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Get PDF Full Texts from EurekaMag Chapter 14427

Chapter 14427 provides scholary research titles of which PDF Full Texts are available through EurekaMag.

Beloslyudova, L.F.; Polimbetova, F.A.; Kiseleva, L.I.; Sadykova, K., 1970:
Dynamics of carbohydrate-nitrogenous substances in the reproduction of spring wheat grown in hill areas

Pisahov, S.M., 1969:
Dynamics of carbohydrates in grape vines

Dzasi, R.G., 1965:
Dynamics of carbohydrates in leaves of the lemon tree under different ecological conditions

Tregubenko, M.Ya., 1970:
Dynamics of carbohydrates in storage organs of lucerne during the vegetative period

Gomoljako, L.G.; Sazonova, L.V., 1965:
Dynamics of carotene and sugar accumulation during the growth and storage of carrots

Bystrozorova, M.S., 1968:
Dynamics of cell mutation in germinating seeds of Vicia faba L

Boev, V., 1964:
Dynamics of cell sap concentration in the leaves of certain winter wheat varieties, grown at various levels of agricultural cultivation

Boev, V., 1964:
Dynamics of cell-sap concentration in leaves of certain wheat varieties given different agricultural treatments

Kniga, M.I.; Kniga, N.M., 1971 :
Dynamics of cellulose and lignin in developmental phases of maize and in relation to fertilizer application

V.E.Sokolova., 1966:
Dynamics of certain phenol compounds in Potato varieties differing in their resistance to Phytophthora infestans during storage

Khalilov, K.B., 1966:
Dynamics of changes in blood proteins and protein fractions in growing buffaloes

Cerny, V.; Belzova, E., 1971:
Dynamics of changes in the amounts of root matter in three winter wheat varieties with different rates of fertilizing

Kornacki, Z.; Czajkowski, Z.; Bajorek, J., 1971:
Dynamics of changes in the parameters of acid-base balance in arterial blood of healthy neonates

Mekhtieva, B.A., 1968:
Dynamics of chemical composition of Trifolium fragiferum, T. bonnani, T. resupinatum, Pennisetum villosum and P. orientale in the Apsheron peninsula

Fragina, A.I., 1965:
Dynamics of chemical composition of sunflower in relation to the conditions of ripening

Fragina, A.I., 1965:
Dynamics of chemical compounds in sunflower in relation to conditions of ripening

Thomas, D.L.; Crumpacker, D.W., 1970:
Dynamics of chromosomal polymorphism and genetic load: an application of the two-locus multiplicative model with heterosis

Zyrin, N.G.; Stoilov, G.P.; Simonov, V.D., 1968:
Dynamics of content of manganese, copper, zinc and molybdenum in the grapevine

Mishin, P.Ya., 1967:
Dynamics of copper and zinc contents of spring wheat at different stages of growth

Taran, I.F.; Pogorelov, N.A.; Zamakhaeva. E.I.; Safronova, V.M., 1969:
Dynamics of cross-immunity and species-specific immunity in guinea-pigs inoculated with Strain 19 or Rev. 1 vaccine

Goranov, V., 1970:
Dynamics of decomposition of proteins in cows' milk, Kachkaval cheese production and ripening

Janota-Bassalik, L.; Ryniewicz, Z.; Zajac, M., 1970:
Dynamics of development of naturally occurring and artificially introduced microflora in bovine udder

Yablonskii, E.A., 1968:
Dynamics of dry-matter content in fruit buds of winter-hardy and susceptible almond varieties

Suslov, I.F., 1967:
Dynamics of efficiency of social production in agriculture

Grinchenko, A.M.; Chesnyak, G.Y.; Chesnyak, O.A., 1964:
Dynamics of elements of fertility of thick chernozem in connexion with prolonged agricultural utilization and application of fertilizers

Galstyan, A.Sh., 1965:
Dynamics of enzymatic processes of soils

Plank, J.E.Van Der, 1965:
Dynamics of epidemics of plant disease

Denisova, G.A.; Anisimova, K.I., 1966:
Dynamics of essential oil content in the vegetative organs of Archangelic decurrens

Silova, A.V., 1968:
Dynamics of excretion of oestrogen by mares duringpregnancy

Ketzkhoveli, E.N., 1964:
Dynamics of extrafoliar plastid pigments of some arboreal species of the Caucasus

Sonenshine, D.E.; Atwood, E.L., 1967:
Dynamics of feeding of the American dog tick, Dermacentor variabilis (Acarina: Ixodidae)

Obuhovskij, V.M., 1965:
Dynamics of fixed capital on specialized state farms with different levels of intensity

Kanevskaja, G.S., 1968:
Dynamics of flowering and hybridization techniques for Guizotia abyssinica (L. f.) Cass.

Fil'kevic, V.Ja., 1968:
Dynamics of frame saws

Ryamushkin, G.P., 1965:
Dynamics of free amino acids and protein and its fractions in the left ventricle blood of piglets after suckling

Ploszynska, W.; Ploszynski, M., 1968:
Dynamics of free amino acids in a sandy-soil profile ameliorated by deep plowing and placement of manure

Miklazewski, S., 1968:
Dynamics of free amino acids in differently utilized sandy soil

Cristea, M.; Podariu, L., 1968:
Dynamics of fructolysis in bull semen

Rafiev, M.R., 1969:
Dynamics of fruit growth in unirrigated watermelons

Adigezalov, I.I., 1965:
Dynamics of fruiting in varieties and hybrids of cucumber in heated frames

Vainagii, I.V., 1971:
Dynamics of germination and viability of seeds of some herbaceous plants in the Carpathians

Simancik, F.; Pospisil, J., 1969:
Dynamics of glycides and respiration during germination of Spruce seeds (Picea abies (L.) Karst.) collected in mountain areas

Koloskova, L.N., 1970:
Dynamics of growth and leafiness in lucerne cv. of different geographical origins

Uvalin, M.S., 1970:
Dynamics of growth in the Bosnian Pony

Il'icev, G.A., 1970:
Dynamics of growth in whiter rye in the Leningrad area

Zavoi, I.; Burcea, A.; Diaconu, E.; Fransua, V.; Marin, M.; Taut, V., 1970:
Dynamics of growth of Jersey x Romanian Brown F1 crossbreds in the submountainous region of Arges

Halaj, M.; Uhrin, V., 1969:
Dynamics of growth of body weight and some body parts in White Plymouth chicks during post-embryonal development. I. Increases in body weight

Zavoi, I.; Burcea, A.; Diaconu, E.; Fransua, V.; Marin, M., 1970:
Dynamics of growth of lambs in the mountainous region of Brasov

Kvinikadze, B.V., 1968:
Dynamics of growth of the Novogruzinskij lemon budded on different types of rootstock

Aliev, D.M., 1969:
Dynamics of growth of the above-ground and below-ground parts of the pomegranate in a varietal cross section in the early stage of development

Sidor, V., 1969:
Dynamics of growth of the most important tissues in Black Pied pigs during forced fattening to 120 kg body weight

Gusejnov, S.B., 1968:
Dynamics of growth of the sugar-beet root under conditions of the Kedabek district

Sidor, V., 1969:
Dynamics of haemoglobin and protein fractions in Improved White and Black Pied pigs during growth to 120 kg body weight

Sadmanova, N.A., 1965:
Dynamics of hormones of the B group in cotton cultivars differing in resistance to Verticillium wilt. (Technological crops.)

Turski, R.; Lipinska, M., 1965:
Dynamics of humic acids in a cultivated podzolic soil from deep loess

Grinchenko, O.M.; Chesnyak, G.Y.; Chesnyak, O.A., 1964:
Dynamics of humus, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in deep chernozems under continued cultivation and fertilizer application

Facek, Z., 1968:
Dynamics of hydro-physical soil properties under the influence of fertilizers and crops

Saint-Amand, R.D.De., 1968:
Dynamics of hydromorphic organic soils in Madagascar with reference to rice cultivation. Part III

Kovalenko, Y. R.; Sidorov, M.A.; Tatarintsev, N.T., 1967:
Dynamics of immunogenesis in pigs against swine fever and erysipelas in relation to the protein content of the ration

Bogdan, J.; Vrtiak, O.J.; Polony, R.; Pauer, T., 1968:
Dynamics of immunomorphological changes in the organs of chickens after immunization with BPL vaccine and after challenge with fowl plague virus

Sokol, A.; Koppel, Z.; Mikula, L., 1969:
Dynamics of incidence of antibiotic- (chemothera-peutic-) resistant E. coli in pigs and types of poly-resistance of the isolated strains depending on addition of Aureovit 12C20 to food

Ivanov, P.K.; Rashkovskii, E.M., 1969:
Dynamics of increase in plant growth and nutrient uptake by different crops

Cela, B.; Kasi, R.; Petrela, I., 1970:
Dynamics of infection by blue mould (Pero-nospora tabacina Adam) of some hybrid lines of tobacco in the course of selection

Ariskina, N.P.; Zakirova, N.F., 1969:
Dynamics of infection of Maize by blister smut in pure and mixed sowings

Borowik, M.M., 1968:
Dynamics of infection of various age groups of Alburnus alburnus L. in the Zegrzynski Reservoir

Pucilowska, A., 1969:
Dynamics of infection with endoparasites of fishes in the Zegrzyhski Reservoir

Shinozuka, H.; Lombardi, B.; Farber, E., 1971:
Dynamics of injury and repair in hepatic cells. II. Association of membranes with lipid during recovery from ethionine-induced fatty liver

Sun, Yun-Pei, 1968:
Dynamics of insect toxicology-a-mathematical and graphical evaluation of the relationship between insect toxicity and rates of penetration and detoxication of insecticides

Sun, Y.P.; Johnson, E.R., 1972:
Dynamics of insecticide and drug effects on the mechanism of water conservation of house flies and their interactions affecting weight loss, water balance, intoxication, and recovery of insects

Remezov, N.P.; Samoilova, E.M.; Sviridova, I.K.; E.A., 1964:
Dynamics of interaction of oak forest with soil

Cugaeva, G.S.; Eremenko, V.M., 1967:
Dynamics of leaf growth in polyploid varieties of sugar beet in different conditions of soil humidity and mineral nutrition

Cerkasova, S.A., 1966:
Dynamics of lipid and nitrogenous substances in cotton in relation to their nutritional value for pests

Hovorka, J.; Podhajecky, K., 1965:
Dynamics of losses caused by helminth parasites in Czechoslovakia. I. Intestinal helminths and coenu-rosis of sheep. II. Sheep lungworms. III. Cattle lungworms

Sviderskaja, Z.I.; Gavsina, O.T., 1968:
Dynamics of losses of essential oil in harvested clary sage flowers

Ponomareva, A.N., 1967:
Dynamics of low-molecular N compounds in developing wheat plants

Gunar, I.I.; Gromyko, O.I., 1968:
Dynamics of magnesium in plants under different growing conditions

Gunar, I.I., 1968:
Dynamics of magnesium in plants under different growth conditions

Vlasyuk, P.A.; Karas', M.N., 1965:
Dynamics of manganese content of soil and plants

Jakubczyk, H., 1970:
Dynamics of microbiological activity in some soils of meadow communities

