Section 15
Chapter 14,440

Effect of keeping crossbred laying hens in cages or on the floor during rearing and laying on growth, egg yield, utilisation of feed and losses. (Results of 3 trials.)

Wegner, R.M.

Archiv fur Geflugelkunde 35(2): 88-92


Accession: 014439345

In 3 trials 2300, 2500 and 2300 female chickens were reared from 1 day old throughout the laying period in cages, or reared from 1 day to 20 weeks on the floor after which some were transferred to cages and the rest remained on deep litter. In one case the litter-reared birds were put into cages at 9 weeks. Up to age 20 weeks the caged pullets were lighter in 2 trials and heavier in the trial with concentrated feed. Feed conversion was 2 to 5% better and losses were fewer in caged pullets.

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