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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14433

Chapter 14433 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Habish, H.A., 1968:
Effect of an antagonistic bacterium on degree of infection of Cotton with Xanthomonas malvacearum

Steinbeck, H.; Neumann, F.; Elger, W., 1970:
Effect of an anti-androgen on the differentiation of the internal genital organs in dogs

Singh, K.; Young, J.O., 1970:
Effect of an anti-transpirant and bagging the fruits or covering the plants on tomato fruit cracking

Mayrose, V.B.; Speer, V.C.; Hays, V.W.; Mccall, J.T., 1964:
Effect of an antibiotic (tylosin) and protein source on swine reproduction

Bankne-Biro, A.; Bank, H.; Buday, F., 1964:
Effect of an antibiotic isolated from a new strain of Streptomyces on growth of chickens

Petrovic, V., 1968:
Effect of an antifertility compound I.C.I. 33828 and CAP on ovulation in hens

Fischbeck, G.; Bauer, F., 1964:
Effect of an application of calcium cyanamide or a spraying with aqueous cyanamide solution on attack of cereals by mildew (E. graminis)

Matejak, M.; Onisko, W., 1970:
Effect of an aqueous solution of ammonia on the mechanical properties of wood

Jones, G.A.; Thurston, R., 1970:
Effect of an area program using blacklight traps to control populations of tobacco hornworms and tomato hornworms in Kentucky

Alcantara, P.F.; Eusebio, J.A.; Gonzales, R.R., 1968:
Effect of an arsenical compound (3-nitro 4-hydroxyphenylarsonic acid) on growth rate and feed efficiency of growing pigs

Delarbre, C.; Hitier, Y.; Terroine, T., 1971:
Effect of an ascorbic acid load on testicular acid phosphatase in the guineapig

Saxena, G.K.; Hammond, L.C.; Lundy, H.W., 1971:
Effect of an asphalt barrier on soil water and on yields and water use by tomato and cabbage

Saxena, G.K.; Hammond, L.C.; Lundy, H.W., 1968:
Effect of an asphalt moisture barrier on soil salinity and yields of vegetables under variable irrigation and fertilization

Henry, J.C.; Perrier, H.; Gras, J.; Frey, J.; Gudefin, Y.; Alric, C.; Rousset, D., 1967:
Effect of an atherogenic diet on the extracellular space of aortic tissue in the rabbit

Janiec, W.; Chruściel, T.L.; Plech, A., 1970:
Effect of an atherosclerotic diet on the uptake and metabolism of norepinephrine 14C in the rat

Gadallah, A.I.; Kilgore, W.W.; Painter, R.R., 1972:
Effect of an aziridinyl chemosterilant on the proteins of the haemolymph, ovaries, and eggs of house flies : a study by gel acrylamide electrophoresis

Irvine, J.E., 1967:
Effect of an early freeze on Louisiana sugarcane

Ostapenko, V.I.; Tyunikov, I.G.; Nikitin, B.L., 1967:
Effect of an electric current passed through the soil on growth, development and yielding ability of maize

Okulova, V.A., 1965:
Effect of an electric field on heredity in cereals

Herman, G.; Jordan, M.; Cachita-Cosma, D.; Apostol, I.; Olaru, V., 1967:
Effect of an electromagnetic field on the growth of wheat plants

Zareba, J.; Gruszczynski, J.; Swierczynska, Z.; Wozniczko-Orlowska, G., 1965:
Effect of an eliminating diet on the level of antibodies against bovine protein in children

Stitt, K.; Johnson, R.M., 1966:
Effect of an essential fatty acid deficiency in rats on the incorporation in vitro of palmitate-1-14C and linoleate-1-14C into liver glycerolipids

Ruschel, A.P.; Alvahydo, R.; Sampaio, I.B.M., 1968:
Effect of an excess of A1 on beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) grown in nutrient solution

Huth, F.W.; Schutzbar, W.V.; Selhausen, D.; Leibner, H., 1969:
Effect of an excess supply of nutrients on intake and performance of Black Pied cows

Lis, Z., 1965:
Effect of an excessive seedling density in hot beds on the yield and quality of Virginia tobacco

Devadas, R.P.; Usha, T.M.; Radha-Rukmini, A., 1964:
Effect of an experimental school lunch on the growth and nutritional status of children

Roszkowski, J.; Zieba, T., 1968:
Effect of an extract from the bursa of Fabricius on the antibody production and spleen lymphoid system in fowls

Jusko-Grundboeck, J.; Szewczyk, M., 1969 :
Effect of an extract from the bursa of Fabricius on total protein, seromucoid and protein fractions of the serum of normal and bursectomized fowls

Miller, P.M.; Ahrens, J.F., 1964:
Effect of an herbicide, a nematocide, and a fungicide on Rhizoctonia infestation of Taxus

Fedorova, N.V.K., 1969:
Effect of an imbalance of Mn and protein deficiency in the diet on the function of the thyroid gland and the cholinergic reaction of the blood of white rats

Sopko, J., 1969:
Effect of an increased content of vitamin B-12 in the feed on growth and feed intake in turkeys

Holman, H.H.; Dew, S.M., 1966:
Effect of an injection of iron-dextran complex on blood constituents and bodyweight of young kids

Della Bianca, L.; Johnson, F.M., 1965:
Effect of an intensive cleaning on deer-browse production in the southern Appalachians

Baron, P.; Griffaton, G.; Lowy, R., 1969:
Effect of an intraperitoneal injection of ethanol on liver metabolism in the rat

Frezal, J.; Rey, J.; Lamy, M., 1966:
Effect of an oil rich in linoleic acid on the fatty acid composition of plasma lipids in congenital absence of beta -lipoproteins

Joshi, U.M.; Rao, S.S., 1966:
Effect of an oral contraceptive agent on the lactation of rats

Rumsey, T.S.; Cabell, C.A.; Bond, J., 1969:
Effect of an organic phosphorus systemic insecticide on reproductive performance in rats

Rawlinson, C.J., 1971:
Effect of an organo-mercurial fungicide, chlorme-quat and decenylsuccinic acid on frost hardiness and seedling diseases of Oats

Pugh, G.J.F.; Williams, J.I., 1971:
Effect of an organo-mercury fungicide on saprophytic fungi and on litter decomposition

Syrovatko, E.E., 1965:
Effect of an ultra-high-frequency electrical field, a petroleum growth substance, and heteroauxin on the rooting of green cuttings of Syringa vulgaris

Comisi, A., 1967:
Effect of anabolic drugs on growth of premature children

Jurgens, P.; Bansi, H.W.; Muller, G., 1966:
Effect of anabolic hormones on human protein and energy metabolism during parenteral feeding

Ata-Kurbanov, E.A., 1970:
Effect of anabolic preparations on sheep and their relation to sex and age

Salimova, R.B., 1969:
Effect of anabolic preparations on the weight gain of Karakul sheep and the concentration of nucleic acids in the tissues

Nakaya, S.; Kadokura, Y.; Kawada, S.; Shioda, K., 1964:
Effect of anabolic steroid on energy metabolism of the aged

Horky, J.; Blahnikova, L.; Segova, E.; Zvolankova, K., 1968:
Effect of anabolic steroids on K metabolism in patients with liver disorders

Diamantstein, T.; Bronsch, K.; Hofferber, E., 1964:
Effect of anabolising steroids on growth and carbohydrate metabolism of poultry

Tsuji, H., 1968:
Effect of anaerobic condition on the dry weight decrease of germinating rice seeds

Grineva, G.M.; Burkina, Z.S., 1966:
Effect of anaerobic conditions on absorption and distribution of heavy water (H2O18) in maize and sunflower

Bussel, J.; Sommer, N.F.; Kosuge, T., 1969:
Effect of anaerobiosis upon germination and survival of Rhizopus stolonifer sporangiospores

Paatsama, S.; Rissanen, P.; Rokkanen, P., 1969:
Effect of androgen, estrogen, cortisone, growth hormone, and parathyroid and thyrotropic hormone on tendinous tissue

Comberg, G.; Meyer, H.; Weferling, K.G., 1968:
Effect of androgens on fattening of young female cattle

Ajzen, H.; Andrade, U.; Cipullo, J.P.; Sustovich, D.R.; Ramos, O.L., 1968:
Effect of angiotensin II on urinary sodium excretion in normal subjects and in cirrhotic patients

Rengo, F.; Peschle, C.; Sacca, L.; Condorelli, M., 1970:
Effect of angiotensin II on insulin output and plasma NEFA

Iglovikov, V.G.; Smirnova, V.I.; Kulakov, V.A., 1969:
Effect of anhydrous ammonia on productivity of sown pasture

Prugar, J.; Nemec, A., 1972:
Effect of anhydrous ammonia on yield and quality of winter wheat

Szopa, L., 1964:
Effect of animal brain for hens on efficiency of egg production and egg weight

Kroupova, V.; Satava, M.; Pumpr, V., 1970:
Effect of animal fat from rendering plants and ammonium bicarbonate on composition of blood and depot fat of ducks

Slesingr, L., 1969:
Effect of animal fat on biological and metabolic values in pigs

Amich-Gali, J., 1964:
Effect of animal fats and proteins on the absorption of pigments by poultry

Gleichauf, R., 1968:
Effect of animal protein on the production of semen by White Leghorn cocks. 2

Gleichauf, R., 1970:
Effect of animal protein on the production of semen by White Leghorn cocks. 3

Misra, S.G.; Mishra, P.C., 1968:
Effect of anioas on the retention of manganese applied to soils

Wesche, J., 1967:
Effect of anionic detergents in waste water on the properties of various soils

Jirgensons, B., 1966:
Effect of anionic detergents on the optical rotatory dispersion of proteins

Barth, J.; Avants, J.K.; Bruckner, B.H.; Edmondson, L.F., 1970:
Effect of anionic ion exchange resin treatment of milk for removal of radioiodine on its thiamine content

Lee, William, O., 1966:
Effect of annual applications of diuron on seed yields of perennial grasses in Oregon

