovic, D.; Kralj, M.; Marzan, B., 1965:
Diagnosis of equine infectious anaemia

Evranova, V.G.; Kornishina, M.D., 1968:
Diagnosis of experimental echinococcosis in sheep by the fluorescent antibody test

Froyd, G., 1969:
Diagnosis of fluke infestation-misleading results

Bercan, A.; Muntiu, N.; Dohotaru, V.; Voicu, S., 1968:
Diagnosis of foot and mouth disease. Examination of epithelium specimens stored for various periods by the complement fixation test, serum neutralization test, immuno-chromatography and gel precipitation

Adler, E.; Estrade, T.S.; D.A.amburu, M.S., 1968:
Diagnosis of foot and mouth disease. Inhibition of the cytopathic effect by serum dried on paper

Golodriga, I.Ja., 1968:
Diagnosis of frost resistance in genetic investigations of plants

Balogh, N., 1964:
Diagnosis of fungal diseases in animals by staining with Parker blue-black ink

Olujic, M.I., 1967:
Diagnosis of genital vibriosis in cattle

Jackson, R.F., 1969:
Diagnosis of heartworm disease by examination of the blood

Garcia, E.G.; Cabrera, B.D.; Lara, E.D., 1968:
Diagnosis of human filariasis by passive-hemagglutination and soluble antigen fluorescent antibody technic (SAFA)

Romvary, J.; Farkas, E.; Takatsy, G., 1969:
Diagnosis of human influenza B virus infection in pigs. Contact infection in pigs from artificially infected animals

Pinch, L.W., 1971:
Diagnosis of hydatid cyst

Borovski, V.A.; Biktashev, I.S.; Ibragimov, R., 1969:
Diagnosis of hydatidosis in cattle by hydatid cyst fluid

Kemenes, F.; Szeky, A., 1970:
Diagnosis of infectious abortion in sows

Jordan, F.T., 1964:
Diagnosis Of Infectious Laryngotracheitis By Chick Embryo Inoculation

Cervinkova, H.; Temmlova, B., 1966:
Diagnosis of internal decay in stems of standing trees

Spörri, H.; Denac, M., 1970:
Diagnosis of intrapulmonary ventilation disorders

Thaman, O.P.; Dogra, K.N., 1968:
Diagnosis of iron deficiency anemia: evaluation of various diagnostic methods

Dvorak, M., 1964:
Diagnosis of iron deficiency in unweaned piglets. II. Serum iron and iron-binding capacity of serum

Dvorak, M., 1964:
Diagnosis of iron deficiency in unweaned pigs. III. Oral iron tolerance test

Jussila, J., 1969:
Diagnosis of lactose malabsorption by the lactose tolerance test with peroral ethanol administration

Skydsgaard, J.M., 1967:
Diagnosis of latent sodium deficiency in cattle herds

Goheen, A.C.; Hewitt, W.B., 1964:
Diagnosis of leafroll of Grapevines

Nicolesco, M., 1967:
Diagnosis of leptospirosis in animals by the complement fixation test using mixtures of antigens

Ramsey, F.K.; Howard, J.R., 1970:
Diagnosis of lightning strike

Favati, V.; Della Croce, G., 1964:
Diagnosis of liver fluke infestation in cattle. Value of faecal examination plus allergic test

Slanina, L.; Konrad, V.; Pauerova, A., 1965:
Diagnosis of mastitis in the field and in the laboratory. Comparison of field tests with laboratory results

Kutas, F., 1967:
Diagnosis of metabolic disorders of the acid-base equilibrium in cattle by determining the net excretion of acids and bases

Killian, J.; Velly, J., 1964:
Diagnosis of mineral deficiencies by pot experiments in some soils of Madagascar

Kaul, O.N.; Srivastava, P.B.L.; Bora, N.K.S., 1966:
Diagnosis of mineral deficiencies in Sal (Shorea robusta Gaertn.) seedlings

