Section 15
Chapter 14,441

Effect of mineral nitrogen on fixation of atmospheric N by Vicia faba L.

Moukhova, G.; Apltauer, I.

"Isotope Studies on the Nitrogen Chain" (Proc. Symp. FAO/IAEA,. 1968. 169-174


Accession: 014440895

In pot experiments in which no N or N at 5.2-105 mg/kg of burozem was applied as (15NH4)2SO4, the (NH4)2SO4 did not increase the fresh yield of the sub-aerial mass at flowering, and the percentage N content of the plants was increased only by the highest rate of N. Of the total N in the plant, 2.3 % was fertilizer N at the lowest rate of application and 46% was fertilizer N at the highest rate.

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