Ivanov, P.K.; Khudzik, A.B., 1964:
Effect of annual crops on some elements of soil fertility

Beck, L., 1972:
Effect of annual flooding on population changes of soil arthropods in the rainforest region of the central Amazon

Hauser, E.W.; Parham, S.A., 1969:
Effect of annual weeds and cultivation on the yield of peanuts

Tasaki, I.; Shibata, F.; Kikuchi, M., 1970:
Effect of ant1biotics and ant1biotic-resistant lactic acid bacteria on quality of high-moisture silage

Rangaswami, G.; Vidhyasekaran, P., 1966:
Effect of antagonistic microorganisms on the survival of Hekninthosporium sativum Pamm, King and Bakke in the rhizosphere of Maize

Krezel, Z., 1965:
Effect of antagonistic strains on the development of Xanthomonas phaseoli in plants

Lewis, P.K.; Brown, C.J.; Heck, M.C., 1967:
Effect of ante-mortem stress and freezing immediately after slaughter on certain organoleptic and chemical characteristics of pork

Musick, J.T., 1970:
Effect of antecedent soil water on pre-season rainfall storage in a slowly permeable irrigated soil

Huffman, D.L.; Palmer, A.Z.; Carpenter, J.W.; Shirley, R.L., 1969:
Effect of antemortem injected phosphate and dietary calcium and phosphorus on muscle pH and tenderness

Apte, S.V.; Iyengar, L.; Nagarajan, V., 1971:
Effect of antenatal iron supplementation on placental iron

Kamberi, I.A.; Mical, R.S.; Porter, J.C., 1971:
Effect of anterior pituitary perfusion and intraventricular injection of catecholamines on prolactin release

Gaafar, S.M.; Garrigus, R.R.; Bennett, D.G., 1968:
Effect of anthelmintic treatment on subclinically parasitized feedlot calves

Polyakova, O.I.; Belikh, R.A., 1964:
Effect of anthelmintics on the phosphorylase and aldolase activity of Ascaris muscle

Barnes, D.K.; Ostazeski, S.A.; Schillinger, J.A.; Hanson, C.H., 1969:
Effect of anthracnose (CoIIetotrichum trifolii) infection on yield, stand, and vigour of Alfalfa

Campbell, W.C., 1968:
Effect of anti-inflammatory agents on spontaneous cure of Trichinella and Trichuris in mice

Grubek, H.; Szymańska, D.; Trenkner, E.; Weyman-Rzucidlo, D.; Okoń, M., 1970:
Effect of anti-lymphocytic serum on experimental infection with Candida albicans in guinea pigs

Karpljuk, I.A., 1966:
Effect of anti-oxidants for food fats (butylated hydroxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene) on some aspects of fat metabolism in animals

Chrappa, V.; Peter, V., 1968:
Effect of anti-oxidants in feeds for broilers

Usov, G.P., 1968:
Effect of anti-oxidants on radiation sickness in sheep

Usov, G.P., 1968:
Effect of anti-oxidants on sheep with radiation sickness

Zedek, M.S.; Andekson, P.P., 1968:
Effect of anti-oxidants on the stability of carotene in pine needle meal and on its utilisation by chickens

Popovic, M.; Zakula, S., 1972:
Effect of antibiotic additives in diets for piglets and fattening pigs on fluctuations of some species of the intestinal microflora

Natzke, R.P.; Schultz, L.H.; Kowalczyk, T., 1966:
Effect of antibiotic administration on mastitis screening tests and milk composition

Khodzhibaeva, S.M., 1964:
Effect of antibiotic substances on cotton wilt caused by Verticillium dahliae

Bulling, E.; Stephan, R., 1971:
Effect of antibiotic supplements in nutritive doses on the development of resistance in the coliform intestinal flora of pigs. 2. Spread of R-factors by nutritional use of antibiotics

Jeroch, H., 1969:
Effect of antibiotic supplements on fattening yield of broilers on an adequate diet. 1. Effect of graduated doses of oxytetracycline

Aumaitre, A.; Deniel, R., 1968:
Effect of antibiotic supplements on growth of piglets weaned at 5 weeks. Oxytetracycline and oleandomycin

MacAuliffe, T.; McGinnis, J., 1971:
Effect of antibiotic supplements to diets containing rye on chick growth

Hubbert, W.T.; Miller, J.N., 1967:
Effect of antibiotic therapy on experimental leptospirosis infection and development of acquired resistance in guinea pigs

Hagen, K.W., 1967:
Effect of antibiotic-sulf onamide therapy on certain microorganisms in the nasal turbinates of domestic rabbits

Singh, R.N., 1969:
Effect of antibiotics against Xanthomonas sesami Sabet and Dowson and Pseudomonas sesami Malkoff in vitro

Gerasimov, B.L., 1970:
Effect of antibiotics and biostimulators on the growth and development of Kazakh White-headed calves

Codazza, D.; Nelli, A.; Chiesa, F., 1971:
Effect of antibiotics and disinfectants on the survival of horse spermatozoa

Yankov, Ya., 1970:
Effect of antibiotics in White pickled cheese manufacture

Chilev, D., 1970:
Effect of antibiotics on Brucella suis in culture and in experimentally infected guinea-pigs

Yokoiyama, S.; Fujiwara, K., 1971:
Effect of antibiotics on Tyzzer's disease

Ponomarova, M.I., 1965:
Effect of antibiotics on cocci that are mastitis agents in sows

Subbotin, V.M., 1970:
Effect of antibiotics on digestive processes

Rao, N.V.R.; Varadarajulu, P.; Reddy, V.B., 1968:
Effect of antibiotics on egg production, egg weight and mortality in poultry

Vapcarova, M.; Jonova, I., 1967:
Effect of antibiotics on egg quality

Van Winkle, M.G.; Rheins, M.S.; Suie, T., 1964:
Effect of antibiotics on experimental Candida corneal infections

Gerasimov, B.L., 1968:
Effect of antibiotics on growth and development of calves in the milk period of rearing

Hool, G., 1967:
Effect of antibiotics on growth and ion absorption in Maize

Hool, G., 1967:
Effect of antibiotics on growth and ion uptake in Zea mays L

Madge, D.S., 1969:
Effect of antibiotics on intestinal absorption in mice

Viviani, R.; Borgatti, A.R.; Gentile, G., 1967:
Effect of antibiotics on long chain fatty acids and DNA in cattle rumen fluid

Goldberg, A.; Guggenheim, K., 1964:
Effect Of Antibiotics On Pancreatic Enzymes Of Rats Fed Soybean Flour

Sterba, A.; Hanacek, S.; Zednik, M., 1966:
Effect of antibiotics on retention of N by poultry

Jakovlev, T.E., 1970:
Effect of antibiotics on semen quality in bulls and boars

Giri, B.K.; Nagaich, B.B., 1972 :
Effect of antibiotics on symptom expression and yield of plants affected with certain yellows diseases of potato

Kaminski, J., 1967:
Effect of antibiotics on the degree of deamination of proteins in the digestive tract of chickens

Nikolov, Nikola, M., 1967:
Effect of antibiotics on the microflora and quality of butter cultures

Nikolov, Nikola, M., 1966:
Effect of antibiotics on the microflora of yoghurt

Nikolov, N.M., 1967:
Effect of antibiotics on the niicroflora and qualitative indices of cheese culture

Holec, J.; Klimes, B., 1964:
Effect of antibiotics on the ripening of yoghurt

Prozorovskaya, N.N.; Ealandin, I.G.; Tonngur, V.S., 1966:
Effect of antibiotics on the synthesis of virus RNA in N. glutinosa leaves inoculated with Tobacco mosaic virus in vivo and in vitro

Balev, P., 1966:
Effect of antibiotics on vitamin A and carotene in the liver of chickens

Spencer, G.R.; Fluharty, D.M.; Stabenfeldt, G.H.; Buttermore, R.M., 1964:
Effect Of Antibodies And Vaccination On Staphylococcic Infection In Veterinary Students

Grappel, S.F.; Fethiere, A.; Blank, F., 1971:
Effect of antibodies on growth and structure of Trichophyton mentagrophytes

Orrego-Matte, H.; Fernandez, O.; Mena, I., 1971 :
Effect of anticholinergic agents on the intestinal absorption of 59Fe ferrous citrate

Zaks, M.; G.; Krestinskaja, T.V.; Sokolova, M.M., 1964:
Effect of antidiuretic hormone in rats with low blood K

Huhtanen, C.N.; Pensack, J.M., 1967:
Effect of antifungal compounds on aspergillosis in hatching chick embryos

Savoie, L.L., 1971:
Effect of antikaliuretics on the development of cardiac lesions in rats deprived of potassium or magnesium

Rommel, M., 1970:
Effect of antilymphocyte serum and corticosteroids on the crowding effect and immunity in Eimeria scabra infection of the pig

Dodd, K.; Nualláin, T.O., 1969:
Effect of antilymphocytic sera on the histopathology of Fasciola hepatica infestation in rabbits

Boros, D.L.; Warren, K.S., 1971:
Effect of antimacrophage serum on hypersensitivity (Schistosoma mansoni egg) and foreign body (divinyl-benzene copolymer bead) granulomas

Storz, J.; Warren, G.S., 1970:
Effect of antimetabolites and actinomycin D on the replication of HADEN, a bovine parvovirus

Shojania, A.M.; Hornady, G., 1969:
Effect of antimicrobial agents on serum folate assay

Beard, M.E.; Allen, D.M., 1967:
Effect of antimicrobial agents on the Lactobacillus casei folate assay

Hawking, F.; Worms, M.J., 1967 :
Effect of antimitotic agents on a filarial worm (Litomosoides carina) in vivo

Kohn, R.R., 1971:
Effect of antioxidants on life-span of C57BL mice

Valeeva, A.N.; Goryaev, M.I., 1967:
Effect of antioxidants on stability of butter oil under different storage conditions

Perquis, P.; Nosny, Y.; Auphan, D.; Guilbaud, A.; Delmont, H., 1971:
Effect of antischistosomal treatment on specific bladder lesions caused by Schistosoma haema-tobium