Mcnaught, K.J., 1970:
Diagnosis of mineral deficiencies in grass-legume pastures by plant analysis

Recalde, L.; Esteban, E., 1965:
Diagnosis of mineral deficiencies in olive tree crops by leaf analysis

Pritula, Z.V., 1966:
Diagnosis of mineral nutrition of the tea plant under the conditions of the Krasnodar region

Horzinek, M., 1965:
Diagnosis of mouse pox (ectromelia) by agar-gel precipitation

Wachendorfer, G., 1965:
Diagnosis of mucosal disease in cattle by the agar gel test

Euzeby, J.; Dubra, M., 1971:
Diagnosis of muscular cysticerciasis in living cattle by the fluorescent antibody test

Machbert, G.; Wiesmeier, I., 1971:
Diagnosis of mushroom poisoning by concentration of spores found in gastrointestinal contents and faeces

Schimmel, D.; Dzu, N., 1969:
Diagnosis of mycoplasma infection in pigs

Arndt, J., 1966:
Diagnosis of mycoses in veterinary practice

Burctjladze, S.T., 1969:
Diagnosis of nitrogen nutrition in the tea plant.)

Kudyarov, V.N.; Rynks, I.N., 1967:
Diagnosis of nitrogen nutrition of spring wheat under conditions in the Irkutsk region

Rauterberg, E.; Miraftabi, B., 1970:
Diagnosis of nutrient deficiencies by simple methods of rapid analysis of plant tissues first exhibiting deficiency symptoms

Popov, Yu. N., 1969:
Diagnosis of occult endometritis in cows (using the Whiteside test on cervical mucus)

Bairak, V.A., 1970:
Diagnosis of occult forms of streptococcal mastitis

Schilling, E.; Zust, J., 1968:
Diagnosis of oestrus and ovulation in cows by pH-measurements intra vaginam and by apparent viscosity of vaginal mucus

Balabanoff, V.A., 1970:
Diagnosis of onychomycoses, in particular infection of the nails by T. rubrum

Grunert, E., 1967:
Diagnosis of paralytic rabies in cattle

Kane, G.J., 1971:
Diagnosis of parasitic diseases by specific immunoglobulin assay

Pitre, J., 1964:
Diagnosis of paratuberculosis enteritis in cattle by the complement fixation test. Technique and results

Polikarpov, V.A., 1966:
Diagnosis of paratuberculosis in reindeer

Stephenson, J.B.; McBean, M.S., 1967:
Diagnosis of phenylketonuria (phenylalanine hydroxylase deficiency, temporary and permanent)

Moir, K.W., 1966:
Diagnosis of phosphorus deficiency in grazing beef cattle

Dannenberg, H.D.; Henschel, J., 1964:
Diagnosis of pig brucellosis by the skin test

Psarros, E.E.; Photiadou, T.A., 1967:
Diagnosis of plant diseases and recommendation of control measures

Buck, W.B., 1966:
Diagnosis of poisoning by organic pesticides

Kretzschmar, C., 1970:
Diagnosis of porcine transmissible gastro-enteritis

Bessonov, A.S., 1968:
Diagnosis of porcine trichinellosis by agglutination of charcoal particles on a card

Burchuladze, S.T., 1970:
Diagnosis of potassium nutrition in the tea plant

Elpakov, K.A.; Tsyganok, N.S., 1966:
Diagnosis of pregnancy in cows by the barium chloride test on urine

Walker, D., 1967:
Diagnosis of pregnancy in pigs by examination of vaginal mucosae

Campbell, E.A.; Herve, M.; Bell, A.T., 1969:
Diagnosis of pregnancy in sheep using ultrasonic compound scanning

Helper, L.C., 1970:
Diagnosis of pregnancy in the bitch with an ultrasonic Doppler instrument

