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List of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag Chapter 14455

Chapter 14455 contains a list of PDF Full Texts available from EurekaMag.

Effects of pollen diluents on fruit set and yield in apple
, Research Reports of the Office of Rural Development, Suwon (Nong-sa Si-hem Yen-ku Po-ku) 12(2): 53-61 (1969)

Effects of pollen source on fruit characteristics and set of four citrus hybrids
, Proceedings of the Florida State Horticultural Society held at Miami Beach, Florida, November 5-8, : 81, 1968. 81: 94-98 (1968)

Effects of pollination methods on fertilization in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)
, Acta agron. hung 18: 307-15. bibl. 54 (1969)

Effects of pollination on set and growth of summer squash (Cucumis pepo) in Israel
, Exp. Agric 7: 183-8. bibl. 6 (1971)

Effects of pollution on the structure and physiology of ecosystems
, Science 168(3930): 429-433 (1970)

Effects of pollution on the susceptibility to larvicides of Culex pipiens fatigans
, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 33(5): 735-737 (1965)

Effects of polychlorinated biphenyls on pheasant reproduction, behavior, and survival
, Journal of Wildlife Management 35(2): 315-319 (1971)

Effects of polyene antibiotics on plant, fungal and animal cell membranes
, Biologia 24(6): 450-455 (1969)

Effects of polyethylene film mulches and sawdust on the vegetative and reproductive behaviour of Red Rich strawberry plants
, Diss. Abstr 25: 4340-4341 (1964)

Effects of polyphosphate on the iron metabolism
, Blut 22(5): 262-265 (1971)

Effects of polyploidy and humidity on sensitivity to ionizing radiation. Three year report, 1965-1967
, Contract AT 21: 26 (1967)

Effects of polythene mulch on the root development of Italian lemon
, Lal-Baugh 11(3): 35-9. bibl. 15 (1966)

Effects of polyunsaturated and other fatty acids in nutrition
, Voeding 32(6): 278-290 (1971)

Effects of poplar litter on the soil. I. Pot experiments on leaf-litter decomposition
, Publ. Cent. Sper. agric. for 10(1): 55-71 (1968)

Effects of population density on Cimex lectularius L
, Quaest. ent 5(1): 9-14 (1969)

Effects of population density on energy utilization, intestinal disaccharidases, and adrenal function in hens
, Canadian Journal of Animal Science 52(1): 103-112 (1972)

Effects of population size, selection intensity and linkage on response to selection for oil in maize
, Diss. Abstr, 28: 1364-B p (1967)

Effects of porcine calcitonin on calcium metabolism in osteoporosis
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 33(5): 719-728 (1971)

Effects of porcine growth hormone and antiserum on fatty acid composition of certain porcine lipid depots
, Dissertation Absts. Internat. (B). 30: 2753B (1969 )

Effects of porcine growth hormone, porcine growth hormone-antiserum, and arginine on growth and carcass parameters of swine
, Dissertation Absts. Internat. (B). 30: 2492B-2493B (1969)

Effects of porcine thyrocalcitonin on serum calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in the monkey and in man
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 123(1): 114-118 (1966)

Effects of pore-size distribution on the yield of lettuce and celery in K-and P-fertilizer experiments
, Z. PflErnahr. Dung. Bodenk 112: 114-121 (1966)

Effects of position and of the developmental stage of the ear on the N content of leaves and internodes in maize
, Debrecen Agrartud. Foisk. Kozl 13: 171-80. Bibl. 13 (1967)

Effects of position in the uterus on fetal mortality and on response to trypan blue
, Journal of Embryology and Experimental Morphology 17(3): 617-624 (1967)

Effects of post-emergence applications of trifluralin for selective weed control in cotton
, Calif. Agric 20(3): 10-11 (1966)

Effects of post-harvest chemical dip and polythene bag treatments on the storage of Golden Delicious apples
, Res. Rep. Off. rur. Dev., Korea 11(2): 37-41. bibl. 12 (1968)

Effects of post-harvest defoliation of strawberry plants on truss initiation, crown branching and yield
, Hort. Res 6: 22-32. bibl. 5 (1966)

Effects of post-harvest defoliation on strawberry yields and fruit size
, HortScience 3: 45-6. bibl 10 (1968)

Effects of post-treatment hydration and dehydration of ethyl methane-sulphonate-treated maize seeds
, Mutations in plant breeding. II. Proceedings of a panel on co-ordination of research on the use of induced mutations in plant breeding, held in Vienna, 11-15 September, 1967. 47-55 (1967)

