Section 15
Chapter 14,441

Effect of mineral nitrogen on the fixation of atmospheric nitrogen and on the yield of the horse bean

Mouchova, H.; Apltauer, J.

Vedecke Prace Vyzkumnych Ustavu Rostlinne Vyroby v Praze-Ruzyni. 15: 257-264


Accession: 014440897

In pot experiments brown soil treated with 0, 5.2, 26.2, 52.5 and 105 mg/kg N as 15N-labelled (NH4)2SO4, 0 and 26.2 mg N as 15N-labelled KNO3 or with 0, 60, 90, 600 and 1000mg N as urea, Ca(NO3)2, (NH4)2SO4 and CAN was sown to beans. Increasing rates of (NH4)2SO4 had no effect on plant weight or %N except for 105 mg (NH4)2SO4 which increased %N in the bean plants. The proportion of plant N derived from the fertilizers increased with increasing N applications.

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