Gustafsson, B., 1972:
Diagnosis of primary epididymal dysfunction in the bull

D.Haller, R., 1966:
Diagnosis of pulmonary diseases caused by A

Spanoghe, L.; Vanderick, F.X., 1970:
Diagnosis of rabies in cattle in Rwanda

Subrahmanyam, B.; Pathak, R.C., 1971:
Diagnosis of rabies in dogs--comparative study on microscopic, biological and fluorescent antibody tests for diagnosis

Lucas, A.; Carnero, R.; Picard, M., 1969:
Diagnosis of rabies in the Central Veterinary Research Laboratory at Alfort in 1968

Joubert, L.; Lombard, M., 1968:
Diagnosis of rabies today

Nilsson, R.; Sugay, W., 1966:
Diagnosis of rabies. Comparison between demonstration of Negri bodies and mouse inoculation

Engelbrecht, E., 1966:
Diagnosis of recent and longstanding Trichinella spiralis infections by means of the immuno-fluorescence tests

Guseva, N.N.; Sal'kova, E.G.; Ozereckovskaja, O.L., 1966:
Diagnosis of resistance to Verticillium wilt in cotton

Geissler, H.; Kosters, I., 1970:
Diagnosis of salmonellosis in chickens using enrichment media incubated at 43 degrees C

Kartashova, V.M., 1969:
Diagnosis of salmonellosis in sheep by the ring test on milk

Ishizaki, T.; Iijima, T.; Ito, Y., 1964:
Diagnosis of schistosomiasis. II. A new criterion for the positive intradermal reaction using antigen of Schistosoma japonicum

Nakata, K.; Tomaru, K., 1967:
Diagnosis of some Tobacco virus diseases by the dip method and observation of the intracellular inclusion bodies

Fitzsimmons, W.M.; Harness, E., 1966:
Diagnosis of some helminth parasites in dogs

Verma, K.C.; Malik, B.S., 1968:
Diagnosis of spirochaetosis of poultry by slide agglutination and spirochaete immobilization tests

Noskov, A.I.; Ogryzkov, S.E., 1967:
Diagnosis of stachybotryotoxicosis in Cattle

Ruffo, G., 1966:
Diagnosis of staphylococcal mastitis

Schmidt, H.E., 1965:
Diagnosis of strains of Hop (H. lupulus L.) ring and band mosaic virus with herbaceous test plants

Schmidt, H.E., 1965:
Diagnosis of strains of the hop ring- and band-pattern mosaic virus using herbaceous test plants

Enigk, K.; Dey-Hazra, A., 1970:
Diagnosis of strongyle infections in geese during life

Potashevskii, N.D., 1965:
Diagnosis of sub-clinical mastitis in cows

Wiegand, S.E.; Ulrich, J.A.; Winkelmann, R.K., 1968:
Diagnosis of superficial pathogenic fungi: use of ink blue method

Schwarz, J.; Salfelder, K., 1969:
Diagnosis of surgical deep mycoses

Jatkar, P.R.; Singh, M., 1971:
Diagnosis of surra in camels by the passive haemagglutination test

Tran-Van-Du.; Dang-Thi-So., 1969:
Diagnosis of swine fever and titration of swine fever antiserum by passive haemagglutination

Wynohradnyk, V.; Cirste, I.; Michailov, L.; Ionija, G.; Manoiu, I., 1966:
Diagnosis of swine fever by using various modifications of the immunofluorescence technique

Polozencev, P.A.; Zolotov, L.A., 1970:
Diagnosis of the condition of Pine trees by the acupuncture method

Corticelli, B.; Lai, M., 1964:
Diagnosis of the infestation type in gastro-intestinal strongy-losis of cattle in Sardinia by differentiation of the infective larvae

Ipatenko, N.G., 1964:
Diagnosis of the local form of anthrax in pork

Pritula, Z.V., 1966:
Diagnosis of the mineral nutrition of the tea plant under the conditions of the Krasnodar region

Zelenskaya, E.D.; Gordetskaya, S.P., 1968:
Diagnosis of the nutrient requirements of apple trees

Lin, C.F., 1965:
Diagnosis of the phosphorus fertilizer requirements of tea plant

