Effect of different amounts of fishmeal in poultry fattening feed with reference to protein and energy requirement

Vogt, H.; Stute, K.

Arch. Gefliigelk 28: 426-436


Accession: 014434771

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To 8 weeks of age 768 Arbor Acres chickens were given diets constant in energy, crude protein, Ca and P with 26% soya bean oilmeal or up to 15% each of fishmeal and wheat bran. All diets had cereals 57, whey powder 1.2, groundnut 8, dried yeast 2 and minerals 1.8%. Gain in liveweight was best with 2.5% fishmeal but larger proportions improved feed conversion. With 15% fishmeal, which supplied 1.2% fish oil, the meat tasted fishy.