Effects Of Posterior Hypothalamic Lesions On The Milk Ejection Reflex In The Female Rat
, Comptes Rendus des Seances de la Societe de Biologie et de Ses Filiales 158: 833-835 (1964)

Effects of postharvest gamma irradiation on orange fruits
, Proceedings American Society Hort Science 90: 515-528 (1967)

Effects of postplant logarithmic applications of fluometuron, prometryne, diuron and norea applied after preplant applications of trifluralin and nitralin on cotton
, Proc. 21st sth. Weed Conf, 76-83. Bibl 3 (1968)

Effects of postseason applications of insecticides, defoliants, and desiccants on diapausing boll weevils
, J Econ Entomol 57(4): 527-529 (1964)

Effects of potash and magnesia at planting upon Douglas fir at a site In the Basque country in relation to rates and methods of application
, AFOCEL 1968: 103-119 (1968)

Effects of potash on pea growth and quality
, Potassium Symposium 235-48. bibl 78 (1966)

Effects of potassium and chloride Ion on root necrosis, stalk rot, and pith condition in corn (Zea mays L.)
, Agron. J 59: 499-502 (1967)

Effects of potassium and magnesium chlorides on the metabolic activity and fertility of turkey spermatozoa
, Poult. Sci 43: 459-461 (1964)

Effects of potassium deficiency on experimental renovascular hypertension
, Laboratory Investigation; A Journal of Technical Methods and Pathology 16(4): 539-549 (1967)

Effects of potassium deficiency on nitrogen metabolism of fruit plants
, J. Amer. Soc. hort. Sci 95: 727-9. bibl. 12 (1970)

Effects of potassium deficiency on renal function in the dog
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 48(3): 432-442 (1969)

Effects of potassium depletion on renal tubular sodium and water reabsorption in the dog
, American Journal of Physiology 222(4): 928-937 (1972)

Effects of potassium fertilizer on peanuts in Israel
, Exp Agr 2(4): 295-298 (1966)

Effects of potassium in a purified equine diet
, Journal of Nutrition 101(5): 629-633 (1971)

Effects of potassium intoxication on porcine electrocardiograms
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 31(11): 2001-2011 (1970)

Effects of potassium nitrate on germination and respiration of dormant and nondormant Kentucky bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) seed
, Crop Sci 11(1): 48-50. Bibl. 8 (1971)

Effects of potassium nutrition on 384 ribonucleic acid and ribonuclease in Zea mays L
, Pl. Physiol Kutztown, 43: 1941, (1968)

Effects of potassium nutrition on protein and total free amino acids in Zea mays
, Crop Sci 10: 78-82 (1970)

Effects of Potassium Nutrition on Ribonucleic Acid and Ribonuclease in Zea mays L
, Plant Physiology 43(12): 1941-1946 (1968)

Effects of potassium nutrition on the glycolysis and the Krebs cycle in taro plants
, Soil Sci. Pl. Nutr 13(5): 143-50. Bibl. 11 (1967)

Effects of potassium removal on the b-dimension of phlogopite
, Clays Clay Miner 18: 197-202 (1970)

Effects of potassium source and rate and nitrogen rate on strawberry tissue composition and fruit yield
, Proc. Fla St. hort. Soc., 1968. 80: 173-6. bibl. 18 (1968)

Effects of powdery mildew on Cucumber yields, and its chemical control
, Ann. appl. Biol 63(3): 401-414 (1969)

Effects of practices In potato cultivation on some soil properties, weed growth, and yields
, Albrecht-Thaer-Arch 13: 213-227 (1969)

Effects of pre- and post-harvest applications of 6-furfurylaminopurine and of N6-benzyladenine on physiological and chemical changes in lettuce (Lactuca sativa L.)
, Hort. Res 7: 81-9. bibl. 23 (1967)

Effects of pre- and post-pubertal gonadectomy on sex differences in growth, adrenal and pituitary weights of hamsters
, Journal of Endocrinology 39(4): 555-564 (1967)

Effects Of Pre-Existing Leukocytosis On Experimental Coliform (Aerobacter Aerogenes) Mastitis In Cattle
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 25: 83-89 (1964)

Effects of pre-partum milking on milk secretion of the cow before and after parturition
, Jap. J. Zootech. Sci 42(10): 501-508 (1971)