Saboiev, S., 1968:
Dynamics of microelement contents in some desert plant communities of the E. Pamirs

Grazzani, Rosanna., 1965:
Dynamics of milk production

Jarovaja, V.G.; Cirkunova, E.J.; Seljukova, V.P.; Zenihova, N.G.; Fisunova, S.V., 1970:
Dynamics of milk yield, fat content and protein content of milk of Kostroma cows and the relationships between them

Galat, B., 1966:
Dynamics of mineral composition of milk from Simmenthal cows fed with silage-pulp rations in the course of the lactation period

Blondel, D., 1971:
Dynamics of mineral nitrogen in a Nioro-du-Rip (Senegal) tropical ferruginous soil

Blondel, D., 1971:
Dynamics of mineral nitrogen in a Sefa (Senegal) tropical ferruginous soil

Blondel, D., 1971:
Dynamics of mineral nitrogen in a Senegal sandy soil (Dior)

Libois, A., 1968:
Dynamics of mineral nitrogen in a bare soil

Pereverzev, V.N., 1966:
Dynamics of mineral nitrogen in peat-bog soil when organic material is applied to it

Kosolapova, A.I., 1971:
Dynamics of mineral phosphates in leached Kuban chernozem under sunflower

Mosorok, G.G., 1968:
Dynamics of mobile N in the soils of Fir/Spruce forests of central and southern Sikhote-Alin

Gerasimova, M.I.; Nozdrunova, E.M., 1969:
Dynamics of mobile compounds in gleyey podzolic soils and pseudogleys

Kalinin, A.I., 1971:
Dynamics of mobile forms of nitrogen in dernopodzolic soil in the northeast of the Kirov region

Andreev, N.G.; Tsygutkin, S.M., 1971:
Dynamics of mobile forms of nitrogen in soil of highly productive pastures

Lutsenko, N.M., 1969:
Dynamics of mobile forms of nitrogen in thick chernozem of the Voronezh region in relation to application of organic and mineral fertilizers

Ignatov, I., 1965:
Dynamics of mobile forms of nitrogen under winter wheat grown on leached cinnamon forest soil

Godlin, M.M.; Olinevich, V.A., 1966:
Dynamics of mobile forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in peat soils utilized for different lengths of time

Konstantinov, V.D., 1970:
Dynamics of mobile forms of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soil under shelterbelts

Musorok, G.G., 1968:
Dynamics of mobile nitrogen in soils of fir-spruce forests of central south Sikhote-Alin'

Rafaelyan, Zh. S., 1970:
Dynamics of mobile nutrients in brown soil and yield of winter wheat in monoculture and with systematic application of fertilizers

Bondarenko, S.F.J.; Grigor'eva, L.V., 1970:
Dynamics of mobile phosphates in Azov chernozem when fallow and when under winter wheat

Kalinin, A.I., 1971:
Dynamics of mobile phosphorus in derno-podzolic loamy soil in the north-east of the Kirov region

Bedrna, Z., 1970:
Dynamics of moisture and temperature of gray-brown podzolic soils in the east-Slovakian lowland

Tucholska, H., 1968:
Dynamics of moisture changes in soils under alfalfa and red clover

Kryuger, L.V.; Selivanov, I.A., 1968:
Dynamics of mycorrhiza formation in Legumes

Kupcov, A.I., 1965:
Dynamics of natural selection on domestication of wild plants

Shorin, V.M., 1967:
Dynamics of nitrate and ammonium nitrogen in gray forest soil

Koltakova, P.S., 1965:
Dynamics of nitrate nitrogen, phosphoric acid and biological activity of leached chernozem in connexion with the long-term effect of dung and phosphorus fertilizers

Vazhenina, E.A., 1968:
Dynamics of nitrates and nitrifying capacity of soils of trans-Baikal

Simakin, A.I.; Vasilenko, L.I., 1965:
Dynamics of nitrates in leached chernozems of the Kuban when fertilizers are applied

Gurevich, S.M.; Boronin, N.K., 1965:
Dynamics of nitrates in thick chernozem under irrigated conditions

Kovrigin, S.A., 1971:
Dynamics of nitrates, ammonium and mobile forms of phosphorus and potassium in soils under various species of trees

Erh, K.T.; Elrick, D.E.; Thomas, R.L.; Corke, C.T., 1967:
Dynamics of nitrification in soils using a miscible displacement technique

Balabacheva, R.M., 1964:
Dynamics of nitrogen compounds and of phosphorus in soil under maize

Atanasov, Z.; Zolotovich, G.; Koseva, D.; E.A., 1968:
Dynamics of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soil and in the Damask rose with different fertilizer treatments

Evdokimova, T.I.; Kuz'menko, I.T., 1965:
Dynamics of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in soils of the bottomland of the river Moscow during agricultural utilization of the soils (Communication I. Nitrogen)

Sipos, G.; Bratu, N., 1964:
Dynamics of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and calcium accumulation in the sugar beet, in relation to plant population

Tsanava, V.P.; Tsanava, N.G., 1972:
Dynamics of nitrogenous substances in tea leaves in relation to nitrogen supply

Laird, A.K.; Tyler, S.A.; Barton, A.D., 1965:
Dynamics of normal growth

Akhmedov, A.N.; Vyval'ko. I.G., 1971:
Dynamics of nucleic acids in potato tubers in relation to growing conditions

Mocanu, V.; Tanase, I., 1968:
Dynamics of nucleic and amino acids of Poplar bark (P. X euramericana cv. Robusta R20) infected by Cryptodiaporthe populea

Gataulina, G.G.; Berezhnaya, Z.G., 1971:
Dynamics of nutrient consumption by plants of white lupin

Ugarov, A.N., 1967:
Dynamics of nutrient uptake in spring wheat

Khokhlov, V.L Ermolaeva, T.F., 1971:
Dynamics of nutrient uptake, growth and yield of tomatoes in relation to fertilizers

Shatjlov, I.S.; Oknina, R.M., 1968:
Dynamics of nutrient-element requirements of legumes, and effect of sowing date on productivity of photosynthesis

Solohova, V.A.; Cerkasova, K.D., 1970:
Dynamics of olive fruit growth on the south Crimea coast

Tymieniecka, W.; Ploszynski, M., 1968:
Dynamics of organic carbon and amino acids in the soil profile altered by meliorative plowing

Miklaszewski, S., 1968:
Dynamics of organic carbon and of some nitrogen forms in dif- ferently utilized sandy soils

Sekerka, V., 1968:
Dynamics of organic nitrogen excretion by plant roots under the influence of TCA-sodium

Ilyasov, I.N., 1970:
Dynamics of oribatid mites, the intermediate hosts of Anoplocephalata from farm animals in central Tadzhikistan

Bazhenov, N.K.; Rubtsova, I.G., 1969:
Dynamics of oxidation-reduction conditions and potential in serozem-meadow soils under rice

Bogdanov, N.I.; Solovei, O.P., 1972:
Dynamics of oxidation-reduction processes in West Siberian chernozem

Frolova, L.N., 1964:
Dynamics of oxidation-reduction processes in felled areas of spruce forests in the central taiga

Grechin, I.P.; Stratonovich, M.V., 1968:
Dynamics of oxygen and carbon dioxide in the soil air of heavy loamy derno-podzolie soils

Bertram, D.S., 1966:
Dynamics of parasitic equilibrium in cotton rat filariasis

Glumov, V.Y.; Zubov, N.A., 1970:
Dynamics of pathological changes of the liver in the early stages of experimental opisthorchiasis

Britov, V.A., 1968:
Dynamics of pathological reaction in the muscles of pigs infected with Far-East natural T. spiralis strain

Akhunov, A.A.; Rakitskaya, A.Y.; Chistyakov, I.A., 1966:
Dynamics of penetration of cultured cells by foot and mouth disease virus labelled with radio-phosphorus

Gligorijevic, J.; Draganovic, B.; Begovic, J.; Gacevic, M., 1970:
Dynamics of peroral contamination of hens with 137Cs

Nguen, V., 1964:
Dynamics of phosphate groups in inundated soils of rice fields

Kaurichev, I.S.; Andratskaya, E.P., 1966:
Dynamics of phosphates of podzolized soils of zapadinas and leached chernozems in connexion with the occurrence of temporary reduction processes within them

Belousov, V.S., 1970:
Dynamics of phosphorus compounds in brown forest soils of the humid subtropies of the Caucasian Black Sea coast

Kartseva, L.N., 1965:
Dynamics of phosphorus compounds in the oat plant in relation to nutrient conditions

Fabry, G., 1967:
Dynamics of phosphorus in the soil of a field experiment

Matusiewicz, E., 1965:
Dynamics of phosphorus uptake by tobacco

Malofeev, V.M.; Shatilov, I.S.; Abisalov, R.S.; Vaulin, A.V., 1971:
Dynamics of photosynthesis and respiration in oats

Pogosjan, S.A.; Melkonjan, M.V., 1971:
Dynamics of photosynthetic intensity in vine leaves at different heights

Anguelov, G.A., 1970:
Dynamics of physical growth and the course of puberty in adolescents 10 to 17 years old

Facek, Z., 1965:
Dynamics of physical soil properties under the effect of weather conditions and some field crops

Babenko, V.I.; Kvasnyuk, A.K., 1971:
Dynamics of phytochrome accumulation in the growing points of winter wheat plants during vernalization

Ryan, W.G.; Schwartz, T.B., 1965:
Dynamics of plasma triglyceride turnover in man

Sosipatrov, G.V.; Shumakovich, E.E., 1966:
Dynamics of population density of the mollusc Galba truncatula and the incidence of infection with Fasciola hepatica larvae in Moscow region

Seinhorst, J.W., 1970:
Dynamics of populations of plant parasitic nematodes

Kuntze, H.; Leisen, E., 1970:
Dynamics of potassium in a loess low-moor catena

Akhundov, A.K., 1964:
Dynamics of potassium in soil in connexion with application of potassium fertilizer

Herlich, H., 1969:
Dynamics of prepatent infections of guinea pigs with the ruminant parasite, Trichostrongylus colubriformis (Nematoda)

Ionita, M., 1967:
Dynamics of productive growth of some maize double hybrids grown for yield of green matter

Kretinin, V.K., 1967:
Dynamics of protein and protein fractions in the blood serum of pigs infected with classical swine fever and African swine fever

Sokol'skaja, T.I., 1970:
Dynamics of protein composition in bean cotyledons during germination

Sokol'skaya, T.I., 1970:
Dynamics of protein composition of bean cotyledons in the process of seed germination

Lazanyi, A.; Mlesnija, L.; Salontai, T., 1967:
Dynamics of protein content in barley grain

Lazanyi, A.; Mlecnita, L.; Salontai, T., 1969:
Dynamics of protein content of barley grains

Pavljucenko, T.A.; Ivanova, M.A., 1969:
Dynamics of protein fractions in the milk of cows of different breeds in relation to the physiological state of the animals

Stepanova, N.I.; Timofeev, B.A., 1968:
Dynamics of protein metabolism and blood picture in cattle with experimental toxoplasmosis

