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Chapter 14,431

Effect of N fertilisation on the protein composition and amino acid content of wheat grain

Ewald, E.; Wenzel, G.

Qual. Plant. Materiae vegetabiles. 14: 98-104


Accession: 014430668

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Summer wheat of the Opal variety was fertilized with no N or with 3 amounts up to 75 kg per ha. As more fertilizer was applied, the yield of grain per ha rose and also total N in the grain, from 1.68% with no N fertilizer to 1.86% with the maximum amount. Protein fractions were separated and in soluble N, prolamine and glutelin 17 amino acids were estimated by column chromatography. Use of 75 kg fertilizer per ha, compared with none, caused prolamine to rise by 27 and glutelin by 15%.

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