Gale, J.; E.A., 1966:
Effect of antitranspirant treatment on the water balance of Pine seedlings, under different climatic and soil moisture conditions

Williams, C.B.; Forrest, A.P., 1969:
Effect of antral acidification on acid secretion induced by meat and pentagastrin

Foulger, A.N., 1968:
Effect of aphid infestation on properties of Grand Fir

Loper, G.M., 1968:
Effect of aphid infestation on the coumestrol content of alfalfa varieties differing in aphid resistance

Pirone, T.P., 1970:
Effect of aphid saliva and extracts of aphid-infested leaves on the infectivity of Tobacco mosaic virus and some stylet-borne viruses

Pillai, M.K.K.; Agarwal, H.C., 1969:
Effect of apholate and Iiempa on nucleic acid and protein syntheses in the yellow-fever mosquito

Kappus, K.D.; Corristan, E.C., 1967 :
Effect of apholate and metepa on Aedes aegypti infected with Venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus

Das, M.; Srivastava, B.N.; Wattal, B.L.; Basu, P.C.; Raghavan, N.G.S., 1967:
Effect of apholate on the development of Dirofilaria immitis in Aedes aegypti and Wuchereria bancrofti in Culex fatigans

Ivanov, P.K.; Semenova, A.B.; Danilov, A.N., 1971:
Effect of aplowing-in various types of straw on soil fertility

Jacq, V.; Dommergues, Y., 1970:
Effect of apparent density of soil on sulphate reduction in the rhizosphere and spermosphere

Khare, S.G.; Khurana, J.S.; Bhatnacar, D.S., 1964:
Effect of appetisers and limestone on growth of White Leghorn chicks

Hammerl, H.; Kranzl, C.; Kohn, H.; Nebosis, G.; Pichler, O.; Studlar, M., 1971:
Effect of appetite inhibitors on fat and carbohydrate metabolism

Karvinen, E.; Miettinen, M., 1968:
Effect of apple and pectin diets on serum and liver cholesterol in rats

Boguslawski, E.V.; Debruck, J., 1970:
Effect of application and plowing-in of straw on yield and sugar content of sugar beet

Jagschitz, J.A., 1967:
Effect of application date on preemergence crab-grass herbicides in turfgrass

Foy, C.L.; Sukartaatmadja, K., 1964:
Effect of application method on the herbicidal selectivity of EPTC in an organic soil

Sharma, B.M., 1970:
Effect of application of N, F, and K on the grain yield of lentil (Lens culinaris Medic.)

Moiseev, I.T.; Tikhomirov, F.A.; Aleksakhin, R.M.; E.A., 1971:
Effect of application of calcium compounds and peat, and depth of placement of 90Sr in soil on its accumulation in agricultural crops

Nizova, A.A., 1970:
Effect of application of clay on yield of barley and legumes on sandy soil

Kostyuk, D.I.; Solovei, T.A.; Bondar', E.V., 1970:
Effect of application of f.y.m. in combination with mineral fertilizers on nutrient uptake by potatoes

Oza, A.M.; Rangnekar, Y.B., 1969:
Effect of application of gibberellic acid on the ascorbic acid content of tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)

Gruodiene, J.; Bumbliene, E., 1970:
Effect of application of hormones to tubers and foliar sprays of Tuton salt solution on the growth, synthesis of N compounds and yield of potato tubers

Kaila, A.; Ryti, R., 1968:
Effect of application of lime and fertilizers on cultivated peat soil

Verma, M.L., 1968:
Effect of application of micronutrients on uptake of major and minor elements by maize

Kirillova, V.P., 1968:
Effect of application of mineral fertilizers on the formation of mycorrhiza for Agrostis tenuis, Alopecurus pratensis and other plants which are components of a grass meadow community of the Karelian Isthmus

Kropisz, A.; Starck, J.R., 1965 :
Effect of application of peat on Osier yield

Lackovic, A, 1968:
Effect of application of some selective herbicides on botanical composition and productivity of a grass stand infested by common meadow saffron (Colchicum autumnale L

Jyotishi, R.P.; Kashyap, R., 1967:
Effect of application of some trace elements as foliar spray under varying levels of nitrogen and phosphoric acid on leaf contents of brinjal (Solanum melongena Linn.)

Popovici, M.; Popovici, I.; Markus, S.; Sirbu, M.; Copony, W., 1968:
Effect of application time of mineral fertilizers to sugar beet

Dickey, R.D.; Poole, R.T., 1967:
Effect of application time of slow release and readily available nitrogen and potassium sources on growth and chemical composition of Rhododendron indicum 'Formosa'

Rixon, A.J., 1970:
Effect of applied gypsum on the yield and herbage nitrogen of an irrigated pasture

Elliot, J.M., 1969:
Effect of applied manganese, sulphur and phosphorus on the manganese content of oats and flue-cured tobacco

Bains, K.S., 1967:
Effect of applied nutrients on soil fertility, chemical composition and yield of field beans

Khanna, S.S.; Parkash, A., 1969:
Effect of applied potash on the content of Ca and Mg in wheat plant

Jones, Milton, B., 1964:
Effect of applied sulfur on yield and sulfur uptake of various California dryland pasture species

Kupzin, Yu. K.; Getmanets, A.Y., 1968:
Effect of applying dung and mineral fertilizers for fifty years on content and composition of organic matter in chernozem

Atlas, D.G.; E.; Docampo, D., 1966:
Effect of applying fungicides on the germination of soya-bean seeds in a glasshouse

Rankov, V., 1964:
Effect of applying gypsum and fertilizer to saline soils on the rhizosphere microflora of millet

Rankov, V., 1967:
Effect of applying gypsum and fertilizers on ammonification and nitrification in saline soils

Anikst, P.M., 1964:
Effect of applying gypsum on mobility of phosphates in solonetsic soils of the trans-Volga

Chubarova, G.V.; Rybnikova, V.A., 1970:
Effect of applying herbicides to Hevacleum sosnowskyi in the first establishment year

Goswami, A.K.; Willcox, F.S., 1969:
Effect of applying increasing levels of nitrogen to rye-grass. 1. Composition of various nitrogenous fractions and free amino acids

Goswami, A.K.; Willcox, F.S., 1969:
Effect of applying increasing levels of nitrogen to rye-grass. 2. Amino acid composition of peptide and protein fractions

Mobley, G.S., 1970:
Effect of aquatic plants on medium sized canals

Gorizontov, B.I., 1964:
Effect of aqueous ammonia as a nitrogen fertilizer on some agrochemical properties of derno-podzolic soils and on plant yields

Mekhonina, G.I., 1969:
Effect of aqueous extracts from plant material on mobility of mercury in soils

Kaurichev, I.S.; Bazilinskaya, M.V.; Zabolotnova, L.A., 1972:
Effect of aqueous extracts of humified and fresh plant residues on some minerals and a soil parent material

Tripathi, R.S.; Srivastava, P.P., 1970:
Effect of aqueous plant extracts on the seed germination of

Erin'sh, P.P.; Tsinite, V.A., 1971:
Effect of aqueous solutions of ammonia on Birch wood

Lalymenko, I.I., 1966:
Effect of aqueous solutions of salts of different concentrations on the germination of seeds of Haloxylon spp. and Salsola spp

Jackson, N., 1971:
Effect of arachis oil on the conservation of heavily wilted herbage ensiled in plastic containers. 1. Effect on silage fermentation quality, nutritive value, nutrient losses and intake by sheep

Jackson, N.; Anderson, B.K., 1971:
Effect of arachis oil on the conservation of heavily wilted herbage ensiled in plastic containers. 2. Fate of the arachis oil and its effect on the rumen volatile fatty acids of sheep

Dmitrenko, P.A.; Kolobova, M.L.; Kukharchuk, P.I.; E.A., 1970:
Effect of area of nutrition and of fertilizers on maize yield

Copinschi, G.; Wegienka, L.C.; Hane, S.; Forsham, P.H., 1967:
Effect of arginine on serum levels of insulin and growth hormone in obese subjects

Merimee, T.J.; Lillicrap, D.A.; Rabinowitz, D., 1965:
Effect of arginine on serum-levels of human growth-hormone

Hill, D.C.; Shao, T.C., 1968:
Effect of arginine on weight gain of chicks consuming diets first-limiting in lysine or tryptophan

Smith, R.E., 1968:
Effect of arginine upon the toxicity of excesses of single amino acids in chicks

Zmurin, L.M., 1967:
Effect of aromatic amino acids on sex differentiation in chick embryos

Slesingr, L.; Sevcik, V., 1968:
Effect of arsanilic acid and lignin sulphonates on blood picture, bile pigments and enzyme activity in chickens

Slesingr, L., 1966:
Effect of arsanilic acid in feed mixtures on the transaminase activities (GOT, GPT and LAP) and on erythrocyte count and bilirubin content of blood serum in laying hens

Kociova, E., 1967:
Effect of arsanilic acid on weight gains of fattening chickens

Ehman, P.J., 1965:
Effect of arsenical build-up in the soil on subsequent growth and residue content of crops

Grohmann, F.; Queiroz Neto, J.P.P., 1966:
Effect of artificial compaction on the development of rice roots in two clay-loam soils

Goswami, S.B.; Luktuke, S.N.; Nair, A.P., 1965:
Effect of artificial cool air temperature on reproductive behaviour and some physiological norms of the Indian water buffaloes

Mittler, T.E.; Kleinjan, J.E., 1970:
Effect of artificial diet composition on wing-production by the aphid Myzus persicae

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Effect of artificial drying on tocopherols and fatty acids of corn

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Effect of artificial fertilizers on Ophiobolus graminis and Cercosporella herpotri-choides in monoculture

Raja, Manzoor Elahi, 1966:
Effect of artificial fertilizers on rice crop at Kalashah Kaku

Van Vleck, L.D., 1967:
Effect of artificial insemination on frequency of undesirable recessive genes

Kulinic, I.A., 1968:
Effect of artificial insemination on quality of progeny and heritability