Rebreanu, L., 1970:
Dynamics of quantitative changes in haemoglobin and the formed elements of blood in calves and young cattle

Gennari, C., 1965:
Dynamics of radioactive Ca in senile osteoporosis. 1. Exchangeable Ca pool

Gennari, C., 1965:
Dynamics of radioactive Ca in senile osteoporosis. 2. Turnover rate of the system and rate of bone formation and resorption

Laird, A.K., 1965:
Dynamics of relative growth

Martynjuk, R.T., 1964:
Dynamics of relative proportions of varieties in mixed spring wheat varieties and their grain quality

Graman, J., 1971:
Dynamics of reproductive organ formation in broad beans in relation to different sowing dates. II. The proportion of fertile and shed flowers

Zanderson, Ja. G., 1966:
Dynamics of resin flow when tapping Pine with stimulation by H2SO4

Ovidiu, C.; Simeanu, V.; Tudor, A., 1968:
Dynamics of respiration in flower buds, flowers and fruits in some stone fruits during the period of active growth

Mian, M.A.W., 1966:
Dynamics of root and stem disease development in Arachis hypogaea L. var. Spanish

Modoran, I., 1965:
Dynamics of root production and growth in apples, pears and plums during the annual growth cycle

Rrivencov, V.I.; Karahanova, S.V.; Savina, G.G., 1969:
Dynamics of rutin and ascorbic acid accumula-in jujube leaves

Bobkov, V.P., 1964:
Dynamics of salts and moisture in soil grounds of the central zone of the Volga-Akhtubin bottomland

Klysev, L.K.; Baltabaeva, G.R., 1968:
Dynamics of santonin accumulation in Artemisia cina Borg. ex Poljak

Cull, F.K.; Ebersohn, F.P., 1969:
Dynamics of semi-arid plant communities in Western Queensland. 1. Population shifts of two invaders: Cenchrus ciliaris cv. Gayndah and Heteropogon contortus

Meyer, L.M.; Gizis, E.J., 1971:
Dynamics of serum binding of intravenously administered 57Co vitamin B12

Nagorski, F., 1970:
Dynamics of serum protein fractions in the ontogenesis of cattle and some physiological and pathological factors. I. Blood serum proteins

Konrad, J., 1968:
Dynamics of serum protern fractions in acute liver disease in the horse

Filep, G., 1969:
Dynamics of sodium-calcium exchange in soil columns

Kullmann, A., 1966:
Dynamics of soil aggregates as affected by some organic substances

Harris, R.F.; Chesters, G.; Allen, O.N., 1966:
Dynamics of soil aggregation

Bui Huu Tri., 1968:
Dynamics of soil aggregation in grassland

Bui, H.T., 1968:
Dynamics of soil aggregation under grass

Brener, W.H., 1971:
Dynamics of soil fertility in the Griffith state nursery

Krezel, R., 1968:
Dynamics of soil moisture in rotations of different intensiveness

Mikhaleva, A.E., 1971 :
Dynamics of soil moisture of loessial subsiding land during moistening

Kosik, J., 1967:
Dynamics of soil moisture under winter wheat, spring barley, maize for grain and sugar-beet in the years 1962-1965

Wang, T.S.C.; Cheng, S.Y.o; Tung, H., 1967:
Dynamics of soil organic acids

Skorokhodov, P.I., 1964:
Dynamics of soil-moisture content of pale chestnut soils under a shelterbelt

Nesterenko, I.M.; Simonov, Yu. G., 1969:
Dynamics of soil-moisture content of reclaimed peat soils in winter

Filippovic, J. B.; Strasnova, M.I., 1969:
Dynamics of soluble carbohydrates in the buds, leaves and shoots of Mulberry in connexion with its frost resistance

Berina, D.; Renberga, L., 1965:
Dynamics of soluble forms of copper in soils

Florescu, S.; Tacu, A.; Bilbiie, T., 1965:
Dynamics of some blood and physiological indices in relation to the performance, feeding and physiological state of Roumanian Brown cows

Jurencak, J.; Smolik, Z.; Uhrecky, I.; E.A., 1969:
Dynamics of some factors of soil climate at different degrees of soil compaction

Pirjol, L.; Milica, C.I.; Draghici, L., 1968:
Dynamics of some physiological and biochemical processes during the development of certain varieties and lines of winter barley

Gulyaev, G.V.; Yatul'chik, L.I., 1970:
Dynamics of specific and varietal contamination of wheat crop

Kostron, K.; Kukla, F., 1968:
Dynamics of spring moulting in mink

Panchenko, I.Y.; Sarapul'tsev, I.A.; Pedchenko, V.I.; Povalyaev, A.P., 1966:
Dynamics of strontium-90 in the body of fowls during prolonged administration in the food

Stanimirovic, M., 1968:
Dynamics of sugar and organic acids during ripening in some grape varieties

Kurtev, P., 1965:
Dynamics of sugars and total acids in the grapes of certain dessert varieties

Hristo, A.A., 1965:
Dynamics of sugars in the resting period and winter resistance of apple under the conditions of the Novosibirsk region

Kuusik, A., 1970:
Dynamics of supercooling of larvae of Petrova

Hampton, R.O., 1972:
Dynamics of symptom development of the seed-borne Pea fizzletop virus

Pavel, J.; Zak, J.; Tylecek, J., 1968:
Dynamics of synthesis of some water-soluble vitamins in the rumen

Bakhritdinov, B.A.; Masudov, K. S., 1970:
Dynamics of the CO2 of soil in relation to the root mass of plants in soils of the Chatkal'sk ridge

Guscin, K.F., 1964:
Dynamics of the accumulation of alkaloids in the Ephedra species of Kirgizia

Omel'cuk-Mjakusko, T.J.; Fasovskaja, A.J., 1968:
Dynamics of the accumulation of antimicrobial substances in St. John's wort

Solov'ev, G.A., 1970:
Dynamics of the accumulation of nutritive elements and organic compounds in swedes cv. Kuuziku

Ostrovskaya, N.N.; Tolmacheva, T.A., 1968:
Dynamics of the adsorption of Tb brucella-phage to cells of Br. abortus, melitensis and suis

Bilai, V.I.; Zakordonets', L.A., 1971:
Dynamics of the amino acid content of Gibberella fuikuroi 51070 in the process of growth

Kravcenko, G.L., 1969:
Dynamics of the amount and quality of needles by ontogenetic types in Pinus sylvestris

Rosati, P.; Pelagalli, G.V., 1968:
Dynamics of the blood vessels of the ovary in the development of the Graafian follicle and the corpus luteum. Research in Bos taurus

Ionescu, P., 1967:
Dynamics of the carbon: nitrogen ratio and fertility in some grape vine varieties

Cerny, V.; Belzova, E., 1971:
Dynamics of the changes in the amount of root matter in 3 winter wheat cv. with different rates of fertilizers

Zauzolkova, I.V., 1969:
Dynamics of the changes in the lysosomes and their phosphates activity in the myocardium in foot and mouth disease

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Dynamics of the chemical composition of winter wheat as an index of the supply of mineral nutrients to it

Ovcharenko, A.D., 1972:
Dynamics of the composition of soil air of krasnozemic soils

Pleshkov, B.P.; Sokol'skaya, T.I., 1972:
Dynamics of the composition of water-soluble proteins in the process of germination of Phaseolus vulgaris seeds

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Dynamics of the content of fat and protein in cows' milk and correlations between their percentages as a function of the stage of lactation, age, calving season and year season

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Dynamics of the content of nitrogen compounds in the leaves of native maize varieties at some stages of development

Peresypkin, V.F.; Rebenko, V.P., 1970:
Dynamics of the content of nitrogenous substances in spring barley in relation to resistance to covered smut

Jurenkova, Galina Popovici, D., 1965:
Dynamics of the contents of some mineral constituents of the blood of cows before and after parturition and in calves during the feeding of colostrum

Medvid', V.S., 1968:
Dynamics of the copper and zinc contents in the blood and urine of patients with epidermophytosis

Rudenko, L.P., 1969:
Dynamics of the development of U. maydis in infection of Maize

Chmiel, Z.; Klima, A.; Knapek, R., 1968:
Dynamics of the disappearance of dithiocarbamine preparations in plant material

Markaryan, R.N., 1971:
Dynamics of the display of oestrus and the time of insemination of sheep during the breeding season

Artem'eva, S.A., 1964:
Dynamics of the distribution of furazolidone in the body

Antonov, V.V., 1966:
Dynamics of the drilling of wood

Holobrada, M., 1969:
Dynamics of the dry matter, S and N-contents in pea and maize grown in full and S-deficient nutrient medium

Skuodite, Z., 1964:
Dynamics of the eelworm fauna of wheat in the Lithuanian S.S.R

Artamonova, G.M., 1967:
Dynamics of the electric resistance and cell permeability of winter wheat in connection with breaking of

Tazabekov, T.T.; Gnedzilova, L.P.; Sabirova, L.T., 1966:
Dynamics of the elements of fertility of irrigated soils of the Alma-Atin region

Bye, P.; Mounier, A.; Pernet, F., 1971:
Dynamics of the food industry and development of agriculture

Krylov, G.V.; Talancev, N.K., 1970:
Dynamics of the forest-forming process in the forests of W. Siberia in connexion with climatic fluctuations

Graman, J., 1971:
Dynamics of the formation of reproductive organs ia field beans ia relation to different sowing dates. 2. The proportion of fertile and shed flowers

Mitev, D., 1964:
Dynamics of the formation of tubers in potato

Kovalevskaya, N.P.; Korshun, N.N., 1964:
Dynamics of the group and fractional composition of humus of derno-podzolic soils

Dobrovodsky, J., 1968:
Dynamics of the growth of maize for green feeding and silage when using graded doses of nitrogen

Uhtverov, M.P., 1970:
Dynamics of the growth of muscle and fatty tissue in pigs of different production types

Kolesnikov, V.A., 1968:
Dynamics of the growth of root system in fruit plants

Butorin, N.N., 1968:
Dynamics of the impact of a floating log bundle against the floating installations of a flow-line for forming rafts

Maksaeva, L.D., 1966:
Dynamics of the increment of plantation Poplars during the growing season

Alferova, M.V., 1969:
Dynamics of the indirect haemagglutination reaction in cattle with cysticercosis

Gavora, J.; Drobna, V.; Stasko, J., 1969:
Dynamics of the influence of genotype and environment on variability in live weight of geese to 10 weeks of age

Apostolov, L.G., 1968:
Dynamics of the insect pest fauna of Oak in stands of different age

Witherell, W.H., 1968:
Dynamics of the international wool market: an econometric analysis

Ikonomov, L.; Stefanova, M., 1970:
Dynamics of the lactic acid process at low temperatures

Jklinic, D.; Pencic, M.; Zario, L.; Kerecki, B., 1967:
Dynamics of the leaf content of nitrogen compounds in the leaf at various stages of development in native maize varieties

Glovatskaya, M.P., 1968:
Dynamics of the leaf surface of sugar beet attacked by Heterodera

Goranov, V., 1970:
Dynamics of the microbiological processes in the production and ripening of Kachkaval cheese from cows' milk

Kretinin, V.K., 1968:
Dynamics of the morphological composition of blood in African and classical swine fever