Effects of prepubertal orchidectomy on the differentiation of prolactin cells in the mouse adenohypophysis. A quantitative study by electron microscopy
, Journal of Endocrinology 50(4): 705-706 (1971 )

Effects of pre-slaughter feeding regimen on beef carcass characteristics. (Univ. Missouri Agrie. Exp. Stat. Res. Bull. No. 953)
, Effects of pre-slaughter feeding regimen on beef carcass characteristics, Univ. Missouri Agrie. Exp. Stat., 18 (1969)

Effects of pre-sowing seed soaking in salts of trace elements on physiological and biochemical characteristics of cotton plants grown in saline soil
, Nauchnye Doklady Vysshei Shkoly, Biologicheskie Nauki, 11, 73-79 (1971)

Effects of preblossom miticides and subsequent insecticide applications on mite populations on apple in Wisconsin
, J Econ Entomol 58(2): 335-343 (1965)

Effects of preceding diet and fasting on glucose turnover in normal dogs
, Metabolism: Clinical and Experimental 18(4): 319-330 (1969)

Effects of precipitation on crop insects
, Can. Ent, 102: 11, 1360-1373. 4 pp (1970)

Effects of precoital exposure of male rats to copulating animals upon subsequent mating performances
, Animal Behaviour 17(3): 540-541 (1969)

Effects of predators on control of pear psylla
, Calif Agr 18(2): 2-3 (1964)

Effectof prednisolonon growth and nucleic acid metabolism of Pekin ducks
, Poultry Sci 48: 1420-1425 (1969)

Effects of prednisone on vitamin D metabolism in man
, Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism 28(9): 1341-1346 (1968)

Effects of pregnancy and lactation on the mineral appetites of wild rabbits
, Endocrinology 88: 31-40 (1971)

Effects of pregnancy, parturition, and lactation upon wool production of range ewes
, J Anim Sci 23(4): 989-994 (1964)

Effects of preharvest applications of ethephon on maturity and quality of several apple cultivara
, Hort Science 7(1): 77-79 (1972)

Effects of preharvest irrigation on cherry fruit size
, CALIF AGR 2l(8): 15-16 (1967)

Effects of preliminary incubation on the bacterial flora of bulk-tank milks produced in three different Canadian milk sheds
, J. Dairy Sci, 52: 12, 1935-40 (1969)

Effects of preliminary treatment of soil on gaseous loss of nitrogen in some soils of Taiwan under flooded conditions
, Mem. Coll. Agric. natn. Taiwan Univ 8(2): 19-29 (1965)

Effects of premilking stimulation and pulsation ratios of fifty : fifty and seventy: thirty on milking rate and milking time
, J. Dairy Sci 50(6): 977-78 (1967)

Effects of prenatal x-irradiation on development and postnatal viability of inbred and hybrid mice
, Biological Bulletin 140(2): 230-241 (1971)

Effects of prenatal exposure to fluoridation on dental caries
, Public Health Reports 82(4): 297-304 (1967)

Effects of prenatal gamma radiation on the reproductive physiology of the Spanish goat
, American Journal of Veterinary Research 27(118): 711-721 (1966)

Effects of prepartum feeding level and body condition on the postpartum performance of dairy cows
, J. Dairy Sci 52(7): 1037-43 (1969)

Effects of preplant nematicides and resistant rootstocks on growth and fruit production of peach trees in Meloidogyne spp.-infested soil of South Carolina
, Plant Disease Reporter 56(2): 169-173 (1972)

Effects of prepubertal habitation conditions on the reproductive physiology of the male house mouse
, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 17(1): 75-85 (1968)

Effects of prescribed burning on deer browse
, J. Wildlife Management. 34: 540-545 (1970)

Effects of prescribed burning on hazel in Minnesota
, Ecology 45(3): 626-629 (1964)

Effects of prescribed fire on vegetation and sediment in Oak-Mountain Mahogany chaparral
, J. For 69(11): 800-5 (1971)

Effects of presoaking, moisture tension, and soil salinity on the emergence of grain sorghum
, Agron J 56(5): 518-520 (1964)

Effects of press control on efficiency and quality of particle board production
, Holz Roh- u. Werkstoff. 28(10): 391-6 (1970)

Effects of pretreating Broad Bean leaflets with decenylsuccinic acid on subsequent attack by Botrytis fabae
, Neth. J. PL Path 74(5): 166-169 (1968)

