Effect of nitrogen fertilization on yield and chemical composition of corn and certain grass species

Larssen, E.R.

Dissertation Abstracts 26: 6282


ISSN/ISBN: 0099-3123
Accession: 014441460

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Abstract of a thesis of the University of Connecticut, 1965. Yields of silage maize were maximal at 150-350 Ib/acre of N and declined at rates of 450-550 Ib, Above 250 Ib/acre of N, the additional gain in protein concentration was relatively small and tissue-NO3 approached a level toxic to animals. Fat, fibre and N-free extractives were not appreciably influenced, total ash, Ca and P were not significantly affected, K was increased and Mg was decreased by N fertilizing. Fibre and Mg increased but P decreased with increased plant population. Yields of orchardgrass and timothy were maximal at 300 Ib/acre of N; higher rates depressed yields and increased tissue NO3. In orchardgrass, protein N, K and Mn were increased, N-free extractives and P were decreased and Mg was increased parabolically by N fertilizing; in timothy, N-free extractives were decreased and total ash and K were increased by increased N rates.