Kurtev, K. p.; Kurtev, K., 1967:
Dynamics of the most important grape constituents of some white-wine varieties

Rahimov, A.R., 1964:
Dynamics of the movement of stomatal apparatus in different cotton varieties

Hoes, J.A., 1964:
Dynamics of the mycoflora of subterranean parts of winter Wheat in the dryland area of Washington

Skuodite, Z., 1964:
Dynamics of the nematode fauna of wheats under the conditions of the Lithunian SSR

Schalm, O.W.; Hughes, J.; Hardy, D., 1967:
Dynamics of the neutrophil leukocyte and a unique response in acute indigestion in the cow

Belynskaia, E.V., 1969:
Dynamics of the nitrogen content in intact and cut flowers

Bessonov, A.S., 1967:
Dynamics of the nodular lesions caused by Ostertagia ostertagi in the bovine abomasum, and the diagnostic significance of the nodules

Rakitska, V., 1971:
Dynamics of the non-volatile organic acids in broomrape-resistant and -susceptible sunflower plants

Eitminaviciute, I.S., 1964:
Dynamics of the number of oribatids (Oribatae) in eroded derno-podzolic loamy soil of the Lithuanian SSR

Predescu, G.; Crisan, L Draganescu, E.; Mihacea, I.; Puri, M., 1969:
Dynamics of the nutrient reserves in fruiting branches and their influence on flowering and fruit set in apples

Sokol, A.; Koppel, Z.; Mikula, I., 1967:
Dynamics of the occurrence of antibiotic-resistant E. coli in pigs and the multiple resistance of isolated strains in relation to Aureovit12C20 given in food

Rodin, L.E.; Bazilevic, N.I., 1965:
Dynamics of the organic matter and the biological cycle of ash elements and nitrogen in the main vegetation types of the world

Aliev, D.I., 1967:
Dynamics of the pathological changes in pulmonary adenomatosis of sheep

Marks, C.F.; Thomason, I.J.; Castro, C.E., 1968:
Dynamics of the permeation of nematodes by water, nematocides and other substances

Miliauskas, V., 1964:
Dynamics of the physical and agrochemical properties of drained and undrained derno-gley and podzolic-bog soils

Pirjol, L.; Milica, C.I., 1968:
Dynamics of the physiological and biochemical processes in winter wheat during growth

Pirjol, L.; Milica, C.I., 1967:
Dynamics of the physiological processes during development in some varieties and lines of winter wheat

Pichon, G.; Gayral, P., 1970:
Dynamics of the populations of Aedes aegypti in three savanna villages of West Africa. Seasonal fluctuations and epidemiological incidence

Mateescu, N.; Mitroi, V., 1965:
Dynamics of the principal cropping characteristics in cultivated mushrooms

Tairbekov, M.G.; Starzecki, W., 1970:
Dynamics of the processes of photosynthesis and respiration in leaves of Quercus robur in relation to light

Konovalova, N.E.; Suzdal'skaya, M.V.; Zhemchuzhina, A.I.; Sorokina, G.K.; Shchekotkova, T.V., 1970:
Dynamics of the race composition of the causal agents of rust diseases of cereals in the U.S.S.R

Naumann, K., 1971:
Dynamics of the soil micro-flora following the application of insecticides. VI. Trials with the insecticides gamma-BHC and toxa-phene

Naumann, K., 1970:
Dynamics of the soil microflora following application of insecticides. I. Field trials on the effects of methyl parathion on the bacterial and actinomycete population of soil. II. Reaction of soil bacteria belonging to different physiological groups to field applications of methyl parathion

Naumann, K., 1970:
Dynamics of the soil microflora following application of insecticides. IV. Investigations on the effect of parathion-methyl on soil respiration and dehydrogenase activity

Naumann, K., 1970:
Dynamics of the soil microflora following application ot pesticides. VII. Effect of some fumigants on soil micro-organisms. VIII. Trials with the defoliant sodium-trichloro-phenolate and sodium-ethylxanthogenate

Farrell, D.A.; Larson, W.E., 1972:
Dynamics of the soil-water system during a rainstorm

Fedorov, M.I.; Staichenko, N.I., 1969:
Dynamics of the sporulation of Fomes tremulae in Byelorussia

Fedorov, N.I.; Stajcenko, N.I., 1969:
Dynamics of the sporulation of Phellinus tremulae in Belorussia

Dzamic, R.; Jelenic, D.; Dzamic, M., 1968:
Dynamics of the synthesis of malic and quinic acids in the fruit of various apple cultivars

Paulian, F., 1967:
Dynamics of the toxic effect on T, dilati-collis of insecticides based on aldrin

Kanatchinova, M.K., 1965:
Dynamics of the trace-element content of the medium during anaerobic decomposition of dung

Thornburgh, D.A., 1969:
Dynamics of the true Fir-Hemlock forests of the west slope of the Washington Cascade range

Trubetskova, O.M.; Tatarenko, N.F., 1972:
Dynamics of the uptake of phosphorus by the root system of sunflower and its transfer to the bleeding sap

Tyrtikov, A.P., 1967:
Dynamics of the vegetation, and development of perennially frozen ground in bottomlands of the rivers of the northern taiga of West Siberia

Revut, V.I.; Romanov, I.A., 1965:
Dynamics of the water stability of soil aggregates with differences in the moisture and nitrifying capacity of the soil

Resulovic, H., 1970:
Dynamics of the water, air and oxidation-reduction potential in the pseudogley of northern Bosina

Sokolova, N.A., 1965:
Dynamics of the. formation of phosphorus compounds, nucleic acids and protein during germination of seeds of cotton plants of varying degrees of earliness

Bedesku, K., 1965:
Dynamics of tick infestation of animals in the spring and summer of 1963 in Roumania

Sumanov, E.Ya., 1971:
Dynamics of toxicity of gray forest soil and its effect on yield of winter wheat

Curtin, R.A., 1970:
Dynamics of tree and crown structure in Eucalyptus obliqua

Ladner, C.; Brinkman, C.R.; Weston, P.; Assali, N.S., 1970:
Dynamics of uterine circulation in pregnant and nonpregnant sheep

Poljanskaja, L.A., 1966:
Dynamics of vitamins in cotton bolls of different ages

Minin, A.N.; Slepcenko, V.G., 1969 :
Dynamics of water absorption and swelling of particle-boards and hot-pressed binderless boards as a function of sample dimensions and the degree of edge protection

Lukic Simonovic, N., 1969:
Dynamics of water absorption by dried and undried Beech and Elm

Procenko, D.F.; Smat'ko, I.G.; Lukina, L.F., 1968:
Dynamics of water balance of winter wheat during vegetation

Potapov, B.I., 1971:
Dynamics of water stability and mechanical stability of the artificial structure of soils

Kaurichev, I.S.; Evseeva, R.P.; Nozdrunova, E.M., 1972:
Dynamics of water-soluble compounds of aluminium in waterlogged soils of the taiga zone

Firsova, V.P., 1964:
Dynamics of water-soluble substances in forest derno-podzolic soils of the Pyshmin pine-forest massif

Kisilenko, A.A., 1970:
Dynamics of weight increases in roots of sugar-beet on soils containing different levels of moisture content in sugar-beet growing zones of the Ukraine

Karpava, N.A., 1968:
Dynamics of wool growth in the main sheep breeds in White Russia

Chod, J.; Polak, J.; Klir, O., 1966:
Dynamics of yellows virus on seed plants of Sugar Beet

Kosmortov, V.A., 1968:
Dynamics of yield accumulation in potato tubers under the conditions of the central part of the Komi ASSR

Toropov, I.P.; Toropova, A.N., 1971:
Dynamics of yield accumulation in potatoes in relation to planting, dates

Docenko, A.I., 1967:
Dynamics of yield formation in some potato cultivars in relation to different systems of soil cultivation

Windsor, G.J., 1970:
Dynamics off phosphorus, silicon, iron and aluminium movement in gravitational rainwater in a Douglas-fir ecosystem

Jezyna, C.; Zaborowska-Sulkowska, Z.; Tomaszko, H., 1967:
Dynamika odczynu wiqzania dopemiacza w przebiegu wtosnicy u 128 chorych

Enequist, N., 1965:
Dynttaeniasisunder-sokningen inom Orebro Ian

Barnes, G.L., 1964:
Dyrene, a promising fungicide for Pecan scab control

Mortensen, V.A., 1970:
Dysentery in dogs

Ciurea, V., 1968:
Dysgenesis of gonads in domestic animals

Gerencser, N., 1964:
Dyshydroses caused by Trichophyton interdigitale and mycoses due to T. rubrum

Intizarov, M.M., 1968:
Dyspepsia in newborn pigs

Espinasse, J., 1971:
Dyspeptic conditions in adult cattle. III. Diagnosis

Aleksov, S., 1969:
Dyspessa ulula Bkh. (Lepidoptera, Cossidae), a dangerous pest of onion in Macedonia

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Dysplasia of accessory glands in the teat cistern of cows

Cheli, R., 1967:
Dysplasia of the accessory glands of the teat cistern in the cow

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Dysproteinaemia in sheep infected with strongyles

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Dystocia and length of gestation in crossbreds from Limousin bulls and cows of British breeds

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Dystocia and pelvimetry

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Dystocia in our sheep breeds

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Dystocia in reciprocally crossed Angus, Hereford and Charolais cattle

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Dystocia in sheep: preliminary observations on within- and between-breed differences in various skeletal measurements

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Dystocia in the Red cattle of West Flanders

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Dystokia (in cattle): pelvimetric studies

Colakovic, B.; Lekic, V.; Popovac, R., 1970:
Dystrophy of infants and young children in Kosovo

Magalhaesn.; P.; Trotta, L.; D., 1967:
Dystrophy of multiple deficiency with oedema, its treatment with Eledon, Stanozolol (Winstrol) and maize oil

Nikolic, D., 1964:
Dzon-Bud, an improved apple variety

Baker, L.N., 1971:
E red cell system in pigs: irregular genetic transmission

Mcarthur, J.M.; Miltimore, J., 1969:
E, Bloat investigations. The pH of rumen contents and its role in legume bloat

Anonymous, 1971:
E-3-A sanitary standards for inlet and outlet leak protector plug valves for batch pasteurizers. Serial E-1400

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E. A. A high-dosage estrogen for lactation suppression

Hardcastle, W.S.; Wilkinson, R., 1968:
E. Enhancement of postemergence herbicide applications in cotton with phytobland oil

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E. Resistance of tobacco hornworms to certain insecticides in North Carolina

Klapperich, J. , 1964:
E. amygdali, a pest of almond cultivation in Jordan

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E. coli antibodies in sera of hens showing symptoms of respiratory disease

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E. coli diarrhoea in newborn piglets

Wittig, W., 1965:
E. coli infection in young unweaned piglets (coli diarrhoea)

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E. coli serotypes isolated from diseased and healthy fowls

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E. coli types isolated from egg-peritonitis and salpingitis in poultry and experimental studies on them

Stipkpvits, L.; Solyom, F., 1968:
E. coli-induced disease in day-old chicks

Miric, Mirjana., 1967:
E. compositarum on G. pulchella, a new parasite in Yugoslavia