Effects of pretreatment on a 14A swelling mineral from Gartly, Aberdeenshire
, Clay Miner 8: 39-45 (1969)

Effects of pretreatment with vitamin D, parathyroid hormone or calcium preparation of the calcification of dentine, serum calcium and other blood and urinary constituents of the rabbit
, Gunma Journal of Medical Sciences 15(2): 71-86 (1966)

Effects of pretreatment with x rays on paramutability or para-mutagenicity of certain R alleles in maize
, Genetics 61(1): 179-89 (1969)

Effects of previous administration of proteins on the intestinal absorption of globulins in the new-born calf
, Annls Med. vet 111(6): 391-99 (1967)

Effects of previous calcium intakes on adaptation to low and high calcium diets in rats
, Journal of Nutrition 97(1): 53-60 (1969)

Effects of previous crops on the yield, nitrogen content and kernel of malting barley (var. Proctor)
, Ir. J. agric. Res 7(2): 195-200. Bibl. 9 (1968)

Effects of previous crops on the yield, nitrogen content and kernel weight of malting barley
, Ir. J. agric. Res 7: 195-200 (1968)

Effects of previous light exposure on respiration rate and dry weight of sugar beet leaves
, J. Am. Soc. Sug. Beet Technol 14(5): 400-4. Bibl. 1 (1967)

Effects of price and cost shifts on agricultural production loans and their loss rates
, Diss. Abstr. A. Ann Arbor., Mich 28(8): 2851-2. Price: Microfilm $3.00 (1968)

Effects of price specials on volume of sales of frying chickens
, Agric. Econ. Res, Washington, B.C. 16(3): 72-6 (1964)

Effects of pricing decisions of a statutory marketing board: A case study
, Aust. J. agric. Econ, Melbourne 10(1): 1-13 (1966)

Effects of prior environmental conditions on the subsequent uptake and release of carbon dioxide in the light
, Canadian Journal of Botany 49: 11, 1999-2007 (1971)

Effects of prior planting of orchardgrass or Italian ryegrass on the growth of following grasses and legumes
, J. Jap. Soc. Grassld Sci 15(3): 170-6. Bibl. 27 (1969)

Effects of processing and of feeding hay on the digestibility of soybean hulls
, Jour Animal Sci 23(1): 43-46 (1964)

Effects of processing and storage of dairy products on telodrin and methoxychlor residues
, Journal of Dairy Science 49(8): 1006-1008 (1966)

Effects of processing on levels of Morestan residues occurring in papaya purees
, J. agric. Fd Chem 16(5): 863-866 (1968)

Effects of processing on pesticide residues in milk
, Journal of Animal Science 27(3): 827-830 (1968)

Effects of processing, storage and incorporation of antioxidants on canned mackerel and ravas
, J Food Sci Technol 4(1): 8-11 (1967)

Effects of products based on boron as preservatives on boron and vitamin C content of oranges
, Ann. Nutrition Aliment 19: 71-85 (1965)

Effects of progesterone and estrogen on blood levels of oxytocin during vaginal distention
, Endocrinology 84(5): 1076-1081 (1969)

Effects of progesterone and prolactin on the secretory activity and the nucleic acid content of the mammary gland of pregnant rabbits
, Acta endocr, Copenh 70(3): 603-618 (1972)

Effects of progesterone and related compounds on fertilization, transportation and development of rabbit eggs
, Endocrinology 81(6): 1251-1260 (1967)

Effects of progesterone on fertilization and egg transport in the pig
, Journal of Reproduction and Fertility 17(1): 227-230 (1968)

Effects of progesterone on food intake and body composition in rats
, J. Endocrin, 30: vii-viii (1964)

Effects of progesterone on mating behavior in dogs
, Diss. Abstr. int, 30B: 4818 (1970)

Effects of progesterone on the development of the rat morula
, Fertility and Sterility 21(7): 541-548 (1970)

Effects of progesterone treatments on delayed implantation in mink
, Ohio J Sci 67(1): 24-31 (1967)

Effects of progesterone, testosterone, and cortisol on hypothalamic prolactin-inhibiting factor and pituitary prolactin content
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 127(2): 426-429 (1968)

Effects of progestins on reproduction in swine and rats. I. Effects on embryonic mortality of swine. II. Effects on embryonic mortality and pituitary gonadotropins in rats
, Diss. Abst 26: 1735-1736 (1965)