Lin, C.F., 1966:
Diagnosis of the phosphorus fertilizer requirements of the tea plant

Burculadze, S.T., 1968:
Diagnosis of the phosphorus nutritional status in the tea plant

Oniani, O.T., 1964:
Diagnosis of the potassium fertilizer requirements of the tea plant

Von Seyerl, F., 1964:
Diagnosis of toxoplasmosis in dogs

Duval, L.; Maurice, J., 1970:
Diagnosis of trace-element deficiences toy soil chemical analysis

Pensaert, M.B.; Haelterman, E.O.; Burnstein, T., 1968 :
Diagnosis of transmissible gastroenteritis in pigs by means of immunofluorescence

Bessonov, A.S., 1964:
Diagnosis of trichinelliasis

Bessonov, A.S., 1965:
Diagnosis of trichinelliasis by Ascoli's method

Vizy, L.; Takats, G., 1964:
Diagnosis of tuberculosis in cattle by the complement fixation test

Piwowarczyk, S.; Kita, J., 1966:
Diagnosis of tuberculosis in dogs: the M-test of Grys (1962) and the haemolytic test of Middlebrook & Dubos

Richter, W., 1966:
Diagnosis of tuberculosis in horses. II. Haematological studies

Richter, W., 1967:
Diagnosis of tuberculosis in horses. III. Tuberculin tests on experimentally infected horses

Domanski, A.; Lipecka, C., 1966:
Diagnosis of twin pregnancies by the author's own method

Minkevich, I.I., 1965:
Diagnosis of vascular mycosis infection in Oak

Bingol, R.; Bruckler, J.; Blobel, H., 1970:
Diagnosis of vibriosis in bulls

Dufty, J.H., 1967:
Diagnosis of vibriosis in the bull

Mellick, P.W.; Winter, A.J.; Mcentee, K., 1965:
Diagnosis Of Vibriosis In The Bull By Use Of The Fluorescent Antibody Technic

Forrest, G.E.; Aguirre, W.G., 1966:
Diagnosis of viraemias by fluorescent microscopy

Chizhov, V.A., 1965:
Diagnosis of viral hepatitis in polar and silver-grey foxes

Bychkova, V.E.; Vlasov, Yu. I.; Tsvetkov, V.N., 1964:
Diagnosis of viruses with asymmetrical particles by the method of double refraction in a current

Spatz, R.; Wenderoth, U.; Frey, K.W., 1968:
Diagnosis of vitamin B12 deficiency disorders, with special reference to the Schilling test

Otrygan'eva, A.F., 1965:
Diagnosis of vitamin D deficiency from alkaline phosphatase in blood

Ushchekov, V.L.; Zhuravlev, V.A., 1969:
Diagnosis using radioisotopes of alveolar hydatid of the liver

Dietz, O.; Nagel, E., 1965:
Diagnosis, prognosis and surgical treatment of intrathoracic oesophageal stenosis in cattle

Plakhotin, M.V.; Zakharov, V.I.; Alakh-Verdiev, R.S., 1966:
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of bovine rickettsial keratoconjunctivitis

Konopel'ko, P.Ya., 1971:
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of hypocalcaemic tetany in piglets

Podkopaev, V.M.; Shishkov, V.P., 1967:
Diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of diseases of new-born calves

Vertinskii, K.I.; Alikaev, V.A.; Pokopaev, V.M.; Shishkov, V.P.; Andreev, I.A.; Vlasov. V.P.; Mamaev, A.P.; Shul'govskii, I.P., 1965:
Diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of toxic dyspepsia in calves

Lein, D.; Erickson, I.; Winter, A.J.; McEntee, K., 1968:
Diagnosis, treatment, and control of vibriosis in an artificial insemination center

Henderson, Jr.; J.W., 1967:
Diagnosis, treatment, and preventive therapy for for heartworms