Vsyakikh, A.S., 1964:
Effect of artificial insemination on the quality of offspring

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Effect of artificial ionisation on embryonal and post-embryonal development of chicks

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Effect of artificial leaf coatings on foliar chloride uptake during sprinkler irrigation

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Effect of artificial light on the growth of orchids

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Effect of artificial lodging on winter wheat grain yield and quality

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Effect of artificial modifications in environmental and managemental conditions on egg quality of chickens

Kicka, M.A.M.; Kamar, G.A.R.; Ghany, M.A., 1971:
Effect of artificial modifications in environmental and managemental conditions on sexual maturity of chickens

Pavlik, Z.Yu., 1970:
Effect of artificial pollination on seed productivity of Lolium perenne

Pavlyk, Z.Ju., 1970:
Effect of artificial pollination on the seed production of Lolium perenne L

Shea, K.R., 1967:
Effect of artificial root and bole injuries on diameter increment of Douglas Fir

Piatkowski, B.; Koriath, G., 1970:
Effect of artificially dried clover, chopped or pelleted, on digestibility, composition of rumen fluid, rate of feeding and milk yield in cows

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Effect of artificially dried sugar beet tops in feeds for animals

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Effect of artificially increased day length in winter on female domesticated canaries

Kantharaj, G.R., 1971:
Effect of asafoetida on root initiation in bean plants

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Effect of ascorbic acid and nicotinamide on weight of rats treated with diphenylhydantoin

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Effect of ascorbic acid and some B vitamins on the functional state of the adrenal cortex in patients with photodermatosis

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Effect of ascorbic acid deficiency on the in vivo incorporation of 14C-leucine into proteins of different tissues of the guinea-pig

Thornton, P.A., 1968:
Effect of ascorbic acid deprivation in guinea pigs on skeletal metabolism

Dvorak, J., 1968:
Effect of ascorbic acid on Ca, P and alkaline phosphatase activity in blood serum of laying hens

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Effect of ascorbic acid on bilirubin in blood

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Effect of ascorbic acid on blood ammonia, alpha -ketoglutaric acid, glutamic acid and glutamine in patients with cirrhosis and normal subjects

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Effect of ascorbic acid on blood catalase in adult and very young animals

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Effect of ascorbic acid on cadmium toxicity in the young coturnix

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Effect of ascorbic acid on carbohydrate metabolism

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Effect of ascorbic acid on certain blood fat metabolism factors in animals and man

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Effect of ascorbic acid on copper deficiency in miniature swine

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Effect of ascorbic acid on distribution of cholesterol-4-C14 in tissues of animals with experimental atherosclerosis

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Effect of ascorbic acid on endurance performance and athletic injury

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Effect of ascorbic acid on estimation of folic acid in food products

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Effect of ascorbic acid on fibrinolysis

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Effect of ascorbic acid on fluoride uptake in the polymorphonuclear leukocyte of the guinea pig

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Effect of ascorbic acid on guinea pig skin collagen synthesis. 2. Neutral and acid soluble collagens, mucopolysaccharides, and amino acid composition

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Effect of ascorbic acid on hexokinase activity in the skin of guineapigs

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Effect of ascorbic acid on hydroxylase activity. 1. Stimulation of tyrosine hydroxylase and tryptophan-5-hydroxylase activities by ascorbic acid

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Effect of ascorbic acid on keeping quality and biological value of dried milk

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Effect of ascorbic acid on keeping quality of sweet-cream butter with yeasts

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Effect of ascorbic acid on oral healing in guinea pigs

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Effect of ascorbic acid on oxygen consumption

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Effect of ascorbic acid on pulmonary silicosis of guinea pigs

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Effect of ascorbic acid on pyridine nucleotides and adenosine triphosphate in liver of rats

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Effect Of Ascorbic Acid On Rheumatoid Synovial Fluid

Novickij, A.A., 1970:
Effect of ascorbic acid on the biosynthesis of cholesterol in the early stages of experimental atherosclerosis

D'jacenko, R.A., 1970:
Effect of ascorbic acid on the contents of Cu, Mn and Zn in animals

Slykov, I.P., 1969:
Effect of ascorbic acid on the function of the regenerating thyroid gland

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Effect of ascorbic acid on the oxidative processes in the tissues during severe hypoxia

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Effect of ascorbic acid on the serum folic acid estimation

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Effect of ascorbic acid on tissue deposition of chloroquine in the guinea pig

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Effect of ascorbic acid on water exchange in plants

Zemlyanukhin, A.A., 1964:
Effect of ascorbic acid on water metabolism in plants

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Effect of ascorbic acid, gibberellic acid and kinetin on branching in cotton

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Effect of ascorbic and dehydroascorbic acids on water and salt metabolism in guineapigs with vitamin C deficiency

Mikhailus, I.A., 1968:
Effect of aspartic acid in rennet solutions

Adamson, T.M.; Boyd, R.D.H.; Hill, J.R.; Norm, I.C.S.; Reynolds, E.O.R.; Strang. L.B., 1970:
Effect of asphyxia due to umbilical cord occlusion in the foetal lambs on leakage of liquid from the circulation and on penneability of lung capillaries to albumin

Russell, R.I.; Goldberg, A., 1968:
Effect of aspirin on the gastric mucosa of guineapigs on a scorbutogenic diet

Araji, A.A.; Walsh, R.G., 1969:
Effect of assembly costs on optimum grain elevator size and location

Babb, E.M., 1967:
Effect of assembly, processing and distribution cost on marketing fluid milk

Mukhin, V.G., 1965:
Effect of associated fertilizers on uptake of P32 from fertilizers by plants

Strzelczyk, E., 1966:
Effect of associated growth of bacteria from rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soil on growth of fungi

Deb, D.L.; Datta, N.P., 1967:
Effect of associating anions on phosphorus retention in soil. 2. Under variable anion concentration

Deb, D.L.; Datta, N.P., 1967:
Effect of associating anions on phosphorus retention in soil: I. Under variable phosphorus concentration

Aptekar, S.G.; Il'inic, A.A., 1964:
Effect of atherogenic diet on activity of some enzymes in blood and liver of rats

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Effect of atherosclerosis and vitamin A on glucose tolerance in dogs

Hardman, L.L.; Brun, W.A., 1971:
Effect of atmospheric carbon dioxide enrichment at different developmental stages on growth and yield components of soybeans

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Effect of atmospheric concentration of water vapour and CO2 in determining transpiration-photosynthesis relationships of cotton leaves

Hulisz, S., 1971:
Effect of atmospheric conditions on the stabilization of charcoal produced in industrial horizontal retorts

Holobrady, K.; Toth, J.; Marek, J., 1969:
Effect of atmospheric dust from a cement factory on the ultra-structure of the chloroplasts of sugar-beet leaves

Woltz, S.S.; Leonard, C.D., 1965:
Effect of atmospheric fluorides upon certain metabolic processes in Valencia orange leaves

Wengert, E.M., 1966:
Effect of atmospheric gases on color changes in wood exposed to ultraviolet light

Evenson, J.P., 1967:
Effect of atmospheric humidity on grade of cotton lint in the Ord valley, north Western Australia

Hoang Gia Diem., 1970:
Effect of atmospheric humidity on the survival of some fungi during germination

Pugulis, Y. A.; Kalnin'sh, A.I.E.A., 1970:
Effect of atmospheric oxygen on carotene losses during the drying of Spruce foliage

Dunn, T.C.; Weiss, L.C., 1964:
Effect of atmospheric pressure on Reichert-Meissl and Polenske values of butterfat

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Effect of atrazine and simazine on the soil microflora in weed control in forest nurseries

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Effect of atrazine on Chlorella vulgaris

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Effect of atrazine on growth activity of Sclerotium rolfsii and Trichoderma viride in soil

Rodriouez-Kabana, R.; Curl, E.A., 1970:
Effect of atrazine on growth of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. vasinfectum

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Effect of atrazine on nitrogen metabolism of resistant species

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Effect of atrazine on some fertility aspects of a soil under wheat

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Effect of atrazine on the growth and reproduction of soil fungi

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Effect of atrazine on the rate of nitrification in black clay loam soil

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Effect of atrazine on the seed germination and seedling mortality of crops

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Effect of atrazine on the soil microflora

Polugar, E.A., 1969:
Effect of atrazine on the yield and quality of field beans

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Effect of atrazine on water relations of needles of white spruce nursery stock

Polugar, E.A., 1969:
Effect of atrazine on yield and quality of potatoes on soils improved to different extents by previous management

Gill, H.S.; Burley, J.W.A., 1970:
Effect of atrazine, Amitrole, 2,4-D and Eptam on the early growth and mineral absorption by maize (Zea mays L.)

