Section 15
Chapter 14,436

Effect of ensiling time on distribution and losses of nitrogen in corn silage treated with limestone and NPN

Schaadt, H., J.; Johnson, R.R.

J. Animal Sci 29: 57-61


Accession: 014435686

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Maize at the glaze stage was chopped and "ensiled" in 10-kg polythene bags at mean daily temperatures of 12o to 24 degrees C, alone or with 0.5% limestone or urea or both, or in 1966 with 1% (NH4)2HPO4. Distribution of N and in 1965 the pH also were estimated after from 2 to 180 days in 1965 or after 3 or 42 days in 1966. The product was frozen in liquid nitrogen and ground in a Wiley mill with a 5-mm sieve; further grinding suspended in water in a ball mill caused loss of N.