Section 15
Chapter 14,435

Effect of Dietary Protein on Aflatoxin Liver Injury in Weanling Rats

Madhavan, T.V.; Gopalan, C.

Archives of Pathology 80: 123-126


ISSN/ISBN: 0363-0153
PMID: 14326435
Accession: 014434639

Six male weanling rats were given 50 micro g aflatoxin daily with a diet containing only 4% casein. After 20 days they had moderate or severe liver lesions characteristic of aflatoxin injury. A similar group on a diet containing 20% casein, pair-fed with the first group, showed only mild changes in the liver. A third group of rats given the 4% casein diet without the aflatoxin showed after 20 days signs of protein deficiency.

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