Section 15
Chapter 14,454

Effects of nitrogen, calcium : potassium saturation ratio, and electrolytic concentration on uptake of calcium and potassium by rice plants

Chaudhry, M.S.; Mclean, E.O.; Franklin, R.E.J.

Agron. J 56: 304-307


DOI: 10.2134/agronj1964.00021962005600030015x
Accession: 014453622

Four and 40-day studies were made on plants growing in soil in a growth chamber; Ca45 and Rb86 were used as traces for following Ca and K uptake. Root cation-exchange capacities of seedlings were increased by N treatment though differences disappeared in the longer growth period; N had only small effects on Ca and K uptake. Arithmetic increases in Ca saturation generally caused geometric increases in Ca uptake.

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