Differential growth and survival of Rhizobium species in the rhizosphere of various plants in different sorts of soil. Ecological studies on root nodule bacteria in soil (Part 4)

Tuzimura, K.; Watanabe, L.; Shi, J.F.

Soil Sci. pl. Nutr 12(3): 15-22


Accession: 014419629

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In volcanic-ash soil rhizospheres of ladino clover, lucerne and sometimes tomato stimulated the clover rhizobium (R. trifolii) but soyabean and Sudan-grass rhizospheres had no such effect. With the lucerne rhizobium (R. meliloti) only lucerne roots were stimulative. Soil after harvest of clover, lucerne and soyabean contained larger numbers of clover rhizobium than uncultivated soil did. A marked difference in counts of clover was found between volcanic-ash soil and alluvial clay loam.