Mentzelos, I., 1967:
E. corni a parasite of S. phillyreae

Zerova, M.Y.; Rozhenko, G.L., 1966:
E. erophilum and E. sericeum, mycorrhizal symbionts of Oak

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E. japonicum and M. fulvus on pot-grown A. japonica

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E. lurida, an enemy of the bee

Janke, C.Ristel, 1964:
E. martii on garden Lupins

Thoizon, G., 1967:
E. pyriformis sp.nov., an entomophthoraceous fungus attacking aphids

Thoizon, G., 1967:
E. pyriformis, an entomophthoraceous fungus attacking aphids

Kheladze, V.S., 1971:
E. spp. on ornamental plants in the Georgian SSR

Edland, T., 1966:
E. transversa -a pest of fruit trees

Anonymous, 1968:
E.B.C. barley committee

Anonymous, 1971:
E.E.C. and the Commonwealth: advantages of Yaounde-type association

Loos, H., 1965:
E.E.C. regulations for milk and dairy products

Koster, R., 1969:
E.E.C. trade regulations for Poplar plants and cuttings

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ESR study of necroses induced in plant leaves by soil salting

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E1 esterase isozymes of maize: on the nature of the gene-controlled variation

Anonymous, 1966:
EAST AFRICAN AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY RESEARCH ORGANIZATION. Record of research for the period 1st January to 31st December 1965. Annual report 1965

Anonymous, 1970:

Billingsley, R.V.; Norvell, D.G., 1971:
ECO-POP, a macro-economic demographic simulation model

Anonymous, 1965:

Anonymous, 1967:
ECUADOR. Loan for Beef Industry

Anonymous, 1964:
EDB fumigation as alternative to cold storage

Mlkkelsen, P.; Sondergaard, P.A., 1968:
EDP in (Danish) agriculture

Trierweiler, J.F.; Lindsay, W.L., 1969:
EDTA-ammonium carbonate soil test for zinc

Anonymous, 1971:

Anonymous, 1971:
EEC Agricultural Policy: Part II. Membership applications

Bedkober, J., 1970:
EEC Common Agricultural Policy and New Zealand

Anonymous, 1970:
EEC Farming Policies. (Booklet No. 1.)

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EEC agricultural finance; a critical analysis

Anonymous, 1970:
EEC agricultural market policy gets cheaper

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EEC agricultural policy after French devaluation

Schug, W., 1970:
EEC agricultural policy and deficiency payments

Koester, U., 1969:
EEC agricultural policy, aims and their realization at the present stage of integration

Anonymous, 1971:
EEC agricultural policy. Community achievements in, recent years

Anonymous, 1971:
EEC agricultural policy: Part I. Structural Reform

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EEC agricultural projects and programs

Richter, J.H., 1969:
EEC agricultural reform

Thiede, G., 1965:
EEC agricultural statistics on regional basis

Toi, K., 1966:
EEC agriculture in world agriculture

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EEC agriculture: 1970-1975: 1980

Gundelach, F., 1970:
EEC and agriculture -policy up to the 1970s

Marshall, J.P.; Mcmurty, G., 1970:
EEC farm and trade policy

Anonymous, 1970:
EEC farming: stuck in the mud

Schmidt, S.C., 1965:
EEC import expenditure elasticities for food, beverages and tobacco, and oils and fats

Schmidt, S.C., 1966:
EEC import expenditure elasticities for raw materials, manufactures, and all commodities combined

Negre, J., 1967:
EEC intervention in the field of farm structures

Deakins, E., 1971:
EEC problems for British agriculture

Koster, R., 1970:
EEC quality standards for trade in Poplars of section Aigeiros

Anonymous, 1970:
EEC regulations for table wines

Anonymous, 1972:
EEC standards for fresh plums

Anonymous, 1970:
EEC surpluses are becoming increasingly more expensive

Mcnaught, J., 1966:
EEC trade in farm products

Braun, R., 1969:
EEC unit of account for CAP

Deleau, J., 1970:
EEC's agricultural surpluses

Anonymous, 1970:
EEC's food deficit

Heiselberg, V., 1966:
EEC's market regulations for meat

Heiselberg, V., 1966:
EEC's market regulations for sugar

Lewis, J.N., 1964:
EEC's policies - the implications for international commodity plans and for Australia's agricultural exports

Lenz, Herbert., 1964:
EEC's ultimo-decisions on agricultural policy

Anonymous, 1966:
Effect of impairment of senses on diet

Darkanbaev, T.B.; Checheleva, N.V.; Zairov, S.Z., 1970:
Effect of Microelements on the protein complex in the grain of wheat fertilized with different forms of N

Anonymous, 1966:
EFFECTS OF GRASSES AND LEGUMES on the soils in which they grow

Anonymous, 1966:
EFFECTS OF Puccinia coronata ON GROWTH

Anonymous, 1968:

Rabaeus, B., 1967:
EFTA and agriculture

Coulson, J., 1966:
EFTA faces the agricultural problem

Gur'eva, N.A.; Kurbatov, A.I., 1971:
EIectro-kinetic properties of solonetzes and solonetz-like soils of north Kazakhstan

Keaton, J.A.; Webster, H.L., 1970:
EL-179 -a new soil incorporated herbicide for tobacco

Shoop, G.J., 1969:
EL-179, a promising new soil incorporated herbicide for transplant burley and dark tobacco

Guse, L.R., 1969:
EL-179, a soil incorporated herbicide for direct-seeded and transplant tomatoes and peppers

Parka, S.J., 1970:
EL-179. A selective pre-emer-gence soil incorporated herbicide for solanaceous crops

Elanco International., 1970:
EL-179: A selective, soil incorporated, pre-emergence herbicide for control of weeds in tomatoes, peppers and transplant tobacco

Brown, I.F.J.; Hall, H.R.; Miller, J.R., 1970:
EL-273, a curative fungicide for the control of Venturia inaequalis

Kiplinger, D.C.; Tayama, H.K.; Staby, G., 1971:
EL-531 on height of Ace and No. 44 lilies

Anonymous, 1969:
Eland farming

Anonymous, 1967:
ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT developed in Scotland for separating stones and clods from potatoes on the basis of their differential permeability to X-rays is described

Anonymous, 1964:
EMPIRE COTTON GROWING CORPORATION, Progress reports from experimental stations. Season 1962-63

Pantulu, J.V.; Sambamurty, A.V.S.S., 1969:
EMS induced fine grain mutant of rice (Oryza sativa L

Muntzing, A.; Bose, S., 1969:
EMS treatments of inbred lines of rye

Prabhakara Rao, M.V.; Washington, W., 1969:
EMS-induced chlorophyll defective sectors in hexaploid wheat

Washington, W.J., 1969:
EMS-induced chlorophyll mutations in hexaploid wheat var. Chinese Spring

Shama Rao, H.K.; Prabhakara Rao, M.V., 1964:
EMS-induced compactum-type mutation in Triticum aestivum ssp. vulgare

Veen, J.H.Van Der Hildering, G.J., 1965:
EMS-induced germination delay, sterility and mutation frequency in the tomato

Srinivasachar, D.; Malik, R.S., 1969:
EMS-induced polygenic variability in linseed

Hoyle, R.J., Jr., 1965:
EMSR lumber: will it make good roof trusses?

Siegel, J.R.; Davidson, J.R.; Kaestner, A.M., 1967:
ENCAP:petroleum agricultural mulch

Rao, B.H.K.; Prasad, S.K., 1968:
EPTC as a selective nematicide

Wilkinson, R.E.; Hardcastle, W.S., 1969:
EPTC effects on sicklepod petiolar fatty acids

Wilkinson, R.E.; Hardcastle, W.S., 1970:
EPTC effects on total leaflet fatty acids and hydrocarbons

Bartlett, D.H.; Jones, R.A., 1968:
EPTC for the control of perennial grasses and other weeds in sugar beet

Waldrep, T.W.; Freeman, J.F., 1964 :
EPTC injury to corn as affected by depth of incorporation in the soil

Linscott, D.L.; Hagin, R.D., 1967:
EPTC, incorporation, and weed control during establishment of birdsfoot trefoil

Linscott, D.L., 1968:
EPTC: Key to establishing legumes easUy

Anonymous, 1971:
ER667-98, a cool-climate semidwarf

Anonymous, 1965:
Erosion control

Uozumi, M.; Hayashikawa, R.; Piette, L.H., 1967:
ESR and crystallization studies of iron-free xanthine oxidase

Ghosh, P.K.; Gupta, G.P.; Pal, P.K., 1966:
ESR observation on a humic acid and its additive compound with urea

Anonymous, 1967:
Estacao de Melhoramento de Plantas, Elvas

Anonymous, 1970:
Estimation of crop yields From aerial photographs

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. Agricultural Legislation-Permanent Committee established

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. Agricultural Producers' Syndicates

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. Application of Customs Duties vis-a-vis non-Member Countries

Anonymous, 1967:

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. Common Organization of the Market in Rice

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. EEC Regulations-Processing of Farm Produce

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. Further Reductions in intra-Community Customs Duties

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. New Commission Proposal for Wine

Anonymous, 1967:

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. Processed Fruit and Vegetable Products-Regulations

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. Proposed Beef and Veal Guide Prices for 1967/68

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. The Common Agricultural Policy-Major New Phase

Anonymous, 1967:
EUROPEAN ECONOMIC COMMUNITY. The Fixing and Revision of Agricultural Prices Marketing Year 1968/69

Anonymous, 1967:
EVIDENCE OF RESISTANCE TO Phytophthora colocasiae in taro was obtained in trials at Keravat in 1960-5

Anonymous, 1968:
EXCELLENT WEED CONTROL IN COTTON has been obtained in glasshouse and field trials with emulsions of benzene-based oils and water

Anonymous, 1965:
Expansion of artificial insemination

Anonymous, 1967:
Experiment station of the south African sugar association

Anonymous, 1967:

Anonymous, 1971:
Export of frozen semen

Anonymous, 1966:
Exports of german Whiteheaded mutton

Anonymous, 1970:
EXTENSIVE METEOROLOGICAL DATA and measured and calculated values of evaporation and evapotranspiration for 1969 at the Istituto Sperimentale per la Nutrizione delle Piante, Rome, are given in the Institute's

Anonymous, 1968:
Extinction of the aurochs

Goto, M.; Okabe, N., 1965:
Eacteriophages of Xanthomonas oryzae, the pathogen of bacterial leaf blight of Rice, collected in the Philippines

Dinklage, H.; Major, F., 1968:
Eaegi (=E8), a new allele in the E blood-group system of the pig

Kerr, W.E., 1965:
Ear and cob rot diseases of Maize

Boylan, W.J.; Rahnefeld, G.W.; Seale, M.E., 1966:
Ear characteristics and performance in swine

Birecka, H.; Wojcieska, U.; Glazewski, S., 1968:
Ear contribution to photosynthetic activity in winter cereals. 1. Winter wheat

Birecka, H.; Wojcieska, U.; Zinkiewicz, E., 1968:
Ear contribution to photosynthetic activity in winter cereals. Part 2. Winter rye