Heinrich, H.C.; Gabbe, E.E.; Kugler, G.; Whang, D.H.; Hausmann, K.; Bartels, H.; Kuse, R.; Meinecke, K.H.; Kugler, S.; Stelzner, F., 1971:
Diagnostic 59Fe2 + absorption test and diffuse storage iron in bone-marrow macrophages in gastric mucosal atrophy and after 2/3 or total gastrectomy

Singh, P., 1970:
Diagnostic anatomical characters of the roots of medicinal Digitalis of U.S.S.R

Selenina, L.V.; Syrovezko, N.V., 1967:
Diagnostic anatomy of the above-ground parts of Scopolia tangutica Maxim. which distinguish it from related species of medicinal importance

Barker, K.R.; Nusbaum, C.J., 1971:
Diagnostic and advisory programs

Biancardi, G.; Sali, G., 1969:
Diagnostic and prognostic value of chemical examination of urine in traumatic reticulo-peritonitis in cattle

Butler, W.T.; Alling, D.W.; Spickard, A.; Utz, J.P., 1964 :
Diagnostic And Prognostic Value Of Clinical And Laboratory Findings In Cryptococcal Meningitis, A Follow-Up Study Of Forty Patients

Rittenbach, P.; Wujanz, G., 1969:
Diagnostic and prognostic value of the histological examination of liver biopsy specimens from cattle

Beurey, J.; Vadot, J.; Weber, M.; Druesne, G., 1965:
Diagnostic and therapeutic difficulties of a leucoplasic tumour of the tongue invaded by C. albicans

Schneider, A.J.; Garrard, S.D., 1966:
Diagnostic and therapeutic implications of persistent hyperphenylalaninemia in an infant heterozygous for the gene of phenylketonuria

Paletto, A.E.; Masenti, E.; Vidili, F., 1966:
Diagnostic and therapeutic possibilities in pulmonary aspergillosis

Gmyrek, D.; Hubschmann, K.; Klimmt, G., 1968:
Diagnostic and therapeutic problems in hereditary fructose intolerance

Mazzucchi, V., 1969:
Diagnostic aspects of P. syringae on Pear

Marchenko, A.I.; Rudenko, M.M., 1970:
Diagnostic aspects of candidiasis of the oral cavity in diseases of the oral mucous membrane

Gangel, H., 1971:
Diagnostic aspects of synovial cytology in horses and cattle

Mazzucchi, U., 1969:
Diagnostic aspects of the causal agent of bacterial rot of D. picta in Italy

Mazzucchi, U., 1969 :
Diagnostic characteristics of the agent causing bacterial rot in D. picta in Italy

Georgieva, R.; Ackova, A. z.; Ackova, A., 1970:
Diagnostic characters and genetic affinity between the species in the genus Lycopersicon and the wild species Solanum pennellii Correll. I Hairs

Joyner, J.F.; Wilson, F.D., 1964:
Diagnostic characters in Sansevieria. Inheritance in an interspecific hybrid

Hausmann, K.; Kuse, R.; Meinecke, K.H.; Bartels, H.; Heinrich, H.C., 1971:
Diagnostic criteria of prelatent, latent and manifest iron deficiency

Anonymous, 1968:
Diagnostic criterion helps identify rice blast races

Durand, G.; Lemaitre, M.; Bridel, J., 1964:
Diagnostic de filariose par leuco-concentration dans le sang peripherique

Alkiewicz, J.A.; Kosicka, M.G.iewkowska, K., 1971:
Diagnostic difficulties in a case of primary pulmonary candidiasis in a child

Brown, A.W., 1966:
Diagnostic dosages to separate genotypes of Aedes aegypti for DDT-resistance and dieldrin-resistance

Celis, S.A.; Avendano, P.A., 1964:
Diagnostic errors in pleuropulmonary coccidioidomycosis. Considerations on seven cases

Dietz, O.; Prietz, G., 1968:
Diagnostic exploration of the omasum and abomasum utilizing the oesophageal groove reflex. Function of the groove in adult cattle