Gill, H.S.; Burley, J.W.A., 1970:
Effect of atrazine, amitrole, 2,4-d and Eptam on the early growth of and mineral absorption by maize

Rodriguez-Kabana, R.; Curl, E.A.; Funderburk, H.H., 1966:
Effect of atrazine, paraquat and EPTC (ethyl NN -dipropylthiolcarbamate) on growth of Sderotium rolfsii

Strand, O.E.; Behrens, R., 1969:
Effect of atrazine-oil combinations on several corn genotypes

Podany, J.; Muzikant, J., 1968:
Effect of atropine and oxytocin on the course of ejaculation, quantity and quality of semen of the boar

Kelsey, J.M., 1967:
Effect of attack by Costelytra zealandica (White) larvae on rye-grass varieties

Gonzalez, B.; R., 1966:
Effect of attack by brown rust (P. recondita Rob. ex Desm.) on the yield of wheat varieties

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Effect of attenuated dog distemper virus on the propagation of Newcastle (Ranikhet) disease virus in chicks

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Effect of auditory, olfactory and optic stimuli upon milk ejection and suckling-induced release of prolactin in lactating rats

Benedict, W.G., 1969:
Effect of aureofungin on Dutch Elm disease

Whitehead, M.D.; Thirumalachar, M.J., 1971:
Effect of aureofungin spray on the control of fungal diseases and Aspergillus flavus infestation in peanuts

Paliev, K.; Stanchev, K.; Ruseva, E., 1970:
Effect of aureomycin (Biovit) on utilisation of proteins by growing pigs

Doiphode, N.G.; Bamji, M.S., 1970:
Effect of aureomycin on the nutritional status of the B-vitamins in humans

Koiranen, L.; Nurmi, P.E.; Unkila, S.; Nurmi, E.V., 1968:
Effect of autogenous vaccine in the prophylaxis of staphylococcal mastitis in cows

Cinader, B.; Dubiski, S., 1964:
Effect Of Autologous Protein On The Specificity Of The Antibody Response: Mouse And Rabbit Antibody To Mubl

Obara, K.; Ono, S.; Takahashi, Y.; Kusaka, Y., 1969:
Effect of autonomic blocking agent on the riboflavin metabolism in the salivary gland

Lipstein, B.; Budowski, P.; Bornstein, S., 1965:
Effect of autoxidation on the nutritive value of acidulated soybean soapstock in chicks

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Effect of autumn and spring rest of lucerne leys on animal production and stand longevity. Relationship with the control of Stipa brachychaeta

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Effect of autumn and winter conditions on the water regime of peach

Lukanchev, D.N., 1964:
Effect of autumn cultivation of soil on surface runoff of thaw water

Surmach, G.P.; Barabanov, A.T., 1968:
Effect of autumn tillage of pale chestnut soils on runoff, erosion and yield

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Effect of auxin and antiauxin on the growth and RNA synthesis of etiolated pea internode

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Effect of auxin and gibberellin on the growth of Quercus robur seedlings

Tanimoto, E.; Masuda, Y., 1968:
Effect of auxin on cell wall degrading enzymes

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Effect of auxin on suckering in Black Locust, Robinia pseudoacacia

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Effect of auxin on the histology and metabolism of leaf cuttings of Brassica oleracea var. botrytis

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Effect of Auxins and Light on Rooting Stem Cuttings of Populus nigra Salix tetrasperma, Ipomea fistulosa and Hibiscus notodus in Relation to Polarity

Dube, S.D., 1964:
Effect of auxins on abscission of leaves in sunnhemp K-12

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Effect of auxins on carbohydrate and nitrogen contents of mango cuttings

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Effect of auxins on growth and seed yield of Vernonia anthelmintica Willd

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Effect Of Available Energy Level Of Fattening Rations On Utilization Of Nitrogen And Digestibility By Steers

Jurkov, V.M., 1970:
Effect of available light on survival and growth in pigs

Lyle, E.S., Jr.; Adams, F., 1971:
Effect of available soil calcium on taproot elongation of Loblolly Pine (Pinus taeda L.) seedlings

Davis, R.B.; Dawe, D.L.; Brown, J., 1969:
Effect of avian encephalomyelitis vaccination on condemnation rates of brouers for Marek's disease

Samadieh, B.; Bankowski, R.A., 1970:
Effect of avian influenza-A viruses upon egg production and fertility of turkeys

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Effect of avitaminosis E on the incorporation of 35S-sulfate by rat tissue components

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Effect of awns and drought on the supply of photosynthate and its distribution within wheat ears

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Effect of azaperone on the blood pressure and pulmonary ventilation in pigs

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Effect of azotobacter on plants

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Effect of azotobacter on reproductive capacity of mink

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Effect of azotobacterin on growth and development of decorative shrubs in the Murmansk region

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Effect of azotobacterin on rooting and growth of vine cuttings

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Effect of bacitracin preparations in fattening pigs

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Effect of bacteria on the amino acid composition of milk proteins

Malenin, I., 1971:
Effect of bacterial canker on the var. Bolgar

Loesche, W.J., 1969:
Effect of bacterial contamination on cecal size and cecal contents of gnotobiotic rodents

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Effect of bacterial cultures on continuous fermentation of milk in tvorog manufacture

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Effect of bacterial endo-toxin in swine and rabbits

Van Zandt, P., 1969:
Effect of bacterial endo-toxin on an initial infection of Nematospiroides dubius in mice

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Effect of bacterial endotoxin on experimental fungal infections

Tuchapskii, R.I., 1969:
Effect of bacterial fertilizers on soyabean Plants

Charelishvili, A.K., 1971:
Effect of bacterial fertilizers on the growth and development of 1-year seedlings of some woody species on brown earth in E. Georgia

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Effect of bacterial flora on iron absorption in the rat

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Effect of bacterial infection on the development of Nematospiroides dubius in gnotobiotic mice

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Effect of bacterial inoculation for pulses cultivated in Tamil Nadu

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Effect of bacterial inoculation of Bean and Pea leaves on the accumulation of phaseollin and pisatin

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Effect of bacterial inoculations on characteristics and microbial flora of dry sausage

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Effect of bacterial pustule and frogeye leaf spot on yield of Clark Soybean

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Effect of bacterial pustule on closely related soybean lines

Laviolette, F.A.; Athow, K.L.; Probst, A.H.; Wilcox, J.R., 1970:
Effect of bacterial pustule on yield of Soybeans

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Effect of bacterial starters on the riboflavine content of silage

Panchenko, Yu. B., 1968:
Effect of bacto-fugation on milk quality

Friedrichsen, J.; Wei, C.C., 1971:
Effect of bagasse compost and green manure on sugar cane yield in Taiwan

Wave, H.E., 1964:
Effect of bait-trap color on attractancy to Drosophila melanogaster

Maleki, M.; Djazayeri, A., 1968:
Effect of baking and amino acid supplementation on the protein quality of Arabic bread

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Effect of balance of the trace element composition of the diet on pyridoxine in the liver and muscles of albino rats

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Effect of balanced and unbalanced rations with supplements of vitamins and Biofuran 3 in preventing coccidiosis in chickens. 1

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Effect of balanced feeding with carbohydrates and protein on digestion and metabolism in ruminants

Kal'ko, B.A., 1971:
Effect of band application of fertilizers on development of the root system in potatoes

Knauer, N., 1967:
Effect of banded NP and P fertilizing on growth, mineral nutrition and yield of maize

Knauer, N., 1966:
Effect of banded NP and P on growth, nutrient uptake and yield of maize

Casterline, J.L.; Brodie, R.E.; Sobotka, T.J., 1971:
Effect of banol and parathion on operant learning behavior of rats fed adequate and inadequate casein diets

Dickson, A.D.; Burkhart, B.A., 1964:
Effect of barban on barley and malt quality and on processing performance

Kay, B.L., 1964:
Effect of barban on rose clover, subclover, Lana woollypod vetch and Wimmera ryegrass

Bezvikonnyi, V.G., 1971:
Effect of bare fallow on mobilization of nitrogen and biological activity of leached chernozem

Sandoval, F.; Benz, L.C., 1966:
Effect of bare fallow, barley, and grass on salinity of a soil over a saline water table

Siwecki, R., 1968:
Effect of bark washing from Populus 'Robusta' on the course of artificial inoculation of some Poplar hybrids by the fungus Dothichiza populea Sacc. et Briard

Sobolev, I.V., 1965:
Effect of barking saw-logs in the output of a frame saw

Smith, A.M., 1970:
Effect of barley dwarf virus on the yield of wheat in New South Wales

Calder, F.W., 1970:
Effect of barley supplement to the ration of donor animals used in vitro digestibility determination

Shipilo, M.G., 1971:
Effect of barley varieties on the number of Oscinella pusilla Meig

Palmer, L.T.; Sill, W.H., 1966:
Effect of barley yellow dwarf virus on wheat in Kansas

Tamimie, H.S., 1971:
Effect of basal diet on the rate of recovery of chicks previously fed high levels of L-methionine

Sukhin, V.S., 1966:
Effect of basal soil cultivation on the physical moisture properties of gray meadow soils

Trushin, V.F., 1964:
Effect of basal soil tillage on accumulation of humic acids

Ivanova, T.L., 1964:
Effect of basal tillage on dynamics of soil structure

Boeker, P., 1969:
Effect of base status on the botanical composition and yield of grassland

Klapp, E., 1969:
Effect of base status on the mineral composition of grassland crops

Schmitt, L., 1967:
Effect of basic slag manuring in the oldest arable and meadow manuring experiments 1900-1965

Zatko, J., 1967 :
Effect of basic soil cultivation on winter wheat yields

Kolev, I., 1965:
Effect of basic tillage of cinnamon forest soil on weediness of crops in the Sofia regions

Gamidova, L.V., 1968:
Effect of bathing on heart action and milkability of buffalo cows

Auxilia, M.T.; Mastrorillo, C., 1966:
Effect of battery rearing on eggs

Danilov, P.I., 1967:
Effect of beaver on forest vegetation

Zink, F.W., 1967:
Effect of bed direction on growth and harvest density of head lettuce

Voth, V.; Bringhurst, R.S.; Bowen, H., 1967:
Effect of bed system, bed height and clear polyethylene mulch on yield, salt accumulation and soil temperature in California strawberries

Dzhafarov, B.A., 1968:
Effect of beech forests on soil formation

Bondarev, G.I.; Endovickaja, I.S., 1966:
Effect of beef preserved by different methods on reproduction in rats and on the progeny

Russo, V.; Catalano, A., 1967:
Effect of beef tallow and of emulsifiers on weight of the egg

Welch, J.G.; Smith, A.M., 1971:
Effect of beet pulp and citrus pulp on rumination activity

Orsag, A., 1969:
Effect of bemegride in interrupting thiopental anaesthesia in sheep

Cole, H.; Boyle, J.S.; Smith, C.B., 1970:
Effect of benomyl and certain Cucumber viruses on growth, powdery mildew, and element accumulation by Cucumber plants in the greenhouse

Mcguire, J.M.; Goode, M.J., 1970:
Effect of benomyl on Xiphinema americanum and Tobacco ringspot virus infection

Gayed, S.K., 1969:
Effect of benomyl on black root rot of Tobacco caused by Thielaviopsis basicola