Polimbetova, F.A.; Mamonov, L.K.; Lukiceva, E.L., 1967:
Ear development in spring wheats in south and north Kazahstan

Muller, A., 1964:
Ear development of different varieties of spring barley and influencing it through so wing time and spacing

Syme, J.R., 1968:
Ear emergence of Australian, Mexican and European wheats in relation to time of sowing and their response to vernalization and daylength

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Ear emergence, straw length, ear length and ear shape in Swedish-grown winter and spring wheat varieties

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Ear formation and yielding ability in sexual hybrids of winter wheat

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Ear height inheritance estimates and linkage bias among generation means of corn

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Ear length and spikelet number of wheat grown at different temperatures and light intensities

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Ear removal and cell death rate in Corn stalk tissue

Dhanraj. K.S.; Mathur, S.B., 1965:
Ear rot of Maize caused by Cephalosporium acremonium Corda, a new record for India

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Ear size and weight characteristics of Florida sweet corn

Andrew, R.H., 1969:
Ear to row selection for early maturity in sweet corn

Tomov, N., 1971:
Ear-production potential in certain maize inbreds

Troyer, A.F.; Plerrick, G.R.; Baker, R.F., 1965:
Ear-to-row selection in corn for agronomic traits: six cycles compared

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Ear-to-row selection of maize in Honduras

Suryanarayana, D.; Mukhopadmaya, M.C., 1971:
Earcockle and tundu diseases of wheat

Suryanarayana, D.; Mukhopadhaya, M.C., 1971 :
Earcodde and 'tundu' diseases of wheat

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Earfhflows and related environmental factors of eastern Otago

Villinger, O.C., 1964:
Earlength in Karakul sheep

Wolf, E.J., 1970:
Earlibelle, a new early blight resistant Celery. June-Belle, a new early blight resistant Celery for spring harvest in South Florida

Wolf, E.A., 1970:
Earlibelle, a new early blight resistant celery

Galletta, G.J.; Scott, D.H., 1965:
Earlibelle, a new fresh market strawberry variety for the southern United States

Wolf, E.A., 1970:
Earlibelle. A new celery resistant to early blight for fall harvest in south Florida

Feyerabend, G.; Kurth, H.; Streuber, E.; Dachsel, H., 1968:
Earlier application dates of phytohormone herbicides for weed control in malting barley

Casilli, O., 1969:
Earlier artichokes with gibberellin treatment

Smetnev, S.I.; Olefirenko, S.G., 1969:
Earlier assessment of the breeding value of cocks on the basis of rotational matings with hens differing in level of egg production

Moens, E., 1968:
Earlier cropping of beans in the open

Niller, E., 1968:
Earlier cultivation of kohlrabi under glass. Three years' results

Galjpern, I.L.; Bugaev, G.I., 1965:
Earlier evaluation of production qualities for improvement of fowls of meat lines

Carpenter, W.J.; Rodriguez, R.C., 1971:
Earlier flowering of geranium cv. Carefree Scarlet by high intensity supplemental light treatment

Guttormsen, G., 1967:
Earlier flowering of geranium, Pelargoniums x hortorum

Jansen, H., 1970:
Earlier flowering of poinsettias with the aid of CCC

Karsten, J.E., 1969:
Earlier forcing of rhubarb by means of gibberellin

Karsten, J.E.; Wiebosch, W.A., 1971:
Earlier forcing of rhubarb is possible

Laban, M.C.; Van Der Ven, C.J., 1968:
Earlier forcing of rhubarb possible with gibberellic acid

Starcenko, I.I., 1964:
Earlier fruiting of Picea abies

King, J.M., 1968:
Earlier harvest of desiccated peas

Garte, L., 1970:
Earlier pickling cucumbers with the aid of plastic mulches

Kivkucan, F.R.; Gorodeckii, A.A., 1968:
Earlier prediction of milk production from the content of nitrogenous components in the blood of calves

Gooneratne, B.W.M., 1971:
Earliest pre-patent period of Brugia pahangi fection yet recorded

Baljura, V.I.; Scagina, A.K., 1967:
Earliness and the number of leaves in maize

Gjurov, S., 1967:
Earliness and yield of glasshouse tomatoes as affected by transplanting seedlings at different stages of development

Talamucci, P., 1971:
Earliness in 109 forage crop cultivars in a mountain area

Talamucci, P., 1971:
Earliness in 109 varieties of forage plants in the mountains. Results of a programme of forage trials

Kurbangel'dyev, S., 1970:
Earliness in cotton

Revaz, J.-P., 1970:
Earliness in forage grasses

Hacatrjan, S.S., 1966:
Earliness in grapes

Gubcenko, A.A., 1968:
Earliness in heterotic tomato hybrids

Kriel, A.F., 1970:
Earliness of Paarl table grapes

Badoux, S., 1964:
Earliness of cocksfoot varieties in relation to the beginning of spring growth, alternativity and competitive vigour

Ferguson, J.H.A., 1971:
Earliness of flowering and fruiting of forty strawberry varieties: a statistical study

Waddle, B.A., 1971:
Earliness of fregobract cottons

Czerwoniec, Z., 1965:
Earliness of tuberization of potato seedlings as a criterion of selection for an early yield

Hoogeterp, P., 1968:
Early (December) flowering of tulip bulbs pre-cooled at 5 degrees C

Scukina, S. a. S.; Scukina, S., 1968:
Early Central-Asian Handaljak melons

Lachman, W.H., 1969:
Early Golden Giant sweet corn

Eaton, G.W., 1964:
Early Golden plum

Sen, S.; Sur, S.C.; Mukherjee, D., 1964:
Early Hegari is an unrivalled grain jowar

Proebsting, E.L., 1968:
Early Italian Prune quality can be improved

Elsner, F., 1966 :
Early Larch plantations in Franconia

Madloi, K.K.; Kushwaha, P.S.; Nigam, S.K., 1968:
Early Planting of hybrid maize is more profitable

Gabriel, A., Mrs., 1964:
Early Savoy cabbage (B. oleracea L. var. sabauda L.)

Savov, N., 1968:
Early abortions from bacterial infections in cows

Johnson, A.D.; Sigman, M.B., 1971:
Early actions of cadmium in the rat and domestic fowl testis. IV. Autoradiographic location of 115mcad-mium

Johnson, A.D.; Walker, G.P., 1970:
Early actions of cadmium in the rat and domestic fowl testis. V. Inhibition of carbonic anhydrase

Kulik, M.I., 1966:
Early and high-yielding tomato mutants obtained by gamma -ray treatment. (Experimental mutagenesis of agricultural plants and its application for plant breeding.)

Kulik, M.I., 1965:
Early and high-yielding tomato mutants produced by means of gamma rays

Fideghelli, C.; Biasini, G., 1965:
Early and late thinning of peach fruits

Kroeske, D.; Butting, G.A.J., 1967:
Early and late weaning of piglings

Rubcov, V.I., 1966:
Early and late-budding forms of black alder

Skogley, C.R.; Jagschitz, J.A.; Gibeault, V.A., 1966:
Early and mid-season chemical control of knot-weed in turfgrass

Wisniewski, J., 1965:
Early appearance and variation in titre of neutralizing antibodies in cattle vaccinated against foot and mouth disease

Keppie, J.; Witt, K.A.; Smith, H., 1966:
Early appearance of colonies of Brucella spp. on solid media containing erythritol

Hinke, F.; Zaufall, F., 1970:
Early application of growth regulators as cause of ear deformities

Misra, G.N., 1966:
Early application of nitrogen as a means to mitigate its adverse effects on the juice quality of sugarcane

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Early archaeological maize from Venezuela

Hagberg, A., 1964:
Early barley varieties

Wilson, L.F.; Rudolph, V.J., 1970:
Early basal pruning to control forest pests

Kazloy, P.I., 1970:
Early bearing palmettes for Belorussian orchards

Buishand, T., 1964:
Early beetroot in the open

Abo-Elnaga, I.G., 1971:
Early blowing of white pickled cheese

Art, J., 1966:
Early breeding plants

Strand, A.H.; Ystgaard, O.M., 1966:
Early brining of Jarlsberg cheese

Buishand, T., 1965:
Early broad beans for fresh use

Bentley, J.R.; Carpenter, S.; Blakeman, D.A., 1971:
Early brush control promotes growth of Ponderosa Pine planted on bulldozed site

Ball, J.B., 1970:
Early burning with paraquat

Aliasker-Zade, R., 1966:
Early cabbage for growing in winter

Sanne, S., 1966:
Early calving and green fodder pellets in Danish experiments

Mudd, C.H., 1966:
Early calving of dairy heifers after rearing on a high plane of nutrition

Watson, W., 1969:
Early cereal cultivation in China

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Early changes in bursa of fabricius from Marek's disease

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Early changes in diet-induced fatty livers of mice

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Early changes in enzyme activity during the development of and recovery from vitamin D deficiency in the rat

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Early changes in livers of rats fed choline-deficient diets at four levels of protein

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Early changes in myocardium of rats fed an infarct-producing diet

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Early changes in protein synthesis in resistant and susceptible flax seedlings inoculated with Melampsora lini

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Early changes in the germinal epithelium of rat testes following exposure to heat

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Early chemotherapy of bovine hypodermatosis (using trichlorphon)

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Early chemotherapy-an effective method of eradicating infestation with Hypoderma

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Early chronic pulmonary histoplasmosis

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Early comparisons of two glasshouse designs

Anonymous, 1966:
Early crop production in the British Isles. Papers presented at Symposium IX, 9 Mar. 1966. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE OF WALES, ABERYSTWYTH. (Mem. 9 Univ. Coll. Wales, Aberystwyth)

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Early crop-tree release in even-aged stands of Appalachian hardwoods

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Early cropping of strawberries under glass

Anonymous, 1971:
Early crops impress Luddington visitors

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Early cucumber production

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Early cultivars of oats for N. and other regions of the USSR

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Early cultivated plants in India and Pakistan

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Early culture of leeks

Anonymous, 1967:
Early curing with desiccant

George, A.J., 1966:
Early cut flower chrysanthemums produced outdoors

Calkins, C.O.; Kirk, V.M.; Matteson, J.W.; Howe, W.L., 1970:
Early cutting of corn as a method of reducing populations of corn root-worms

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Early cytological diagnosis of mastitis

Mistric, W.J., 1964:
Early detection of Heliothis on cotton

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Early detection of disturbance of intestinal Ca absorption in renal insufficiency

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Early detection of infection of sugarcane by Ratoon-stunting disease (RSD)

Dostalek, J., 1969:
Early determination of the frost resistance of fruit trees

Dostalek, J., 1969:
Early determination of the resistance of fruit trees to freezing

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Early development of Sweetgum root sprouts in coastal South Carolina

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Early development of Taenia crassiceps in the intermediate host with a note on primitive cell types

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Early development of White Spruce as related to planting method and planting stock height

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Early development of an inherited cataract in mice

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Early development of unfertilized turkey and chicken eggs

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Early diagnosis and treatment of homocystinuria

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Early diagnosis of Aujeszky's disease by means of a tissue culture technique

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Early diagnosis of Oesophagostonum infection in pigs