Graham, P.H.; Parker, C.A., 1964:
Diagnostic features in the characterisation of the root-nodule bacteria of Legumes

Dvorak, M., 1964:
Diagnostic features of Fe deficiency in sucking pigs. 1. The red blood picture

Dvorak, M., 1964:
Diagnostic features of Fe deficiency in sucking pigs. 2. Serum Fe and Fe-binding capacity of blood serum

Mazzucchi, U., 1969:
Diagnostic features of Pseudomonas syringae on pear trees

Dvorak, M., 1964:
Diagnostic features of iron deficiency in sucking pigs. 3. The oral iron load test

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Diagnostic immunologique de la para-gonimose humaine. Mise en evidence d'anticorps seriques specifiques par immunoelectrophorese

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Diagnostic importance of clay skins and clay content in soils in relation to the evaluation of podzolization and gley formation

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Diagnostic importance of morphological properties of gleyed soils

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Diagnostic importance of serum ss-carotene in malabsorption syndrome

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Diagnostic investigations on Tomato black ring virus

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Diagnostic key of the subgenera and sections of the genus Solanum

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Diagnostic laboratory methods for swine fever

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Diagnostic methods for determining the presence of Trichinella spiralis

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Diagnostic methods for virus diseases of Grapevine

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Diagnostic morphology of the third-stage larvae of Angiostrongylus cantonensis, Angiostrongylus vasorum, Aelurostrongylus abstrusus, and Anafilaroides rostratus (Nematoda: Metastrongyloidea)

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Diagnostic possibilities of utilizing precipitation in agar for the identification of Histoplasma capsulatum, Coccidioides immitis, Blastomyces dermatitidis and Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

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Diagnostic potentialities of indirect hemagglutination test in chicken artificially infected with salmonella

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Diagnostic problems in nitrate-nitrite poisoning of cattle

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Diagnostic problems of yeast infections

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Diagnostic procedure for Candida albicans reduced to three hours

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Diagnostic serologique des filarioses par immunefluorescence sur coupes de Dirofilaria immitis et de Dipetalonema viteae, resultais preliminaires portant sur 200 examens

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Diagnostic serologique par immun-fluorescence sur coupes a la congelation d'infections a Schistosoma mansoni, S. haematobium et S. intercalatum

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Diagnostic significance of antibody to intrinsic factor

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Diagnostic significance of intracutaneous tests in derma-tomycoses

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Diagnostic significance of milk cell count fluctuations in determination of udder health (Oct. 1962-Dec. 1963)

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Diagnostic significance of the histopathological changes in the central nervous system of runted store pigs following swine fever infection

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Diagnostic symptoms of cadang-cadang disease of Coconuts

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Diagnostic techniques in avian vibrionic hepatitis

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Diagnostic tests on animals in respect of psittacosis, and notes on the disease in Germany during recent years

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Diagnostic value of ABR in ewes' milk

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Diagnostic value of culture procedures and provocation tests in suspected mold allergies

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Diagnostic value of different tests in bovine mastitis

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Diagnostic value of diluted tuberculins in calves infected experimentally with various mycobacteria

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Diagnostic value of estimating non-haemoglobin Fe and transferrin in patients with toxic goitre

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Diagnostic value of liver biopsy in the clinical investigation of cattle

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Diagnostic value of neutrophile polymorphonuclear cells in the milk of cows with mastitis

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Diagnostic value of phage preparations in mycobacteria-infected guinea-pigs

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Diagnostic value of polynucleate neutrophils in mastitis milk

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Diagnostic value of residual milk in chronic bovine mastitis

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Diagnostic value of skin tests for pulmonary aspergillosis and sensitivity to A. fumigatus

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Diagnostic Value Of Small Oral Doses Of Folic Acid In Megaloblastic Anaemia

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Diagnostic value of tests for amylase and haemolytic activity of pancreas in swine fever

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Diagnostic value of the Ascaris suum antigens obtained by different: methods of fractionation

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Diagnostic value of the D-xylose absorption test in the young child