Carville, L.L., 1971:
Effect of benomyl on rooting rhododendron cuttings

Decallonne, J.R.; Meyer, J.A., 1972:
Effect of benomyl on spores of Fusarium oxysporum

Pellissier, M.; Lacasse, N.L.; Cole, H.; Jr., 1971:
Effect of benomyl on the response to ozone in pinto beans

Cutter, E.G.; Ashton, F.M.; Huff-Stutter, D.L., 1968:
Effect of bensulide on the growth, morphology and anatomy of oat roots

Kubista, K., 1969:
Effect of bentonite and aeration on the dynamics of micro-organisms developing during the decomposition of lucerne In sand culture

Rindsig, R.B.; Schultz, L.H., 1970:
Effect of bentonite on nitrogen and mineral balances and ration digestibility of high-grain rations fed to lactating dairy cows

Lhotsky, J., 1971:
Effect of bentonite on pore-size changes in a sandy soil

Stejskal, J.; Vnoucek, K., 1965:
Effect of bentonite on soil-moisture conditions

Ambroz, Z., 1969:
Effect of bentonite on the enzyme activity of the soil microflora

Everson, R.A.; Jorgensen, N.A.; Barring-Ton, G.P., 1971:
Effect of bentonite, nitrogen source and stage of maturity on nitrogen redistribution in corn silage

Marsboom, R.; Van Ravestyn, C., 1971:
Effect of benzetimide (R4929) on ruminai and intestinal motility in sheep

Gould, C.J.; Miller, V.L., 1970:
Effect of benzimidazole fungicides in controlling Fusarium basal rot of bulbous Iris

Gracza, P.; Pozsar, B.I., 1970:
Effect of benzimidazole on root formation in Phaseolus vulgaris L

Sokur, V.D.; Groisman, S.D.; Gubar, A.F., 1970:
Effect of benzohexonium (hexamethonium benzenesulphonate) on motor function of the digestive tract (of sheep and goats)

Jones, O.P., 1967:
Effect of benzyl adenine cm isolated apple shoots

Sastry, K.S.K.; Rao, S.R., 1967:
Effect of benzyladenine on abscission of debladed petioles of Coleus blumei Benth

Rao, M.M., 1970:
Effect of benzyladenine on post-harvest berry drop in Anab-e-Sbahi grapes Vitis viniftra L.)

Zatyko, J.M., 1971:
Effect of benzyladenine on the amount of leaf pigments in bean

Creencia, R.P.; Anunciado, I.S.; Pacurza, R.A., 1966:
Effect of berry ripeness on coffee cup quality

Sharma, R.P.R.; Singh, A., 1969:
Effect of berseem (T. alexandrinum L.) on the growth of maize crop on artificially compacted soil

Wallace, A.; Romney, E.M., 1966:
Effect of beryllium on in vitro carboxylation reactions

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Effect of beryllium on kale

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Effect of beta - indolylacetic acid on the growth and the auxin catabolism of Lactobacillus bulgaricus

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Effect of beta -acyIphenylhydrazine derivatives on the respiratory chain of Pyricularia oryzae

Sumina, I.; Matsuura, K., 1967:
Effect of beta -acylphenylhydrazine derivatives on blast fungus upon leaves and in tissues of Rice plant

Gasparikova, O., 1967:
Effect of beta -indoleacetic acid on the growth and respiration of pea roots

Hradilik, J.; Sebanek, J., 1970:
Effect of beta -indoleacetic acid on the level of 2-chloroethyl trimethyl-ammonium chloride in epicotyls of pea seedlings

Khristov, K.; Kudrev, T., 1968:
Effect of beta -indoleacetic and gibberellic acids on the yield of normally developing and dried-up wheat Plants

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Effect of beta rays and light on the biosynthesis of phosphorylated compounds and nucleic acids in the leaves of bean plants Phaseolus vulgaris using radioactive phosphorus, P32

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Effect of bicarbonate on the feed intake of dairy cows

Frey, H., 1972:
Effect of biguanides on glucose tolerance and bodyweight of overweight persons without diabetes mellitus

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Effect Of Bile Duct Cannulation On Plasma Lipoproteins

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Effect of bile on infectivity of Histomonas meleagridis of liver origin

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Effect of bilirubin and lipemia on an automated method for serum cholesterol

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Effect of bio-ecological factors on wool production. III. Variations in diameter and number of crimps during growth

Nedll'ko, O.D., 1970:
Effect of bio-stimulators on sex ratio of progeny of artificially inseminated ewes

Kalinin, V.A.; Opritov, B.A., 1971:
Effect of bioelectrical potentials on nutrient translocation in plants

Berezovskaja, N.N., 1964:
Effect of bioflavonoids on enzymic oxidation of ascorbic acid and adrenaline in tissues

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Effect of biogenic stimulants on amino acid contents of blood serum, muscles and liver and of the protein fractions of blood serum in chickens

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Effect of biological amelioration in increasing the resin yield of mature and medium-aged stands of Pinus sylvestris in Belorussia

Muller, G.; Forster, I., 1964:
Effect of biological weathering processes on the nutrient dynamics of soil

Guerra, A.A., 1970:
Effect of biologically active substances in the diet on development and reproduction of Heliothis spp

Vabiscevic, K.D., 1969:
Effect of biologically active substances on the growth of weaned piglets

Fofanov, V.I.; Knjazeva, G.D.; Novikova, A.V.; Troickaja, I.T., 1970:
Effect of biologically inadequate food proteins on reproductive function in animals

Trifonov, S.; Vasilev, M., 1969:
Effect of biomine and NRV preparations on the development and yield of maize

Lalov, H.; Goranov, H.; Tsvetkov, A., 1965:
Effect of biomycin (chlortetracycline) on certain processes in the stomach of Iambs and ewes

Semov, P., 1969:
Effect of biomycin and furazolidone on the agglutinin titres of fowls artificially infected with S. typhimurium

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Effect of biomycin and levomycetin on the development of nutritional liver damage in the rat

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Effect of biomycin on the deposition of vitamin B1 and riboflavin in organs of rats

Vel'yaminov-Zernov, V.M., 1971:
Effect of biotic compounds of compost on some processes of metabolism in potato plants and on their yield

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Effect of biotin and ascorbic acid on the development of atherosclerosis in rabbits

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Effect of biotin deficiency on escape and avoidance learning in rats

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Effect of biotin deficiency on food intake and body and organ weights of male albino rats

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Effect of biotin on cholesterol synthesis

Farabollini, F.; Petrelli, F.; Marsili, G., 1968:
Effect of biotin on metabolism of glucose-U-14C in vivo

Petrelli, F.; Farabollini, F.; Murri, O., 1968 :
Effect of biotin on metabolism of glucose-l-14C and glucose-6-14C in vitro

Arends, L.G., 1970:
Effect of biotin on reproduction and biotin-ascorbic acid relationship in bone metabolism in turkeys

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Effect of biotin on the inverse development of experimental atherosclerosis in rabbits

Ivanov, V.N., 1966:
Effect of biotin on tissue respiration of some organs in experimental hypercholesterolaemia in albino rats

Nikolaeva, A.V., 1966:
Effect of biovit-40 on development and physico-chemical characteristics of bone

Milosavljevic, S.; Sovljanski, B., 1971:
Effect of birth weight of piglets on litter size and weight at weaning and on mortality during the suckling period

Jancic, S.; Cosic, H., 1970:
Effect of birth weight on early development and survival of pigs

Hovorka, F.; Pour, M., 1970:
Effect of birth weight on growth and development of piglets to 56 days of age

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Effect of birth weight on weight gain rate in fattened lambs

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Effect of bishydroxycoumarin and diet on blood coagulation in ground squirrels

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Effect of bithionol on the tissues of Fasciola hepatica in fistulated sheep

Buzmakoya, R.A.; Karelin, S.T., 1969:
Effect of bitirazine (the piperazine salt of bithionol) on fowls with Ascaridia infection

Isaev, V.I., 1970:
Effect of bitter principles of plants on digestion in sheep

Schmidt, O.; Gusser, H., 1971:
Effect of bitumen emulsions on plant yield and fertility characteristics of a light soil

Jordan, D.; Sampson, A.J., 1967:
Effect of bitumen mulching on soil conditions

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Effect of biuret content of urea on the germination and growth of maize

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Effect of biuret on the uptake of nutrients by crops

Qashu, H.K.; Evans, D.D., 1967:
Effect of black granular mulch on soil temperature, water content, and crusting

Parashar, R.D.; Chohan, J.S., 1967:
Effect of black point disease of Wheat (Helminthosporium sativum P.K. & B. and Alternaria tenuis Nees) on seed germination under laboratory and field conditions and on yield

Boon, J.V.n Der Boekel, P.; Dijk, H.V.n., 1965:
Effect of black sphagnum peat subjected to freezing on the chemical and physical properties of the soil

Tomlinson, W.E.Jr., 1970 :
Effect of blacklight trap height on catches of moths of three cranberry insects

Gertig, H.; Gertner, L., 1972:
Effect of blanching and freezing on the chemical composition of pods of common French beans

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Effect Of Blanching Method On Ascorbic Acid And Color Of Frozen Vegetables

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Effect of blanching on the contents of nitrates and nitrites in different varieties of spinach

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Effect of blastfurnace slag on hydrophysical properties of the soil

Ishii, I.; Misato, T., 1964:
Effect of blasticidin S on carbohydrate metabolism of Piricularia oryzae mycelium

Mantalenakis, S.J.; Danezis, J.M., 1968:
Effect of blastocyst transfer on gestation period in rats

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Effect of bleeding and hyperimmunization with swine fever virus on the level of complement, haemolysin and non-specific antibacterial antibodies in pigs

Boyle, J.A., 1971:
Effect of blood intake of Glossina austeni Newst. on pupal weights in successive reproductive cycles

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Effect of blood pre-served before drying with allylisothiocyanate on animals. 2. Trials with poultry

Sova, Z.; Trefny, D.; Kalous, J.; Kacerovsky, O.; Rehor, J.; Houska, J.; Koudela, K.; Vrbenska, A.; Nemec, Z., 1972:
Effect of blood preserved before drying with allylisothiocyanate on animals. 1. Trials with pigs