Effects of prolactin and ergot alkaloids on the tubero-infundibular dopamine (DA) neurons
, Neuroendocrinology 9(2): 100-122 (1972)

Effects Of Prolactin, Growth Hormone And Acth, Alone And In Combination, Upon Organ Weights And Adrenal Function In Normal Rats
, Endocrinology 74: 714-723 (1964)

Effects of prolactin, progesterone and ACTH on contents of P compounds in cows' milk
, Fiziol, Biokhim. sel'skokhoz. Zhivot. Respub. mezhved. temat.nauch.Sb, 6, 65-68 (1967)

Effects of prolonged action of diethylstilboestrol on chickens
, Quad. Nutrizione. 24: 109-136 (1964)

Effects of prolonged application of barnyard manure on the productivity of paddy field with poor organic matter in the warmer region of Japan
, Bull. Shikoku agric. Exp. Stn, 18, 15-68. Bibl. 30 (1968)

Effects of prolonged consumption of alcohol or wine in the rat on acquisition and retention of a conditioned avoidance reaction
, Arch. Sci. physiol 18: 277-292 (1964)

Effects of prolonged estrous cycles on reproduction in aged rats
, Fertility and Sterility 22(2): 98-101 (1971)

Effects of prolonged ethanol intake in man: role of dietary adipose, and endogenously synthesized fatty acids in the pathogenesis of the alcoholic fatty liver
, Journal of Clinical Investigation 45(9): 1400-1411 (1966)

Effects of prolonged fast on lipoprotein lipase activity eluted from human adipose tissue
, Acta Medica Scandinavica 188(3): 225-229 (1970)

Effects of prolonged fasting on some aspects of water and salt metabolism in obesity in man
, Folia angiol, 2, 178-187 (1968)

Effects Of Prolonged Fasting On Subsequent Food Intake In Obese Humans
, Southern Medical Journal 57: 1012-1016 (1964)

Effects of prolonged feeding of pigs with nitrates
, Veterinarija, Moscow. 10, 63-64 (1969)

Effects of prolonged gluten feeding in healthy subjects. 1. Serum lipids and fatty acid patterns
, J. Amer. Dietetic Assoc 50: 122-125 (1967)

Effects of prolonged gluten feeding in healthy subjects. 2. Fatty acids in fecal lipids
, J. Amer. Dietetic Assoc 50: 126-129 (1967)

Effects of prolonged ingestion of glucose or ethanol on tissue lipid composition and lipid biosynthesis in rat
, Journal of Lipid Research 7(2): 188-196 (1966)

Effects of prolonged low-fat and high-fat .7 nutrition in man. 1. Plasma cholesterol
, Ztschr. Ernahrungswiss 4: 225-234 (1964)

Effects of prolonged postejaculatory intervals on copulatory behavior of rats
, Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology 72(3): 421-425 (1970)

Effects of prolonged starvation and of low-energy diet on plasma levels of growth hormone and insulin in obese persons
, Acta Diabetologica Latina 8(3): 500-521 (1971)

Effects of prometryne and biotic soil factors on growth and survival of Fiisarium oxysporum f.sp. vasinfectum
, Diss. Abstr, 29: 10, 3571-3572 (1969)

Effects of propionate on ketogenesis from butyrate by bovine tissues
, Can. J. Anim. Sci, Dep. Anim. Sci., Univ. Alberta, Edmonton, 50: 210 (1970)

Effects of propionic acid and sodium propionate in sheep
, Rev. Med. vet., Toulouse. 118: 509-520 (1967)

Effects of prostaglandin E1 upon the steroid secretion of the adrenal of the sodium deficient sheep
, Endocrinology 88(2): 367-371 (1971)

Effects of prostaglandin El and norepinephrine on glucose and lipid metabolism in isolated perfused rat liver
, Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 248(2): 198-204 (1971 )

Effects Of Protamine Zinc Insulin On Chickens
, American Journal of Physiology 208: 589-592 (1965)

Effects of protein and amino acids mixture on protein metabolism of rats
, J. Jap. Soc. Food Nutrition. 22: 107-111 (1969)

Effects of protein and vitamin E on haemoglobin formation in rats
, British Journal of Nutrition 22(4): 751-755 (1968)

Effects of protein calorie deficiency on the reproductive performance of female rats
, Indian Journal of Medical Research 55(8): 904-910 (1967)