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Diagnostic value of the cell count of the milk in bovine mastitis

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Diagnostic value of the indirect Coons' test for bovine trypano-somiasis after chemoprophylactic treatment

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Diagnostic value of the luminescent-serological method of demonstrating brucella

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Diagnostic value of the passive haemagglutination test in brucellosis. II. Complete antigens

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Diagnostic value of the precipitin test with the Aspergillus fumigatus antigens in cases of aspergilloma of the lung

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Diagnostic value of the slow complement fixation test and the serum ring test in buffalo brucellosis

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Diagnostic value of thrombopenia and eosinophilia after food ingestion in children with milk and egg allergy

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Diagnostical value of the complement fixation test and the fluorescent antibody method in the laboratory diagnosis of toxoplasmosis

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Diagnostics of potassium nutrition of flax

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Diagnostische Methoden zur Feststellung der Invasion mit Trichinella spiralis

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Diagonalization of a long term optimalization model of farm activity

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Diagrammatic presentation of nutritional physiology based on 3 nutrients

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Dialectic farming

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Dialectical materialist Vavilov

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Dialectical philosophy and genetics

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Dialectical principles of genetic notions of the development of living nature (apropos the article by T. Martynenko Some physiological problems of genetics in connexion with the new achievements of biological science)

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Dialeurodes citri (Ashmead) (Homoptera Aleyrodidae) in Campania. (Notes on morphology and biology.)

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Dialeurodes citri; an insect parasite of citrus fruits

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Dialeurodes kirkaldyi (Kotinsky), a whitefly new to the United States (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae)

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Dialkyl carbonate-induced transesterification for analysis of fatty acids in milk

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Diallel analyses for yield and maturity characteristics in muskmelon cultivars

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Diallel analyses of potato leafhopper injury to alfalfa

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Diallel analyses of the inheritance of resistance in cotton, Gossypium hirsntum L., to races of Xanthomonas malvacearum (E.F.SM.) Dowson

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Diallel analysis of agronomic characters in grain Sorghum vulgare Pers

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Diallel analysis of agronomic traits in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

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Diallel analysis of competition between di-ploid and tetraploid genotypes of Secale cercale grown at two densities

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Diallel analysis of competition between grass species

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Diallel analysis of crosses between flue-cured and Burley tobacco cultivars

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Diallel analysis of ear inter-node length in barley

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Diallel analysis of ear internode length in barley

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Diallel analysis of emergence rate of wheat under drought and cold stress

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Diallel analysis of fatty acids in corn (Zea mays L.) oil

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Diallel analysis of grain size and protein content in pearl millet

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Diallel analysis of leaf characteristics in Indian mustard

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Diallel analysis of locule number in the tomato-I

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Diallel analysis of seven economic characters in snap beans

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Diallel analysis of several fiber property traits in Upland cotton Gossypium hirsutum L

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Diallel analysis of some plant characters in Gossy-pium arboreum L. I. Yield, ginning outturn and staple length

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Diallel analysis of the inheritance of quantitative characteristics in sorghum

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Diallel analysis of the inheritance of quantitative characters in cabbage Brassica oleracea L. var. capitata L

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Diallel analysis of the inheritance of quantitative characters in grain sorghum. II. Gene action, the number of effective factors and heritability

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Diallel analysis of varietal differentiation in a rice variety

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Diallel analysis of yield in maize hybrids with opaque endosperm

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Diallel cross analysis for combining ability in a group of lines in pearl-millet

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Diallel cross analysis of grain yield and some related characters of pearl millet Pennisetum typhoides Stapf and Hubb

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Diallel cross analysis of quantitative characters in tobacco

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Diallel cross designs and their relation to fractional replication

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Diallel crosses among Sikkimese rice types. II

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Diallel crosses among Sikkimese rice types. III

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Diallel crosses among burley varieties of Nicotiana tabacum L. in the F1and F2 generations

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Diallel crosses in Trifolium medium