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Early diagnosis of acute radiation sickness in domestic animals

Kartashov, P.A., 1970:
Early diagnosis of acute radiation sickness in sheep

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Early diagnosis of earliness

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Early diagnosis of equine influenza

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Early diagnosis of freemartinism and leucocyte chimaerism of heterosexual twin calves

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Early diagnosis of heterosis in rape hybrids

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Early diagnosis of mycotic keratitis

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Early diagnosis of pregnancy in cows by using male lake frogs

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Early diagnosis of pyelonephritis in cattle

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Early diagnosis of responses in plants to presowing irradiation of seeds

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Early diagnosis of sex and sex ratio in chicks

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Early diagnosis of the reaction of plants to pre-sowing irradiation of seed

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Early diagnosis of tumorous leucosis in cattle by histological examination of excised lymph nodes

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Early diagnosis of vitamin A deficiency and its signs in ducks

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Early diagnosis of winter damage of winter cereals with the help of the torso method

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Early diagnosis of wool production in sheep

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Early dietary management of sugar intolerance in infancy

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Early domestic dogs

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Early Dumping Syndrome: The Role Of Metabolic Factors

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Early effects of Helminthosporium victoriae toxin on plasma membranes and counteraction by chemical treatments

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Early effects of brief elevation of testicular temperature on spermatogenesis in the ram

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Early effects of excessive alfalfa feeding on bovine fertility

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Early effects of feeding excess vitamin A on gluconeogenesis: incorporation of 14C-labelled precursors into blood glucose and liver glycogen

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Early effects of feeding excess vitamin A: hepatic glycogen, blood lactic acid, plasma NEFA and glucose tolerance in rats

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Early effects of feeding excess vitamin A: mechanism of fatty liver production in rats

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Early effects of forest fire on streamflow characteristics

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Early effects of forest vegetation and topographic position on dark-coloured, prairie-derived soils

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Early effects of gibberel-lic acid on mitotic activity and DNA synthesis in the apical bud of Rudbeckia bicolor

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Early effects of gibberellic acid on membrane transport in young pea seedlings

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Early effects of protein depletion on hepatic glycoprotein synthesis in the rat

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Early effects of pyrrolizidine alkaloids on the fine structure of rat liver cells

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Early effects of reintroduction of gluten on the intestinal mucosa in coeliac disease in remission

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Early effects of spacing on Loblolly Pine in Hawaii

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Early Effects Of Testosterone Propionate Injected Into 5 Day Old Rats

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Early eight-rowed maize from the Middle Rio Grande Valley, New Mexico

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Early electron microscopic changes in the course of liver injury

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Early embryo development in the mammal. I. Effects of experimental alterations during first cell division in the mouse zygote

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Early embryo mortality in heifers isoimmunized with semen and conceptas

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Early embryogenesis of chickens and turkeys as related to the pre-incubation history of eggs and parental genotypes

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Early embryogenesis of different hybrid combinations

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Early embryonic chondrodystrophy in Japanese quail

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Early embryonic death and subsequent cycle length in the ewe

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Early embryonic death in ewes given Veratrum californicum

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Early embryonic mortality and resorption in Merino ewes due to malnutrition

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Early embryonic mortality in gilts

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Early embryonic resorption in mares (a preliminary report)

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Early encoppicements in the New Forest

Buishand, T., 1966:
Early endive grown in the open

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Early estimates of fattening performance of cattle in the Bavarian bull-testing programme

Jarosz, S., 1966:
Early estimation of fertility in cattle and preliminary testing at A.I. stations

Campbell, Q.P.; Erasmus, L.S., 1967:
Early estimation of post-weaning weight-gaining potential of Dorper ram lambs

Cossa, P., 1964:
Early etiological diagnosis of neuroanaemic syndromes by the Schilling test

Zhebrovskii, L.S.; Sominich, L.S., 1969:
Early evaluation of cows on milk protein content

Zebrovskii, L.S.; Sominic, L.S., 1969:
Early evaluation of cows on protein content in milk

Rakavec, Ja. V., 1968:
Early evaluation of hereditary characteristics of stud bulls

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Early evaluation of pigs

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Early evaluation of potato seedlings in breeding for extreme resistance to virus Y

Avanzo, E., 1972:
Early evaluation of the increment of some clones of Populus X euramericana

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Early events in Vibrio fetus infection of ewes

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Early events of Sericesthis iridescent virus infection in hemocytes of Galleria mellonella (L.)

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Early evidence of weevil resistance in some clones and hybrids of White Pine

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Early exhibition of heterosis in two brinjal hybrids

Lines, R., 1964:
Early experiments on the provenance of Sitka Spruce

Cochran, V.L.; Papendick, R.I.; Fanning, C.D., 1970:
Early fall crop establishment to reduce winter runoff and erosion on Palouse slopes

Cochran, V.L.; Papendick, R.L.; Fanning, C.D., 1970:
Early fall crop establishment to reduce winter runoff. erosion on Palouse slopes

Martina, C.; Erdei, M., 1966:
Early fattening of goslings

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Early fattening of semifine-wooled lambs

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Early fattening of turkey poults

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Early feeding of premature infants. Effect on blood sugar and gross motor activity

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Early feeding of the newborn term infant: blood sugar and course of the weight curve

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Early fertilisation of heifers

Mitchell, D., 1970:
Early fetal death and a serum gonadotrophin test for pregnancy in the mare

Buchanan, G.F., 1971:
Early flower stimulation in canning peaches

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Early flowering mutants in Medicago terebellum

Kamerbeek, G.A.; Beijer, J.J., 1964:
Early flowering of iris Wedgwood

Heinze, W.; Werner, H., 1971:
Early forcing of chives

Bruun, R.A., 1966:
Early forcing of iris

Benoit, F., 1967:
Early forcing of strawberries

Kask, K., 1967:
Early fruit maturity of fruit tree seedlings as an afteraction of treating the seeds with alternate temperatures

Baker, R.J.; Bendelow, V.M.; Buchannon, K.W., 1968:
Early generation inheritance of malting quality characters in a barley cross

Briggs, K.G.; Shebeski, L.H., 1971:
Early generation selection for yield and bread-making quality of hard red spring wheat (Triticum aestivum L. em Thell.)

Johnston, R.P.; Knight, R.; Sparrow, D.H.B., 1968:
Early generation selection,

Mcewan, J.M.; Kaltsikes, P.J., 1970:
Early generation testing as a means of predicting the value of specific chromosome substitutions into common wheat

Kaul, A.K., 1970:
Early generation testing for quality characters. II. Rice

Mills, R.B., 1965:
Early Germ Feeding And Larval Development Of The Angoumois Grain Moth

Andison, H., 1971:
Early grapes for wine; how they perform in B.C.'s coastal area

Eksteen, L.L.; Jacobs, S.J., 1969:
Early grazing for wet ewes in the Swartland

Zimmerman, A.L., 1965:
Early growing season temperatures have most effect on date of peak harvest for fruit, according to meteorologist report

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Early growth and correlation between damage and growth in different provenances of European Larch

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Early growth and development of Slash Pine under drought and flooding

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Early growth in annual and perennial ryegrass

Bey, C.F.; Toliver, J.R.; Roth, P.L., 1971:
Early growth of Black Walnut trees from twenty seed sources

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Early growth of Douglas Fir from various altitudes and aspects in southern Oregon

Champs, J.De, 1969:
Early growth of Douglas Fir in Limousin

Ching, K.K., 1965:
Early growth of Douglas-Fir in a reciprocal planting

King, J.P.; Nienstaedt, H., 1968:
Early growth of Eastern White Pine seed sources in the Lake States

Teich, A.H.; Morgenstern, E.K., 1969:
Early growth of Norway Spruce in a continental Canadian climate

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Early growth of Ponderosa Pine ecotypes in Michigan

O'carroll, N., 1967:
Early growth of conifers on machine-cutover peatland

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Early growth of corn as affected by soil temperature

Langille, A.R.; Mckee, G.W., 1970:
Early growth of crownvetch under reduced light

Benson, M.K.; Einspahr, D.W., 1967:
Early growth of diploid, triploid and triploid hybrid Aspen

Faller, N., 1971:
Early growth of maize as an indicator of nutrition

Day, M.W.; Rudolph, V.J., 1966:
Early growth results of thinning plantations of Red Pine by three methods

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Early growth tolerances of grasses, shrubs, and trees to boron in tunnel spoil

Tholen, H.; Frohlich, T.; Huber, F.; Massini, M.A., 1965:
Early haemodialysis in A. phalloides poisonings

Shorter, N.H.; Rowbotham, J.C., 1965:
Early hail marks on apples do not grow out

Riggs, J.K.; Mcginty, D.D., 1970:
Early harvested and reconstituted sorghum grain for cattle

Micke, W.C.; Kester, D.E.; Rizzi, A.D.; Carlson, C.V., 1966:
Early harvesting of almonds

Gabriel, A., Mrs., 1969:
Early heading cabbage (B. oleracea L. var. capitata L.)

Banks, P.F., 1966:
Early height growth in Rhodesia of progenies of P

Oliver, W.W.; Powers, R.F., 1971:
Early height growth of Ponderosa Pine forecasts dominance in plantations

Butler, W.H., 1966:
Early hepatic parenchymal changes induced in the rat by aflatoxin B1

Jepina, O.I., 1964:
Early heterotic forms of tomato

Beksejew, S.; Bekseev, S.G., 1968:
Early heterotic hybrids and extremely early tomato varieties

Kirtikar Rajpal Singh., 1965:
Early high-sugared variety, Co. S. 541

Chew, E.C.; Hoshino, K., 1970:
Early histogenesis of transplanted mouse mammary glands. II. Within 96 hours following isografting

Williams, M.F.; Hoshino, K., 1970:
Early histogenesis of transplanted mouse mammary glands. I. Within 21 days following isografting

Oberman, H.A., 1969:
Early history of blood substitutes transfusion of milk

Smolina, T., 1965:
Early hybrid of white-heading cabbage

Ackermann, O., 1970:
Early immunization against canine distemper and hepatitis, using combined vaccines

Hopkins, E.R., 1969:
Early improvement in Pinus pinaster in Western Australia

Hopkins, E.R., 1970:
Early improvement in Pinus pinaster in western Australia

Dleleman-Van Zaayen, A.; Van Tllburg, P.J., 1969:
Early infection with die-back causes considerable damage

Renault, P.; Gerard, P., 1967:
Early inflorescence removal in young palms

Maghnai, B.; Kali, J., 1971:
Early insemination after parturition in three dairy herds

Ivankov, M.; Morgalj, N., 1970:
Early insemination of heifers justifies itself

Mamunes, P.; Baden, M.; Bass, J.W.; Nelson, J., 1969:
Early intravenous feeding of the low birth weight neonate

Welch, R.A.S.; Tervit, H.R., 1970:
Early lamb production

Sack, P.G., 1969:
Early land acquisitions in New Guinea: the native version

Bogovik, I.V., 1968:
Early leaf spot of Rye

Cordy, D.R.; Adler, H.E., 1968:
Early lesions in chicken and turkey embryos inoculated with Mycoplasma gallisepticum strain S6 at various stages of incubation