Proskuryakova, M.G., 1964:
Effect of blood serum, saliva and sputum of man on yeast-like fungi of the genus C. Note 1

Selimi, A., 1971:
Effect of blossom thinning on fruit density, fruit size and seed count of Williams' Bon Chretien and Packham's Triumph pears

Holthausen, L.C., 1968:
Effect of blossom thinning on the set and development of Citrus sinensis cultivar Washington Navel

Inada, K., 1969:
Effect of blue light on the photonastic reaction of rice leaves

Racovitza, A., 1964:
Effect of blue mould on tobacco plants tested at the cotyledon stage

Davis, T.C., 1966:
Effect of blue stain on setting of excelsior-cement mixtures

Mudholkar, N.J.; Sahay, M.N.; San-Karam, A., 1969:
Effect of blue-green algae and urea spray on high yielding rice varieties

Perminova, G.N., 1964:
Effect of blue-green algae on growth of soil microorganisms

Mudholkar, N.J.; Sahay, M.N., 1968:
Effect of blue-green algae on rice yield under different soil types

Badun, S., 1969:
Effect of bluestain on the physical and mechanical properties of Pinus nigra wood

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Effect of boar semen senility on peroxidation of semen lipids

Yin, T.H.; Hamilton, C.L.; Brobeck, J.R., 1970:
Effect of body fluid disturbance on feeding in the rat

Breitenstein, K.-G.; Fiedler, H., 1968:
Effect of body size and conformation of German Simmental cattle on milk production

Anderson, D.L., 1964:
Effect of body size and dietary energy on the protein requirement of turkey breeders

Wirthgen, B.; Bergner, H., 1970:
Effect of body size of rats on the enzyme activity of GOT, GPT, LAP, OCT and arginase in the liver on quantitatively different protein nutrition

Goswami, S.B.; Joshi, J.D., 1970:
Effect of body weight at birth of the Murrah buffaloes on their milk yield and period of different lactations

Galmez, J.; Santisteban, E., 1971:
Effect of body weight at slaughter on carcass weight, yield and composition in French Precoce lambs

Rahimov, R., 1969:
Effect of body weight of ewes on development of foetuses

Ray, E.E.; Smith, S.L., 1966:
Effect of body weight of ewes on subsequent lamb production

Eltawil, E.A., 1970:
Effect of body weight on carcass traits in Ossimi sheep

Singh, R.A.; Desai, R.N., 1966:
Effect of body-weight and age at calving on milk production in crossbreds (Holstein x Sahiwal) as compared to Sahiwal cattle. I. Effect of body-weight on milk production

Singh, R.A.; Desai, R.N., 1967:
Effect of body-weight and age at calving on milk production in crossbreds (Holstein x Sahiwal) as compared to Sahiwal cattle. II. Effect of age at first calving on milk production and its comparison with that of body-weight

Trog, K.; Schubert, G.; Borowski, H.M.; Weber, E., 1964:
Effect of bodyweight on areas of cuts of Improved Landrace pigs

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Effect of borate on colorimetric determinations of carbohydrates by the phenol-sulfuric acid method

Leite, N.; Gargantini, H.; Hungria, L.S., 1970:
Effect of borax on irrigated potato in the Paraiba valley

Cyriac, M.; Nair, V.K.B., 1968:
Effect of bordeaux mixture spraying on the success of budtake

Petrov, A.V., 1971:
Effect of boric acid on productivity of fodder-beet stecklings

Layne, R.E.C.; Hagedorn, D.J., 1964:
Effect of boron and agar on germination of pea pollen in sucrose media

Berzina, A., 1965:
Effect of boron and copper on activity of phosphorylase, phosphatase and content of free sugars in horse beans

Kalyanasundaram, S., 1969:
Effect of boron and indole-butyric acid on rooting of ipecac root cuttings

Saakov, V.S., 1965:
Effect of boron and manganese on dynamics of movement and distribution of glucose-C14 in the plant

Velchev, V., 1966:
Effect of boron and manganese on yield and quality of lucerne hay

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Effect of boron application on the growth of lucerne on Yatsugatake acid humic volcanic-ash soil. Result of a five-year field experiment

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Effect of boron content of irrigation waters and fertilizers on crops grown in the Chambal area

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Effect of boron deficiency on adenosine-triphosphatase activity of sunflower

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Effect of boron deficiency on lipid content in various organs and chloroplasts of flax and maize

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Effect of boron deficiency on some aspects of auxin metabolism in sunflower and maize

Voinova, T.N., 1965:
Effect of boron fertilizers on yield and quality of sugar beet under conditions of the Chu area of the Dzhambul region

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Effect of boron nutrition on leucine content in proteins of Lemna minor L

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Effect of boron nutrition on peach anatomy

Crabb, D., 1970:
Effect of boron on barley germination and malting

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Effect of boron on concentration of free amino acids and incorporation of C14-tyrosine into proteins in sunflower

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Effect of boron on distribution of sugars In roots of sugar beet and carrots

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Effect of boron on drought resistance, growth and yield of Hord-eum vulgare L

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Effect of boron on pollen germination and length of pollen tubes in lucerne and sainfoin

Jaweed, M.M.; Scott, E.G., 1967:
Effect of boron on ribonucleic acid and indoleactic acid metabolism in the apical meristems of sunflower Plants

Albert, L.S., 1965:
Effect of boron on ribonucleic acid content and elongation of tomato root tips

Nelyubova, G.L.; Dorozhkina, L.A., 1970:
Effect of boron on sugar accumulation in sugar beet and carrots

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Effect of boron on the coumarin content of sweet clover (Melilotus albus)

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Effect of boron on the pollination of plants, the yield and productivity of fodder-beet seeds

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Effect of boron on the yield of seed cotton

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Effect of boron on uptake of other nutrients by tomato plants

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Effect of boron on white clover (Trifolium repens L.) seed production

Smith, R.H.; Johnson, W.C., 1969:
Effect of boron on white clover nectar production

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Effect of boron on yield and quality of grapes

Rodel, M.G., 1969:
Effect of boron on yield of cotton in a drought year

Gopal, N.H., 1971:
Effect of boron toxicity on iron status in groundnut

Gopal, N.H., 1969:
Effect of boron toxicity on iron, heme enzymes, and boron-protein complexes in groundnut

Gopal, N.H.; Rao, I.M., 1968:
Effect of boron toxicity on some leaf constituents in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea Linn.) plants

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Effect of boron, copper and molybdenum fertilizers on yield and chemical composition of horse beans

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Effect of boron, manganese and zinc on the yield and quality of maize

Stepanov, V., 1965:
Effect of boron, manganese, and petroleum growth substances on the resistance of Apple seedlings

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Effect of boron-magnesium fertilizers on black tea quality

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Effect of bottle feeding on copper and iron metabolism in infants during the first year of life

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Effect of bovine coccidiosis on blood serum sodium and potassium levels of calves

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Effect of bovine diet on face fly development-a preliminary report

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Effect of bovine mastitis on the U.V. absorption of casein in milk

Tanahashi, T., 1965:
Effect of bovine mastitis on the size and number of fat globules in milk

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Effect of brackish water irrigation on the morphological characteristics of alfalfa

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Effect of brackish water on mineral metabolism in cattle. I. Copper, molybdenum and inorganic sulphates

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Effect of bradykinin on milk ejection in the ewe and goat

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Effect of branch removal and plant populations at equidistant spacings on yield and light use efficiency of soybean canopies

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Effect of bread in the diet on erum cholesterol and the occurrence of atherosclerosis and coronary heart disorders

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Effect of bread on blood serum cholesterol with a western European dietary pattern

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Effect of bread, meat, milk and vitamin B12 on secretion of gastric mucoproteins

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Effect of breakdown products from plant residues on the forest-growth properties of soils in Scots Pine forests

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Effect of breast feeding and artificial and acidified milks on acid base balance in the first weeks of life

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Effect of breed and age of dairy cattle on the solids-not-fat and butterfat content of milk

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Effect of breed and age of dam on milk yield and progeny growth

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Effect of breed and age on testes biometry and semen traits of beef bulls

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Effect of breed and castration on fattening of zebu, Polled Sinu and zebu x Polled Sinu cattle on rotational grazing (Bracharia mutica)

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Effect of breed and mating season on reproductive performance of sheep

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Effect of breed and the associated variation on the quality of hens' eggs

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Effect of breed on digestibility in pigs

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Effect of breed on serum glutamic oxaloacetic trans-a minase, alkaline pbosphatase and amylase of da v old chicks

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Effect of breed on weight gain in lambs

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Effect of breed, month of freshening, and mean milk production on the within lactation variance

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Effect of breed, ration energy level and their interactions on rate and efficiency of lamb growth

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Effect of breed, sex, type of cereal and supplementary hay upon the performance of beef cattle given high-concentrate diets

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Effect of breed, sire, sex, age of dam and season of calving on the birth weights of calves

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Effect of breeding and environment (lighting, male stimuli, caged in groups, caged separately) on the oestrous cycle of mice determined by vaginal smears

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Effect of breeding bulls on udder shape and milk yield of daughters

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Effect of breeding, level of feeding and antemortem injection of papain on the tenderness of weanling calves

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Effect of brief chilling on the content of vitamin C in the tissues of rats

Agaev, A.G., 1969:
Effect of brief chilling on vitamin C in tissues of rats

Komarek, J., 1972:
Effect of brief fasting on thermoregulatory changes in piglets from 1 to 14 days old

Steenkamp, J.D.G., 1969:
Effect of brittle hardness and abrasive hardness of enamel on degree of attrition of deciduous teeth of representative breeds of Bos indicus and Bos taurus origin

Orlov, F.B.; Kizenkov, V.E., 1968:
Effect of broad.leaved species on Norway spruce plantations established by aerial sowing

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Effect of broadcast sowing dates and rates of seeding on wheat yield and other agronomic characteristics

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Effect of broiler litter as basal ration for cows on yield and fat content of milk. 3