Effects of protein content of the diet of the young pig on rate and efficiency of gain during early development and subsequent to 23.5 kg., and carcass characteristics and composition of lean tissue
, Journal of Animal Science 28(4): 473-477 (1969)

Effects of protein deficiency in rats
, East African Medical Journal 44(6): 256-262 (1967)

Effects of protein deficiency on certain adaptive responses to exercise
, American Journal of Physiology 215(3): 660-663 (1968)

Effects of protein deficiency on hepatic parenchymal cells. Electron microscopic observations
, Acta chirurg. scand 132: 106-111 (1966)

Effects of protein deficiency on implantation and embryogenesis in the rat
, West Indian Medical Journal 18(1): 25-33 (1969)

Effects of protein deprivation on erythropoietic repopulation from a shielded femur in irradiated mice
, Rev. espanola Fisiol 25: 119-124 (1969)

Effects of protein inhibitors and auxin on nucleic Acid metabolism in peanut cotyledons
, Plant Physiology 41(6): 919-922 (1966)

Effects of protein intake and growth hormone on utilisation of N15 from ammonium citrate
, Metabolism 14: 819-825 (1965)

Effects of protein intake on the storage of copper in the liver of sheep
, J. Sci. Fd Agric 16: 220-227 (1965)

Effects of protein level and source and grain source on performance of egg production stock
, Poultry Sci 43(5): 1214-1219 (1964)

Effects Of Protein Level And Type Of Heat Treatment Of Milk Formulas On Growth And Maturation Of Infants
, Journal of Pediatrics 64: 666-682 (1964)

Effects of protein level of the diet on the reproductive performance of Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica)
, Progr. Rep. Ky agric. Exp. Stn, 176, 51-53 (1968)

Effects of protein level sequence and kind of starter on rate and efficiency of gain of growing swine, and on carcass characteristics
, Journal of Animal Science 29(2): 303-308 (1969)

Effects Of Protein Source And Level, And Lysine And Methionine Supplementation On Rate And Efficiency Of Gain Of Pigs Weaned At An Early Age
, Journal of Animal Science 24: 626-632 (1965)

Effects of protein sources and levels and oral iron for the sow-on reproductive performance
, Progr. Rep, Ky agric. Exp. Stn. 176, 60-61 (1968)

Effects of protein-calorie ratio on liver enzyme concentration in young weanling rats
, Nutrition and Metabolism 12(3): 136-143 (1970)

Effects of proteolytic and amylolytic preparations produced for feeding purposes
, Biol. Chem. Vyz. Zvirat. 2: 69-77 (1966)

Effects of pruning and ground treatments on populations of the pine root collar weevil
, J Econ Entomol 60(3): 823-827 (1967)

Effects of psychic stress on atherosclerosis in the squirrel monkey (Saimiri sciureus)
, Proc. Soc. Exp. Biol. Med 126: 30-34 (1967)

Effects of pulverised fuel ash on the moisture characteristics of coarse-textured soils and on crop yields
, J. agric. Sci., Camb 77: 53-60 (1971)

Effects of pulverized fuel ash on the moisture characteristics of coarse-textured soils and on crop yields
, Journal of Agricultural Science, UK 77(1): 53-60 (1971)

Effects of purines and pyrimidines on the growth of C. sepedonicum
, Can. J. Microbiol, Canada Dept Agric., Ste Foy, Que. 14(4): 475-478 (1968)

Effects of pyrazon on bean chloroplast infrastructure
, Weed Sci 18(4): 455-9. Bibl. 13 (1970)

Effects of pyrazon on growth, photosynthesis and respiration
, Weed Sci 17(3): 344-8. Bibl. 10 (1969)

Effects of pyridoxine deficiency and dietary cholesterol supplementation in the chick on plasma protein-bound iodine, glutamic-oxalacetic transaminase activity, and 14-C-acetate incorporation into cholesterol
, Canadian Journal of Biochemistry 44(5): 625-633 (1966)

Effects Of Pyridoxine Deficiency On Audiogenic Seizure Susceptibility In Inbred Mice
, Proceedings of the Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine. Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine 119: 264-266 (1965)

Effects of pyridoxine deficiency on the lymphatic organs and certain blood components of the neonatal chicken
, Journal of Nutrition 95(2): 153-159 (1968)

Effects of pyrithiamin injection into the brain of rats
, Journal of Nutrition 100(4): 381-388 (1970)

Effects of pyrocatechol on some metabolic processes of mature sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) plants
, Physiologia Plantarum 23(5): 920-927 (1970)