Rittenbach, P.; Koth, E., 1969:
Early lesions of chronic mammary tuberculosis in the cow

Vlug, J., 1968:
Early lettuce as an outdoor crop

Vlug, J., 1967:
Early lettuce in the open

Ash, L.R.; Schacher, J.F., 1971:
Early life cycle and larval morphogenesis of Wuchereria bancrofti in the jird, Meriones unguiculatus

Cooper, R.L., 1970:
Early lodging, a major barrier to higher yields

Coscia, A.A., 1968:
Early maize harvest and drying capacity

Psenicnyj, I.P., 1968:
Early maize in the Moscow area

Migliorati, L., 1967:
Early maize varieties, progress makers of maize growing

D.B.nedetta, C.; Cioffi, L.A., 1972:
Early malnutrition, brain glycoproteins and behavior in rats

Leidl, W.; Biegert, W., 1968:
Early mating and its effect on sexual function, development and length of useful life in German Simmental bulls

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Early maturity, early harvesting

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Early migration and pathogenicity of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in laboratory rats

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Early nutrition and lifetime reproductive performance of ewes

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Early observations in the course of the dry season on resistance to dehydration of epidermis of detached leaves from several south Mediterranean species

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Early olfactory experience and later social behavior in the rat: preference, sexual responsiveness, and care of young

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Early pathological changes in the glandular stomach of chickens in vitamin A deficiency

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Early peach varieties for use in Arkansas

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Early peach varieties recommended for south central Italy

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Early peaches

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Early performance of Cottonwood seed sources in Minnesota

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Early performance of Knobcone X Monterey Pine hybrids on marginal timber sites

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Early performance of Pinus contorta X banksiana hybrids

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Early physiological tests of provenances of Douglas fir

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Early plant growth of some inbred lines of maize and of the F1 of their simple hybrids

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Early planting on ridges-growing bhindi the profitable way

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Early post-emergence herbicide applications in field corn

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Early postnatal development of the gonads in Dutch Leghorn and White Plymouth Rock fowls

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Early postnatal weight gain of low-weight newborns: relationships with various diets and with intrauterine growth

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Early potatoes in Cheshire and Lancashire: some economic considerations

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Early potatoes under polyethylene sheets

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Early potatoes with and without irrigation

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Early potatoes- 1965

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Early potatoes-new varieties for changing markets

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Early prediction of production traits in cattle

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Early prediction of wool characters in lambs

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Early pregnancy detection in ewes by intrarectal reflection echo ultrasound

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Early pregnancy diagnosis and fetal death

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Early pregnancy diagnosis in the sow

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Early pregnancy diagnosis in the sow by chemical determination of urinary oestrogens

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Early pregnancy diagnosis in the sow by vaginal biopsy

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Early production of strawberry runners

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Early prognosis of winter-wheat yields

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Early pruning reduces blister rust mortality in White Pine plantations

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Early reclamation in the lowland peat mosses

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Early recognition of rootstock-scion compatibility in fruit trees

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Early reduction in urinary-N by diethylstilbestrol in lambs

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Early reduction of drinking in mice with scrapie

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Early respiratory responses of soil treated by heat or drying

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Early Response Of Pinus Thunbergii To Acute Gamma-Irradiation

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Early response of Pinus thunbergii to acute y-irradiation

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Early response of cattle and swine to inactivated foot-and-mouth disease vaccine

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Early responses of sapwood of quercus bicolor to mechanical injury

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Early results from Scotch pine variety trials at the southern Indiana forage farm

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Early results from a trial of Upper Amazon cocoa clones in Ghana

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Early results of a Sugar Maple provenance study

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Early results of coconut density and variety trial

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Early revegetation of umatateba in the grazing land of Kawatabi

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Early ribosomal RNA transcription and appearance of cytoplasmic ribosomes during germination of the wheat embryo

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Early rockmelon establishment with bitumen mulching

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Early screening methods in orchardgrass breeding. 1. Characteristics of young seedlings and their response to day length

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Early season European red mite control

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Early season fungicide trials for the protection of Hop rootstocks against downy mildew (Pseudoperonospora humuli)

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Early season sprays for the control of Coffee berry disease

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Early season weed control better than any other time

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Early seedling growth of Italian ryegrass and smilo as affected by nutrition

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Early seedling survival of Melilotus in bluegrass sod

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Early selection in apple. II. The relationships between the onset of fertility and the shape of the leaf margin in apple seedlings

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Early selection in sugar cane. Preliminary note

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Early selection of apple hybrids

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Early selection of dairy cows. I. Relation of 1st lactation milk yield to yields in subsequent lactations

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Early selection of dairy cows. II. Effect of age at 1st calving on milk yields in subsequent lactations

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Early selection of dairy cows. III. Effect of 1st lactation milk yield and age at 1st calving on total milk yield to 6 yr of age

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Early selection of dairy cows. IV. Correlations between 1st lactation milk yield and yields in later lactations in different groups of cows

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Early selection of dairy cows. V. Effect of age at 1st calving on milk yields in subsequent lactations, and yield increase ratios in different groups of cows

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Early selection of final-crop trees

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Early selection of induced genetic variability in yield components based on M2-variances of an easily measurable trait

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Early selection of suitable provenances of Pinus contorta for planting in the fume-damaged areas of the upper Erzgebirge

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Early selection with regard to the growth potential of vegetative apple rootstocks

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Early self-blanching celery under glass

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Early service of breeding does

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Early sexual maturity and egg production of geese

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Early silage hybrids of maize for the south of the Ukraine and Moldavia

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Early soiling crops and mixtures

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Early sowings of maize for breeding purposes

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Early spinach still needs attention

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Early spraying boosts cereal yield by five bushels an acre. Success with three chemicals against Amsinckia

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Early spring feeding of brown bears in the Onega peninsula

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Early spring treatment against Saperda carcharias as a basis for combined control of S. carcharias and Cryptorrhynchus lapathi

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Early spring treatments of vines for mite control

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Early spring wheats from the USA and Canada and their importance for breeding

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Early stage of aspergilloma of the lung

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Early stages of American Gooseberry mildew

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Early stages of Newcastle disease virus HeLa cell interaction: an electron microscopic study

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Early stages of embryogenesis and embryo development in Bulgarian White sows crossed with Landrace boars

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Early stages of germination in Pinus pinea var. fragilis

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Early stages of infiltration in two- and three-dimensional systems

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Early stages of neck-rot of Onions caused by two species of Botrytis in the U.A.R. (Egypt)

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Early stages of pathogenesis engendered by Erwinia amylovora in apple and pear tissue

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Early stages of plant succession following the complete felling and burning of Eucalyptus regnans forest in the Florentine Valley, Tasmania

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Early steps on the in vivo incorporation of 1- 14 C-linoleic acid into liver lipids from normal and essential fatty acid deficient rats

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Early stimulation of growth in piglets and chickens with the ASD F-2 preparation

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Early strawberries in southern England

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Early strawberry varieties for summer planting

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Early summer cauliflower variety trials 1961-65

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Early survival and growth of Russian Pinus sylvestris L. in Canada

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Early survival and growth of planted Northern Red Oak in the southern Appalachians

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Early symptoms after experimental infection of man with Ancylostoma braziliense var. ceylanicum

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Early table grape varieties of the Bulgarian People's Republic

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Early tending of Beech

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Early tending of P

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Early testing for combining ability and genetic shift in selection for high yield and better quality of grain in Pennisetum typhoides

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Early testing for important characters in tea breeding. I. Correlations and path-coefficient analysis between yield and various characters of the shoots in varieties for black tea

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Early testing for important characters in tea breeding. II. Multiple-regression analysis between yield and some shoot characters in tea varieties used for black tea

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Early testing in asparagus breeding

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Early testing of pollen stigma compatibility relationships in Brassica oleracea by fluorescence

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Early testing of provenances and the present ineffective system of seed certification

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Early testing of wood quality of 25 provenances of Abies grandis

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Early tests for determining the altitude of provenance for Norway Spruce seed

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Early tests in asparagus breeding

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Early tests of Pinus sylvestris provenances at the Sinaia experimental unit

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Early tests within and between populations (provenances) of Douglas Fir

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Early thinning trials in Western Hemlock (Tsuga heterophylla (Raf.) Sarg.) related to stand structure and product development

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Early thinnings of Sitka Spruce

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Early tissue 65Zn distribution after duodenal dosing in calves fed zinc-deficient and control diets

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Early tomato tests

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Early tomato transplants escape wilt

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Early tomatoes

Smith, D.R., 1966:
Early tomatoes at Efford

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Early tomatoes for the North West

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Early tomatoes under cover

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Early treatment of French ricefields against Cyperaceae

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Early trials with sodium monofluoroacetate (compound 1080) for the control of introduced deer in New Zealand

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Early tuberculin reactions in cattle treated with isoniazid

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Early tuberisation associated with coiled sprout in Craigs Royal Potato

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Early tulips from the mobile greenhouse

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Early use of sardines packed in oil in infant feeding

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Early use of young cattle

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Early vegetable yields by advancing the planting of bush beans and bush tomatoes

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Early vegetables produced with plastic mulches and mini-greenhouses

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Early versus delayed feeding of low birth weight infants: effects on physiologic jaundice

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Early versus late feeding of low birth weight neonates. A controlled study

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Early waxing of Sicilian Pecorino cheese

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Early weaning and artificial rearing of lambs

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Early weaning and fattening of lambs on complete pelleted feeds with different proportions of lucerne meal and concentrate feeds

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Early weaning and feeding of Hungarian Combing Wool Merino lambs on skimmed milk supplemented with the milk fat substitute Laktin

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Early weaning and intensive rearing of lambs with lamb starter

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Early weaning and multiple lambing

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Early weaning and weight gain in infant rhesus monkeys

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Early weaning in the fattening of lambs to 4 months of age

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Early weaning of Hungarian Combing Wool Merino lambs and the effect of skimmed milk supplemented with the milk fat replacer Laktin

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Early weaning of Merino lambs during drought

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Early weaning of Merino lambs on to different pasture types and the effects of thiabendazole and selenium treatments

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Early weaning of Mutton Merino lambs with a cereal and pellet mixture instead of the usual lamb feed

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Early weaning of Romanov lambs

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Early weaning of buffalo calves. 1. Concentrations of bacteria and protozoa in the rumen fluid

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Early weaning of buffalo calves. 2. Concentration of total volatile fatty acids and ammonia in the rumen fluid and nitrogenous constituents in the blood

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Early weaning of calves in unfavourable conditions: cotton-seed meal as the main source of protein

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Early weaning of calves on starter feeds

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Early weaning of calves with milk substitutes

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Early weaning of calves with self-feeders

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Early weaning of calves, a breeding method which saves milk protein

Piatkowski, B.; Steger, H., 1965:
Early weaning of calves, a rearing scheme to save milk protein

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Early weaning of dairy calves in unfavourable conditions: comparison with a conventional system

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Early weaning of dairy calves with different amounts of whole milk with or without lucerne in the concentrates

Ermekov, M.A.; Ten, V.M., 1970:
Early weaning of fat-rumped lambs is not advisable