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Effect of the association of organic matter with nitrogenous fertilizer on availability and uptake of plant nutrients and the growth of plant. 2. Uptake of nutrients and the growth of the plant

Naik, B.N.; Ballal, D.K.

J. Indian Soc. Soil Sci 16(4): 391-7


Accession: 014447016

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A field experiment with wheat was designed to determine the effect of approx. 1-2-25 t f.y.m. and 11-19-^44-75 kg N/ha, each applied alone or in combina-on plant growth and nutrient uptake. Application of N significantly increased the uptake of N in plants, but not grain N content. Application of f.y.m., especially in combination with N, increased the uptake of N in the grain, but not in the straw.

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