Effect of mutagenic agents in Vicia sativa L. Comparison between effects of ethyl methane sulphonate, ethylene imine and X-rays on induction of chlorophyll mutations

Zannone, L.

The use of induced mutations in plant breeding. Report of the FAO-IAEA Technical Meeting, held in Rome, 25 May 1 June, Pergamon Press, Oxford and London, 205-13


Accession: 014441224

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In two types of V. sativa, treatment of dormant seeds with ethyl methanesulphonate (EMS) resulted in a significantly higher frequency of mutations per M1 plant and a higher frequency of M2 mutants than did treatment with ethylene-imine (El) or X rays. The spectrum of chlorophyll mutations was wider with EMS than with the other treatments, though this was not significant.