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Effect of bromine and ultraviolet light on eight pesticides detected with liver esterases of five species

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Effect of bromine residues in muck soil on vegetable yields

Kermen, J., 1967:
Effect of brown coal on the biological activity of soil

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Effect of brown leaf rust on the respiration of Wheat

Parnas, J.; Ambrozy, S., 1966:
Effect of brucella phages on the variability of brucella vaccine strains 19, 19BA and 44

Soldatenkova, Yu. P., 1966:
Effect of brushwood on temperature, moisture content and thawing

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Effect of bud activation, lopping; and wrapping materials on budding in mango (Mangifera indica L.) var. Langra

Babrikov, D.; Braikov, D., 1970:
Effect of bud load on ripening and quality of Cabernet Sauvignon, Harslevclu and Bolgar grapes

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Effect of budwood selection and rootstock on the peel oil content of Valencia oranges

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Effect of bue acids on the intestinal absorption of endotoxin in rate

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Effect of buffer salt and H-ion concentration on Potato virus X infection on Capsicum pendulum Willd

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Effect of buffering capacity on vitamin B12 biosynthesis by Propionibacterium shermanii in a deproteinized whey medium

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Effect of bulb depth on tulip yields

Rees, A.R., 1969:
Effect of bulb size on the growth of tulips

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Effect of bulk density of different soil types on some physical properties of soil and on development of winter rye

Ermich, D., 1968:
Effect of bulk density of soil on plant growth and yield

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Effect of bulk density on moisture characteristics of soils

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Effect of bulk tank gauge rod storage methods on milk weight losses

Kielsznia, R., 1970:
Effect of bulk transportation on the bacteriological quality of refrigerated and non-refrigerated milk

Zaoral, J., 1968:
Effect of bulls on milka-bility of cows in northern Moravia

Nair, P.K.B.; Wilson, K.I., 1970:
Effect of bunchy top virus infection on the free amino acid and amide composition of Banana leaves

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Effect of buquinolate on broiler chicks in floor pen trials

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Effect of burial of grape root borer pupae on adult emergence

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Effect of burning and clipping on big bluestem reserve carbohydrates

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Effect of burning and storage on cane deterioration. Part I. On cane quality

Rizk, T.Y., 1969:
Effect of burning and storage on cane deterioration. Part II. On invertase activity

Rizk, T.Y., 1969:
Effect of burning and storage on cane deterioration. Part III. On sugar invertase relationships

Miroshnichenko, Yu. M., 1971:
Effect of burning on Stipa decipiens steppes in Mongolian People's Republic

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Effect of burning on forage production of 'Coastal' bermudagrass at varying levels of fertilization

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Effect of burning on soil productivity

Anonymous, 1965:
Effect of burning on soils: investigation No. 239

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Effect of burning on the carbohydrate content in Miscanthus sinensis

Osychnyuk, V.V.; Istomina, G.G., 1970:
Effect of burning treatment on steppe vegetation

Mickovski, M., 1967:
Effect of burnt straw on the microflora of soil

Abaturov, B.D., 1966:
Effect of burrowing activity of the mole (Talpa europaea L.) on cycle of substances in a forest biogeocoenosis

Zubkova, L.V., 1971:
Effect of burrowing of small marmots on chemical composition of solon-chakous solonetses of the cllayey semi-arid trans-Volga

Kobernick, S.D.; Melman, E.; Lo.M.T., 1964:
Effect Of Butter Fat And Body Weight On Experimental Atherosclerosis In Rabbits

Vaitkus, V., 1971:
Effect of buttermilk addition on the stability of the fat phase in homogenized cream

Singh, P., 1970:
Effect of butyl alcohol in Datura innoxia Mill

Pascal, G.; Karsenty, J.C.; Miguet, S., 1969:
Effect of butyl hydroxytoluene (BHT) on acid phosphatase activity of rat liver

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Effect of butylbiguanide on fructose metabolism in healthy persons

Taskaeva, V.Z., 1964:
Effect of byproducts of the lacquer industry that contain iron sulphate in increasing the fertility of solonetses

Van Hoosier, G.L.; Trentin, J.J.; Shields, J.; Stephens, K.; Stenback, W.A.; Parker, J.C., 1966:
Effect of caesarean-derivation, gnotobiote foster nursing and barrier maintenance of an inbred mouse colony on enzootic virus status

Singh, T.J.; Gupta, O.P.; Tariq, M.; Arora, R.B., 1970:
Effect of caffeine and coffee on serum cholesterol, free fatty acids and triglycerides levels in pigs

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Effect of caffeine and fructose on plasma NEFA in muscular exercise

Matone, S.; Pich, P.G.; Macchione, C., 1969:
Effect of caffeine and glucose on plasma NEFA in muscular exercise

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Effect of caffeine on blood cholesterol in animal experiments

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Effect of cage versus floor rearing on performance of egg laying type pullets. 2. Influence during egg laying period

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Effect of calcium and magnesium on yield and quality of tobacco

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Effect of calcium level in the substrate on the distribution of 45Ca in subterranean clover (Trifolium sub-terraneum L.)

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Effect of calcium level in the substrate on the distribution of Ca45 in subterranean clover (Trifolium subterraneum L.)

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Effect of calcium pangamate in patients with coronary atherosclerosis

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Effect of calcium source on calcium retention in the young chick

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Effect of calcium, dihydrotachysterol and calci-phylaxis (induced by polymyxin) on sarcoma strain 180

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Effect Of Calcium, Phosphorus And Manganese On The Intestinal Synthesis Of Thiamine In Rats

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Effect of caloric restriction on energy expenditure in obese patients

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Effect of calving season and age on annual milk yield and fat % of Polish Black-and-White Lowland cows

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Effect of calving season on conception in cows

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Effect of calving season on milk yield of cows

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Effect of calving-season on lactation yield in Murrah buffaloes after eliminating the effect of lactation period, lactation order and non-orthogonality

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Effect of camel milk protein intake on the humeri of mature rats

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Effect of cane length on bud sprouting, flowering and fruiting in Thompson Seedless (V. vinifera) grapes

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Effect of canning and storage on the chemical composition and organoleptic quality of juices of different varieties of oranges grown in Lebanon

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Effect of canopy architecture on the growth and seed yield of soyabean

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Effect of capillarity on the seepage of free water tables through finely fissured rocks

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Effect of captan on benching of roots and germination period of Citrus seedlings

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Effect of captan seed dressing on Carrot emergence

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Effect of captan, isopropyl N-phenylcarbamate, isopropyl N-(3-chlorophenyl)-carbamate, and malathion on keeping quality of plant commodities in storage

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Effect of carbon dioxide concentration on fungi from rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soil of Sugarcane. Persistence of rhizosphere effect in Sugarcane soil

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Effect of carbon sources of the medium on the formation of sclerotia in Sclerotium oryzae

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Effect of carbon-nitrogen ratio on the pectic enzyme secretion by Sclerotium oryzae

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Effect of carnitine, beta -methylcholine, and betaine on blood lipid components of the dog

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Effect Of Carob Pod Extract On Cellulolysis, Proteolysis, Deamination, And Protein Biosynthesis In An Artificial Rumen

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Effect of carrier calcium level on the comparative metabolism of calcium-45 and strontium-89 in the rat

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Effect Of Casein And Soy Protein Diets On The Growth Of Ducklings

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Effect of casein on the stability of ascorbic acid

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Effect of casein, lecithin, glycerol, and storage at 5 degrees C on diluted ram and bull semen

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Effect of casein-equivalent amino acid diet on amino acids in human plasma

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Effect of castor oilmeal on feed utilisation, yield and quality of meat and milk in cattle

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Effect of castration and hormone implants in yearling crossbred zebu cattle

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Effect of castration and infusion of melatonin on levels of luteinizing hormone in sera and pituitaries of ewes

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Effect of castration and thyroidectomy on growth, weight of some organs and abdominal fat in fowls. 1. Variations in growth and weight of pre-hypophysis and testes

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Effect of castration and type of carbohydrate in the ration on growth and quality of carcass of cattle killed at 24 months

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Effect of castration of fattened heifers

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Effect Of Castration Of Male Ring Doves Upon Ovarian Activity Of Females

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Effect of castration of year-old rams on liveweight, carcass yield and meat quality

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Effect of castration on fattening in cattle

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Effect of castration on growth rate and carcass composition of lambs

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Effect of castration on growth, feed conversion and carcass quality of Friesian cattle fed on diets of concentrate only

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Effect of castration on meat quality and quantity

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Effect of castration on muscle growth in the mouse

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Effect of castration on results of fattening young lambs

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Effect of castration on the morphological composition of meat

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Effect of castration on weight gains and quality of meat of sheep kept on pasture and with concentrate supplements

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Effect of castration, testosterone and slaughter weight on fatty acid content of ovine adipose tissue

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Effect of catalase and anaerobic conditions upon the post-thawing survival of bovine spermatozoa frozen in citrate- and tris-buffered yolk extenders

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Effect of catalysts on effectiveness and availability of elementary red phophorus as a fertilizer and as a component of phosphorus and compound fertilizers

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Effect of catch crops on yield and quality of irrigated tobacco

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Effect of catechol and disodium EDTA on melanin content of hyphal and sclerotial walls of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. and the role of melanin in the susceptibility of these walls to beta -(1-<3) glucanase and chitinase

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Effect of cation ratios in different substrates on cation ratios in corn hybrids

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Effect of cation size and pH on potassium exchange in Nason soil

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Effect of cationic and nonionic fluorocarbon surfactants on the permeability of wood to water

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Effect of cations on chlorine uptake by plants

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Effect of cations on the formation of clay-humus complex in calcareous soil

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Effect of cattle excrement when left on pasture on forage production and its utilization compared with guile application

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Effect of cattle grazing on the hydrophysical properties of forest soil and its water-retaining capacity

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Effect of caudata cytoplasm on the development of 4 nucleus-substitution lines of common wheat

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Effect of cell age on erythrocyte fatty acid composition in rats on different dietary regimes

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