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Chapter 14,438

Effect of gamma radiation, wet-heat, and ethylene oxide sterilization of wood on its subsequent decay by four wood-destroying fungi

Smith, R.S.; Sharman, C.V.

Wood and Fiber 2(4): 356-62


Accession: 014437376

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Sapwood of Alnus rubra and Pinus ponderosa was sterilized by impregnation with ethylene oxide, steaming at 121 degrees C, or gamma-radiation at three dosages (2.5 X 106, 5.0 X 106, and 107 rad), and then exposed to two brown-rot and two white-rot fungi. Gamma radiation at 2.5 X 106 rad is a suitable alternative to the other methods of sterilization. A small loss of wood occurs at all three radiation doses.

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