Effect of an excess supply of nutrients on intake and performance of Black Pied cows

Huth, F.W.; Schutzbar, W.V.; Selhausen, D.; Leibner, H.

Zuchtungskunde 41: 210-226


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-5401
Accession: 014432026

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During 9 years 17 German Black Pied cows were studied in 26 lactation periods of 305 days when they were fed to appetite and 26 lactation periods on rations according to production. Cows fed to appetite ate 10% more concentrate and 96% more roughage. In terms of dry matter they took 23% more before calving and 28% more during lactation. In the whole period they gave 6% more milk and 9% more fat and milk had 0.13 percentage unit more fat than that of normally fed cows.