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Diallel crosses of 'Vernal' alfalfa plants selected for vigor in association with timothy grass

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Diallel crosses of winter and spring wheat

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Diallel matings in the pig

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Diallel-cross analysis of some quantitative characters in Indian colza (Brassica campestris (L.) var. sarson Prain

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Dialuric acid hemolysis as an index of plasma tocopherol concentrations in the dog

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Dialysed egg as nitrogen source in dietary control of chronic renal failure

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Dialysed milk in low-sodium and low-potassium diets for renal, hepatic, and cardiac disease

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Dialysis equilibrium for determining binding of calcium by milk proteins

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Dialysis experiments with the infectious agent of Aleutian disease of mink

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Dialysis of the scrapie agent

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Dialysis phosphatase method for milk and all dairy products

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Dialysis phosphatase test in milk using p-nitrophenyl phosphate as substrate

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Dialysis studies of liver zinc in zinc-deficient and control rats

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Dialyz-able flavor components of chocolate products

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Diameter and number of muscle fibres in pigs fed with reduced protein without or with supplements of lysine, methionine and B vitamins

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Diameter and volume increment of individual Beech and Silver Fir trees in quasi-natural stands

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Diameter conversions between stump and breast height for northern species, Quebec

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Diameter corresponding to maximum volume production in Silver Fir selection forests

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Diameter distribution in Brazilian forests

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Diameter distribution of Balsam Fir on two site-types in Quebec

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Diameter distributions in Slash Pine plantations

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Diameter distributions in old-field Slash Pine plantations

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Diameter growth and foliar nitrogen in fertilized Loblolly Pines

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Diameter growth and phenology of trees on sites with high water tables

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Diameter growth of Loblolly Pine trees as affected by soil-moisture availability

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Diameter growth of Western White Pine following precommercial thinning

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Diameter growth of individual hardwood trees: the effect of certain tree and environmental factors on the growth of several species

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Diameter growth of loblolly pine related to available soil moisture and rate of soil moisture loss

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Diameter growth, specific gravity, and tracheid length in four-year-old Loblolly Pine in response to fertilizer treatment

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Diameter increase in second-growth Appalachian hardwood stands - a comparison of species

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Diameter increases in stands where fertilizers have been applied

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Diameter increment during the growing season of Betula verrucosa and B. pubescens on drained transitional bogs

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Diameter increment of Silver Fir and Beech in various communities in the Kocevje region

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Diameter increment of ponderosa pine infected with dwarfmistletoe in south-central Oregon

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Diameter increment of trees in relation to slope

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Diameter of cuttings-an important factor in the production of

Monnet, J.; Charpentier, J.M., 1965:
Diameter of the primary adventitious roots of the banana plant in relation to its degree of polyploidy

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Diameter, wall width and length of vessel elements, and diameter and wall width of fibres in Beech wood grown on the same parent rock at different altitudes in Bosnia

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Diameter-limit cutting in Appalachian hardwoods: boon or bane?

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Diamides of fatty acids, process for their manufacture and their use in manufacturing enriched foodstuffs

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Diamino acid metabolism in plants with special reference to a, beta -diamino-propionic acid

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Diammonium citrate and diammonium phosphate as sources of dietary nitrogen for growing-finishing swine

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Diammonium citrate as a nitrogen source for non-ruminants

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Diammonium phosphate as a source of protein in concentrate feeds for laying hens

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Diammonium phosphate prevents roadside fires

Lee, H.Y., 1968:
Diamond back moth (Plutella xylostella (L.)) and its control in Hong Kong

Berg, L.A., 1968:
Diamond spot of Bananas caused by Fusarium roseum ' Gibbosum '

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Dianabol for fattening broilers

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Diapausal aestivation of clover root curculio, Sitona hispidulus Fabr. (Col., Curculionidae)

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Diapause and development of Heliothis zea and H. virescens in controlled environments

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Diapause and polymorphism in California populations of Psylla pyricola (Homoptera: Psyllidae)