Effects of pyrvinium pamoate in the ration or drinking water of mice against pinworms Syphacia obvelata and Aspiculuris tetraptera
, Laboratory Animal Care 18(3): 314-327 (1968)

Effects of pyrvinium pamoate in the ration or drinking water of rats against the pinworm Syphacia muris
, Lab. Anim. Care 19(5): Pt. 1, 639-643 (1969)

Effects of quantity and quality of irrigation water on agricultural production and regional water resource development
, J. agric. Econ., Taichung, Taiwan 8: 115-49 (1969)

Effects of quintozene on the persistence and phytotoxicity of chlorpropham and sulfallate in soil
, Hon. Res., Edinb 10(1): 45-9 (1970)

Effects of quinuronium methylsulphate on voluntary muscle
, British Journal of Pharmacology and ChemoTherapy 32(3): 624-634 (1968)

Effects of rabies vaccine in man
, British Medical Journal 3(5556): 20-21 (1967)

Effects of radiant heat on market-size broiler chicks grown in a cyclic high temperature environment
, Poultry Science 50(2): 459-463 (1971)

Effects of radiation at weaning on growth of inbred and hybrid mice
, Growth 32(4): 297-310 (1968)

Effects Of Radiation On Litter Size In Swine
, Genetics 50(Suppl.): 1025-8 (1964)

Effects of radiation on safflower
, Science and Culture 36(9): 513-514 (1970)

Effects of radiation on selection progress in mice
, Diss. Abstr. B. 29: 1270-B (1968)

Effects of radiation on some serum enzymes and trace elements in large animals
, Us Air Force Weapons Lab Tech Rep Afwl Tr 65(112): 1-34 (1966)

Effects of radiation on zinc metabolism of sheep
, Radiation Research 46(1): 115-128 (1971)

Effects of radiofrequency electric fields on seeds of Nicotiana tabacum L
, Crop Sci 4(1): 100-103 (1964)

Effects of radiofrequency electrical treatment on germination of vegetable seeds
, J. Am. Soc. hort. Sci 95(3): 359-66. Bibl. 18 (1970)

Effects of rainfall and parent material on the ability of soils to adsorb sulphate
, Soil Sci 108: 120-126 (1969)

Effects of rainfall and temperature interactions during the growing season on corn yield
, Agron. J 60(5): 503-7. Bibl. 5 (1968)

Effects of rainfall on range forage and populations of grasshoppers, San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation, Arizona
, J. econ. Ent 62(2): 329-333 (1969)

Effects of rainfall on soluble solids and acid in Satsuma oranges
, J. Jap. Soc. hort. Sci 37: 212-20. bibl. 22 (1968)

Effects of rainfall on yield of cocoa in Ghana
, Exp. Agric 5: 209-13. bibl. 9 (1969)

Effects of random data errors on the parameter values for a conceptual model
, Water Resources Research 8(1): 70-78 (1972)

Effects of random intercrossing in a naturally self-fertilizing species. Nicotiana tabacum L
, Crop Sci 9: 495-97 (1969)

Effects of range treatment with 2,4-D on food habits of rodents
, Ecology 45(2): 241-9. bibl. 20 (1964)

Effects of rapeseed oilmeal addition to fodder on the level of free aminoacid content in chicken blood plasma
, J. Nutrition Dietetics, India. 4: 211-218 (1967)

Effects of Rat Hypothalamic and Cerebral Tissue on Pms-Induced Ovulation
, Endocrinology 76: 1177-1183 (1965)

Effects of rate and frequency of fertilizer applications on yield and quality of Valencia oranges in the Indian River area
, Proceedings Florida State Hort Society 77: 36-41 (1964)

Effects of rate of cooling to 5 degrees C, storage at 5 degrees C, glycerol concentration, sodium chloride, fructose and glycine on the revival of deep-frozen bull spermatozoa
, J. agric. Sci 64: 425-432 (1965)

Effects of rate of gain and weight at slaughter on certain quality characteristics of lambs
, Progr. Rep. Ky agric. Exp. Stn. 176, 25-27 (1968)

Effects of rate of gain, slaughter weight and castration on selected chemical, histological and organoleptic characteristics of ovine muscle and adipose tissue
, Dissertation Absts. Internat. (B). 30: 3442B-3443B (1970)

Effects of rate, time, and method of application of TIBA on soybean production
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