Section 15
Chapter 14,419

Die Ostsee als Reservoir einiger auch im Susswasser sich entwickelnder wirtschaftlich wichtiger digenetischer Trematoden

Reimer, L.

Angewandte Parasitologie 5: 75-78


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-3162
Accession: 014418250

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During investigations into the distribution of some digenetic trematodes in the middle Baltic (salinity 6-100), some species were encountered which can develop in fresh waters. These are mostly species which can occur in economically important animals found mainly in fresh waters, and which can penetrate certain salinities together with the intermediary, e.g. Lymnaea ovata is found in the Baltic up to a salinity of 120. The species discussed are Echinoparyphium recurvatum, Cotylurus cornutus, Sphaerostoma sp., Psilochasmus oxyuris, Diplostomum spathaceum and species of Apatemon, Cryptocotyle and Mesorchis.